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    NAME: Lavenderstar

    name meaning: [LAVENDER] - After her fathers favorite flower. [STAR] - Given by StarClan upon becoming leader of SkyClan. [SKIES] - For her immediate loyalty and devotion to SkyClan upon joining.


    GENDER: female ♀, feminine — she/her pronouns

    SEXUALITY: Bisexual

    AGE/RATIO: 144 moons / ages realistically

    DATE OF BIRTH: 4/25/07

    DATE OF CREATION: 9/23/18

    DATE OF DEATH: 10/22/19 — status: DECEASED


    reasons for lives lost:

    - Lost first life giving birth to her fifth litter.

    - Lost second life to Creature during a raid on BloodClan.

    - All seven of remaining lives ripped from her due to feLV.

    ALLIANCE/RANK: StarClan [memer]

    past ranks: Loner [★] Warrior [★] Deputy [★] SkyClan leader [★]

    HERITAGE: Loner. Carries no clan blood.

    REFERENCES: [★] + [★]

    BREED: Heavily mixed, unknown.

    SHORT DESCRIPTION: Lavenderstar is a silvery, broad-shouldered feline with a white chin and single white hind leg. Heavily scarred.

    scars: A large scar lays on her shoulder from a fight as a loner. She carries a lip scar with her due to a rabbit kick while hunting. She carries a massive scar on her neck due to a run in with a sharp-tooth, and she carries a scar directly on her throat due to Creature.

    inventory: Flower crown in memory of Fireflywatcher.

    Wheatbell's collar.

    LONG DESCRIPTION: Average in height but incredibly well muscled, Lavenderstar was built to be a heavy-hitter and naturally skillful in battle rather than an elegant hunter. Due to her size, she finds it more difficult to elegantly climb trees like a SkyClanner. Her pelt is entirely a light gray aside from her white chin and her single white right hind leg (which makes it look like she wears a single sock). She carries short fur, though in the colder seasons it can appear to be more medium in length. The woman carries deep emerald colored eyes that especially pop out in the sunlight. With age, she has began to gray and white furs can be seen sticking out on her gray muzzle and in some areas of her face. Though some may see this as a sign of her growing old and a sign of her growing weaker, Lav likes to see it as a warning to her opponents. That she is experienced and arguably most likely wise, messing with her and thinking she'd be an easy targeted would be a mistake. Not only does she have her white furs to show for her years and experience, but many scars cover her body. Most of which are invisible thanks to her gray fur, though over the years the brutal injuries she have received mark her forever. They tend to be the first things a cat lays eyes on when they look at her, as they cover her from her shoulders up which gives her a rather intimidating appearance.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, generous, fair, passionate, confident

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Impulsive, brash

    MBTI TYPE: INFP-T / 'Mediator'

    strengths: Idealistic, harmony seeker, flexible, open-minded, creative, dedicated & hard-working.

    weaknesses: Too idealistic, too altruistic, impractical, takes things personally, difficult to get to know

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    MORAL ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good

    LONG DESCRIPTION: Lavenderstar carries a heart of gold, she believes that the good should be protected and rewarded while the bad should be punished for their wrongdoings, only to be forgiven once they have proven themselves to have changed. While her opinions might roll off her tongue in a brash manner, she truly means nothing but good for everyone around her and wants the best for everyone at the end of the day, especially for SkyClan and her kin. More often then not before most cats looking in on her views from the outside will see her impulsive and brash behavior before they get a glimpse into what really drives Lavenderstar to do and say the things that she says.

    PARENTS: Blackbird X Wheat

    SIBLINGS: Basilwisp, Cloudspots, Sunny, Rainy, Chilly, Cactus, Rhubarb, Peppermint, Iris, Snapdragon, Constellation, Aurora, Nebula, Lunar.

    OFFSPRING: Wheatbell, Mantisflower, Spiderweb, Lynxflight, Juniperthorn, Sagetooth, Bigfoot, Wolfshade, Astral, Dream, Wish, Firstkit, Mothkit, Cherrykit, Stormkit, and Wheatkit.

