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    based loosely off: Hello My Old Heart

    Comet knew she was dreaming. For one, she was in a place she knew only from her memories. Not even her memories, but the memories of the Tribe long before she was born. Back in the old camp-on top of a waterfall to be exact. Below her paws was where the Tribe had once lived for generations, or so she's been told. And, secondly, a cat long dead sat in front of her. Sky with No Moon.

    She had been Stoneteller long ago-Comet would know, as her dirty little secret was that Sky's soul resided within Comet's body. Complete with grumbling commentary. Comet had become aware of this a few moons ago, and with the revelation came quiet from within the kind she-cat. It had been odd, not hearing a negative, sarcastic remark from within her brain every time her beloved Tribemates spoke. But now, here Sky was, her bored expression cutting deep in Comet's tuxedo pelt.

    Greetings, Sky's monotone expression drones at Comet.

    "It's been a long time since I've heard from you, I thought you'd left me alone," Comet's voice is a mixture of emotions that she can't quite place. Joking? Hurt? Confused? The Cave-Guard only knew for certain that she had missed the voice inside her.

    Is that what you want?

    "I don't think so-is that why you're here? I-I don't want to be alone."

    Emerald eyes roll. How the stars picked such an emotional child for me I'll never know. I'm simply here as your guide, to keep you safe perhaps. The Tribe has always been carefully placed in the world, and I must protect it any way I can. Even if it means sharing my heart with you of all cats-a kit that barely lived.


    A smirk appears on the shadow of a cat's face, emerald flashes of amusement, Ah, I've hit a soft spot, hm? It's true, I was the one that delivered you-it wasn't until after everything happened that you woke up. You're here for a reason, young fool.

    "That can't be right," Comet nearly whines. Why can't Sky just speak like a normal cat? What is going on? "I was Stoneteller with Bunny and Bumble with a lil' while, remember? The ToEH changed their mind and picked Veil. What can I possibly do?"

    Sky rises to her paws suddenly, quick enough to make Comet jump. And then emerald eyes are within an inch from Comet's yellow-greens, Protect this Tribe the way I couldn't.

    Comet opens her maw, to ask how. Plea for help. Ask for Sky to not disappear on her again. Give her some clue about anything.

    Very well, Sky's whisper echoes through Comet's skull as a starry nose touches Comet's.

    Comet wakes up with a start. The scent of water and of Sky still wrap around her as the tuxedo realizes she's not in camp, but rather by the river. The short she-cat leaps to her paws, heads to camp. But not without a quick glance to the what. Wh-

    The breath leaves her in a gust. I mean, the reflection is her but...the eyes. Sky's emerald green eyes..

    You asked for help, here I am, a retort comes from with in her. Comet jumps once more, and runs back to camp.

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher