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  • hi im terrified

    i did not have a standard high school experience and im wildly out of my depth in college classes, which start 2morrow

    i cannot help but think that im going to fail at everything and im like :') help me help me HELP ME wtf is going on please somebody help me -

    it's not the weight of the world

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  • Is this your first time being in college? Because I know how intimidating it can be being in a new place with new faces.

    I was in college for about 3 years and graduated last May. My advice is that it won’t be easy. If you feel like you don’t understand something, talk to your instructor about it either in person or through email. I didn’t go to mine one time that I was struggling and I failed my class. It even put me in academic probation. Luckily I had time to get myself out of it long before I even graduated, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have graduated.

    Make new friends in your classes (if you can) because they will help you majorly!

    You need to stay positive EVEN IF your grades start to drop. Because once you feel down, you will think that you’re in a hole that you can’t dig out of. YOU CAN PASS YOUR CLASSES NO MATTER HOW BAD THEY ARE.

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  • Hey Sam <3

    I hope that your first few days have gone well -- I just wanted to drop in and leave a few words of encouragement, too.

    My high school experience was far, far from typical. I went to many different schools, including an alternative school and finally an online school (where I graduated from-- as a super senior). I struggled at every turn, both socially and academically, and was just generally lost.

    But I never struggled like that in college. I was challenged, but always in a positive way. I was never too out of my element too succeed and there were many resources for keeping to take advantage of to support me. Going to college was the best decision I ever made - me, a near high school drop out - and I'm grateful every day to have had the opportunity to go and grow.

    I had a graduating GPA of below 1 when I finished high school at 19, but I graduated from college as a Dean's honor.

    Higher learning is a whole new ball game, and I know that you're going to do fantastic! ❤