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  • "Exile gather in the courtyard for a meeting!" The angelhound called out as he slowly descended from the top of the stairs. He was trying to be careful considering his back and how it was still causing him a large amount of pain. He had been told that he was growing wings out of his back and that was the strangest thing that he could have ever been told. How was he even growing wings out of his back, wouldn't they have already been there? He wasn't sure really since he had never had wings before now nor did he know anything about this body that he had been forced into. So he just left it up to what Roy had told him and was going to leave it at that. His claws tapped a soft beat against the stone of the floor of the prison as he walked and his eyes flicked to look around the cafeteria, the trophies still hung on the walls of the Champions that they had had in the past. A sight leaving his throat because he missed Damion. He wondered where the cave lion was right now, if he was even alive currently. He hoped that he was and perhaps one day he would come back to them.

    Carefully he pushed open the large doors to the courtyard to allow the sunlight to filter in. The sun was hanging over them and he could feel the chill in the air. A part of him wondered if they would get any snow. He'd never been around that long for the seasons around here so he wondered vaguely if they would at least get to have it. Winter was one of his favorite seasons actually. Carefully he sat just in front of the fountain and he waited for others to come forth and he dipped his head to all of them that had ventured from the prison or even from the forest beyond. "So ends our isolation. We did good, we got a lot fun activities going and even more on the way. If you have any big events that you guys wish to plan and execute just let me know. But I do want to see more captures now and in the future. Our enemies think that they can play and toy with us just because they have grouped up. But that is hardly the case of the matter. We will be planning something interesting with the Hellraisers." He began slowly, eyes flicking down to look at his own paws for a moment. His eyes still looked very silver and he figured it was from the pain he was in, pain overshadowing a lot of things but he shrugged his shoulders a little bit, wincing ever so slightly. "I wanna welcome HEBI to the Exiles and I also want to welcome back Saboteur Breakdance from her travels. It is good to have you both with us."

    He looked for their faces in the crowed before he gave a low breath in. This as the part that he was a bit sad to be talking about. Yet he figured that he would express it all the same. "We have a couple of members who have stepped down in recent days. Tiziano and Angelkisses. Please thank then for all that they have done for the Exiles. As they both have made significant impacts here. Roy, I'd like you to step up to one of the ranks either, Consul or Saboteur as you have proven to me and been here long enough to become a high position. I also would like you to takeover the position of Moonshiner from myself if you would accept that. I also want Cory to step up to one of my Commanders. Crickette you may pick being either a Peacekeeper or a Hellraiser." He gave a light nod of his head before he slowly started to think if he had missed anyone else during all of that. His eyes narrowed slightly before he gave a low breath in and released it, a soft puff of smoke drifting up into the air. "Kai is demoted from his position as a hellraiser." That looked to be all right now and he waited a moment to let all of that sink in before he moved on with other things, Some annoying facts that had to be addressed.

    "Unfortunately we have had a run in with the Solaris Kingdom again. A child was killed so I'd expect something from them in the coming months. Be on your guards. On that note as well I am abolishing the six month rule. No one cares that we have morals and abide by them. They will always call us child torturers or child stealers based on their own terms and logic. They bend it to their own desires and not once think that we have put these rules into place at all to stop such acts. Well, no more. They want to make a monster out of us so be it. You have your morals and either you will take children or you won't. Also we are no longer going to be seeking neutralities, it's fruitless and pointless and I should have listened to all of you from the beginning. The olive branch I put forth was stepped on and destroyed without even so much as negotiations that were not just throwing accusations into my face. Talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. From now on they are with us against us. So all groups are open to harm and cause shenanigans even the Cartel as I'm dropping our partnership today. Someone can go and tell them if you want." He paused there because that had been a lot to say and he swallowed before he figured it was time to go ahead and focus on the other matters that he had set up. Rank changes that he figured would be find to start talking about now.

    "The Exiles will soon be going back to our roots, sort of. I will be merging hellraisers and peacekeepers as well as consul and saboteur so that we can have a more concise ranking order. What we shall call the two ranks is yet to be seen but we will debate on it and perhaps even make a third new rank. Weekly tasks need to go up, so if someone wishes to volunteer let me know. Also if anyone has anything to put forth currently speak up now."



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  • Oh a meeting, and what a quaint one. She seemed to be the first one here, sitting down with a soft yawn, her more insane personality still overturned by her emotionless one. Everything he was saying went past her, all she wanted was blood now. That's what Ver wanted too correct? Oh they were so similar! First was the isolation event, something she didn't really take a part in and instead decided to sleep through it. She was glad there was a new joiner and Breakdance was back, that old hag.

