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  • Echo felt a paw catch her face, and it enraged her. She let go of the apprentice for a split second, before attempting to bite down on his leg and twist, so as to fracture the bone.


    Don't act like I'm not here.

    I know what you're doing.

    Don't leave me in the cold.

    Zoo Escape// Small cat Rp

    Spirit Animal?


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    kestrelswoop let out a frustrated yowl, feeling claws rake down his flank. the momentum of the attack from the larger tom sent the lean warrior tumbling down, knocked off course. he briefly glanced another bloodclanner go for hurricanegaze from the corner of his eye, and felt panic engulf him. he prayed to starclan that lavenderstar would awaken before creature could do any more damage, and he hoped that starclan would actually fucking listen this time. fueled by desperation and anger, kes would rise to his paws, lunging forward to try and hook unsheathed paws around ~Gorge 's neck, not sinking them deep enough to pose a threat to the tom's life but enough for him to feel their presence, and if that worked kes aimed to bite down onto his only ear and pull with all of his remaining strength.


    ethical contradictions between my actions and what i've said — information

  • As he sent the Skyclan tom flying with a new set of injuries on his flank. A wicked smirk came to the silver tabby's muzzle as he saw the desperation and anger in the warrior. "Hm, you know, maybe attacking a huge group of cats in their territory wasn't the best idea," said Gorge, as he took a step towards Kestrelswoop, a dangerous look in his copper eyes. When the tom leapt, digging his claws into his neck, the Bloodclanner was thankful for his large leather collar that protected his neck. The pain of having teeth sink into his remaining ear flared some fear in him, as he briefly recalled the incident that had lost him his other ear, and an ugly snarl escaped his mouth. Diving forward, Gorge put his paws on the tom's shoulders to try and pin him down as he slammed onto the ground, and sought to sink his teeth into his throat that was near his head.

    The Poor Swimming Fool

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    his lip curled at the tom's smug words, tail lashing furiously behind him. "what other choice did you give us? you torture and kidnap our apprentices, and you expect us to sit back and take it?" he snarled back. the malicious glint in gorge's eyes set off an alarm in kestrelswoop's mind. this cat didn't seem like the last bloodclanner he'd faced. the other one seemed as if he had some morals left, but this tom... he made kes uncomfortable. this is what you signed up for. if you die tonight, so what? you should be worried about your clanmates, not yourself. he pushed down his fear when he leapt, his attack landing exactly how he had wanted it to. his claws brushed against leather instead of skin, not that that mattered to him. he wasn't here to kill anyone. he wouldn't stoop down to their level. what mattered is that he had managed to sink teeth into the sensitive flesh of the male's ear. this would turn into a mistake, though. his attack triggered some part of his attacker's mind, and kestrelswoop was forced to release his grip as he was pushed backwards by strong paws, hissing as his back connected roughly with the hard flooring beneath him. eyes opened wide to see vicious jaws aiming for his neck, and everything seemed to slow down around him. he didn't have nine lives like lavenderstar. if he ended up in the same position as her, he would die. with a frantic jerk of his head, kestrelswoop would duck his chin to guard his neck, and instead the tom's teeth connected with his ear. fear exploded inside of him, hind paws coming up in an attempt to rake claws down the tom's underbelly, hoping to somehow get the larger male off of him. despite his previous thoughts, kes didn't want to die tonight.


    ethical contradictions between my actions and what i've said — information

  • This female really didn't know what she get into, did she? The 19 moons that Bune had spent being forced into combat, becoming one of the most lethal weapons in his father's army. And here she was, really thinking she stood a chance. He had to admire her gall, honestly. She was bold to remain engaged in combat with him, even dancing around his blows to avoid a possible neck snapping. As Suntalon charged at him again, Bune parried with moderate ease, sliding away with only some scratches on his stomach to show for her attempt at a brutal slashing. As he was about to move in for another blow, he lifted his gaze to really see what was going on around him. For the first time he realized that BloodClan seemed outnumbered here, cats bleeding all over the place as they locked in combat with one another. It was absolute chaos.

    And then he saw it.

