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  • Okay, so here's our plot so far:

    Muse A is the daughter of a pirate captain notorious for being ruthless and cruel. Muse B is the daughter of Calamity, Matron of the Dark Coven. It's Muse B's first chance to prove her worth to her Matron as she protects one of the outposts of the Dark Coven. An island where a powerful treasure lies.

    Pirates: Humans who sail across the seas, exploring islands and attempting to steal treasure from witches. They basically wage war against the witches, using their own creations—magical and enchanted treasures—against them, along with weapons forged by human hands. Weapons made of silver, which can slay any witch, guaranteed. Most pirates are known for cunning and ruthlessness, even attacking other human cities. There are many different renown captains out there, but none more so than XXX

    Witches: Women with magical powers based around the elements. Each coven occupied several islands, whether they be guarding powerful magical treasures or living on their own turf. The most powerful coven is called the Dark Coven, renown for their dabbling in the shadow element. They are the most despised by the mermaids and the ones who have taken out the most pirates who try to steal their treasures. Witches create their own treasures using magic. Each coven is ruled by a Matron. There are eight covens (earth, air, fire, water, life, death, light & darkness).

    Mermaids: Men and women—whether they be witches, pirates or humans—cursed by witches to live out their days underwater. No one knows the origin of this punishment, but witches curse people as punishment for crimes, for disloyalty or for money. Mermaids now bear a hatred for all who live on land while they are stuck beneath the waves. They are ruled by Queen Ariel (ehehehe), who holds a bitter resentment for the Matron of the Dark Coven, Calamity.

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    "I sank into the sea, wrapped in piano strings,"

    full name: annalise jane briem

    nickname[s] anna, annie, starlight [by her father]

    age: twenty one

    gender: cis female

    sexuality: homosexual

    scent: eucalyptus and rain

    rank: pirate & daughter of captain briem

    magical abilities: n/a

    weapon of choice: a sword and dagger

    motivation: a sense of fulfillment


    mother - anita seymour-briem [deceased]

    father - david briem

    elder half-brother - howard briem [deceased]

    love interest: morgana

    faceclaim: lindsey morgan

    "few words could open me, but you knew them all."

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    「 it's too cliche ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝i won't say i'm in love!

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  • sorry its so short. i can add a bit to it if you'd like. i just usually build more on the character as we go along


    「 it's too cliche ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝i won't say i'm in love!

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    "The moon has awoken with the sleep of the sun."

    full name: morgana

    nickname(s): morgan, morgie, ana

    age: twenty-two

    gender: female

    sexuality: homosexual

    scent: pine needles & roses

    rank: heiress of the Dark Coven

    magical abilities: shadow manipulation & knowledge about on various curses, spells & potions

    weapon of choice: none



    mother - calamity (Matron of the Dark Coven; alive)

    father - gavin o'brien (kidnapped from a silk merchant's ship to be used as a slave & to produce more witches, then transformed into a mermaid; status unknown)

    love interest: annalise jane briem

    faceclaim: Tashi Rodriguez

    "The light has been broken, the spell has begun!"


  • wow i love her!! so how do you wanna start?? maybe with my girl's ship coming to land and the witches are watching from the shadows??


    「 it's too cliche ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝i won't say i'm in love!

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    annalise jane briem//twenty one//pirate

    David Briem, captain of the Nightshade, put his documents aside and surveyed his only daughter as she paused by his study door. Annalise - known as Anna to her family and friends - posed there, arms raised in a dramatic flourish. She offered a sly grin, holding back her laughter. She often teased her father like this, much to both their amusement.

    "Dear Father, we have spotted land. I believe it to be the Holy Isles that the documents spoke of." She proclaimed in an overly elegant voice as she entered the small room, her gaze landing on said documents.

    Her father had been the second in command of their realm's spies before he turned away from that life. Now he lived as a pirate captain, abandoning his position to travel the seas in search of treasure and adventure, going wherever the wind took them. They could never return home, though, as he had stolen the top secret scrolls. It had been considered an act of treason, and now they were outlaws. Not that the title mattered much to a pirate.

    Captain Briem shifted in his seat, eyeing his daughter, seemingly lost in thought. After a bit of silence, the man reached for a specific scroll, flattening it out against the wooden table. He pointed toward a minuscule body of land, then another, and another. His finger then trailed along the Sapphire Sea. He glanced back up toward Anna.

    "Are you sure?" He asked in his usual gruff voice, eyeing her once more.

    "Yes, father."

    "At last." Her father did not take his eyes off of the map. He looked it over once more before rolling it back up and grabbing it in his fist. He stood and swiftly made his way toward the door, not even glancing toward his daughter as he passed. His heavy footfalls sounded behind her as he ascended the rickety stairs to the top deck.

