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  • More quiet and blunt the feline began to grow, perhaps it was just another one of her shifts in moods. You would have thought she'd still be happy, partying over their victory but she found herself far to tired and stressed to do so. So she had spent the last few days resting aside from her trips to her ally's border to see if they'd get help, so far she got the intuition they would probably not be getting much- but maybe she'd be proven wrong. She was still waiting on word from RiverClan. Anyways, today she found herself still tired, still stressed, but fuck that SkyClan had training they needed to do. Everyone. Everyone needed to prepare in case of an attack back, she wasn't dumb. BloodClan was a disgusting clan during their alliance when Minnownose had them cower to them half the time, BloodClan would be extremely disgusting after you and your clan raided them. Even if they did have good reason for it... Hmph.

    Anyways today they wouldn't be practicing, they'd be reinforcing camp and making sure its as protected as it can possibly get. She will be establishing guards who will stay up and watch during the night, sleep in the morning. She will be establishing patrols who will go out during the night, making rounds especially around the BloodClan border. Bluepaw would be one of the cats on them as she had not forgotten.

    She would make sure the damn clan was safe before she even thought about curling up within her den and resting again.

    "Everyone whose an apprentice or older, please gather. We are preparing for possible backlash against BloodClan, and I do not intend on losing so soon after we have lost. I will be gathering cats who will help me reinforce camp today, cats who will guard outside camp during the night, and to be extra safe a patrol who will go out every single night to patrol around the BloodClan border to make sure they don't try anything... ThunderClan too, don't really trust Moonstar's friendliness towards them. Of course the cats guarding and on these patrols dont have to do it every night, but I want there to be specific cats so not everyone's sleep schedule gets screwed over. Just let me know if you want to volunteer."




  • the air around the camp had been strained ever since the battle . it felt thick on his already weighted shoulders , and as much as he wanted to do something , to say something that would make it all better ... there was nothing he could do . he could fight , help prepare , but beyond that it wasn't up to him - up to any of them - to stop this nonsense . bloodclan was the perpetrator , and something told him they would rather die than give up their self - righteous battle .

    in the end there were only a few things that skyclan could do , and lavenderstar was setting up to organize them . preparation was paramount when it came to things like these . the frontline wasn't on the battlefield , it was back here at home where they were safest . the more reinforced the camp would be , the safer everyone else would feel . he had already taken it upon himself to go out on his own solo missions ( ones he wouldn't tell lavenderstar for he knew he'd get an earful if she found out the danger he was actively putting himself in ) but it wouldn't hurt to take up some more official business . he never slept as it was , these days , not when the nightmares haunted him too often to allow for anything restful . maybe she'd say he was putting too much on his plate , but that was none of her business .

    " lav ... " his voice was soft , concern briefly masking his features , but soon it was gone and with it whatever he was about to say , a smile replacing the worried press of his lips . " I can do whatever you need me to . " that and more , but he didn't speak it . she wouldn't ever let him put so much on his own plate , so it would remain secret for now what personal plans were already formulating in his head .

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    It would've been naive of her to truly think they would not need to prepare for this. To have thought that they could carry on peacefully after sending Bloodclan retreating with their tails between their legs. She wasn't entirely unaware. She just...opted not to think on it for a few days. They could cross that bridge when they got to it. It had been nice to bask in the warmth of their victory, to rest while injuries began to heal. Although, a trip to the tribe had not made for a very restful few days. Even then Bloodclan was always on the mind. But how could she remain anything but optimistic? What choice did she have? She'd hate to think of the alternative. They owed themselves that much, to be proud of the things they'd accomplished. She'd be damned if anyone looked down at Skyclan any longer. When Lavenderstar's call rang out, she was quick to join the clearing. Preparation had to start somewhere. She only hoped they could remain cautious and not paranoid. If they spread themselves too thin before retaliation even came, how would they fare in a second fight? She listened quietly as their leader went on.

    Was there ever a moment where didn't want to give it her all? She owed her clan that much. She owed Lavenderstar even more. She couldn't remain idle, not for a moment. Not while they were so in need of busy paws and capable warriors. She rose to her paws once more, a friendly smile directed at Whitedove. A hardworking tom. They'd be lucky to have his services, when it came to this. They were always stronger together, weren't they? Perhaps that's why they had won. Even when fighting one on one, even when your clanmates were caught up in their own battles. They all fought for one cause. They all fought for each other. It all stemmed from the same place--a fierce, undying love for the clan they called home. Could Bloodclan say the same? Were they so ready to lay their life on the line for each of their clanmates? If they ever needed more of a reason to fight as fiercely as they had, it came in the love they had for one another. For Juniperthorn, for Kestrelpaw, for Heronswoop. Every single one of them were important to her. Even Hurricanegaze had shown up to fight. Despite it all, she'd have to defended him in a heartbeat too. "I'm here, Lav. Whatever you need to me to do."


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  • Considering she had not been present for the great battle, it was safe to say that she carried an immense sentiment of guilty for having been spared of the injuries her clanmates endured for the sake of keeping their home safe and standing their ground against their enemies. This would be her way of making up for it, yet regardless of how she felt, Lynxflight would always be more than happy to take on more responsibilities as a senior warrior of SkyClan. Duty above all.

