Unboarded Groups: Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Unboarded Groups

    1. Can I make an unboarded group?

    Yes! You can make an unboarded group if you would like; however, it will take a lot of hard work on your behalf for it to become successful. Consider checking out the existing, boarded Agrelos groups to see if you're interested in contributing your efforts to those before making your own group.

    2. What territories are 'taken'?

    Unboarded groups cannot "claim" a territory. The only territories that are "taken" are those which boarded groups occupy.

    -- For example: as many unboarded groups as desired can be created in the Cogent Tundra, but none can be made in the West Whispering Pines, as that region is occupied by Shadow Veil.

    3. Can I get a board?

    Technically, yes, this is possible! However, since staff are looking for long-term, sustained activity, it will take an immense amount of coordination and hard work. There is no hard time limit on this; after a period of sustained activity which will most likely be no less than six months, yes, the addition of a board can be discussed.

    4. How does my unboarded group become 'official'?

    'Official vs unofficial' is no longer a concept that applies in Agrelos! Your group is as 'official' as any other, as long as it follows Agrelos rules. If it doesn't follow Agrelos rules, it needs to be moved into the Other RP section.

    5. Can I make an unboarded group to bring back an old group?

    Yes! Groups that are no longer around - such as the Tribe of Burning Eclipse or the Rift - can be recreated in an unboarded group. Just remember that, as with all unboarded groups, you have no claim to or possession of the concepts/territory/etc.

    6. Can I have my own landmarks?

    To some extent, yes. Small landmarks - such as specific trees, streams, and rock formations, etc. - may be included in your unboarded group's territory. Large additions, however - such as mountains, buildings, etc., or anything that represents an adjustment to the lore as established in the Codex - must be approved by staff first.

    7. Can I get threads stickied?

    Nope. Unboarded groups cannot have their threads stickied.

    8. How do I get a thread label for my unboarded group?

    Please see this thread for more information.

    -- Reminder: a thread label that goes unused for thirty days will be removed and must be repurchased.

    9. Can an unboarded group take over a boarded group?


    10. I have a question not answered here!

    Feel free to send a Conversation to a member of the staff team, or post in the Help Den. Thank you!

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