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  • Snapped open, pale eyes immediately felt the sting, and his chest was taught with an acrid aroma that had slipped inside during his slumber. Unmistakable, charred and suffocating, arid stench that clawed it's way down his throat and assaulted his vulnerabilities: Smoke. Alarms bounced off the walls of his skull and he was on his paws, watering eyes facing the bite of the clouds as he threw himself into the clearing, a distant glow bled through shadows of the night, a faded bright that roared viciously in the distance. The beast hadn't yet reached camp, but the wind was guiding the ashen choking cloud towards them all.

    They came bearing billows of smoke upon the horizon, that terror and strife borne from flames would erupt from the earth, would seize the lands in it’s blistering grip. Licking the dark blue heavens above with their tongues of flame and orange, came upon the earth with spitting embers, verdant greenery collapsed into splintering cinder of blinding degree. The mercurial temperance and fury of the fire so cleanly reflected in his silvery shock, dark face alight, burning hot by the calamity ahead. The cries of his clanmates sidled beneath the roar of the fire, snapping and spitting it’s way toward camp like an unholy embodiment of the underworld itself.

    A cough tore from his throat, slim body convulsed violently as terror's cataclysm exploded from the shadows around him. No.. NO. The arrhythmical belabors of his chest pulsed from end to end, a numbing, deafening beat that flanked beside the cacophony of his clanmate's wailing into the night. Starclan's hallowed wrath struck his kingdom tonight, come inferno in it's consecrated and blinding divinity incarnate. A blinding trepidation too etched it's way into fine features, flooded the ivory oceans of his coat as the flames in the distance ignited the lands. He had to get EVERYONE out of camp, for danger lay both in the fire and it's poisonous fumes too.

    "Fire. FIRE!" A rasped shout blared from between his jaws, he couldn't think straight, the smoke was flooding every inch of his body, filtering into his skull and casting his clear thoughts awry into soot-filled seas. His eyes squeezed shut, tears lining the border between his eyelids as he struggled to see clearly. "Tempes- HKC-!" A violent cough broke through his voice as he teetered towards the warriors den, "Tempestwing- We've got to evacuate everyone to the- AheGh- To the western reaches of the territory. There's a-- A barn beyond the border." He found her gaze within the shadows. Every choke and breath was stripping his throat raw, slashing against the tender muscle of his lungs and nose and his face was tense with aching. He pulled back, pivoting to take in the sight of his clanmates already beginning to file out and away from the destruction coming nearer by second. "EVACUATE TO THE WESTERN BORDER! WARRIORS- ASSIST ELDERS, QUEENS AND KITS."

    He remained crouching, swaying lowly in the middle of camp, eyes squeezed and squinting against the smoke as he watched bodies begin to shift and flood from camp, glimpses of shapes and figures navigating through the thickening curtains of smoke. They were strong. They were smart. They could survive this, whether he lay dead at the end of it or not. He would strip each and every one of his lives from himself if it meant they were safe- loosing one to the smoke was hardly a sacrifice in his eyes.

  • ———— Nightfall ————

    If I've been beat down, I'll just get right back up again

    'Fire! FIRE!' Nightfall's grey eyes flashed open, the pregnant queen stumbling to her feet as an ache was sent through her chest, nostrils and throat. The pitch-black molly coughed and looked around urgently. The kits are all being handled by other queens, the elders handled by warriors.....the medics.....fine.....what's eating at her mind? The queen glances around once more, stumbling out of the nursery. That's what it is! Her mate! He's nowhere in sight! "Thron - ACK - pool! THORNPOOL!" Nightfall called out repetitively, trying to locate her mate. He has to be okay...he can't leave...the kits will come any day....and I love him....Thornpool, please be okay.



    Riverclan - Warrior - Male - 15 moons

    It was unmistakable. Even with flames that had not let licked at their camp, the smell was suffocating. It clung to the air. It made a stranger to the home so familiar to him. He awoke before the cry, a great cough already wreaking havoc on his lungs. Smoke and ash melted glacier eyes, panic rising in only mere moments. His leader's voice singing a warning to them. This was no the cusp of some awful dream. The boy was very much awake. "Tempestwing--!" Her voice came a gasp more than anything. It scratched the back of his throat, had to claw its way out to even become audible. Where was this coming from? Who had not awoken yet? Who was there to usher out? Stars, he could scarcely see. The dark and grey, the swirling of smoke. "Everyone out! M-Move!" Desperate to remain steady even here, rising to his paws and trying to reach the ears of his clanmates above the clamoring.