    Next was the George incident. That speech went on forever and all she could think about was the blood under her injuries. It was somewhat weird dropping the 6 month old rule, but that amazing feeling was something kids should enjoy too, right? Oh that would be amazing. Also the partnership with The Cartel was being broken, that would be fun news to tell. "I'll happily go tell The Cartel about our changes" she said with a nod. Her injuries were healing rather quickly, she could make the journey just fine. She would offer to do weekly tasks, but with her mindset she didn't really care at the moment. Merging the ranks was a sudden thing to do though, she was interested in what Barghest wanted to do with the future of his clan.




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  • TAGS - Autumn was the season dedicated to both life and death, happiness and sorrow. It was also the harbinger of change- both good and bad. While autumn had brought him to the canyon and introduced him to some wonderful people, it had also taken his loved ones, and hid the criminal who murdered them. Ah, but he tried not to let this ruin his perception of the season. It was rather pleasant in terms of weather and bird-watching, though the fallen leaves made it difficult to watch anything without being detected. This problem was only going to get worse as the months progressed, however. Perhaps it was time for him to find a new hobby. At least, until the leaves rotted into fertilizer. That being said, the temperature outside was beginning to cool down, though not drastically. He still went on the occasional walk, and could wander around the prison without turning into an icicle. Despite this, the feline wove a cotton scarf around his neck before heading downstairs, figuring that he was better safe than sorry. Glancing over Barghest's bandages as he sat down, just to make sure that nothing needed to be changed, Roy would settle back into his chair with a quiet sigh.

    The isolation was addressed first, and although he agreed that it had brought everyone closer together, Roy wasn't happy with the idea of a sudden influx of captures and raids occurring. There was nothing that he could say to prevent this from happening though, so he remained quiet. He also didn't comment on the upcoming event with the Hellraisers, instead scanning the crowd to gauge everyone else's reaction. He wasn't familiar with the group, but the prospect of participating in an event with them sounded interesting enough. Promotions and demotions were next, though the names- or rather, name mentioned didn't register with him at first. Barghest wanted him to take up a high position and become the clan's medic? If this was a dream, he didn't seem to be waking up anytime soon. Struggling to find the right words, he eventually nodded in acknowledgement, a bewildered smile appearing soon after. "I- I would like to become a consul, if that's alright." The decision was an easy one to make, considering that he wasn't exactly an advocate for violence. "And I accept the title of moonshiner. I'll try my best to uphold the position and make you proud." Somewhat dazed, he murmured a few words of congratulations towards those who were promoted, and managed a small frown as Barghest moved on. He hadn't been aware of the six month rule before this meeting, and was surprised to hear that it was being abolished. In fact, the statement angered him greatly. Children didn't deserve to be captured and tortured, no matter where they were from. Why should they be punished because of his clan-mates' blood lust? It just wasn't right. He didn't even register the words that followed this statement, instead turning around and leaving the room, his features uncharacteristically blank.

  • [fancypost='width:50%;margin:auto;text-align:justify;font-family:arial;font-size:8px'][sup]☯ ☯ ☯ At the words of the isolation ending, the cue was on as Cory started over, his head held high. To see Barghest so pleased with the amount of events put forth brought happiness upon the scarred male as he'd nod, gently albeit, to avoid harming the recently scarring over wound that lay across his neck. Secretly, he was absolutely thrilled that the reign of isolation was over. He enjoyed being able to converse with his enemy clans.

    Then, the two things that were placed upon him. The stepping down of Tiziano and Angelkisses. Drawing in a deep breath, the lion would whimper, his head hung low. He had loved the two of them dearly, though the love he felt for the lot of them varying greatly. Tiziano had been someone he felt deeply for, these feelings pent up for a long time. From the first time he had called him handsome, Cory had fallen in love. Now, he hadn't come home in ages. Sadness swelled up in his heart, unwavering.

    Then, he was promoted. A silent smile befell his hardened face as he nodded in acknowledgement, simply ignoring the rest of the announcements.

  • "I'm happy to host weekly tasks" Breakdance grunted upon arriving, trudging over on heavy paws before slumping down to take a seat, nicked auricles flicking with interest. It appeared as though there was a lot to digest this meeting. Whatever Barghest was planning with the Hellraisers interested her. She was also pleased that the neutrality scheme was dropped - fuck the rest of the clans, right? Alliances were never solid, so the Exiles ought to simply save themselves from the trouble of putting in effort for something fruitless and short-lived. On the other hand, she disagreed entirely with the abolishment of the six month rule. It was...well, she wasn't one to talk about morals, but being a mother and a grandmother, and a great-grandmother, it did get to her when children fell victim to a war that was between adults. Thus, personally, the Saboteur would not go anywhere near kids. Then there were the rank changes, for which she anticipated. Change was good, change was exciting.



