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    Zaeya / Firedawn | "Zae"

    ☾ Heterosexual | Taken | Female

    ☾ 24 Moons | Scorpio | Ages 1 month every 25th

    ☾ Shadowclan | Senior Warrior | Former Loner


    ☾ Single | Ex-Mate to Flaxensun {played by FLAXENSUN }

    ☾ Hazel x Smoke | adopted by HornetSting | sibling: Piper, Gingerstep, Sedgewhisker, Flaxenwisp, Cometdust

    ☾ Mentor Ratshadow/Hornetsting | ½ shipnamehere {Formerly ½ FlaxenFire}

    ☾ Children: (Litter #1 `Flax`) Morningfire || (Litter #2 `Flax & Val`) Eveningpaw, Dawnpaw, Lightningpaw, Bunnykit, Goldenpaw, Flickerkit, Wolfshine(adopted) || (Litter #3 'Argo') Wolfkit, Cobwebkit, Valeriankit, Poppykit


    ☾ Somali mix

    ☾ Reddish brown pelt with a splash of white on her throat and lower jaw. Splashes of black/brown atop her head and in a faded stripe along her spine to her tail tip.

    ☾ Green-Gold eyes.

    ☾ Autumn leaves, pumpkin spice, firewood, sundown

    — injuries: None


    ☾ ISTJ: Their defining characteristics of integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication to duty make Logisticians a vital core to many families, as well as organizations that uphold traditions, rules and standards, such as law offices, regulatory bodies and military. People with the Logistician personality type enjoy taking responsibility for their actions, and take pride in the work they do – when working towards a goal, Logisticians hold back none of their time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience.


    ☾ DIVERGENT, mainly consisting of Amity and Dauntless

    ☾ Neutral Good: A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.

    — disorders: None


    ☾ medium-easy physically | Likes to use logic instead of strength if possible | high intelligence

    ☾ can powerplay peaceful or non-violent actions | details

    ☾ attack in italicized underline #af4839 & Firedawn~



    Zaeya was born to a loner male named Smoke and a Kittypet female named Hazel. She was born on October 25th, 2018 in the back wooded areas of her mothers humans' cabin. She was the sole survivor of her litter, and as such, she was showered with affection from both of her parents. When she turned 4 moons old, her parents had another litter, and she gained a sister. All had been well, until Hazels' humans found them. Smoke had been able to get Zaeya to safety, but her sister was found and taken away. Zaeya had been devasted, thought she had lost her sister forever, but then, only a couple of days later, her sister as returned. She wasn't as spunky has she had been, and she spent more and more time inside of their mothers humans' house. Zaeya didn't like this, and from then on, refused to step foot into the humans house ever again. However, as time went on, her father spent more and more time in the house with her mother and sister and finally she decided it was time to leave. Thankfully her parents understood, and after a tearful goodbye and her fathers advice to look for something he called 'the clans', she was on her way.


    It would take Zaeya a full moon to travel from her mothers home to the territory of the clan cats. on her journey, she would try her best to avoid humans, and other cats on her journey. At first she was nervous, but she found that having a calm tone and a peaceful demeanor got her out of most scraps and even helped in finding shelter.


    When she reached the border of Shadowclan, she had kept her distance, she had no idea if the wild cats would be vicious or not so she decided to be safe then sorry. Thank fully, the clan cats had been polite, if not hesitant, but she had understood that. This was their home after all. Once she was accepted into their ranks, she took on the role of an apprentice and quickly made friends with many of her den mates, as well as other cats close to her age. She can normally be found near the elders den and the nursery, taking care to make sure they are comfortable. When not performing her duties, she can also be found in the company of Flaxenpaw, always looking at him differently then the rest of her friends and always with a smile on her face.

    After a few moons learning under the guidance of both Ratshadow and Hornetsting, Firepaw was given the name Firedawn for her kindness and her warmth. She and the newly named "Flaxenglare" became mates officially, and had their first litter. However, tragedy would strike when, while on a simple walk with her adopted son Wolfpaw, she was attacked by a starving rogue and her pregnant belly took the brunt of the attack. She would lose all but one of her litter, a daughter they named Morningkit.

    After several moons of happiness, Flaxenglare (renamed Flaxensun) seemingly vanished, unknowingly taken by two legs. Firedawn (who had been promoted to Senior Warrior) held onto the hope that her mate would one day return, however in her grief and loss, she would find comfort in her clanmate Valerianfire and develop feelings for the tom. They would spend a night together, but as fate would have it, the very next day Flaxensun returned home and Firedawn found her self pregnant with her second litter, this one fathered by both Valerianfire and Flaxensun.

    Firedawns second litter was born healthy, but soon her kits would vanish as well one by one, leaving only her adopted daughter Bunnykit remaining. Valerianfire left Shadowclan never to return, Flaxensun once again went missing, and Wolfpaw (now called Wolfshine) had passed away.

    Shortly after all of her loss, Firedawn and Shadowclan found themselves and all the other Clans being forced from their home and as one they traveled past the mountains in search of a new home promised to them by Starclan.

    Lake Territory

    Once the clans completed their big move to their new home beside the lake, Firedawn and Flaxensun (who had returned) attempted to rekindle the love they had once held for each other. However, although the love was still there between them, the pair came to the conclusion that they were both no longer in the mindset to love each other as they as individuals needed and agreed to end their mateship.


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