• Things were quiet. Well, perhaps that wasn't the right criticism, quiet was always fine, but dull instead. He'd never been big on being the one to organise events or spice things up, but when push came to shove the lupine supposed he could at least attempt it - if he were to lead by example then it was only the right thing to do. He'd been working on gathering deadwood and dried leaves for most of the day, but only when the sky grew red from dusk did he pile them all together. The collection gathered in a pyramid shape close to where the old camp had burned down (Feliks believed the shortage of plant life around there equaled less fire hazards). Sections of tree trunks had been rolled into a large dodecahedron shape around the clutter, substitutes for benches, and of course there was food about. Meats to roast, marshmallows. Unfortunately for the more fun-inclined Thunderlanders there was no alcohol about, but that was mainly due to the male's distrust of intoxicating drinks as opposed to a lack of supply. Once everything was set up the male paused, tongue twisting in his mouth. Was it too soon to host this?

    He could smell the spirits of Thunderlanders who'd perished, yet they couldn't show themselves to him, he lacked the power. It almost felt disrespectful, for some this was supposed to be a resting ground, he steeled his gaze the longer he thought. It didn't matter, life needed to be celebrated and that couldn't be done whilst fearing what the deceased would thing. A few more seconds passed and he gestured to one of the NPCs who had helped him out, from the boy's paw a flame emerged. It settled on the pile of foliage, his structure first laced with embers, then actual fire. The flames crawled from bottom to top, grey smoke trickling from the gap in the canopy... perhaps he should've let the Thunderlands know what he was doing before he willing started a fire in their homes. "Thunderlands! I'm having a bonfire over here, if you want some snacks or want to share stories and songs then come on over!". He'd been pondering inviting allies, but for now he'd keep the event a Thunderlands only ordeal. Even with their annual festival coming up soon, he figured it would be nice for everyone to get to know each other.



  • Avilius, too, had noticed that things had slowed considerably around the group in regards to activity though he found it extremely difficult to complain when the worst of his worried had been reduced to things as minuscule as planning his days around the weather. Recently, he had allowed himself to grow more preoccupied with the work that he had been sent to the Thunderlands to do in the first place than actually fulfilling his role as one of the group's Thunderguards. Somehow, that felt wrong. At the end of the day, he knew it was foolish to get so very hung up over a group that he knew he would be made to leave. But... he just couldn't help himself. Although he had no true friends here, only acquaintances with those faces that he could quickly pin name onto, there was something magnetic about the relationship that he had developed with tropic dwelling group. Such emotions were the ones he had been fearing, the idea of letting those that had put their trust in him down practically tore him into shreds and yet he had accepted two seemingly conflicting responsibilities (one given in the Thunderlands being accepted of his own accord and the other being less of a choice and more of a necessity to ensure survival). This was his burden, however. His cross to bear and he would not bother anyone else with how he felt when he did not deem that a necessary thing to do.

    To be completely honest though, Avilius much preferred the quiet lull that had blanketed over the group. Compared to what constant chaos and death that they been teetering on the edge of, he would have to say that the idea of getting some well earned rest was worth the quiet. And, it was this peace that he had been relishing, on a 'solitary' patrol around the fire-damaged parts of the territory, stopping every few steps to inspect the growth of the plants or to examine how the trees were growing in. Of course, he could rarely do anything entirely on his lonesome, aware that Lucius was up in the canopy, or what remained of it, to follow along behind him.

    It was said cobalt bird that noticed it before Avilius, swooping down with urgent trill to dig talons into pale dobermann's back as the man had been nosing at some of the earth. "Lu- what?" As soon as he turned his head to reprimand his avian companion for such a harsh approach, the bird diverted his attention to something much more important.

    Smoke. Smoke climbing higher and higher into swiftly darkening sky like ominous beacon. Panic explodes, violent and bright firework, within his chest, breath catching hard within his throat as he sprung into action. Mind instantly draws up the conclusion that something bad is happening, that the forest is on fire again. It had happened once not too long before he himself had joined and although the remnants of the disaster had proved to be quite an appealing research topic to the canine, to be witness to another ordeal such as that was not how he planned on spending his time. Really, he has no idea what he can do in this situation. With no fancy powers and no time to plan out a method designed to tackle the problem, Avilius was more than useless but that does not stop him. When has inability ever stopped him?

    It is only as he nears the scene of assumed destruction and devastation that he realises things are not as horrific as he had initially thought them to be. Leader's voice carries on the wind and it draws Thunderguard to a shuddering halt, near skidding into the clearing as mention of 'bonfire' catches his attention. Oh. Oh. Incredulous sigh swells up inside of his lungs, Avilius' shoulders quivering slightly with laughter though he's not sure whether he is genuinely amused or if it's simply the adrenaline still rushing through him with no flight or fight situation to deal with. "Sir, I- thank Cirlan." Certainly, Avilius was no man of god and yet, name of Luyen deity drips so freely from his tongue as if it were made only to be uttered by his lips. Perhaps traditions of home had been rubbed off on him more than he had initially realised and he was unsure as to how he should feel about it. "I saw the smoke and thought... ah. No, it doesn't matter." Shaking his head, the dobermann let shaking legs guide him over to the bonfire, tutting softly as Lucius, who had been trailing after him in the air, descended smoothly back onto his back.