    He saw Lavenderstar, limp in Creature's grasp. Could it be? Had the mutilated molly really stolen a life from the SkyClan leader? He felt himself swell with pride and satisfaction, but those feelings shattered when he saw Hurricanegaze diving into the mix. The chaos was only increasing now that the SkyClanners were noticing what had happened. Lavenderstar had fallen, but Bune knew that they could not keep this up. Her warriors would rally even harder to avenge their leader, and BloodClan didn't have the medical task force to handle all these injuries. And while his pride screamed at him not to, he knew what he had to do.

    "BloodClan!" he screamed out over the cacophony of sounds. He dashed away from Suntalon, not giving her the opportunity to take advantage of his distraction. "Fall back! Across the canal!" he shouted. Surely SkyClan would not pursue them across the body of water. It was quite dangerous, and they would likely be satisfied enough by BloodClan's retreat to just go home. He didn't want to do this. But he would not put his Clanmates' lives at further stake. The massive brute started toward the canal, urging every BloodClanner he came across to plunge across the canal. He would not flee until all of his Clan was safely across. Bune struggled through the chaos, trying to get to Creature to separate her from the mess. A small victory they had achieved in ripping a life from Lavenderstar, but he knew that SkyClan had ruled this battle. And it killed him inside.




    Bune / Male / BloodClan / 28 moons / penned by Monahan

  • FANGS 」» Everything is going past in a blur. Gorge still stands in front of him, wasting his time, killing his leader. He could be helping Lavenderstar right now. He could be ripping Creature away from her, saving one of her nine lives—but he's too late. He hardly listens to Gorge because none of what he says is even worth listening to; he's just another random Bloodclanner, and one with hardly any leg to stand on, either. All he can see is Lavenderstar behind him. Lavenderstar with teeth in her neck, Lavenderstar struggling to breathe, Lavenderstar passing away for the second time. And all at once, the apprentice is filled with a blind rage. Warriors come to his aid finally, abandoning their opponents to fight for their struggling leader—Hurricanegaze lunges for Creature, as does Kestrelswoop. He wishes he could be like them. They could so easily get to Creature, and yet he's still stuck behind Gorge, too small to get past him easily.

    His teeth grit as he turns his eyes back to Gorge, and he easily ducks away from his opponent's lousy swipe. What, does he think he's stupid? Does he think he can just hit him like that, take him out of the battle with some bitch slap? No. No, these Bloodclanners had taken another one of his leader's lives, and with a hiss as he realizes that Gorge has lost his attention and is now going for Kestrelswoop, Ruddypaw slinks to his side, then lunges, aiming to use his distraction to his advantage and sink his overgrown fangs deep into one of the massive tom's shoulders, his hooked claws aiming to rake at any parts of his body that he could. Hopefully he would release his clanmate because of the attack—but it looks like he doesn't even have to wait. The call from Bune catches his attention, and a fire alights in the young tom's eyes, a sharp laugh suddenly leaving his throat. They'd won. Lavenderstar may have lost a life, and many of their clanmates were injured, but... They had won the battle.

    Skyclan had defeated Bloodclan.


    ——— ⋆ OH, WE ALL STILL DIE

  • As Inkcloud heard Bune’s voice calling for the clan to fall back she hissed to herself, “Is he insane?” She backed up from HURRICANEGAZE and swept her tail against the floor. She shook her head and murmured, “This is why I hate Bloodclan.” She then attempted to slash her claws across the Skyclanner’s face before dashing off to stand beside BUNE She gave him a quick uneasy glance from the corner of her eye before looking away and muttering, “I know that you’re the leader or whatever, but are you sure? Skyclan won’t forget this, and I doubt our warriors will either.”

    Inkcloud | Bloodclan | She-cat | Played by Dianemu

  • Gorge's teeth sunk into an ear, not his opponent's throat as he wished. But it was a chance for him to draw blood, and so he would as his bite strengthened, before he released as he felt pain in his flank as the Skyclanner's claws scored his pelt. Hissing, he felt a pair of teeth in his shoulder, and he brought his paws off the warrior and aimed to smack him aside, away from the Bloodclanner. With a cold anger in his eyes, he spun around to deal with the apprentice. Not wanting to play with the Skyclanner this time around, he brought a paw up to try and snag the apprentice's pelt and throw him off, not caring the damage his claws would cause. And before he could go after the apprentice he heard Bune's yowl to retreat, and copper eyes darkened as he saw his clanmates flee on command. "Welp, looks like this has to be cut short," said Gorge, taking a step back. "I hope this skirmish was worth the price." And with that he would turn tail and join the retreat, despite his blood boiling and his bloodlust rising.

