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  • GENERAL INFO — *+:☽

    ( tempestkit— paw— mumble/nose/tail/tremor / named after tempestwing, someone his mother admired, and his chaotic pelt )

    — shaky good boy of skyclan / sometimes goes by temp / transgender male (ftm) / he/him

    — 5 months / september 6th, 2019 / virgo / ages every 50 posts

    — skyclan, kit / no past ranks / no mentor


    ( heronswoop x berylbreeze / gen. 4 to heronswoop, gen. 3 to berylbreeze / littermate of honeykit, maplekit, rootkit )

    — sibling to kestrelpaw, charcoalpaw, minnowkit / nephew to waveheart, parrotsong, honeywhisper, unnamed, sedgekit, ripplekit, amberpaw, opalpaw, emberkit, diamondpaw / half-nephew to timberkit, blossomkit, conekit, branchkit, barkkit, corronkit, orchidbreeze, harvestpaw, brightkit, soaringkit, fuzzykit, softkit, fawnkit, vixenkit, aloekit, bettakit, dovekit, swankit

    — grandson to ryecatcher, kestrelsong, jewelpelt, adrian / adoptive grandson lavenderstar, butterflydawn / adoptive nephew to mantisflower, wheatbell, fireflywatcher, lynxflight, sagetooth, bigfoot, juniperthorn, astral, dream, wish, suntalon, badgerspring, lambpaw, puppaw, cherrykit, stormkit, firstkit, wheatkit, mothkit, shoreheart, dreampaw, tulippaw

    — acquainted with none / trusts almost all of skyclan / friends with none / close with none

    — distrusts none / dislikes none / hates / enemies with none

    — interested in none / crushing on none / dating none / devoted to none

    — homosexual, homoromantic, polyamorous / single / not looking

    — ½ shiphere / other?

    AESTHETIC — *+:☽

    ( physical health: 100% / mental health: 100% )

    — tiny, long furred dilute torbie tom with low white and blue eyes / x / tempest takes a curious form. born female, the tom unfortunately holds the genitalia of such as well as the pelt that only a molly could. his pelt diluted, temp, his size already very small compared to even his mother, looks like a chaotic mess. his wavy, silk-like fur covered in a base of pale, dusty gray, a few pale ginger flashes poke their way through his thick coat, marking a particular spot on the middle of his face, around his neck, back, a few of his toes and around the base of his tail. they seem to swim around his pelt like pale goldfish. pale, almost transparent tabby stripes hide within his coloration, most noticeably on his face and forelegs. white marks his chin and upper chest along with most of his back right leg and his left 'wrist' on his foreleg, a trait that also allowed him the gift of blue eyes, hiding hints of unnatural lavender. his fur covers up the broad shoulders and overall stocky, maine coon build, his worryingly miniature size not helping the matter. he has webbed paws and a waterproof pelt due to his riverclan ancestry.

    — half-deaf; speaks very slowly and slow speech development, stutters, occasionally gets ringing in his good ear, sometimes gets really bad sensitivity in his good ear / must i restate he is very small / tends to shake a little, like shivering, due to a major case of essential tremor

    PERSONALITY — *+:☽

    ( enfp / hufflepuff, pukwudgie / lawful good )

    — doesn't like being so small; thinks it makes him look younger than he is (which it does)

    — hates when others don't take him seriously because of his aliment, gets physically and verbally frustrated

    — pretty social, but struggles with it due to his deafness and slow speech

    — patient with others because he wants others to be patient with him

    — emotional; feels everything very strongly

    — tends to believe things quick due to how sensitive he is

    — not good at climbing, but a fantastic swimmer

    — fidgets a lot along with shaking; keeps his paws moving even if he's standing still

    — surprisingly intelligent, embraces it

    — scared of physical combat considering everyone is pretty much double his size; worried he's gonna get squished

    — really wild imagination; tends to scare himself with it (dreams a lot)

    INTERACTION — *+:☽

    ( physically easy / mentally easy )

    — will run away / won't intentionally provoke others / will intervene

    — attack in underline or @ account

    — powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed

    — he's a small boy, so it's very easy to knock him over. he's also unfortunately sensitive, and easy to break.

    OTHER — *+:☽

    ( penned by menarva )

    — @ this account if needed / pm this account for plots

    — alternate name ideas / perseus / twitch-



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  • HISTORY — *+:☽

    ( sorted by important events / timeline / links inside )


    kithood. tempestkit was born to heronswoop and berylbreeze of skyclan on august 6th, 2019, the first-born of her litter of four, consisting of honeykit, maplekit and rootkit. brought into this world not only female but also a twitching, almost lifeless little chunk of flesh, it should have been no surprise that problems would arise early in life. first off, his speech was very slow to develop, his first words simply being 'tom, please', a result of him desperately wanting to be seen as a male. While a nerve-racking experience, his family was quite to accept him, save for Lavenderstar, who was a little hesitant about it. He was quick to try and move on from it, however, content with the family that did immediately approve of his choice. He knew Lavenderstar would understand eventually.

    it wasn't long after that he experienced his first view of tragedy. milkkit, a denmate of his, was brought into camp by his mother after his father mistreated him, bleeding out and severely injured on the camp floor. while ferfaen comforted him, tempestkit went to get teddy, scared and confused about what he should be doing. unfortunately, it wasn't long after this that one of his denmates and adoptive aunts through his father, wheatkit, went missing, stressing everyone out and thoroughly scaring his leader, lavenderstar. during the time she was missing, tempestkit thought about her often, one instance being when cloudedpaw chased the kits as a badger in a game, one that temp thoroughly believed she would have enjoyed being offensive in.



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