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  • In a million years, Mushroom had never imagined that he'd get quite this far. Living with Twig had made him expect a life of solitude -- but then SkyClan came into his life off of the tongue of a loner, and suddenly he was here, bleeding, gritting his teeth tightly through the pain of his injuries as he settled onto the dirt ground below. His first fight, and he'd practically lost it, with how badly he fared after. He should be happier - SkyClan won, of course they did, because they were so awesome - but he was too disappointed in himself to celebrate. The oriental mix tried to drag his tongue across his scarred cheek, but it was neither long nor particularly effective; it instead irritated the wound further, so he flinched and heaved a heavy sigh. Would he have scars? Scars were like... cool, and all, but the pettiness within him didn't want them because they were also kind of ugly.

    Defeated, Mushroom would attempt to lie down, but even that proved to be the wrong move. He would soon find that his back leg was also bruised from BloodClan's abuse, and when he had his thigh flat against the forest floor it throbbed a warning. "Oh, would you stop?" he cursed to himself, standing up and abruptly clawing at a nearby rock in a fleeting bit of anger, sending it rolling along the camp floor. I'm so bad at this. Maybe I shouldn't be in SkyClan. I can't fight, and how am I gonna help if I get myself hurt like that? Stupid mouse-brain. Mushroom regretted helping Victoria, too. He could've done more if he hadn't gotten distracted by her.

    Immediately, he felt bad for thinking that. He shouldn't regret helping her; she was a kit, and couldn't defend herself any better than he could. Maybe when he wasn't busy, he should visit her one of these days to make sure that she was okay. It was dumb because he could very easily get in trouble for doing it, but he wasn't exactly the king of good decision making. If he was, he wouldn't have followed after Rudypaw in the first place.

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    She supposed She was meant to be happy. Her clan had been successful, right? They had won against that group of brutes. But Cherrykit didn’t know a thing about them. Maybe she didn’t understand, maybe she didn’t want to. Probably a bit of both. So, they won. But when her clanmates returned with a slew of injuries it felt hard to celebrate. And for what? A war waged over imaginary borders? Spilled blood for rules a bunch of starry cats thought were important? Perhaps she’d grasp it once her training began. But she had been silent upon the patrols return, concern for her siblings that had been sent to put their lives in the line. The worst part of it was she couldn’t even be upset at them. They had chosen to go. It was probably valiant of them. She knew their mother wouldn’t have forced them. Selfishly though, she hadn’t wanted them to go. Lavenderstar least of all. There would’ve been hell to pay if any of her kin hadn’t returned to them alive. It was a scary thought for such a young brain. And where was Lynxflight? Had they found her? How terribly frustrating.

    She peeked our from the nursery, nose scrunching at the sight of Mushroompaw. Would that be her someday? Bruised and tired from a battle she’d probably want no part in? She could fight. She’d show that someday. But being capable and wanting to were two different things. She approached him hurriedly, long fur sticking out ever which way. “Looks like you got up on the wrong side of the nest this morning.” She huffed, although there was a playfulness in her green gaze. Then she eyed him silently, a bit more serious than before. Brookfur and Teddy must have had their paws full lately. “Are those from the raid?” She inquired with a flick of a bushy tail.


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  • Juniperthorn had done his fair share of moping over the time since the raid had ended. SkyClan should be triumphant; they showed those brutes who was boss, right? Yet nothing in his heart changed. All his logic told him he should be doing laps around the territory, as overjoyed as he was when he'd received his warrior name, but... at what price had they kicked BloodClan's ass? He'd seen his mother die for the second time, and every time it got harder and harder because every time it was closer to being the last one.

    He'd never understand how a cat like her could die. Maybe he never would. But at least he had seven more chances to try.

    The cinnamon warrior had not come out of that battle spotless. The swipe of claws against his cheek was still obviously painful, scabbing over and hurting every time Juniper tried to move the left side of his face. All he could hope was that it didn't scar.

    "I think he's a bit entitled to being mopey. Everyone got beat up during that raid," he hummed, voice low and monotone, though there was a hint of playful humour in his gaze past all the fatigue and dull pain from his injury. The victory was dulled by the fact that Cloudedpaw and Lynxflight still had not been found, and his general attitude prevented him from really being happy about it at all. Besides, attacking bloodClan was only going to make them want to attack SkyClan.

    A war. Just as he'd warned everyone about, but of course the consequences of a war were lost on Juni now. When he had once advocated to stop such a possibility out of pure paranoia, recent events had steered him in the opposite direction.





  • Much like Mushroompaw and Juniperthorn, Heronswoop had been a little mopey following their battle. Her injuries still pained her, but they had dulled significantly compared to when they had been fresh. In truth, she was more mopey about being cooped up in the medicine den for a while again.

    As she approached, her gaze flickered between Juniperthorn and Mushroompaw. Both had fought well in the battle, Heron had not seen them much admittedly, too focused on holding off Keaton at the time, but their wounds, much like hers, were testament to how hard they fought. Taking a seat close to Cherrykit, her attention moved over to the pair of them. "How are you both faring after the battle?"



  • "War can be such a dreadful thing...I'm so sorry you had to go through that so young" Azurepetal would say, her voice soft with sorrow as she glided over. Gently touching her nose to Muchroom's ear, Azure would pull away and look down at the boy with gentle blue eyes. "Have you two boys eaten recently? You should make sure to keep yourselves healthy, just in case infection or fatigue sets in.." she says, soft with concern. A dotting mother, worried about her children even if they weren't hers in the least.


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