Clouded Minds [P. Dianemu]

  • He quickly ducked past her first attack, but couldn't react fast enough to the next. Instinctively, Nyx reared up to meet her. This proved to be a big mistake, as he ended up being thrown onto his back. Quite hard, too, if his expression was anything to go by. If given the chance, Nyx would do his best to roll away from Inkcloud.

  • Nyx stared up at her with wide eyes, but soon took on a scowl. He changed back into his snake form, freeing himself from Inkcloud, before whipping his head back and teleporting a few feet away.
    "Sssso it does!" he admitted, slithering a little closer. "But I am capable of ssso much more than that, Inkcloud. It isss how I survive."

  • Inkcloud sighs, “Shame, guess we better get to work.” Without any warning, she lunges toward the snake but then slides to the side at the last moment and begins to run around it in circles. She moves so fast it’s almost impossible to see where she is at any exact moment and each time she switches something up with her footing or speed to stay unpredictable.

  • Shame?!
    Nyx reflexively hissed and displayed his fangs, lowering his head into a defensive position. Only a fool with a death wish would charge a viper like that!

    It was a good thing they were on the same side. He snapped his jaws shut and called upon Inkcloud's form once more. Nyx had already seen an opportunity to throw her for a loop, but... no powers, no tricks, divines! What was he to do but brace for an attack?

  • Nyx was doing his best to keep an eye on her- but that was nearly impossible now. She was fast!- But so was he. He was using her body, he could do everything she could, minus powers. Nyx suddenly sprinted off in order to escape her encirclement, getting ready to avoid the attack she would no doubt make.

  • He soon looped around, rushing toward Inkcloud in long, powerful steps before leaping at her. Nyx would copy her move from earlier, quickly repeating his attack after every miss, and steadily attacked faster as he became more comfortable with the movement.

  • "Irritating, isn't it?" Nyx sneered in a perfect imitation of Inkcloud's voice. He took a step forward as warning, before running incredible circles around her as she did before. Wasting no time, Nyx would quickly break from it and lunge at Inkloud from the side.

  • "I'm here, aren't I?" Nyx smiled, switching back to his own voice. The snake hadn't quite realized how tired this whole thing was making him until he was hit with a strong burn in his legs. A feeling he hadn't quite gotten used to yet. Taking a deep breath, Nyx swept his tail along the ground and waited.

  • Nyx blinked at her, silent for a moment. "Hm? Of course I am! This... session of ours is just beginning to catch up to me." he assured, shaking his head. "If you can go on, then so can I. I have to, it's your body." Nyx chuckled. "What do you say? Up for another round?"

  • Inkcloud shrugs and moves to the other side of the clearing again. She says, “You may have my body, but you still have your own mental mindset and strategies. And trust me, holding up in a battle is a lot more of those two things then you think. That’s why I told you to not rely on your powers so much.”

  • Strategy? Nyx rolled his eyes, holding back a dumb smirk. "Inkcloud--" he began, suddenly materializing right in front of her in his snake form. "Inkcloud, look at me. Do I look like sssomeone that could win a fight with brute forcce? Someone that could charge headfirssst into battle and come out alive?" the snake asked with a laugh, glancing away and shaking his head. "I wish! A kit could rip me apart if it weren't for my venom. Ssstrategy is everything for me, Inkcloud. Without it, I wouldn't have sssurvived my first week of life!"

    He changed back into body of the black cat before him, continuing, "My strategy-... is to bend reality to my will, to make use of every hoax and russse I have. And I have oh-so many..." Nyx's head appeared to rotate a complete 360 degrees as he said this, strange images of the past flashing rapidly in his eyes, making them difficult to look into as he leaned closer.
    With a mere sigh, the illusion stopped. "These powers define me- they make me more than just a... just some sad snake! I can have value, worth, respect, even!"
    Nyx would begin to withdraw back to his side of the clearing, his tail vibrant. "These things are very rare for my kind, you know. To have the opportunity to rise above the rest, to have some significance, the idea is enchanting... but never mind that. I... I will stop projecting. Attack, Inkcloud!" he said, lowering into a combative stance. Regret lurked inside of him. Perhaps he shouldn't have said those things. If he didn't sound pathetic and petty before, he did now. Why did he feel like he had something to prove?

  • Something felt odd to Nyx as he studied her. The look on her face felt... strangely emotionless. Was she just that bored of him? Or maybe he had said too much, and upset her. And though she said nothing back to him. Perhaps she would prefer to speak through actions. Nyx suddenly dashed right to flank her, watching very closely to see how she would react.