    Anna stood there for a bit longer, her muscles tensed, prepared for whatever may come their way. She had heard tales of the Holy Isles, of riches beyond their dreams buried there, protected by magic. After a month long journey through treacherous waters and never ending storms, they had finally reached their destination.

    Spinning around, Anna hurried up the same steps, reaching the deck with her hand on her sword's hilt. She inhaled deeply, breathing in the air and the sea salt, as she moved past the crew. She came to stand by the railing, leaning over the edge and staring out unto the land she had dreamed of for so long.

    After the anchor was dropped, and everyone was settled into their row boats, Anna peered around the rowing crew members at the shore. The sand was dark enough brown to appear black, a stark contrast against the sea foam. Sharp, jagged rocks of pitch black granite stood tall along the shore, almost as if it were a barrier to keep them out.

    When they reached land, Anna hopped out into the shallow water, making her way up toward the beach. She kept walking, picking up speed, until she was in a jog. As she went, she slipped off her boots and tossed them aside as she ran along the beach. A large smile was on her face as she ran, her braid beginning to unravel in the wind.

    "Anna." Her father called out harshly, which made her stop in her tracks. She turned around, noticing he was deadly serious and keeping an eye out for danger. Now wasn't the time, she knew, but she could not help it. It had been so long since she had stood on land.

    Taking a few more moments to herself, Anna wiggled her toes in the sand, smiling down at them. With one last smile, Anna returned to her father, grabbing her boots along the way. They were made of black leather, and matched the rest of her outfit.

    "First, we find a place to camp before it gets dark." Her father was saying to the crew as she joined them. "I will send a few scouts ahead to make sure we are in the clear before we march on."

    While her father chose his scouts, Anna shoved past a few men and marched up to her father. "Let me go with them."

    Captain Briem narrowed his eyes at her, contemplating, before giving a nod. "Fine. Keep em' out of trouble."

    "Thank you, father." Anna smiled excitedly as she readied herself to venture out into the unknown.


    「 it's too cliche ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝i won't say i'm in love!

  • Morgana

    "The shadows betray you because they serve me"

    "We have intruders, my love."

    Morgana lifted her gaze away from the spellbook in her hands, fingers trailing along the cursive font. She sat cross-legged on the floor of the living room she shared with her mother Calamity, a scarlet fire crackling underneath a black pot. Calamity sat in a chair nearby, chin propped in one hand, staring at the wall.

    Morgana closed the book, set it on the nearby table and got to her feet. "Shall I investigate?"

    Calamity nodded, and Morgana couldn't help but smile. At last, a chance to see what other manner of people lay beyond the Holy Isles, once the property of the Light Coven until Calamity had slain their Matron and taken it from them. Deep below, in the caves, the Light Cove's most beloved artifact Excalibur lay dormant, suppressed by shadows.

    With a flick of her wrists, Morgana conjured up the energy for a teleportation spell. Reddish lines crossed her forearms, intricate designs and symbols glowing faintly in the semi-darkness, before they and Morgana vanished in a flash of red light. A moment later, Morgana stood on a small outcropping of rock overlooking the sea. Far to her right, on the horizon, floated a pirate ship. And on the shore nearby...were pirates.

    Witch | Dark Coven

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    annalise jane briem//twenty one//pirate

    After slipping her leather boots back onto her feet, the woman stood and placed her hands on her hips. She surveyed the men who were meant to be the scouts with narrowed eyes. She would have rather gone alone, but she knew her father would never have allowed it. They both knew what treacherous paths may lay ahead, and her father didn't want any harm to come to her. Not that she needed protection.

    "Come on, then." Anna gestured for the burly pirates to follow her, turning to march through the brown sand, kicking it up as she went. Her one hand stayed on the hilt of her sword while she kept an eye out for danger.

    There were half a dozen men following behind her, strong and lean for the most part, with unruly beards and missing teeth. One Eye had an eye patch over the hole where his eye should have been, Stump had a pegleg that slowed him down, and Hog was by far the biggest of the lot. None of them would be of any use to her, not since she wanted to experience this adventure on her own.

    While they trekked through the forest, Anna noticed the colorful birds that flew overhead, and the streams that flowed through the island like veins in a heart. An odd golden cat with tufts on its ears, which she had never seen before, laid on a cliff a bit above them, unbothered by their presence while it basked in the harsh sun. She made sure to remember to document all of this in her journal when she returned to the ship.

    Anna was much further ahead than the rest of the scouts, wanting to be the first to witness anything extraordinary that the island had to offer. And as she made her way forward, she came upon a small clearing in the trees, which lead to the bank of a lake. The clearing was large enough to hold all of their men, they had a water source, and there were places for scouts to hide should they be ambushed. It was perfect.

    "We camp here." Anna called out to the men trailing behind her. She didn't wait for a reply.