    He burst from the warrior's den, met with a sight he could not have prepared for. A sky erupting in violent reds and ambers, smoke trails that threatened to swallow them whole. He had known loss before. In injured clanmates. In Cliffpaw's untimely death. It stuck with him even now. A reminder of what left they had to fight fore. Nimble paws made a start towards the medicine den. "Fin--" Chocking and gasping. It may prove easier to make this a silent evacuation. "Finch!" She'd know it was him. She'd have to. A wavering shout he could only hope reached her. A barn. He would see her there. He would find her again. Could he locate anyone in this mess? Eyes that were sharp and trained were hardly useful now. A moments hesitation. Searching. She would see the other side of this. There was no other choice. A pelt of white and blue streaked through the clearing. The nursery called for his attention next. His heart was with his former mentor, his best friend, Daylightpaw, Onyxjump--never before had he ever longed so desperately for the river's touch. His head was with his duties. The promise to aid those who couldn't yet, or who could no longer, aid themselves. Water threatened to spill from his eyes, cleansing and impossible to stop once they began to stream. Another violent cough, a wheeze, wracked his lithe frame. How far did its embers reach? Would they find the border in as worse a state as their camp?

    They needed to move. Somewhere. Anywhere but here. Had it reached other clans? Had they awoken too late? It was far too tall an order to hope for answers now. Narrowed eyes, furiously blinking, searched the nursery. For anyone at all that may need more help than he did. They had endured a river of poison, they could endure going up in flames. What other choice did they have?


    Bluemask + Riverclan + Tags + penned by avery.

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  • Thornpool was running around camp checking every spot there could be a kit or cat hiding his good eye was filled with smoke it made the task of making g sure everyone was gone harder but he was trying then a thought crossed him Nightfall! Where was she he needed to find her that was his new mission, he traveled around the camp trying to find if she was ok he ran around the dens frantically then he glanced and spotted barely spotted his mate, "You have to go!" he yelled at her hoping she could hear over the chaos.

  • WHEN TOMORROW COMES — tempestwing — riverclan — tags

    // tl;dr (a valid reaction bc this is 1127 words whoops): tem is awake and getting the apprentices up

    Tempestwing's dreams were rarely prophetic in nature, given that the dark tabby had very little connection to the ancestors who would provide such foresight, but sometimes she would find they incorporated pieces of the waking world as it happened. Tonight's vision was blurry, feeling like a memory somehow even though Tempestwing herself had never seen a forest fire up close and personal. Dimly, as if her mind was obscured by a heavy veil, she wondered if this was something Alderstream had known; the faces around her were different, after all.

    A familiar voice, out of place in the story her mind had come up with, startled her from sleep.


    Her blue eyes snapped open, immediately filling with reflex tears that made her squint against the low light, and Tempestwing felt like she was suffocating. The scarred deputy rolled, ears pinning to her skull as she crouched low and coughed; the air itself was jagged, oppressive and heavy, sticking in her throat and grating there as a coherent thought finally crossed her mind. Smoke rose, she had to do the opposite. Why was there so much smoke? Fire was the obvious answer, of course, but she couldn't hear the crackling of flame nearby. Of course, she couldn't hear very much at all over the sound of the wind and the increasingly frenzied RiverClanners as more woke up to find the air stifling them as if it actively had the intent to kill.

    The deputy's name came to her dark ears twice in quick succession, alerting Tem that she had only spent an instant in her musing. She was thankful for that; it was far from the best moment to waste time in her own mind.

    First was the voice of her leader; brave, reckless Gladestar who was her best friend. Tempestwing knew the barn he meant; she'd explored nearby a couple of times, curiously looking past the borders of her Clan in favour of scouting out extra hunting grounds. She never knew what would happen when leafbare came around again. After last leafbare's disaster with ThunderClan stealing RiverClan prey, the fish-eaters could use all the help possible and the barn was a potential place she'd thought might help them.

