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  • It was time for another meeting, this meeting they did not have much to discuss admittedly... But it wouldn't hurt everyone getting together and discussing a few things. As leader she wanted to stay on top of meetings, it bothered her knowing within a weeks time it would be a moon since she had hosted one... perhaps it was a waste of time hosting one when alas there wasn't much to discuss. But there was an important thing that must be announced during this meeting. Today, and apprentice would become a warrior, and she deserved it. They could not continue to postpone her from receiving the title she deserved to carry.

    "SkyClan! Please gather beneath the bridge for a clan-meeting." The silvery leader calls, allowing her voice to ring out throughout camp for all to hear. Upon waiting for cats to gather, she would sit herself down and curl her tail around her paws neatly.

    "We do not have much to discuss today, but I feel like its important to have meetings often." She would begin with a nod of her head as cats began to settle down, "But alas, while we are gathered I would like to thank you all for your beautiful activity. There are far too many of you out there to name individually, but you all know who you are... thank you. I would also like to give another welcome to all new cats around the clan, if you ever need help anyone within the clan would be more than happy to help."

    "Recently Heronswoop has delivered her litter with Berylbreeze and has given birth to Tempestkit, Honeykit, Maplekit, and Rootkit. Please give the couple a congratulation for their new litter, and make sure to say hello to the new additions of the clan. They are part of this clans future after all." Lav announces, a deep purr rumbling in her throat before she moves on.

    "WindClan has decided to drop our trial alliance in favor of BloodClan. We are no longer obligated to help the moor dwellers if they need help. If any WindClan, DarkClan, or BloodClan cats are seen upon our border... as petty as it may be speak to them limtedly. Our clan shouldn't be expected to communicate with those whom disrespect us, won't even give us a chance to talk, or are the ones participating in harming our clan-mates."

    She then goes quiet, allowing the words she spoken to be processed... Luckily the next thing on her agenda was more happy... something worth being celebrated.

    "Next up, Breezetail , please step forward."



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    the grey apprentice wanders up at his leaders beckoning call. he came to the bridge and took a seat a few feet away, giving her a smile as he did. he listened, ears pricked as she called out the names of his new siblings. they were darling, oh they were, and he could not wait until he was able to poke his head into the nursery and see them. the mention of windclan surprised him very little. after the previous gathering he wouldn’t be surprised about any of the events that unfolded between them and the neighboring clans. but he nodded, giving silent agreement to the swift talk. the mention of breezepaw made him look over his shoulder to hopefully see his fellow apprentice.

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  • Clouded would approach besides Charcoal, her tail excitedly swishing back and forth as she'd sit down to watch the meeting carry on. Now, it made her happy that there was more going on in Skyclan, it was her home and despite everything that had happened she would remain loyal to the end. Her tail slightly twitched and would go to coyly wrap around Charcoal's, doing her best to keep a straight face and not bust out into sappy smiles and longing giggles. Windclan, like Charcoal, was not a big surprise to her; she saw how nonchalant they acted during the gathering and... It made her angry. She was just a child, a kitten practically, and all they did was... Reject Skyclan, drive them further out. Her eye twitched at the thought of this and then Breezepaw was called, her eyes looking around for the apprentice.


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  • Another meeting, and it seemed Breezepaw was to get her warrior name on this day. A deserving promotion; the girl had reached the right age, had proven herself. With an intense look of concentration in his eyes of grey-green, he listened to the announcements; the litter he already knew about, the drop of the alliance he already knew about. Seems he didn't have much to catch up on. But stars above, that display from WindClan had been embarrassing. Even Juniperthorn had kept a cap on his rage until he had returned to camp, a thing unheard of, but Lizardstar- for some unknown reason- had publicly denounced their alliance in favour of some attempted child killers. How wonderful; Juni didn't think he'd be particularly keen on having a chat with any WindClanners who dropped by. No, in fact if he ever encountered another one of those traitorous moor-dwellers who turned a blind eye to an ally in need, he'd not only attack them with sharp words, but sharp claws too.

