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    my name is revenge and i am here to save my name

    Basic Information.

    Name: Lucantine Wyres

    ——Pronunciation: (Luke-an-tine wires)

    ——Nickname: Luke, Luca, Law

    ——Name Meaning: Luca - Italian for Luke, Greek for "man from Lucania"/ Antine - Nordic for "Antoine"

    ——Previous Names: answer

    Residence: Unknown/Dead

    ——Previous Residences: Cartel , Hellraisers

    Rank: Dead

    ——Previous Ranks: Thug, Underboss, Prisoner, Rogue, Law

    ——Wanted Ranks: answer

    Age: 25 Moons

    ——Physical Age: 25 Moons

    ——Spiritual Age: Old Soul

    Birth Date: answer

    ——Astrological Sign: answer

    ——Birth Height: answer

    ——Birth Weight: answer

    ——Birth Place: answer

    ——First Words: answer

    Death Date: Oct. 20, 2019

    ——Cause Of Deaths: died in combat with Morbidcuriosity

    ——Last Words: answer

    Voice: Lucifer Morningstar


    Species: Hellhound

    ——Breed: German Shepherd

    Appearance Description: Pure black, long haired canine, Luke in this form is quite terrifying and eerie. A dark creature with glowing pink and purple eyes, and the same horns he has in all his other forms, the left one snapped a quarter of the way up the rounded section. He's big, bigger than an average dog with massive black paws and strong, muscular legs, topped off with ragged, large black wings with stringy, pointed feathers, haphazardly cleaned to keep their appearance but, once in flight, they give him a dark, angelic look to him, sort of demonic in a poetic way. If he were to dive, he'd probably shed some feathers, leaving a trail of them to float down to the ground beneath him. His mouth is a purple-y black, similar to a black mamba's with his teeth being stark differences against the endless, inky darkness inside.

    ——Fur Length: Long

    ——Fur Colour: Black

    ——Noticeable Marks: Horns, long scar down his left eye, a few random scars hidden mostly beneath his coat

    ——Eye Colour: Heterochromatic pink and purple

    ——Accessories: Single simple necklace with a cracked cat skull hanging from it like a charm

    Body Build: Muscular and lean

    ——Height: 4'8 at the shoulder

    ——Weight: 198 Lbs

    Physical Disabilities: Left wing is seriously healed wrong, not stopping flight but making the movement uncomfortable


    16Personalities Result: ESFP-T

    Personality Description: answer

    ——Optimist, Realist, Or Pessimist?: Realist

    ——Introvert Or Extrovert?: Extrovert

    ——Coffee Or Tea?: Tea

    ——Books Or Movies?: Books

    ——Indoors Or Outdoors?: Outdoors

    ——Texting Or Calling?: Calling

    Positive Traits: answer

    ——Best Quality: Loyal

    ——Helpful Habits: Checking up on everyone

    Negative Traits: answer

    ——Worst Quality: Impulsive

    ——Bad Habits: Arguing too much over a subject


    ——Strongest Skill: answer

    ——Weakest Skill: answer

    Likes: answer

    Dislikes: answer


    Relationship Status: Engaged and Taken

    ——Taken By: Venus Diabolus and Blackdeath Killjoy-Cipher-Leonidas

    ——Crushing On: Blackdeath

    ——Maybe Crushing On: answer

    ——Previous Loves: answer

    Romantic Attraction: Biromantic

    Sexual Attraction: Bisexual

    Close To Family?: Very

    Children: Yama, Kale (Venus), Alice(adopted), Freyr, Oceana, Freyja, Loki

    ——Children's Statuses: Alive

    Parents: Lucas Wyres x Jesselyn Wyres

    ——Parent's Statuses: Both Dead

    Siblings: Morya, Agnelle, Aldiger Wyres | Aron Starwynne

    ——Sibling's Statuses: Blood are dead, Starwynne siblings are unknown

    Best Friends: Venus, Blodwyn, Icilia, Blackdeath, Cory, Vincent

    Friends: Twistedtongue, Chicagocrimes, Loltene, Lucifer, Anathasius, Barghest, Corrupttimelines

    Acquaintances Nyria, Glitterlights

    Enemies: Ver Million, Nadine, Ryad


    History Description: answer

    ——Important Childhood Experiences: Watched his dad cheat on his alcoholic mom, abused as a child, watched mother kill siblings, father, and herself.

    ——Important Teenage Experiences: Lived alone until he found the Cartel. Lived there quietly, not stirring up trouble until he was 19 months old, then he tortured a 6 month old that started a war

    ——Important Adulthood Experiences: Left Cartel, Started his own group, became a father, mother of children was tortured, he was tortured

    First Memory: Being alone with his mother and siblings as his mother cried, smelling alcohol all over her.

    Experiences That Shaped Who They Are Today:

    ——Significant Belongings: Necklace of cat skull, gold bands he used to wear


    Combat Training: Self taught fighter

    ——Physical Difficulty: Very difficult

    ——Mental Difficulty: Extremely difficult

    ——Fighting Style: Fast, calculative, and deadly

    ——Unique Moves: answer

    ——Weapon Of Choice: His own jaws

    Power Training: Learned himself over time.

    ——Powers: Shapeshifting, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Shadow Elemental

    ——Shapeshifting Mastery: Expert

    ——Telepathy Mastery: Adept

    ——Telekinesis Mastery: Novice

    ——Teleportation Mastery: Master

    ——Shadow Elemental Mastery: Master

    Language Training: Basic, mother taught him from a young age

    ——Known Languages: English, French, Nordic, and Italian

    ——Style Of Speech: Eloquent and flowy

    ——Slang Used: Some but tends to speak properly




    Lucantine Wyres + Law of Hellraisers + Ex-Prisoner/Underboss of The Cartel + Storage + Chaotic Neutral + Wrathful Angel + 20 Moons + Hellraiser Guide

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