    The Poor Swimming Fool

  • Slowly slowly, she felt her growing weaker beneath her grasp. Felt her struggle, that rattling sound of breathing halting and shuddering through the lungs. She had not thought that she would have been able to capture the other molly in her grasp like this. After all the fight that they had had was strong, both taking tit for tat and not back down or gaining ground with one another. But it seemed that her weariness was not as strong as her opponents and she had managed to overpower the grey molly and clamp her jaws into her throat. She heard the last breath gust forth from her lungs and the molly was dead, laying upon the ground beneath her thick figure. Her eyes blinked once in thought, careful almost as if laying a dead child to rest she released her throat and laid her carefully down. Her struggle was over for now and the horror understood that. She was not so craven as to mutilate her already limp figure. Though she was hardly surprised when cats from both sides and screaming started for her. How could they not when she had killed something that was considered precious to them. Yet, she found herself uncaring of their raw emotions.

    Neither being able to get to her thanks to the efforts of Gorge and Inkcloud. Huh? They cared to protect the nightmarish beast, the creature that could one day turn on them all the same. What a strange thing but she took her step back from the corpse, head jerking up when Bune called out. A retreat. Every molecule screamed in her body to not do such a thing. Why would they do such a thing? Yet as she narrowed her burning copper and ice cold blue eyes the thing understood. Her mind wanted to turn back to battle and to find another opponent and yet her body was giving out. She was unfortunately too tired to care and thus she moved back, just as Bune found her in the fray. "Go on.... I'll gather who I can." With that the beast moved with harsh steps that continued to spill blood upon the ground. She was lagging, dragging but her eyes were searching for the white phantom. Her tailless figure searching, heart pounding in her chest and then she saw him locked in combat with a Skyclanner, a sharp hiss ragged and torn left her throat and she shouted, a rough thing. "Kitten! Disengage, to the canal!"

    i am the voice of your hunger and pain



  • the chaos had grown louder but the ginger woman had no time to glance around her, locked in a brutal battle with the king himself. she had drawn blood on him, scratches dripping crimson from his underbelly as he spun around to lunge at her again. emerald eyes focused only on the lilac male, lighting with surprise as he halted, glancing around him as if for the first time. suddenly from his maw came words of retreat as she scrambled to her paws, backing away with a snarl. "cowardly rats! run away while you can!" the growl was aimed at the tom, who dashed away from her, calling to his group of murderers. she was beaten up, injuries welling with blood along her chest, the tip of her ear completely ripped off, and yet she was hardly the worst injured. horror swam in the green eyes, paws blurring along the ground as she dashed from the tousled dirt towards the place where a corpse lay. dirt smudged the bloodstained pelt of skyclan's regal queen, crimson pooling out from a rip at her throat. suntalon felt fury well up, gazing around wildly for the monster who'd taken a life from her mother. the black beast, limping away towards a ghostly shape, beaten and yet for some reason not dead. it took all of the warrior's self control not to rip creature's head from her shoulders, brutally gutting her like cats on her travels had shown her. with a curled lip and a hiss, she would turn back to the body of her mother, trying not to let tears well in her eyes. "someone help me carry her. we need to leave."