    "This is a nice setup." Gesturing to the various different foods and makeshift seating, the Thunderguard forces himself to calm with plainly worded yet wholly genuine compliment. He's never been good with social events like this one, royal researcher forever the awkward inclusion who opted to stand off to the side with a drink and the company of himself and himself alone lest someone seek out conversation first. But, having quite literally run into this particular gathering, he knew that it would be plain rude to just leave. Sucking it up, he carefully takes a seat at the fireside, merlot eyes lingering on flickering flames for a few moments before now half lidded gaze slides onto lupine leader.

    No one else is present yet so he figures that it is a good time to do something that he had so very miserably failed at doing with Julian. Talking. As someone who had technically been a leader himself though on a much much smaller and personal scale, he knew that it was a stressful experience no matter how long you did it for. He himself had much appreciated it when his colleagues had reached out to him and although things were different here, he had decided that it was worth at least trying to be amiable about the whole thing. "Perhaps it's not my place to ask this but, how are you finding leadership so far? I'm aware this isn't your first time but I doubt that there aren't any differences from your other experiences."

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  • Your True Destiny Lies In Your Heart !
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    Charlotte had just joined the Thunderlands recently. All she had really done since arriving is cleaning herself up and taking a nap, as she had traveled far, at least in her opinion it was far. She wandered over, seeing the fire, the bright warm light. She was used to the heat, as she did come from Solaris Kingdom, a lot of desert over that ways. There didn't seem to be a large crowd yet but she figured this was a good way to meet some of the animals who already lived here.

    As she tottered over, sleepiness still on her face, she came up to the bonfire, looking into it as one does look at fire. She didn't want to irrupt any conversations and just stood by the fire, she figured anyone who thought she was interesting looking or wanted to talk to her would on their own free will, not because she randomly started a conversation.

    Charlotte - Maine Coon - Thunderlands - xxx - Female - 40 Months - tags


    Fear, her first thoughts at the warmth of the flame. The mere sight of it almost made it hurt in her chest. She couldn't stay afraid of it, or the meaning behind it. There was a reason she saw her ice, her cold as a curse. It all dated back to the day with Ladon, when he had talked with her about the dream. She wasn't afraid of the fire and her ice for the shock of it. Rather of the thought that on that night, she had seen a fire, she had spoke of it to Ladon, of the frozen claws to ravage. Her ice had manifested during the time near the couldn't be coincidence could it? It couldn't have been because of her... The thought was shared by her curse, the frost forming on her front right paw again, it never felt too cold, but always struck an unease into her marrow. If she stayed afraid of the fire though, was she only helping follow the dream she had seen that night so long ago? No...the fire had already hit, that meant the cold had to have ended...yes.

    As she looked to the others that were gathering, she began to feel a bit of warmth within, she wasn't alone here. "I would never lie to you Feliks, you scared me with the fire.", she would speak softly as she came to a seat near it. As she gazed into the fire, and up towards the stars. "I think...", she would begin to say as her tail slowly wagged behind her, her ears pointing in attention. "I think I have a story.", she would begin to say as she looked into the fire, very deeply, almost trance like. "Yes...I have a story.", and at that moment, it seemed the frost on her front right paw began to slowly recede...


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  • silkthread was drawned over by not the smoke the bonfire was spitting out but the emotions his clanmates radiated. the timid fox padded slowly and softly towards them feeling worried only to sigh in relief.

    silk didn't speak only sat near his clanmates listening to the sounds that surrounded him. his ears then picked up laika's voice and he turned to look at her. "Do you want to tell it?" silkthread spoke to her softly. he had noticed the distant look on her face but he pushed the thought away in hopes the she-wolf will tell it.

    "speech. "


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    of all that you've dreamed!

    maka was not the creative type, at least, not any more. they'd become more practical and logic oriented as time passed, and no longer felt they were cut out to story tell. yet, they would still attend the bonfire. it was a good chance to socialize, and though they couldn't tell their own stories, they could still enjoy what others had to say. so, the shepard took a seat, neutral gaze landing on laika as they awaited whatever it was the canine had to say. "do tell, if you would like."



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    As she continued to stare into that fire, the stars in her eyes as she looked into it. Her gaze slowly looking up to the very skies above. The canine would sit beside the fire looking back into it as her tail came to a still, the frost on her paw now gone. The words just seemed to flow from her.

    "Once long ago there was a small camp, set in the woods at the base of the mountain. The people there were tired, exhausted. They had been traveling for a long, long time. Leaving from…a wasteland, a home lost, they had finally found some rest at this camp. They had found solace in this rest, thought they were finally free from their troubles.", Laika would begin as she would get up slowly, beginning to circle the group around the fire as she did so.