    Second the voice of her protege; clever, wary Bluemask who had proven himself time and time again. He was hardy enough to survive this; she believed in him. And she knew that he would help out as much as he could. Speaking of helping, actually--

    "Ravensong! Ryecatcher! Sharkpool!" She called to the trio of senior warriors, voice a cracking rasp as she fought the panic threatening to constrict her throat as well as the jagged thorns of the air itself. Around her the other warriors were stirring, shoved back into the waking world as roughly as if they'd been shoved into the icy river. But nothing about this situation was ice; quite the opposite, really, and Tempestwing was acutely aware of this irony as she relayed Gladestar's orders to those just joining them. "Everyone stay low! We're going to get out of camp and move to the west border. Help the elders, queens and kits-" she broke off, coughing, head bowed against it.

    Oh, StarClan, her kits; they sprung to mind unbidden, and sharp claws tugged at the earth below her dark paws. Panic caused the dark fur along her spine to rise; she needed to make sure her two were okay. For a moment, she felt incredibly conflicted. Daylightpaw and Coralpaw fought briefly with everything else as the deputy's top priority, and it was with no small measure of guilt that she pushed ensure they're alright to a lower rung on her mental hierarchy. Her Clan came first.

    But it did bring to mind her family, her kin, as well as her apprentices. Ravensong would be fine, as would Sharkpool; they were both frighteningly capable warriors. They could hold their own, and they were fast and strong. They, like Bluemask, were hardy enough to survive this. Hopefully her partner's good mood was holding strong; it'd be useful for morale in case he helped in evacuating. Oceanpaw was learning fast, a stellar example of what a talented young cat could do when she put her mind to it; but she was still so young, and the dark-furred deputy was worried. Goldenpaw's presence hung in the background, far above the age of her other apprentices but hopefully still just as eager as he had been moons ago before his aspirations of medicine had gotten the better of his loyalty.

    "Bluemask, help the medicine cats out if they need it." She rasped even as the pointed tom took off towards the medicine den. StarClan, she felt like she was going to be sick; nausea presented itself to the tabby suddenly and without warning, her head spinning even as she tried to right herself and stand. She shuddered, claws digging into the soft earth of the camp. The smoke was awful.

    Thornpool was already on his paws and out of the den, the calico making a beeline for the nursery where Tempestwing knew his mate stayed. She would wonder, later, how he could forgive the situation he and Nightfall and her kits were in, but for now as she finally escaped the claustrophobic warriors' den she found her paws heading for the one where the apprentices stayed. They needed all paws up and the apprentices would be the key to making sure a lot of their less able Clanmates got out of here.

    Briefly, squinting through watery eyes, she met Gladestar's gaze as she rushed past. She saw her own dampened panic reflected in the mercury eyes of her friend. He seemed to be no better off than she was with the smoke, trembling slightly, and she felt panic press at her chest again. He had lives to spare, but StarClan forbid he waste them. He was their leader, but he shouldn't need to sacrifice himself like this. She hoped, sending a silent prayer to whatever ancestors were listening in that instant amid the blanket of smoke, that it wouldn't come down to that.

    "Don't do something reckless." She hissed through gritted teeth, a futile attempt in trying to limit how much smoke would get into her system. Then she was gone again, wheezing her breaths as she neared the other side of camp.

    "Oceanpaw! Goldenpaw! Candle!" She yowled, voice cracking as she tried to get her two apprentices and blind friend awake and alert. She poked her head into the den. "Daylightpaw, Coralpaw! Everycat up, we're-" another cough, another shudder. "We're evacuating. Stay low as much as you can, it's less smoky. Help the queens and kits, and head for the empty border; there's a barn there."

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  • 「 i know you've been hurt, by someone else — I can tell by the way you carry yourself 」

    smoke. fire. starclan just loved messing with them, didn't they? it honestly brought anxiety so far up, that he was moving with purpose. between the coughs, the warrior just had to find dawnsky and juniperpaw. his lungs were never good, and he could remember just having trouble speaking because he could not catch his breath but this was not the time. he needed to make sure everyone, especially gladestar, finchblossom, juniperpaw, and dawnsky were okay. the frightened warrior could feel the smoke taunting at the back of his throat, causing violent cough, wheezes only allowing for dark soot to find it's way. "juniperpaw! where...... where is.... is juniperpaw! where's.... my... my daughter?!" he was frantic at this point, managing to crouch as low as he could, moving fast to try and get everyone else out of the way. he managed to grab salamanderpaw's attention, making sure that he got out of the apprentice den, before looking around. maybe she went to find ravensong, and starclan he hoped so. he would die out here if he had to, just to find her and make sure she was safe.


