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  • Hello! I was looking to adopt out the siblings of my trad character, Ruddypaw. :) He lives in Skyclan, one of the fastest clans in traditional I believe! He's not much on relations so this thing really won't be that picky. I only have a few rules / guidelines and those are listed below!

    I will be picking a few applications out of those listed. This used to be FCFS, but as it's getting more attention that I thought it would, it will no longer be FCFS!

    — Please fill out an entire application. I want people who will commit to these characters! If you drop the character or disappear after they are accepted, they will be rehomed.

    — There are two more slots to apply for.
    — They are currently six months old.

    — They have no naming theme other than the usual of the prefix being based off of their appearance at birth.

    — They are required to stay in Skyclan for at least the majority of their apprenticeships! Keep in mind that their parents are very loyal to Skyclan, so there's no doubt that they tried to teach their children that same loyalty. They also will likely all share a belief in the Warrior Code and in Starclan.

    FOR APPEARANCES: These cats will be Abyssinian mixes. They have a chance of faded tabby stripes on the legs, tail, and face, but the majority of their fur will be ticked. Their eyes will be brown, green, yellow, or a mix between these colors. The full spread of available fur colors are listed below.

    If you want a little bit of info about Ruddypaw, his tags are here! He's the smallest of his litter but is a very feisty and outspoken boy who loves his siblings a lot. :) I'm excited to rp with whoever applies! <3

    EDIT: These characters also had a brother who was taken by a hawk not long after birth, due to the birth happening rather suddenly outside of camp. The parents believe that this child is dead, but they told their living children that he passed away during birth. That's about all they know about him, but he will actually be living in Darkclan, where he was dropped by the hawk.

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  • - Snakepaw; named after the plains grater snake due to her pelt pattern

    - Blue (carrying red); a round faced and slightly chubby Abyssinian cat with soft blue and grey and black speckled fur, with a soft cream underbelly. Her eyes are wide and a dull yellow in color.

    - Polite, Kind, Loving, Motherly/Sisterly, Calm, Thoughtful, Fair, Easy Going, Protective, Loyal

    - Will litterally mother anyone or anything that comes across her path, she is very outgoing and friendly, much preceding to find positive solutions to problems then fight or argue. Howeber, that doesn't mean she won't - if attacked first, or a situation warrants it, she'll fight hard but fair, and will not hold back. She's honorable and nible, feeling that it's her job to be a voice of reason and stay moral. She believes in the warrior code and it's values, but isn't a strict or avid follower - to her, they are merely guidelines to show what is right or wrong in life. She's well mannered, valm, very collected and thoughtful, and rarely rushes into anything without weighing her options first. The one exception to this is romance - she's extremely awkard, nervous, and insecure with romance as she is unsure of how to react to such advances.

  • i'm probably going to be less active than usual for a while, as i'm currently sick.. please bear with me :)

  • rules were changed; this will no longer be first come first serve due to extra interest, so you guys have more time to work on forms <3 there are also more slots avaliable

    + also 4N0M4LY since you're already rping your charcter, i would rather they not be related to ruddy simply because i'd like the applicants to wait for me to accept them before they play the characters, i apologize!

  • nah its fine, i was gonna delete her app anyway, i have more freedom with her that way :)

    i'm probably going to be less active than usual for a while, as i'm currently sick.. please bear with me :)

  • GENERAL INFO — *+:☽

    ( parrotkit - parrotpaw - parrotsky / cisgender female )

    — six months / born april 15

    — skyclan / apprentice / no mentor


    ( NPC x NPC / sibling to cardinalpaw, ruddypaw )

    — bisexual, biromantic / leans towards girls / single

    — ½ shiphere / other?

    AESTHETIC — *+:☽

    ( physical health: 100% / mental health: 100% )

    — abyssinian mix / ref

    — parrotsky is a dark red abysinnian feline with green eyes to match. she's tall, skinny and lithe, accompanied by a sly smile. her fur itself is decently soft though often windblown and scruffy.

    PERSONALITY — *+:☽

    ( the high priestess / slytherin, gryffindor / chaotic good )

    — shameless, loud, energetic, charismatic,

    — parrotsky, as a young apprentice, used to be a very meek and anxious child, often unable to hold her own against other apprentices. this all changed when she had a border scuffle, her personality lifting her to better heights. she's rambunctious and loud, often being found anywhere the best party could be. she has no issue introducing herself unless deemed a threat and often doesn't really think before she says something which often gets her in a lot of trouble. parrotsky often seeks the truth from others and will more than likely not give up until she has what she was truly looking for. she dearly loves her siblings and would protect them in anyway she could, even if that means giving up her life for another; she'd do anything to see them smile and laugh and often concludes them as her pride and joy.

    INTERACTION — *+:☽

    ( physically medium / mentally medium / impersonation gambit )

    — inexperienced / will often attack if provoked

    — attack in bold or @parrotpaw.

    — powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed

    — parrotsky will not hesitate to kill/maim if absolutely necessary

    OTHER — *+:☽

    ( heartchart / / studies & storage )

    — penned by poprocks / pm this account for plots



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    tracking with name walnutkit (:<

    i’ll work on an application when i’m back home!




    charcoalpaw (trad. skyclan) + breadcrumbs (wind haven) + walnutseed (solaris kingdom) + almondblossom (sanguine ruins) + discord: machi#9729

  • ce2a.jpg

    — ⋆ —


    Current Name⋆ Silentpaw

    Previous Name(s)⋆ Coyotekit/Harekit, Silentkit

    Future Name(s)⋆ Silentshape

    name meaning?

    —— Silent. A prefix chosen during kithood. Originally he was planned to have the name Coyotekit or Harekit, but during that time, he had never cried out or growled; as a matter of fact, it seemed he made no noise at all except his small form shifting against the nest at a young age. At an apprentice age, however, he at least makes the occasional grunt or huff– better than nothing. Rarely will one hear him speak, and it seems he doesn't like to do it either.

    —— Shape. A suffix earned long ago. It was no secret that the tom was a little odd, but what is the most disturbing about him is his tendency to seemingly appear out of nowhere: a silhouette in the distance, the briefest glimpse of a tail vanishing behind a tree, and even just the remnants of a freshly-used nest implying that he had once been in that place. Some even recall spotting him out of the corner of their peripherals just to do a double-take and he's suddenly not there. "Shape" is a suffix very well-fitting for this tom.


    (The) Shape. Whether this nickname was created from fondness or fear is uncertain, but it is obvious where he gained it from.


    n/a. n/a


    Age⋆ 6 months

    Aging. Silentpaw will age up two months every real-life month if that's okay with you.

    Clan⋆ (Traditional) SkyClan

    Rank⋆ Apprentice

    Mentor(s). tbd

    Apprentice(s). n/a

    Gender⋆ Cis Male

    Pronouns⋆ Masculine (he/him/his)

    Romantic Orientation⋆ Demiromantic (subject to change)

    Sexual Orientation⋆ Uncertain (subject to change)

    Scent⋆ Cinnamon Broom

    Voice⋆ Low, quiet, and gritty. As he grows older, he will develop a deeper, more masculine tone. If only he didn't misuse his voice, it would be smooth and youthful, but still clearly masculine in nature.


    Romantic Status⋆ Single, not actively searching for love, and difficult to achieve

    Sexual Status⋆ Not active, currently not interested in the very least but subject to change as he matures

    Social Status⋆ Best defined as being probably the most unsettling cat in the clan who rarely talks, it's safe to say he doesn't have many friends and that he doesn't care for what other people think of him

    —— Friends. n/a

    —— Enemies. n/a

    —— Obsession(s). n/a (played by n/a)

    Familial Status⋆ His loyalty knows no bounds to those in his family who he truly cares for, though only those closest to him will receive his protection. (family tree)

    —— Mother. NPC (alive)

    —— Father. NPC (alive)

    —— Sister(s). tbd (played by tbd)

    —— Brother(s). Ruddypaw (played by greahound), Hawk-Snatched Brother (played by idk), tbd (played by tbd)


    Genetics⋆ Male Ruddy Abyssinian Mix (carrying red and dilute) x Female Ruddy Abyssinian Mix (carrying red and dilute)

    References⋆ one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

    Physical Traits⋆

    —— Height. 11 inches

    —— Weight. 10lbs

    —— Eye Color. Olive green

    —— Eye Shape. Almond

    —— Face Shape. Wedge

    —— Cheekbones. High and elegant

    —— Nose Color. Liver

    —— Ear Height. Tall

    —— Ear Shape. Triangular

    —— Fur Color. Blue primary with orange tint

    —— Fur Pattern. Ticked tabby

    —— Fur Length. Short

    —— Fur Texture. Silky and soft

    —— Tail Length. Average

    —— Paw Size. Average

    —— Paw Shape. Oval

    —— Mutations. n/a

    —— Visible Injuries. n/a

    Short Description⋆ A blue Abyssinian with green eyes and an unsettling presence.

    Long Description⋆ I'll work on this tomorrow, it's 3 in the morning here. :' )



    —— Silent. Perhaps the most obvious characteristic of his is the fact that he is selectively mute. Although it's unsure why he's so quiet in the first place, some speculate he gets a kick out of having others get intimidated by him.

    —— Loyal. A personality trait only handed out to those he has closest to him.

    —— Protective. This usually goes hand-in-hand with him being loyal, but it's still a good trait to list off. Silentpaw will protect those he likes with even his own life if you get that close to him.

    —— Easily Angered. When Silentpaw gets agitated for too long, or when someone he cares about is in peril, his stoic façade will quickly be replaced with unbridled fury and hatred. It's best not to get on his bad side. If you're lucky, the most you will get is an intense, burning stare and a few ditched bones from prey in your nest.

    —— Possessive. If Silentpaw likes you, then expect a very watchful gaze over your shoulder. Depending on how close you are to him, he may often come up to your side and stare at the people you are talking to intensely: this usually ends in the other participants of the conversation leaving.

