ALWAYS WATCHING OVER // open + gift for Feliks


    News had a habit of travelling even to the furthest, most remote reaches of places. And thus the news relating to Feliks ascending to his new rank had reached the ageing, retired assassin. Deathstroke had tried to maintain a distance, but this time he simply could not and thus risked a daring travel away from his island in order to reach the Thunderlands. Coyly he made use of his powers in order to get into the territory, this time using scent manipulation to dampen his scent and invisibility to avoid being seen. Though he could not do much to hide the paw prints in the mud, which would give him away if anyone discovered them leading to and from the camp, or the fact that there seemed to be a floating basket. His invisibility sadly could not hide it.

    The wolf strayed deep into the territory, all the way to the camp in fact. He set it down when he sensed that he couldn't go much further without truly chancing detection. The wolf used a claw to etch a love heart around the basket before he ran off again so he could escape to the safety of his home. All the while leaving a trail of paw prints behind him.

    The basket carried only the scent of the items within it and didn't give anything away in relation to the secret supplier. Inside the humble basket sat a collection of coastal herbs, such as rosemary, sea kale, and fleabane. He had also included another item from the old world, one of his carefully crafted daggers, and dried sea salted jerky, fortunately not made from seagulls but rather from stag. To complete it all he had left a note in the basket;

    'I heard the news and I wish you all the best. I know it is stressful but know that I love you, and I know you will lead them well.

    There will be those around that will try to bring you down, but know I will be there to pick you up.

    All you have to do is find me, I'll be there.

    I love you.

    Mr S'

    // FELIKS


    D E A T H S T R O K E
    Slade - Joseph Wilson - The Terminator - Masamune
    Male - One Eyed Assassin - Black & Orange furred Grey Wolf - Killer of Legends & Gods - Thunderlands

  • For the longest time now he'd been debating whether or not to invite Deathstroke to the Thunderlands. He knew it was a bad idea, knew it would go over like a lead balloon, but even with their history with the neutral group his emotions pulled him towards the insensible. It wasn't fair for a former criminal to be holed up on an Island to die when there were plenty thriving in the clans... but he realised his justifications wouldn't change the foolishness of his desires. The dilemma clawed at his mind again that day, though he grew distracted as a basket came into view. He stopped walking, eyes narrowed in suspicion at the particularly inviting gift. Did an ambassador leave it? Or an enemy? Feliks could see himself getting captured if he wasn't careful (even on the camp's outskirts), and with that thought burned into his brain he slowly approached. A twig snapping caused him to jerk his head around, but when it was evident the coast was clear he walked once more. Closer and closer up to the point he could see the words on the letter, mouth agape with surprise the more he read it. His gaze drifted to the paw prints - a wolf's.

    It could be no one else, could it? He slunk to the ground, nose pressed lightly against the letter. He thought his whole body felt a few degrees warmer from the affection, eyes closed as he tried to find remnants of the one-eyed lupine's natural scent. He didn't want to use his powers for it... that felt like cheating. In his efforts he pinpointed a meaty aroma, and for the first time in a long time he was tempted to eat a consumable gift. Eventually he looked in the contents of the basket, wide smile growing more prevalent as he noticed the dagger. A weapon, food, herbs... he'd gone all out, hadn't he? Feliks gave a drawled exhale from content, dead leaves sticking to his tail as he brushed it to and fro. "I'm sorry I can't do more for you..." he murmured quietly. "But thank you...". Even if Deathstroke wouldn't be able to hear him, Feliks needed to say it, else even more guilt would gnaw at him.