    Prowling over on silent steps, agile paws imprinting designs in the soil below her lithe form, the fawn molly came to a halt next to her two clanmates and looked towards her mother with a determined emerald gaze. "Present"




  • Goosejaw had also been one to sit out the recent battle. He strongly believed BloodClan had deserved the attack after all they had done to provoke SkyClan, but in the end it wasn't worth it. His clanmates had endured serious injuries, including perhaps most of all his mother. The longhaired tom was of course worried about Lavenderstar - the Clan needed time to recover, but should also expect retaliation from the city cats. It was her duty as leader to shoulder responsibility and prepare the Clan... and it was Goosejaw's job as her son and loyal warrior to make sure she knew she had his full support.

    His usually lighthearted grin gone, the tom stood tall among his clanmates, fixing Lavenderstar with his serious green gaze. "I'll help any way possible - and cover for the cats still recovering from injuries, if necessary." What was a bit of lost sleep if it made sure his Clan was safe? The fierce apprentices and brave warriors who had already put their lives on the line so recently deserved the rest more than he.




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  • All these people that did not participate in the battle gathered, and Juniperthorn's eyes of venom narrowed at those who did not have an excuse. He elected not to make a comment only because the peace of the situation needed to remain; it these sort of times, peace needed to be savoured. And it seemed any sort of tranquility was shattered and stepped on whenever Juniperthorn opened his mouth, so for the moment, he remained silent, only casting a brief, smirk-like smile of greeting to those already gathered before taking his spot beside Mothshine.

    It would be a lie to claim he was surprised by this announcement. He'd stated it in the past, that they should prepare. And, just in time, Lavenderstar had realised; she truly was a wonderful leader, one who took charge and went ahead with stuff. But the stinging on the side of his face served as a sore reminder, and forced down his anticipation toward the coming war, all his confidence whisked away.

    You're going to get hurt again.

    He ignored the thought, the paranoia building up in his chest. How he wished he could just numb it all, numb the thoughts away so he didn't have to be scared. So he could prove himself as an able warrior, an able fighter, someone who should be respected and not just revered as 'grumpy old Juniperthorn'. Silence stayed fastened to his lips, the boy nodding his head affirmatively to confirm his presence.





  • Hurricanegaze followed suit. He felt his heart thump for a moment and then it settled back into a regular pace. This was the point where he was supposed to say something, give others hope. He knew Bune. To Cane, Bune wouldn’t do something like that but Skyclan had attacked first which meant anything could happen. “I’ll make sure to switch between guarding and patrolling.” The words were firm, nothing sort of the soft usual tone he carried. It was a serious matter. He wouldn’t sleep until everyone was safe.


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    It wouldn't take long at all for cats to begin to approach... Whitedove was the first to come strolling in, quickly followed by Mothshine, Juniperthorn, Goosejaw, Lynxflight, and Hurricanegaze. No apprentices? It was still always odd when she never seen any come to the scene, they used to get nothing but apprentices when calling for cats to gather... oh time have changed. First she looks to Whitedove and nods, "Whitedove, thank you. Why don't you lead the first night patrol tonight? The earlier we start the better... prioritize the BloodClan border, feel free to snoop around so long as you don't cross the border. I don't care how suspicious we may look, our safety needs to come before how a bunch of street cats see us." She lets out a low growl to herself, "Then if you have time, maybe look the ThunderClan border over. Moonstar has always been nice with BloodClan, I can see cats turning this situation against us because we- technically attacked first. I wouldn't put it past her to help them if they've come to her and requested help." Besides, it'd be rather easy for BloodClan to twist their words now wouldn't it? The only witnesses of the battle was SkyClan, BloodClan, and a single DarkClan cat. She then looks to Mothshine and Lynxflight, "You two, please accompany him. I'm going to keep this patrol small as its purpose is to make sure nothing suspicious is going on- if any night you three happen to see something suspicious going on like a trespasser- or a... raid patrol. You run back to camp and warn everyone immediately."

    With that she turns to Goosejaw, Juniperthorn, and Hurricanegaze, "You three, could you please take turns shifting for guard patrol? You'd be stationed right outside the camp entrance. I know its not much... but you'll be put a lot of minds at ease if someone is awake and guarding the camp during the night. Though it is a lot to ask I know- to screw your sleep schedules up completely. Decide who will be guarding when, and I suggest whoever is guarding tonight goes and gets some rest before the time comes."

    She then blinks, "I will join the night patrol on some nights, I feel like its my responsibility to be apart of this in some way. But for now I will be reinforcing camp, if anyone wishes to help me they may do so when I have gathered all the supplies. I believe... this is it for now."




  • ToUQPFN.gif Guilt was still eating away at her. Guilt for not going to the raid, for having Bloodclan blood. Her eyes look over the leader and those around them. Was she judged? Probably. She wondered if this was how Rainpuddle felt. If this is why her mother looked for acceptance in a kitty pet. The apprentice slowly made her way over. She was willing to help prepare but scared of a back lash. She didn't want to fight the possible kin she had in Bloodclan. But, one step at a time she guessed. "" .

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