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    Charlotte had been traveling for a few days now. She wasn't sure where she was even going. One day she just packed up and left Solaris Kingdom and now she was here. Charlotte, of course, loved Solaris and it would always have a place in her heart but it wasn't for her. She felt like there could potentially be a better place out there for her, and her current travels have led her here, to a jungle. Charlotte sniffed the air and ground, smelling the strong scent of borders she plumped herself upon the ground, waiting for someone to come.

    She was tired, thirsty. When she packed up and left she only brought her few belongings with her. She didn't bring food, water, any necessities for living. Any food she ate she hunted, any water she drank she had found, nothing had been given to her during this trip it was work she gave herself. Charlotte sat there, next to the strong scent of borders, she was ready to cry. She was hungry, thirsty, tired. She was too tired to hunt and her last meal was the day before, early day before.

    Her fur was a mess, matted in different areas though she didn't bother to fix it. She had a lot of fur, being a Maine coon, and it would probably take time to fix, probably resulting in a bath, if she was being honest with herself.

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  • His second outing to the borders in a short space of time, the wolf recognised that his old patrolling habits had been lost as of late. For the longest time he hadn't really been up for exploring and defending, yet now it seemed he had little choice but to be a good example. So many leaders he knew were selfish, would've avoided doing the jobs their warriors were doing because it was 'beneath them'... fear of becoming that drove him forwards. Feliks' ears stood straight, his eyes wandered to each individual piece of foliage, after several minutes of scouting he needed to pause. Someone was up ahead, a feline, as he approached he detected faint lingering of the Kingdom. Aforementioned eyes narrowed, her rough-looking demeanor raising some concerned questions in his brain, mainly 'is she alright?'. Traveling wasn't always simple, but when one came to the Jungle's borders looking like they were about to pass out the wolf always presumed the worst about their journeys. Try and sympathise. You'd look like that if you couldn't turn into a bird at will. Not long after that thought kind smile was pressed onto his maw. "I... No, nevermind. Before I ask you anything else, do you need help?".



  • silkthread understood the harships of traveling, though thanks to his mother he learned the ways of being a loner and avoided all conflict. he remembered it all yet he didn't end up like the feline that stood in front of feliks. if anything it was the exact opposite and silkthread was thankful for it.

    "oh my..." silk softly murmured as the long legged vulpine had stumbled upon the two. to anyone it would've seem like feliks had done something to the molly, only thing was the fact silk hadn't heard anything previously to finding them, that and the fact silk naively believed his new found clanmates couldn't harm others.

    "speech. "


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    There seemed to have been a bit of a roundup going around. She found herself curious what was going on, especially with the leader of all creatures showing. As Laika began to arrive closer, she would spot the feline. A sickening feeling would run through her at the sight of them, they looked so rugged, as if the environment had been utterly relentless against them. "Is...there anything we can do to help?", Laika would approach with a graceful step, her ears perked at attention. It wasn't like she couldn't hold such a care, not when someone looked as matted as this. Clan mate of theirs or no. It didn't matter.


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    Charlotte's expression was that of an unhappy cat. Her face was naturally that way, unpleasant in expression. It probably made her look even more appealing to others. As the three animals got closer she dipped her head in greeting. "Hello there, I'm Charlotte," she said smoothly in her honey like voice that, despite her horrible looks at the moment, was as nice as ever. Charlotte needed many things, food, water, but that wasn't was she believed she was in need of, or wanted. She wanted a place to stay, a home, somewhere that was meant for her. "I want to join your clan," she stated kindly. "I've been looking for a place to stay that feels a bit more like... home." Charlotte honestly thought no where would truly feel like home for her, but there was no harm in searching, and that she would do till either she dropped dead or found a new home. She wasn't even sure if they would take her in, but she hoped they wouldn't just leave her out here to wilt away like a dead flower.

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  • "Then you're welcome to live here," barked the man, appearing beside his clan mates in time to hear the girl speak. She appeared to be in an emotive state, though he could not see nor pinpoint why. Her scent was a familiar one to him for he knew the kingdom well from his occasional visits to the land. It was a nice place, but he supposed it was not for everyone, including himself. "I'm Ellijah. If you have any questions, you're welcome to speak to anyone here." Very few took him up on the offer, but he was merely trying to be polite. Ellijah was unsure what to do in regards to her current state, but seeing as how the girl ignored the questions, it seemed she was in no mood for assistance.

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    Charlotte looked at the man who arrived as she was speaking. As she finished her words he spoke to her. She dipped her head to him. "Thank-you. If I have any questions I'll be sure to ask you," she said with her sweet, honey-like voice. Charlotte realized she wasn't in the best state currently, but she figured she could get to the camp just fine. It wasn't like she was going to have to wander around till she found it either, she could just follow them. Even if she did need help, she wasn't going to ask.

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