    IS IT CRAZY? HAVE I LOST YA? ———— ・゚✧ 」

    even though i know you love me, can't help it — storage


    Gladestar's call had awoken me, and for a moment I was distinctly unhappy; I need my beauty sleep, dammit. But then it really clicked in my head, what had been said. Fire. There's a fire, his eyes widened with the realization, only to be met with a sudden sting due to smoke. I coughed, then, as I wrenched myself up from my sleeping position, an almighty crack resounding as I did so; my back, StarClan almighty.

    I quickly made my way out of the apprentice den, eyes searching for the fire, greeted by the sight of it heading straight for the camp. Distantly, I could hear the screams of others calling for their loved ones, but I had no such person to call for, did I? I kept my mouth firmly clamped shut, eyes wide and fearful all the same, but the sound of another; of Beewing, caused my heart to lodge in my throat. Someone's daughter. I froze, weighing my options. I could leave now, possibly be ridiculed by the clan, but still be alive, or I could get this man out of here.

    I chose the last option.

    "Beewing! Be- HCK- Beewing! You need to leave! Juniperpaw.... Juniperpaw is probably safely outside already." I caterwauled, voice high pitched and panicky, but nevertheless I stayed, cursing myself for my poor decisions. I had lied, hadn't I? Juniperpaw wasn't already outside.




    ( I'M AT ONE )

    ( ✧ ) ——— ( ✧ ) ——— ( ✧ ) ——— ( ✧ )

  • The heat had struck the thick-pelted warrior awake a moment after Gladestar's voice. It felt as if she didn't sleep at all; the scent of the inferno easily woke her from her post-slumber state. "Beewing, go! I'll find her!" She yowled to him. She would not let her son die. She wouldn't let her granddaughter and apprentice die either. "Juniperpaw!" She called out in desperation as she moved through the camp. Not only did she have to find Juniperpaw, but she also had to get to the nursery. "Get out of camp!" The panic was rising in her like the smoke above the camp. Sweat beaded around her paws and her stature, despite being crouched, still took in a fair amount of the toxic air.

    "speaking in #0081ff"

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    — senior warrior/queen of riverclan | storage | played by melo-crisis —

  • The acrid smell of smoke was something the ginger molly hadn't smelled in a long time. At least not since she had left the twolegplace as a kitten, and now it so fiercely invaded her dreams. Blurry views of burning trees and cats fleeing as though they were vermin through the trees. It burned her lungs and she coughed, tossing and turning in her sleep.

    What she awoke to was a glimpse of sinister reality. Smoke stung her eyes and her chest felt heavy. "We got to save the herbs, Finchblossom, *cough* Shoreheart, grab as many as you can carry of the essentials." The she-cat rasped, her heart hammering in her chest as she roused her former apprentices. The air was hot and suffocating and she struggled to cram two emergency bundles in her maw, hoping that her apprentices would grab marigold, poppy and other essentials.

    "We gotta go-" She was cut off as Bluemask came into the den, "Finch should be alright." The she-cat wheezed, feeling as though she were drowning in the toxic fumes. For a moment, Streamspirit's entire body tensed and she coughed until saliva ran from the sides of her mouth, dropping her bundles.

    Shakily, the she-cat would bend down to pick them up, looking back over to the warrior. "Help them to carry herbs! We can't stand to lose all of them, there will be injuries." Her eyes betrayed a look that would tell him she wasn't leaving without her herbs. Carefully, she held them in her maw and looked back to her former apprentices.

    "Are you ready?"


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  • chaos roared into her world as the night split open, hues of orange and white gold breaking the darkness with clouds of smoke. she leapt up from her nest, trembling already as everyone around her yowled, rushing to each den with an alarming fear that only made the confusing feeling inside of her grow. still, the girl would follow her fellow apprentices from the den, amber eyes wide, searching frantically for her sister, her parents, any friends or anyone she could help. the smoke billowed towards the cats, settling ashes in their lungs as they coughed and hacked their way through the mess that had become riverclan's camp. settling with panic upon the struggling medicine cats as they hauled herbs from their den. strong legs would push over towards them, greeting them with a frightened nod. "what can i do?" she would not leave, not until everyone else was safely out. smoke burned her eyes, suffocating her chest as she bent to gather the herbs up. "we need to go to the edge of the territory. there's a barn there!"


    hollypaw ——– riverclan apprentice, tags, penned by lavendes

  • when you've been fighting for it

    all your life . . .

