RETROSPECT / mass sparring

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  • The world around the Thunderlands had been a rather silent one in regards to captures and squalls with other groups. For a time, the tensions among his home with the Exiles had increased, only to subside and fade away. He had a perfect reason to hate the other group for claiming his eye, yet he felt none. The entire incident was to be blamed on him before anyone else for letting his guard down in a time of fear. Even so, Ellijah knew the times of peace was simply a facade and that things could turn south at any point in time. Perhaps he was being paranoid? He was not a paranoid type, but did prefer to be ready than caught with their pants down. Selecting a clearing that would suffice for the event, he let out a sharp bark that would gain some attention towards him. "Thunderlands, we will be having a sparring event that you might say is a bit unorthodox." He wanted everyone to have a chance to spar rather than just watch, but their numbers were too small to form proper groups. "Rather than groups, it is everyone for themselves as it would be in a standard battle. However, there will be a few rules: No powers, no serious injuries, and if you are pushed outside of the clearing, you loose. In addition, if whoever you are sparring against taps out, they're free to do so, but will no longer be able to participate." Seemed simple enough. "You may start as soon as you arrive."



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  • Sparring? Well it didn't take a genius to work out that fighting wasn't exactly the tabby's forte. She was tall, but skinny with a narrow build that held very little on it in the way of muscle. Her self-defense skills were pitiful and she didn't plan on putting them on display in front of everyone. Besides, she was not trained as a fighter, she was being trained to heal.

    Making her way over the tabby girl stuck to the sidelines as a small smile worked its way onto her maw. "I'll take care of any injuries." That sounded like a far better idea than sparring did...

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