    ADOPTIVE MOM TO: Badgerspring, Suntalon, Berylbreeze, Puppaw, Lambpaw, and Calfpaw

    GRANDMOTHER TO: Victoria, Jamison, Juniper, Minnowkit, Charcoalpaw, Kestrelpaw, Tempestkit, Rootkit, Honeykit, and Maplekit.

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS Wedded — ½ of Butterflylav

    MARRIED TO: Butterflydawn

    MENTORING: n/a

    MENTORED: Hurricanegaze [graduated], Bloodorange [Graduated], Boaskies [Graduated], Mothshine [Graduated]


    injuries None.

    illnesses: None.


    mental disorders: None.

    other issues: None.

    INTERACTION: Cannot maim, kill, or capture / Can powerplay nonviolent actions.

    STATISTICS: ATTACK IN underlined.

    strength: ★★★★★☆

    stamina: ★★★☆☆☆

    agility: ★★☆☆☆☆

    hunting: ★★★☆☆☆

    swimming: ☆☆☆☆☆☆

    climbing: ★★★☆☆☆

    medicine: ☆☆☆☆☆☆

    intelligence: ★★★★★☆

    charisma: ★★★★☆☆

    perception: ★★★☆☆☆

    VOICED BY: Emma Thompson

    FACECLAIM: Emma Thompson

    SCENT: Lilac mixed faintly with chamomile.



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    CHILDHOOD (0 - 15 moons) -

    In the midst of late spring, young Lavender was born to Wheat and Blackbird within a barn out in secluded land far from much else. Delivered into the world with her would be her brother, Basil whom during her childhood she'd grow to be especially close with. Though the two would often bicker and tease each other quite often they were as close as can be. Happily, Lavender would live a rather "normal" childhood within the farm never having to face much in terms of hardships. Mice within the barn were plentiful, the twolegs were always kind to them and the dogs that roamed the land paid no mind to the barn cats, and when they did they usually enjoyed playing around. However, it wouldn't be long until her family began to grow much larger in size... as Blackbird and Wheat as Lavender and Basil had grown decided they wanted more kits. Another litter was being expected, and Lav couldn't have been more excited! She was ready to prove she would be the best big sister out there! And most importantly... she was praying to the stars that she'd get a sister- she couldn't fall asleep at night thinking of the rare possibility that all of her new siblings couldn't be toms...

    Luckily for the excited girl, when her new siblings were delivered... she did indeed get a sister! Two, who were named Cloudy and Chilly, while she also got two new brothers who would be named Sunny and Rainy. Though she had been a bit disappointed at first when she was told they were too young to play, Lavender still found herself spending a lot of time around them, and had even been there to see them all open their eyes and leave the barn for the first time.

    Awhile after her siblings were born, Blackbird deemed that Lavender and Basil were of age to be able to leave the barn as long as their mother or father were accompanying them. Instantly Lavender found herself begging her father to take her out of the barnyard to see the forest nearby, and eventually after some begging he took her out. Instantly, the girl feel in love with the lush forest that was nearby her home... all of the cool insects and flowers she got to lay eyes on amazed her... and she couldn't believe how tall the trees were! They seemed so much bigger up close! While exploring with her father, he had also decided to give her a few hunting tips... even allowed her to take a shot at catching a squirrel. The girl miserably failed at catching it and had ended up getting a face full of dirt, upon being discouraged her father assured her that no cat was a natural at hunting when they first started off and he promised the two would come back to continue their training.

    And they did.

    Blackbird kept his word and he would continue to take his daughter out to the forest so they could train. He taught her how to hunt, he taught her how to fight, he taught her a little bit on how to climb... really everything her father had to teach he would try and pass it down onto Lavender. During these sessions, the gray girl would grow extremely close to her dad and the two would form an unbreakable bond.

    LONER YEARS (15 - 75 moons) -

    Text here

    WARRIOR YEARS (75 - 100 moons) -

    Text here

    DEPUTYSHIP (100 - 122 moons) -

    Text here

    LEADERSHIP (122 - 144 moons) -

    Text here



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