    .。.:*☆ 。

    He coughed. He tried to speak, but his voice crackled and gave out. He'd been out of camp. Like an idiot.

    But he just wanted to get better. Bluemask was gonna take him hunting again tomorrow, and he wanted to show his mentor what he could do, in the river, in the treetops-- snatching fish and catching birds. He'd gotten so good! He'd just... stayed up a little later to practice tonight, that was all. So had Pipitpaw, though the two had split up an hour or so ago, planning to meet back up and see who'd caught the most. It was no big deal. After all, he'd done this before-- night hunting with Candle and Sedge and Gladestar-- and with Juni that one time, the night of the storm, when they ended up getting cozy in the warriors' den by mistake--

    This time, though, rain wasn't what stopped him. Just the opposite, actually.

    Distracted as he was by his hunt-- unfamiliar as he was with the scent of smoke-- young and naive as he was, not quite as guarded as he should've been, not quite so alert--

    Daylightpaw didn't recognize the smoke for what it was until it was almost too late.

    Something was off, yeah, but he was trying to catch this stupid bird, and--

    And then he started to cough, and okay... this wasn't just a weird smell. Something was wrong. Uneasy and empty-pawed, he jumped to the ground and set off to find Pipitpaw. Maybe they should go back to camp. He didn't get far before the coughing turned into hacking and choking, and his pawsteps faltered and weakened.

    He'd heard stories of horrible forest fires, tearing down everything in their path, but those stories could not have prepared him for the blaze he walked straight into.

    Daylightpaw backpedaled, letting out a hoarse cry. He had never seen something like this before. The flames were enormous, ravenous tongues of gold and red and orange devouring the dry summer leaves. This-- this was where Pip said they'd be, right around here--

    There. A fallen log, burning, and though the scent of smoke was choking in its intensity, Day thought he caught something else on the wind, something familiar.

    Oh StarClan, please. Please. Please no. Please don't let him--

    But there they were-- their pelt was hardly recognizable for the ash that coated it, and god, Pip was-- they were underneath the burning log.

    No. Nononono.

    "PIPITPAW!" the boy screamed, blinking desperate tears out of his eyes. Okay, okay, okay, this was-- fine. They were gonna be fine, they had to be fine, this could not happen, he had to do something, think, Day, think--

    He realized in a split second that he couldn't do this alone. "Pip, I'm coming, I swear I'm coming, I just-- I gotta get help! I gotta-- agh-- I gotta get help from camp, I'm coming back, just-- just don't die!"

    The flames completely blocked his path. If he was going to get back to camp... the small apprentice bolted to the side and started running, searching for a way around the flames. He had to wake everyone up. He had to-- he had to help Pip, had to save his clanmate, like a real warrior--

    (he was stuck he was separated from all of them why'd he have to wander so far why was he so dumb, he was scared and he had to get back to Pipitpaw--)

    Daylight finally reached a spot where the flames seemed thinner and skidded to a halt. He could see the other side-- but it was so hot and there was so much smoke and--

    (now or never--)

    If he ran really really fast, if he jumped as hard as he could, then maybe-- maybe--

    "StarClan help me," the boy mumbled, and he took a running start and leaped.

    The flames hardly touched him. He tumbled into the grass on the other side and rolled, coughing and choking. Legs shaking, fur ashen, Day dragged himself to his feet and ran for camp, the smoke worsening his lungs with every breath.

    His paws slipped as he crossed the stepping stones, a little too desperate, a little too hasty. A sharp rock sliced his left forepaw open, and Day hissed in pain but regained his footing. He didn't have time for pain. Blood trickled into the stream as he leaped the last few stepping stones and seeped into the sand when he finally made it onto the island. The smoke was taking its toll now, and his death-defying sprint had left him shaking with exhaustion.

    (he was scared--)

    "B-Bluemask! Mom!" Daylightpaw sobbed as he stumbled through the camp entrance, his words nearly dissolving in the ensuing fit of coughs. "It's Pipitpaw, they're--" He broke off, coughing, then tried again, voice somehow even worse than before. "They're trapped, they're stuck, th-they're gonna die!"

