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  • ✦ Morning draws a calm and gentle light over the dense jungle; sunlight not yet warm and golden, but a white-yellow beginning plucked from a silvery tinged powder blue sky. It’s calm; tranquil in a way unmatched by synthetic attempts at peace. The morning, that morning in particular, perhaps lamented the wistfulness that so commonly plagued Enoch in his endeavors through the mortal realm. Despite the bitterness that followed him like a spark of fading stars on the canvas of morning light, there were things about Agrelos that he could appreciate. The stillness of midnight; the curl of brightly hued spring-time flowers basking in leftover rainwater; and even the presence of morning, its gentle luminescence.

    Still, there was a mugginess to the jungle air. He glanced between the lush foliage of treeline and undergrowth, paws entrapped by the border put up in place. He didn’t much care for or even really respect mortal establishments, but he was polite nonetheless. Enoch stood with lidded yellow eyes, patience a virtue strong within his hollow soul — thankfully. He hated that he had to be there, that he had to balance on the tightrope between life and death for the rest of his sorry existence. That coldness surrounded him in an icy sheen as he stood there on the border, not even sure why he was there. (Well, it was because he’d grown tired of sleeping in a hole nestled in the root system of that old oak tree on the Cuneus Islands, but that feeling of emptiness spoke more than boredom anyway).

    Enoch just... stood there. Waited. His inexplicable tiredness of everything didn’t allow for much more.

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  • It seemed the humidity was the price to be paid in order to live in such a place. The variety of plants and animals that jungle harbored was unlike any else, yet he always held a desire to see more. Seeing the ocean had been a spectacular sight, one he could cross off his list, but he still dreamed of seeing mountains, deserts, and lands made of ice. For now, he was content dwelling here and would only go sightseeing when it involved business. "Hello," greeted the canine as he approached, triangular ears perked forward. There was a sense of concern that enveloped him since that dream he had the previous day, one that still haunted him even during the hours of the day. Even so, Ellijah saw to it that it would not intermingle with his duties he needed to perform.

    "My name is Eli. Is there something I can help you with?" He was unable to detect a scent that would reveal where the other cam from, thus he did not believe this was an ambassador. Over the past week had the influx of ambassadors visiting increased quite rapidly, though he supposed it was just that time of the season.

  • It was not often that Deutschland was out and about in the morning. He was much more of a night owl than anything else and he rarely ventured to the edges of the territory anymore. However, on this particular day, he was stirred from his sleep earlier than usual by a thorn sticking in his side. How a thorn had gotten into his bedding was beyond him, but he was frustrated beyond belief. It wasn't a good mood, and for someone who had garnered a sort of reputation for being a bitter person, it didn't bide well with his rough start.

    He found himself on the edge of the borders again, his stomach growling for food and his head pounding madly. By the time he came across Ellijah and Enoch, he was pretty much done. The German shepherd stood silently, eyes narrowed and tail raised impatiently as he waited for an answer.

    ... no greater gift could be made by me than to give you the capacity to be able to understand in a very short time all that i have learned and understood in so many years and with so many hardships ...

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  • Waiting wasn’t something that Enoch particularly disliked. Standing along the border merely gave him some time to think, lulled into a calm while he contemplated the sky and weather and atmosphere. Being trapped in the middle of the mortal realm with no way of escaping, waiting for it all one day to end, was a special kind of unbearable that made him want to bury himself underground and scream into the dirt for the rest of his sorry existence. (He’d already tried that for the last year, and of course it hadn’t lasted as long as he’d hoped).

    Still, he gave the impression of unrest when met with the faces of two strangers. Enoch’s perfect posture and heavy-set eyes spoke true to his nature, wholly unimpressed with each of them. Unnatural golden eyes glanced over Ellijah first, dully noting the prickles of anxiety and concern mottling his soul’s wavelength; then Deutschland, in which he matched the Shepherd’s look of impatience. “My name is Enoch,” he said; blank, but... polite. “I would like to join the Thunderlands.” There was a wistful exhaustion about him which perhaps explained his bluntness, but at the same time was natural.

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  • Once again he found himself lingering close to the borders, and once again he found himself standing face to face with a joiner. Feliks wasn't sure if he always appreciated being in the right place at the right time, but whilst the Jungle was in a lull he supposed he had no problems with it. It was just... strange, he supposed. The wolf had never really paid much attention to the world around him the past two times he found himself leading, but whatever, he was rambling. "No problem, welcome to the Thunderlands," he dipped his head in greetings, the Chief settled next to Deutschland. Watching the stranger's form caused a slight intrigue to pique in the male, strange seeing how normal this joining process had been (not that he was complaining, sometimes normal was very much needed). After some time staring he smiled. "The name's Feliks, it's good to meet you Enoch. Will you be needing anything before you settle here?". He was thinking food or a tour, mainly, but if they had anything else they wanted the wolf would be happy to try and accommodate the need. It was the least he could do for their decision to join his home.