stepping down :(

Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos
  • hi guys!! i know this is kinda sudden (not really i feel like it's a bit expected lmao) but i'm gonna step down. it's been obvious that i'm pretty inactive here, and i rather give others who are more active than me the opportunity to be morningstar. since he's stepping down anyways, i think i'm gonna have him go to a different clan as well. you guys have been so lovely, but i think i just need to put him in a pretty slow clan right now and boost up my activity and muse more for him- and who knows, maybe i'll bring him back some day. thank you so much for a great time here!

  • ahh i'm so sorry I just saw this! Thank you for letting us know and it's completely understandable <3

    Wish you luck with getting news for the boy :,0