    (what was he supposed to do? he needed-- he needed help-- he needed someone to tell him-- what were they going to do?)

    that's how a superhero

    learns to fly




    clever yet naive

    ambitious yet kind

    determined; loyal

    plays by the rules

    penned by tinybabyleafs

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    Riverclan - Apprentice - Female - 9 moons

    It was paralyzing. Heavy smoke that forced her back, kept her weighted down. She cowered in a nest of moss, in the depths of the apprentice's den. Quaking. Her fear was quieter than she even was normally--silence that engulfed her. She felt the same as she had under the paws of a rogue. Unable to move for fear of making things worse, somehow. She sputtered a cough into the darkness, eyes narrowed to mere slits. No light could reach into the den. If the moon shone tonight, no one would see it. At least, not here. She wanted to cry out for her dad, her mom, her mentor. It was only the cracking voice of her father that reached her through all the smog. Her name, shouted out frantic and fearful. Tentative paws pulled herself forward, low to the ground even when she escaped the den and its choking smoke. Was it any better out here? More open, perhaps. She stood no chance of seeing very far past her own nose. "Dad--!" More of a croak than a cry. There was more than one voice calling to her. Ravensong, a blur of ebony that blended with the chaos unfolding around them. Get out of camp. Pale eyes were more frantic than ever before, the barely-there sight of her clanmates crying out to one another and running. Pawsteps pounded all around. "R-Ravensong..." She huffed out her name, not entirely sure if she was still near.

    She cast a glance over her shoulder. Who had yet to escape? How would Candle get out of this? Where were Rome and Bellakit? Had so many already managed to escape? Too many loose ends. Cowardice in this situation would only add fuel to the fire. She didn't need to get under any well trained paws. She drank in acrid air in tiny gulps, hurried and desperate. Somewhere, an exit waited for her. Further still, lay a barn where she could only hope she would find all of her loved ones safe and sound. But was she meant to run before those who still may need more help? "Rome, Day--" Here came another cough. Her calls would be drowned out in an instant. She trudged forward, doing her best to avoid bumping into those who moved more quickly than she had. What were they going to do?


    Juniperpaw + Riverclan + BeewingxDawnsky + Tags + penned by avery.


    *:・゚✧every storm

    runs out of rain

    two moons

    named for bella-

    donna flower

    grayish-white fur

    pale green eyes

    chipped left ear

    excited & adventurous

    The commotion arose so quickly, she didn't have any time to process it. But there were voices outside and they were yelling and it was so loud--

    Coughing weakly, almost inaudibly, the kitten backed up against the back wall of the nursery where she'd been sleeping and crawled under a blanket of moss, burrowing herself deep. She didn't know what was going on. She couldn't breathe, yeah, but she couldn't ever breathe when she got panicked like this-- distraught and disoriented, she couldn't tell the difference between the fear that constricted her throat and the smoke that clogged her lungs.

    She'd just hide here-- till it was over-- till she was okay again, till she wasn't shaking and whimpering at every unexpected sound--

    Bella covered her ears with her paws and curled up tighter, hidden safely beneath the moss.


    b e l l a k i t

    // shes very dumb, i apologize


    u may save her now .. if u would like.

    you've got a big heart

    & the way you see the world,

    it got you this far

    bellakit. 2 moons. riverclan.

    looks for magic everywhere.

    energetic ; adventurous ; glowing

    reckless & what are "rules" again?

    named for belladonna flower


    riverclan warrior. 24 moons.

    orange tabby with white muzzle+chest. missing left eye, badly scarred left side of face


    that's when they'll say of me,

    The scarred ginger molly was a light sleeper. It was a habit she'd been forced to learn over the two years she'd been alive, and as a RiverClan cat, it served her well. The scent of smoke awoke her moments before Gladestar's cries echoed through the camp. When she stumbled out of the warriors' den, a little disoriented but ready to act nonetheless, he was already in motion: ever the capable leader, even in the face of overwhelming crisis.

    She battled the smoke that settled heavy in her lungs, knowing their time was running short. A kitten or even a very young apprentice wouldn't last long in these conditions. They needed to get out and it needed to happen fast.

    Salamanderpaw, she thought, her chest constricting with fear.

    He was small, he was uncertain, he was probably so scared. But he was her apprentice, and while she couldn't help fretting over him, she also knew full well that he was capable enough to follow the leader's direction and escape with the rest of the clan. She wanted to go to him, but as much as she hated the thought, she knew others might need her more.