    Zoning back in after he'd let his thoughts wander, the warrior of cinnamon prepared to watch the subsequent warrior ceremony, silent though interested to see what name his mother would cook up.




  • The gray furred male made his way towards the bottom of the bridge. He decided to settle in a spot by Juniperthorn and Cloudedpaw. Hurricanegaze looked up towards his leader with a smile on his face, relaxed and ready for her words.



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    If it weren't for the fact that meetings were conducted from the bridge, she may have missed this one entirely. Weary eyes blinked open, lifting her head from her nest where Lavenderstar's voice carried into the warrior's den. A gentle sigh escaped her maw. It was like her to be anything but enthused for these meetings. Often times, they were filled with so many things to be happy for. To be grateful for. But it seemed everything was beginning to catch up with the energetic molly, who usually saved so few hours for sleep. She was awake now, stretching her legs and doing her best to descend from the treehouse without much of a disturbance. She weaved silently between her clanmates, before inevitably finding Juniperthorn. Better late than never. She hadn't missed what was arguable the most important bit. She seated herself beside her friend, turning her gaze up to Lavenderstar. It seemed no meeting was safe from being soured by the mention of Bloodclan. A tiny flick of her tail tip was the only indication of her irritation. Now wasn't the time for it. Celebrating Breezepaw would take precedence over everything else in a few short moments.


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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Maplekit, having an attention span of a goldfish along with a general sense of disinterest, wasn't paying very much attention to the meeting taking place. Rather, seeing the large group that was gathering, she decided to just see what was happening. To her dismay, they were only talking about things she didn't understand. BloodClan? WindClan? Of course she had heard stories about them, and knew they were another clan somewhere else; but she didn't understand what was being discussed regarding the relations. Instead, she flopped rather heavily next to her sister, and absently watched as the white she fiddled with her paws. It wasn't until the last thing her grandmother said that her interest had been drawn in -- was there going to be a ceremony? She couldn't think of another reason an apprentice would be called up by the leader at a meeting, so it had to be. Suddenly very attentive and alert, the tortoiseshell kitten's head flew to and fro, searching for the cat who had been summoned. Ceremonies were exciting; though she was still young and had a little way's to go before even her apprentice ceremony, watching them gave her excitement, and she couldn't help but fantasize about when her own time would come to be appointed a warrior name.



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  • ToUQPFN.gif Breezepaw was not expecting to receive her warrior name this time around. Maybe it was because of her own emotional conflict within? The apprentice looked to the leader and took a step forward. She felt all eyes on her and wondered if they knew. Did they know she was part Bloodclanner? Did they know she had kin in the very clan they raided? Starclan, did they know she felt torn between the two clans? It was a scary feeling to not know which side to be on.

    The grey and white molly took in a deep breathe. Surely this was something she deserved, right? Was Rainpuddle watching? Were her siblings watching from Starclan? She hoped so. "" .

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  • Lavenderstar would watch from below as cats gathered, however her emerald gaze would be specifically placed upon Breezepaw when she spotted the soon to be warrior. Rainpuddle would be proud, Lav hadn't grown close to the feline but she knew the former SkyClan warrior well enough to know she would be. It was a shame that her life had been ended far too soon...
    It was crazy to think, now that Brookfur was gone it was only Minnownose and herself left from the older days as Lav liked to call them. It was... odd to think she was now one of the oldest members of the clan (both in terms of age and being apart of SkyClan).

    It made her wonder sometimes- how long did she have left?

    A long time she hoped...

    She quickly clears her throat before continuing on. "I, Lavenderstar, leader of SkyClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn." Her gaze them shoots back down upon Breezepaw. "Breezepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?"

    The gray molly would go silent for a moment as she would await the apprentices answer. Assuming that she would speak the words "I do", a small smile formed upon her features and she would open her maw again, "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Breezepaw, from this moment forward you will be known as Breezetail. StarClan honors your dedication and resilience, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SkyClan."



  • Though he had not been around much recently (because lav has been kicking his rpers ass), Berylbreeze was indeed there for his apprentice's ceremony. He'd never miss it for anything, it had only been a few night ago now where he had slipped into Lavenderstar's den to tell her about Breezepaw. Speak to her about all the hard work his apprentice has done and how good she was doing, how he believed she was ready to become a warrior.

    And the gray molly agreed. It hadn't shocked the half blind warrior, it didn't take many brain cells after all to see that Breezepaw deserved a promotion.

    The kid would make a great warrior, he wished he had been around a bit more for her...

    From this moment forward you will be known as Breezetail. StarClan honors your dedication and resilience.

    Damn right they better!

    Berylbreeze would be quick to begin to chant her name, hell he might've even been the first to start the chants. He felt nothing but pride for his apprentice- former apprentice. She would make SkyClan proud.





  • ToUQPFN.gif Her heart was pounding in her chest as she watched the leader talked. Blood rushing through her ears, it was almost hard to hear. "Of course, I promise." of course? I promise? Who was she to make such a promise? Breezepaw was nothing but a product of broken promises and codes. Was she no better than Rainpuddle? Her eyes widen at her new name.

    Breezetail. She liked it. Was she allowed to like a name that she didn't feel she deserved. Her name begins to ring out through the camp. She offers and smile and dips her head in gratitude. The newly made warrior steps back, allowing the leader to continue with whatever else they have to do for this meeting. Her attention catches onto her mentor- ex-mentor. She hoped they were proud.

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  • Once the cheering for the newly made warrior died down she would look to her once more with a nod, "Congratulations dear. Take a rest after this meeting, you can have your vigil tonight." She would then go silent for a few moments. Giving cats a little more time to process everything that had already been announce before... well moving onto something she never thought she'd be doing.

    She hoped she wouldn't regret this.

    "A cat who has been among our ranks for awhile now has proven himself. He hails from BloodClan, a clan that has tormented SkyClan for far longer than any of us have lived... He himself once even raised a claw to a SkyClanner, my son, and apprentice at the time. Today I ask that everyone within the clan forgives him. Forgive him for what hes done just as I have finally forgiven him for what he did to my son... Today I'd like to make him a full warrior of SkyClan. Revolution, would you please step forward?" This was... a big step for her. Never in her life did she think "hmm... one day I'll give Revolution his warrior name" for the few moons he resided in SkyClan she was planning on him doing something. Something that would result in exile.

    But he stood with SkyClan during the raid. He attacked his former clan-mates and stood by the side of his new ones. Perhaps she was yet to be made a fool out of...

    She swore, she'd have his throat if he messed this up.

    Assuming the former BloodClanner would make his way forward, she'd quickly clear her throat before containing. "I, Lavenderstar leader of SkyClan call upon my warrior ancestor to look down upon this cat. For they have worked hard to change their ways, to grow and become a better cat. They have now proven their loyalty to their new home, so I would like to commend them to you as a warrior in their turn."

    Her gaze shoots to Revolution. "Revolution, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?" She would give him a moment to respond, but assuming he would say the words "I do" she give a small nod. "Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Revolution, from this moment forward you will be known as Wrenthroat."

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  • Becoming a warrior... If he had met his kit self, he would've been shunned, even spat upon. He didn't expect to actually learn about being... well... compassionate. He thought he was able to stride in and stride out without the blink of an eye, but his stay here taught him otherwise. He liked being part of a bigger whole. He liked being a part of this bond called family. Clan cats... they were far more composed than BloodClan could've ever been. So with a gentle smile tugging at his lips and a paw set towards a new, bright future, he said, "I do."

    Wrenthroat. He silently repeated that in his head. Wrenthroat. It had a nice appeal to it, even matching with his children's bird prefixes. "Thank you, Lavenderstar." was all he could make out as he rolled the name around from his mind to his heart, like a shiny twoleg trinket. Wrenthroat.

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