  • Tinypaw listened carefully, and as Barghest announced that the week of isolation was over, a soft breath escaped her lips. A nervous one. She and Barghest had discussed, and this was the go-ahead for her little mission, but she was nervous as hell. She could barely hear the rest of the meeting, for buzzing thoughts were busy infiltrating her brain.

  • "Ooo, Roy. Look at you." The domestic claps for her friend lightly, ignoring everyone else because she doesn't care until she hears her own name. Ket perks her ears, eyes widening slightly before she gives her answer. "Hellraiser, duh." She's ready to beat some ass. The news about the kids doesn't bother her so much, namely because she knows most people wouldn't do it for fear of the shame and she can't say she cares much what happens to some enemy brats. It's cruel, she knows, but she can't find it in her to care after some of things she's seen. She turns then to ask Roy how he's anticipating his promotion, only to notice that he's gone. 'Hm.' Ket turns to look back at the leader then, wondering about the changes to come.


  • ------keep capturing. some semi-alliance with the hellraisers. hebi, whoever that was. breakdance was back? tiziano and angel had stepped down, that was a bit of a surprise, kai wondered why they had done that. cory, cory whom kai just wasn't sure about, cory who nearly attacked him, cory who kai had potentially hurt, was becoming a commander. roy, whom he had met only briefly was stepping up alongside some stranger. kai lost his position. a child died. children were now allowed to be killed. peace had been destroyed. and kai's rank had been simultaneously stripped from him and removed from the group as a whole, peacekeepers and hellraisers merging.

    kai's chest hurt at the announcements. he knew the role hadn't fit him, that he hadn't been performing his duties. it hurt nonetheless. the whispers of his inadequacy had become a reality. what he had worked for slipped so easily between his nails. it seemed so pointless what he had done to get to where he was. ultimately his mistakes and misdoings bringing him down to this level. a level below, what it seemed, where he had started. an innocent pup turned whatever he was now -- grieving, unworthy, harmful, useless little wolf.

    the people who had made the exiles worth it were gone with the wind. kai's great friends were gone. the few remnants that remained were not those he had strived to maintain relations with. many of his relationships ruined with time. his role model moros was no where to be seen. his violence had gotten him nothing.

    'have i chosen the wrong path?'


  • Mulder feels somber about this meeting, having purposefully come in late as to not hear the things he knows about, but doesn't want to hear again. He strongly disagrees with his boyfriend's decision regarding the age of captures situation and even though he can understand why he's doing it (everyone clan's definition of what should count as a kid seems to vary to some degree, creating a lot of double standards that don't usually work out in their favor) but that fact doesn't ease his conscious at all. It seems that Roy feels the same which doesn't surprise him, but he knows that it's something he'll have to work out himself as the fox has been doing. How often and to what degree he can just look away. It's getting there for Mulder, but this is a hair too far for him. Yet while Mulder has input, perhaps a considerable amount considering his position both politically and intimately, when Barghest has his mind set on something then there's little that Mulder can do to dissuade him. "I can confirm. They were entirely absolute about us being the scum of Agrelos." Despite his bitter thoughts from Barghest's announcement, he laughs under his breath. So be it. Just so be it.

    Taking a deep breath and trying to push his thoughts away, the fox looks to Naomi and nods gratefully though he finds her new state... worrying. He had seen how she behaved with Ver and it disturbed him and made him wonder for her psyche, but he doesn't even know how to approach a situation such as hers. It's like she's a different person and it perplexes him on what he could really do about that, if anything. " naomi.  , when you get back, I'm open to talk to if you want." His voice is low, not wanting to air dirty laundry though Naomi really did it herself when she saw the enemy Solarian. He can only offer her the same thing he offered Cory recently- an ear to listen. Mustering up a brighter smile then, he leans back to clap his paws together. "Congratulations to everyone promoted. You earned it." And, despite his fear of Kai (dulled now, as most of his fears are becoming), the deputy offers the young wolf a wary smile in consolation. Mulder hopes that he knows that it's not the end of world, that he doesn't have to be chained to his rank, but he worries about those so young in this clan trying to find their identities in the Exiles in general.


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  • She sat solemnly, waiting for the stupid meeting to end. Every member wanted to cause pain, beautiful pain, she knew why they wanted to now, she was so relatable! Everyone was so happy to help, even here, but she had only one intention of being here. If she was in The Exiles, more people would want to capture her, thats how it worked? She was lost in thought her attention momentarily going to everyone that showed up after her. They didn't matter, they would never hurt her. She was a friend to them. But what even was a friend if they didn't help Naomi out. None of them did, none of them did. All of them would do anything for her not to get hurt, but that wasn't being a friend at all. "ya ya ya. thats good muld man" she responded quickly, her voice crackling and stuttering from her recent wounds to the throat. Maybe if she went back to Ver after the whole Cartel thing, she would be rewarded yet again?




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