    The last of her doubts were erased as she saw Tempestwing's lithe form slipping into the den. If the deputy was taking charge of the apprentices' safety, then Sal would be fine. Their friendship might've been buried a long time ago, but Ashfolly trusted her former best friend like she trusted almost no one else. The scarred warrior left her apprentice's fate in Tempestwing's paws and turned instead to somewhere she'd be needed more: the nursery.

    Ashfolly's paws pounded the sandy earth as she crossed the camp and bounded into the den. Her sole amber eye scanned the interior and landed on Sagekit-- still blissfully asleep, the very image of innocence. Ash suppressed a shudder. If she didn't get this kid out in the next five minutes, Sage might never wake up. She crouched to snatch the kitten's scruff and then lifted her with ease, muscles rippling beneath her tabby pelt. As far as she could tell, the other kittens were already being ushered out by warriors and queens. Sagekit was the last of them.

    "C'mon, baby girl," she mumbled around Sagekit's fur. "Let's get you somewhere safe."

    She bolted from the nursery and stopped for a moment once out in the open, gaze flicking across the camp in search of others needing rescue-- but no. She couldn't pause like this. Focus, Ash. Focus. She who chases two rabbits catches neither. The smoke was getting thicker by the moment, and if Ash wasted time trying to help too many cats at once, Sagekit could die right here in her grasp.

    "there goes a fighter."


    i play ashfolly, bellakit, passionkit, and daylightpaw!

    hold me like we're going


    & turn your tears to rain

    & bury me beautiful

    heaven knows

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  • The smell woke him up before Tempestwing's voice did; the choking smell of smoke, feeding into the apprentice's den where he slept. A jolt seized his body as the deputy's voice combined by smoke and yowls seized him from sleep's embrace; he whimpered, feeling cowardly, the movements of others against his whiskers and the panic making him overwhelmed. His ears were ringing from the screams, he shook and shuffled, constantly colliding with others as they ran in a panic. He didn't know where to go, he didn't know what to do.

    He hadn't felt like this since he was a kit; hadn't truly felt as if he was blind in moons. The rush around him was overwhelming, the commotion sickening, and as nothing was laid before him, he cried in distress. He did not know the same panic, he could never know the horrors of what truly lay before them. He couldn't work out where everyone was going; why was his brain not working? Why was he so scared? Why did he fear the flames so much, why did he feel as if he was simply a burden?

    Usually, Candle felt useless. That wasn't exempt from the norm. But now, Candle felt useless and blind.

    "Wh-where? Where are we going?" he wailed, emotions catching up to him as his voice wavered in the panic he was feeling. "Someone, someone please help, please, please! I can't- I can't see!"

    His tone was tremulous with terror. He was stating the obvious; everyone knew he couldn't see. They could tell simply by looking at him. But never before had Candle felt so utterly sightless. He wanted to help, he wanted to help Finchblossom, to help Tempestwing, Bellakit, Juniperpaw, anyone. He wanted to find Daylightpaw and tell the other boy that everything was gonna be okay if they stuck together.

    But he couldn't.




  • smoke billowed through the camp, settling hot and breathlike upon his fur as he stood for a moment in panic outside of the warriors' den. who could he help? were the kits out? his eyes flicked frantically around, breath catching up to him as his legs stiffened. the wails of confusion echoed out over the turmoil, and golden optics settled finally upon the blind child. fear caught in his breath, for the sightless tom could not get himself out without guidance, and everyone was running around, and it seemed as if the noise was a roar, like the wind. snapping out of it as candle yowled for help, he'd make his way quickly towards the young man. "candle, it's dandelionleap. i'm going to help you out of here." his voice would be loud, trying to allow the kid to hear him over the vocals of others in danger. "we're going to go to the edge of the territory. lean against me. i can guide you." no, he didn't know the flame tinged cat well, having barely spoken to him but for greetings as normal clanmates would do, but he'd help him no matter what.


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  • Fogkit didn't understand it. One second he was asleep, dreaming his little dreams of being a warrior, the next there was yelling and screaming and coughing and....and.....

    The small tom-kit woke with a cough, having breathed in a bit of the smoke. He stood and began to frantically look around. Mommy! Mommy's not here! Where is she? The fog-grey kit huddled back in a corner, scared. "Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY, WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" He yells above the chaos, hoping his mother could hear him.


