Last few months have been rough.

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    I know a good majority of the site has younger members who probably won't understand (not that it really matters tbh). And of course FF has its fair share of older members, maybe some around my age (I'm 23). And I'm also sure I'm one of the very few parents here (I might be the only one tbh lol). Sorry, I'm rambling.. I hope this doesn't end up being too long.

    Anyway, I have a 2yr old son, he actually turned 2 on Aug 15th. Since June things have been extremely rough and emotional. His dad who I had been with for 5 years (known for waay longer) and was engaged to, took off with our son and was keeping him from me after I decided it was best we broke up because I was tired of the constant arguing. He started spreading lies about me and my family, even tried getting my dad fired out of spite (they worked for the same company, my dad was the one who got him the job). He went as far as trying to get sole custody of our son, all of a sudden claiming I was a bad mother and neglected my baby.. His mother was running the show (she's whole other story, she doesn't like me), got him a lawyer and everything.

    I was so hurt, betrayed, heartbroken... For a month and a half I only saw my son twice, and I wasn't even able to hold him..

    Long story short, it didn't go in his favor when we went to court, and I didn't even have a lawyer representing me. I got my baby back.

    Now, I've had him back for a month now, but not even a week after my ex instantly started talking to me again and wanted to work things out where we had our own custody agreement worked out. And maybe against my better judgment... I agreed. To the point I moved in with him and we're kinda back together and he dismissed the case.

    I feel like I'm a big idiot.. That I've let my feelings and emotions make my decisions for me. I'm still very much in love with my son's dad and I feel like I've made the wrong choices, but I don't know..

    I'm really sorry for all the senseless rambling.



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  • No need to apologize, sometimes it’s easier to vent and let things out than to bottle it up inside.

    You gave him another chance to be in you and your son’s life again. And maybe you’ll make a different decision if it happens again. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t trust him as much as before it all happened because there’s no reason to excuse that situation.

    See how things play out :-*

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  • No need to feel sorry, this is real stuff happening to you! I'm so sorry.

    You are not dumb at all for listening to your heart, usually that's the best thing to do in my experience. Your reason for leaving wasn't dumb nor was getting back with him. Love is complicated. It is really hard to be with someone you argue with a lot. And after he did all that, that's really, really scary -- I honestly don't know if I'd be with someone that did that. But if you guys talk it out, he apologizes and maybe tries to be better, sometimes situations like that can be good for a couple. I'm with someone who I tried to leave multiple times because of the constant arguing -- but I just couldn't. And strangely that made everything better to just take a step back and reassess how much I valued the relationship, and how we argued. We learned to adjust and be better and the relationship improved.

    So I think that maybe things can be better, and will likely be okay. :) Sometimes stuff just happens.


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