    "Then they arrived, a large swarm of rouges, cats from the mountains above rushed in. A large dog, seemingly the leader took charge, fighting off four of them at once even! Even with their claws and their numbers they couldn't take him down. He did everything he could for his clan.", she would begin to speak with an enthusiasm to her voice, leaning close to Silk as she did so. The tale of a might hero perhaps, that was the story of the night.

    "The clan would act as one, cheering each other on and pushing back against these rouges. Power over the very earth, the air, and very heat itself. Those without such working along with them. Each of them wouldn’t give up, for they were warriors, warriors with a cause.", Laika said as she let a bit of her ice into the fire, letting it melt and let the fire pop for a short moment in the air at the mention of the warriors. Trying to give idea that even fire feared these warrior.

    "These rouges who assaulted the clan never would realize that they had never stood a chance against their might.", she would leave with a sudden pause, simple and true as it was.

    "The clan was known for its power, as the animals of their clan worked together, dragons soaring through the skies, the four leggers giving it all to protect the young. They had become guardians of their clan, uniting in one single cause to protect their own. These guardians were unique, wielding weapons unknown to us today…they fought with their very hearts and souls.", the enthusiasm would ring clear in her voice, and yet with the fire to help see, that distant look was still in her eyes as she told the story, seemingly even while facing away from the stars, their reflection shown in her dark brown eyes.

    "This clan was not invincible, for these masses of powers drained them quickly, they begin to find their energy weakening. The rouges were just too many in numbers. Yet, they wouldn’t give up, even when threatened with their lives, they held out. Not because they had the strength to, but because it was what was right.", her voice would drop to a soft whisper almost as she told of the heroes facing their end.

    "Suddenly this leader, was no longer alone in his fight to keep his clan safe. His friends were here…", her voice would rise again, trying to push a renewed hope.

    The drop off was almost sudden however, unnatural as it slipped to something else. Her eyes entirely focused withing the fire, the words would leave her mouth without a second thought...

    "In this new rising dawn
    A new hope has gone

    With the sounds of sudden tears
    Awaits blood filled fears

    These souls of old
    Have yet to be tolled"


    ( LAIKA E. // TAGS  // 16 Moons // Child of Ventus and Kate)

  • She had been gone for too long. Others had been instantly nervous at the smell of smoke, clearly associating it with the fire that had burnt most of their territory and the old camp. She'd been gone for seven months though and she'd missed the fire and the fear it must have brought with it. She felt guilty that the smell of smoke didn't worry her the way it did the others. She had missed too much.

    At Feliks' call about a bonfire the Thunderguard/Cloudwatcher apprentice had made her way over quickly. Heidi was never one to miss a social event and although people would likely tell her she didn't have to, she felt the need to prove herself to the Thunderlanders and prove that she wasn't going anywhere. Not this time. So she'd popped up by the others, offering a bright smile of greeting as she slid into place. She'd arrived just in time to hear Laika's story.

    Sitting and nestling back on her haunches, the tabby's brown tail curled itself neatly over her white paws as she listened, chocolate gaze on the canine and ears pricked. The story the other girl told was one of war, but mostly one of companionship, pride and spirit. Those fighting their battle fought together and fought for something they believed in - their home, each other, their clan. It was, Heidi supposed, no different to the way that she would fight for the Thunderlands if she had to.

    For a moment it sounded like the warriors were going to triumph over the rogues despite being fiercely outnumbered. Yet right where Laika should've been delivering good news, the tension left her voice and her words were almost deadpan. Blinking slightly, the feline's face showed mild surprise and a little confusion. Was that it?

    Her head tilted to the side, a little curiosity evident. "Where did you hear that story, Laika?" Her question came with a small smile. She was impressed at the girl's ability to remember the story if it was one she'd heard from someone else. Or maybe she'd made the story up, in which case Heidi would perhaps be impressed even more so.

    "she had a galaxy in her eyes,

    and a universe in her mind."

    thunderguard & apprentice medic

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  • Pearlpatch had simply been trying to get some rest. It just so happened she'd been in a tree close enough to smell the fire, then see it as she opened her eyes. The feline didn't even think before jumping down and rushing towards it. Unable to hear the voices, she could only smell her clanmates near fire. Is anyone injured? Oh, I hope not. Pearlpatch continues on as quickly as possible, bursting through the minimal undergrowth with such force that as she tries to skid to a stop, she's tossed to the middle of the group, nearly into the fire. The deaf feline scampers back worriedly, blue optics wide with fear. She looks around quickly, only just now noting how everyone seems to have been having fun. She now pins her ears to her skull and tucks her tail under herself as she backs away. "S-Sorry.....I thought it was a real fire....y-y'know...the bad kind...." She whimpers quietly.

    //She's deaf, so to communicate either have your character use sign language of a sort, draw in the dirt, write on something, or speak clearly enough for her to read their lips.