  • it was streamspirit's voice that reached her first. the sharp urgency of emergency -- someone was hurt. at once, finchblossom was on her feet, but as soon as her head swam from the movement, finch realized that this was different. this was much different. she wheezed from the effort, her nose, throat, and palate all stained with sooty acid. she felt a wave of nausea and exhaustion. what was happening? "stream-?" confusion colored her voice, and the disorientation was only made worse from the sound of bluemask calling for her among the cacophony of noise outside of the den. what was happening? she found streamspirit's side at once, pressing into the woman for comfort and foundation, a rope to pull her out of the uncertainty. instead, all she found was panic as her mentor coughed, barked directions at her. she followed the older medic's instruction as her mind raced as she tried to get a grip as to what was happening.

    as she slowly started to get her bearings, she began to panic at the state of her friends and family. ravensong, blue, dove, bee, glade... bella. bellakit. had anyone seen her? as soon as she rushed out of the den, she was greeted with a cloud of smoke and ash. it stung her eyes and burned her nose, but she couldn't help but to search for the little kitten. had someone gotten her already? through the bundles of herbs in her maw, she cried out, "has anyone seen bella?" small voice easily drowned out in the madness. she abandoned the medicine cat party to dart into the nursery. she glanced over the empty nests, all long abandoned. maybe bella was already out. maybe a queen had scooped her up. something deep in finch's gut pushed her further into the den. "bella!? a-" a fit of coughing seized her. "a-are you in here?"

    she paced the nursery, each moment growing more and more restless, until she spotted it. a little mound of moss. she swiped a paw over it, pulling back the moss to reveal a small girl, cowering from the world around her. finch could cry in relief. she abandoned the bundles of herbs in favor of nosing bella into action. "c-come on, bella! we can't stay here," she pleaded. had the smoke gotten to her? it was surely getting to finch. they had to move. now.



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  • She was awoken by the choking smell of smoke and Gladestar, screeching for everyone to evacuate. Oceanpaw was on her feet, haring out of the apprentices den in a flurry of panic. The sky was painted red, ashes fluttering down onto her fur, into her eyes, making them water furiously. Her heart was pounding, adrenaline shooting through her veins in an instant. Her sister...where was her sister? She was the one who mattered most right now. Oceanpaw would not leave her here to be consumed by the flames.

    She moved from den to den, nudging out stragglers and aiding queens with their kits, until the bulky figure of Hollypaw appeared before her. She was immediately by her side, not able to stop the coughing fit from all of the smoke. Once her throat cleared, she looked up, screwing up her eyes against the embers. "We have to get out of here, now!" she meowed, leaning down to scoop up a mouthful of herbs herself. They needed to take them with. "Let’s take these to safety," she offered to Hollypaw, bouncing on her paws, ready to sprint off.


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  • He spent a moment's observing the climate, through the veils of smoke a blurred vision captured the sight of warriors doing their duty, apprentices, joining in as well. They weren't supposed to be lingering behind with the warriors- they had one job and it was to head to the border, to save themselves because they were the next generation. They needn't carry kits nor herbs nor endanger their health like this they were kids and the toxic fumes could do damage beyond repair to their underdeveloped lungs. A call arose above the rest, Daylightpaw, soot clinging to his body like a parasite, flickering dimly in the firelight. He leapt toward the apprentice, "I'll get her. Get out of here Daylightpaw- AHCK- and bring the rest of the apprentices with you f-for Starclan's sake!" He ordered, boyish voice taking on a harsh inflection- sharp, defined by a rage that nearly matched the fire's torridity. He wasn't going to loose anyone to the consuming plumes, devouring camp in an ashen haze.

    And with that he tore through the camp's walls, ivory body slicing through the fever and toward the source. He hadn't the time to think about why in Starclan's name they were outside of camp in the middle of the night-it was the least of his worries now, because the once face that flashed through his tearing gaze was Pitpitpaw and he couldn't loose another clanmate to the sweltering oceans of flare. His paws thrummed against the earth, quartered by the tempo of his heart as the reality of the situation ebbed into a nightmarish hell of possibilities. Disconnected thoughts that couldn't find themselves through the poisonous fog but he was terrified. It was a feeling he wasn't at all familiar with.

    He was blinded in more ways than, what was known and familiar was alight with a blistering storm. Impaired vision was failing him now but the scalding calidity was enough. Where were they? The smoke hurt so badly..... "PIPITPAW! WHERE ARE YOU?" He yowled raspily above the flames, his paws beginning to tremble with adrenaline, and the terror of the fire. If they had fallen unconscious to the fumes the chances of finding them were slim- but he could search.