    —— Unsettling. He knows he makes people uncomfortable, but he doesn't stop what he's doing. As a matter of fact, if he knows it bothers someone so much, he's even more inclined to follow them around.

    —— Dominating. He likes to feel in control, so if you try to call him weak or trip him up, you best expect either a fight to break out right then and there or something awful to happen to you the next time you go on a patrol with him.


    —— Family above everything. No clan, nor tribe, can change his mind on his value of family. He will protect a trusted friend from another clan just as much as he will protect his own siblings, and at the very least he will guide them away from the fight.

    —— If you deserve it, it's coming to you. Revenge is a sweet meal, especially towards those who get too close to the wrong people or try to mock him. He'd never hurt a kit, but even apprentices aren't safe from his wrath.


    —— Obsession. Like many other cats, even Silentpaw isn't above wanting someone to cherish.

    —— Branches. It's nothing he plans on doing anytime soon, but he does hope to have kits of his own– either through adoption or with a she-cat depending on wherever his romantic adventures take him.

    —— Live. Silentpaw loves finding out what happens when he tries new things, including digging his claws into sleeping clanmates and nipping at a clanmate not paying attention. Honestly, he finds their reactions amusing.

    —— Thrive. All he wants to do is live his life to the fullest. At least he's aware that he has little to no leadership skills and, as such, he doesn't plan on even trying to become a leader or deputy.

    —— Breathe. He fully intends on being a cat to be feared. Psychological horror seems to just be his thing.


    How does Silentpaw act in a relationship?

    He is very... clingy, to put it nicely. Possessive and domineering, Silentpaw will get very jealous if his significant other leaves camp with someone else alone. He will be very inclined to either stalk the couple from a distance or try to scare the third wheel away by leaving crowfood or mouse bile in their nest, all while becoming more clingy to his significant other and sticking to their side like adhesive.

    Does Silentpaw have any bad habits?

    He chews his claws when he's bored. I wouldn't consider it a bad habit, but he also has a tendency to either move to a place by himself when he eats or he'll sidle up beside a familiar and trusted face first. Oh, and let's not forget about his stalking or the fact he clings to those he trusts like a lifeline. Not to mention his anger issues...

    Can he feel anything?

    Although his facial expression rarely changes, Silentpaw's body language still tends to show his emotions if others can pick up on it. As for his pain tolerance, it's pretty high, but he can still feel it.

    What aesthetics match him?

    Pumpkin patches, fallen leaves, silhouettes, slightly ajar doors, intense stares, something in the distance, foggy forests, mysterious lights, the hair on the back of a neck rising/goosebumps, a creepy cabin in the woods


    Attack in black glow and @ (his subaccount when created)

    Feel free to powerplay peaceful/non-violent actions, just be mindful of his personality and how he may react

    All IC opinions are just that: in character

    PM this account or his subaccount to plot!

    Slightly above average physically, average mentally (subject to change)


    ⋆ Stealth: Excellent, it's his specialty

    ⋆ Tracking: Average

    ⋆ Speed: Slightly above average

    ⋆ Energy: Commendable, he can keep going for a long time before he needs to take a break

    ⋆ Strength: Powerful

    ⋆ Coordination: Poor, his attacks are predictable and repetitive from inexperience

    ⋆ Swimming: Slightly less than average

    ⋆ Climbing: Average

    ⋆ Charisma: Very low, like, borderline horrendous

    ⋆ Leadership: Pretty bad

    ⋆ Intimidation: I wonder

    Plot Ideas.

    Silentpaw will see one of his peers (Tempestkit/paw) sleeping peacefully in the middle of the night. An unusual curiosity brings him to dig his claws in their forearm, gauging their shocked and pained reaction with a mere tilt of his head and blank stare before he leaves them be for the rest of the night. He should be punished for his behavior, but it's all up to others to decide the strange little tom's fate. He may try to do it again, but to a different peer of his. (More 'victims' are open to this)

    Something about Silentkit makes others uneasy, and what better way to share this feeling than with gossip? Even before the plot above where he lightly assaults a clanmate, the young tom seems to just exude energy that tells others to keep their distance.

    Silentpaw somehow really likes another clanmate– by whatever means, this person is now someone he tends to stick around. And follow. A lot. To the point where the young tom is stalking his 'friend' almost everywhere they go, with nothing to speak of his presence except their fur bristling on the back of their neck. Confronting him might make him angry at them, but the clanmate in question has no other choice since now it seems he's trying to scare away their other friends.

    Silentshape gets approached by a kit who doesn't know better, but this kit wants to be his friend. He doesn't seem to acknowledge their presence, but after a while he stops moving away whenever the kit lays against his side and sleeps. This kit will be seen as very odd and will likely get made fun of for becoming friends with the creepy tom, but Silentshape will scare the daylights out of those who make fun of the kit. He'll probably try to take this same kit on as his apprentice (possibly his one and only apprentice if not just his first.)

    I basically wrote everything down, but still a WIP.

    for me:


    —— text.