    Sitting herself down onto a log, she began to ravel her braid back into place, waiting for the others to catch up. It was then that she heard a twig snap, causing her to pause, but she did not turn. She continued to listen, waiting to hear it again. When she didn't, she went back to braiding, though still kept an ear out for anything suspicious.

    As the men finally arrived to the campsite, Anna stood, throwing her braid over her shoulder. She looked to a man called Gold, whose mouth had more gold teeth than real ones, and told him, "Go back and tell my father I have found a place to camp for now."

    Gold nodded and went off back the way they came, tugging on Hog's sleeve, indicating that he wanted the other man to accompany him. Once both men had left, Anna turned to the rest of the men.

    "Alright. I'm off to gather some firewood. I'll be back shortly." When no one objected, Anna nodded once and took off back into the woods.


    「 it's too cliche ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝i won't say i'm in love!

  • Morgana

    "The shadows betray you because they serve me"

    After watching the pirates, Morgana tailed their scouting party lead by a girl. Curious. Calamity had always said pirates were mostly males, or at least the males ran the ships. Morgana wondered what that girl had done to earn so much respect. Was she a witch in disguise? Had she lulled them all under some sort of spell.

    Morgana watched the scouting group all day, weaving through the forest as easily as a fish swam through the river. She didn't make a sound, and the only thing which could betray her was the occasional flicker of red and black light as she cast spells to conceal her in the shadows, or warn animals to flee from the pirates. Just in case the pirates go hungry.

    When the pirates made camp, Morgana followed the girl once she set off on her own to collect firewood. She remained well-hidden amongst the shadows, nigh undetectable. She considered revealing her presence to the girl but decided against it for the time being. Morgana didn't feel like getting a sword shoved through her chest just yet. She wanted to observe, and perhaps report back something useful to her mother.

    Witch | Dark Coven

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    annalise jane briem//twenty one//pirate

    Annalise didn't walk too far from the camp, just in case she needed to call out for help. As she walked, she noticed the sky darkening above and made a mental note to return soon. Already she could see the silver moon rising, and the sun dipping below the horizon.

    Right about now, her father would be arriving at the camp with the rest of the men, except for a few sentries to guard the ship. She had half a mind to help ghuard the ship herself, but then she might miss out on any further exploration, or her father's plans to do so.

    The pirate spotted a stream up ahead, could hear the gurgling of water over smooth stones. The sight of it caused her to realize just how dry her mouth was. Coming up to the bank of the stream, Anna crouched down and cupped her hands, bringing them to her lips and drinking up what she could. The water was cold and fresh, and she wiped at her mouth was a satisfied sigh when she was finished.

    Sitting back, Anna looked out into the forest, the place that was said to hold riches beyond their desires. And there, as the fog swirled and cleared, the shadows dancing as the night approached, for a moment a figure stood before her, materialized out of fog and mist and shadows: a woman. Then it was gone before she could blink.

    Anna jumped to her feet, her hand reaching for her sword. She watched the forest carefully and stood her ground. "Who goes there?"

    When no one answered, the only sound being of the cicadas and the howling monkeys, Anna began to wonder if she had made the image up in her head somehow. Though she had been quite certain she had seen the silhouette of a woman. How peculiar.

    Slowly, Anna took her hand off of the hilt of her sword and let it slide back into its scabbard. Scanning the area one last time, Anna glanced up at the eggplant colored sky and decided to head back. With a slight frown, the pirate turned back the way she had come from, watching the shadows around her more closely.


    「 it's too cliche ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝i won't say i'm in love!

  • Morgana

    "The shadows betray you because they serve me"

    Morgana watched the young pirate with interest as she trekked through the woods. She certainly had spirit and courage much like the witches of Morgana's coven. She wondered if this girl had any magical potential. She'd certainly make an excellent witch had she not been born a pirate.

    As Morgana tailed the girl, a plan slowly began to formulate in her mind. Calamity would want information. As much information as possible. Eavesdropping worked wonders, and so did scrying, but Morgana knew Calamity would also want to know their opinion of witches, what sort of gear they had, their temperaments. Morgana could only get that information by interacting with them.

    The plan sounded stupid, even in Morgana's head, but it might work. If she could get captured by the pirates, who would doubtfully be able to suppress her magic (not that she'd immediately let them know she was a witch), maybe she could wrestle some information out of the pirates. Especially the girl. Maybe she secretly longed for the company of another woman.

    Morgana revealed herself only once before she went back to hiding in shadows. With the girl on high alert, Morgana dropped her magic a little. She ran through the forest on silent feet due to sheer skill, though one could still see her silhouette flashing through the trees or hear her footsteps if they listened hard enough. The girl would know she was being followed, and Morgana hoped to be lead to the camp to learn more.

    Witch | Dark Coven