    suntalon ——– skyclan warrior, tags , penned by lavendes

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    kestrelswoop barely cared about the intense pain radiating from his ear as gorge's grip grew stronger, couldn't bring himself to worry about the blood dripping down his face from his ragged ear nor the hot, searing pain radiating from his torn flank. his mind was blank, the only emotion he felt in that moment was relief. relief that he was still alive. and then he saw ruddypaw running towards him and the tom on top of him, and fear for the apprentice swamped him. "no! get out of here, you idiot!" he yowled to the young tom. he knew now that this bloodclan cat had no qualms about killing. but it was too late. ruddypaw leaped, claws snagging the bloodclanner's shoulder, and gorge focused his attention on ruddypaw. powerful paws smacked him aside like a fly, rolling away from the pair. why was ruddypaw here? he hadn't joined the raid. ignoring the complaints from his scratched flank, he got up, panting. and then he moved to lunge forward once more, determined not to let another clanmate fall, when a yowl broke through the clearing. the screeches of fighting cats died away, replaced by the loud thundering of pawsteps as bloodclan cats retreated. they had won, yet kestrelswoop barely felt triumphant. he checked over ruddypaw to see if the tom was okay, and once he made sure that he didn't have any serious injuries, he barked a command to the disobedient apprentice. "go find teddy and tell him lavenderstar needs medical attention, now!" then, he dashed over to suntalon's side, looking down at the fallen leader. "i'll help you," he murmured. it was the least he could do. he hadn't been able to reach her in time before, but he was here now, minutes too late.


    ethical contradictions between my actions and what i've said — information

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  • She had awoken again in a starry clearing, just like last time when she had lost a life. It appeared to be in the same location where she had gained them as well... she was no fool. She knew she had died. She could feel it overcoming her again- just like it had not too long ago when she delivered her kits. But she couldn't help but be annoyed with herself in her head, Lav, you've only been leader for a moon, get a hold of your fucking self before you get killed. It was hard to think... what if Minnownose hadn't stepped down? She'd be gone, dead, she'd be fucking dead right now- well... she was dead right now, but she'd be permanently dead. She'd be giving a life to Minnownose's next deputy, and when she thought about that... it just felt so unsatisfying. It hadn't felt at all when she birthed her kits it was her time to die, or even now.

    So she needed to be more careful. She needed to be, before she used her last one. If she kept this up she'd be dead four moons time.

    No more losing lives, it was time to be more careful... but at the same time she did not regret dying. She died for her clan.

    She just hoped they'd be okay without her down there for awhile...

    StarClan forbid she was not there to protect them all.

    But the question was- would Creature- would she have mercy to let go? Or were her lives continuing to be ripped away from her as she stood here in the clearing?

    Maybe her clan-mates have come to her aid by now.

    A sigh escapes the molly and she slowly begins to pace around the area, waiting for her to be returned back to the earth. Though it didn't take long for her to receive a visitor.

    Her head turns to expectantly find a small chocolate brown tom with bright amber eyes... one who carried a face that hadn't been smashed into the ground. Hadn't been run over by the wheels of a monster.

    She had forgotten what he had truly looked like... the horrifying scene of his head smashed was all that had remained in her mind. She was so glad to now erase that, and place a better picture in her head. He seemed... happy?

    "Hello, Lavenderstar." The starry figure meows with a purr, "Its been a long time hasn't it? So much within SkyClan has changed since I had been living among you all... though its definitely not a bad change. SkyClan has grown so much. It makes me happy to see us striving." Buckwheat mews with a flick of his tail.

    The gray feline blinks... still a bit in shocked to see Buckwheat standing before her. She wondered... she wondered if Orchardbreeze was doing well? Maybe she'd see her again one day soon? Well- hopefully... not as in Lav taking another trip here. But in a dream?

    She didn't know... she missed her friend dearly. But she was so happy to see her son happy, Boaskies and Berylbreeze would be happy to know hes doing alright. And... Kestrelswoop and his other children. Whitenose too... if the tom hadn't run off to BloodClan for someone else.

    She grunts, what did Buckwheat think of that?

    "Buckwheat..." She breathes, "Its so good to see you, so good to see you here and happy. SkyClan has missed you, especially Boaskies I know..." God, that kid had been through a lot, the only kin she had left was Berylbreeze- and of course her nieces and nephews.

    Buckwheat would go silent for a moment, before sighing. "I know... I wish I could've been there for her more. For all of my family. I know I had let a lot of them down, I was young and stupid... Too caught up and saddened with my own problems. I'd do anything to go back in time and do better, but alas not all of us get second chances. One day though I'll do my best to make it up from them... though I hope I don't end up seeing any of them for a long time... They all deserve happy and long lives."

    "Anyways... it was a short visit, but you need to get back. Your clan needs you... and you'll be rather happy to see the results of SkyClan's efforts once you awaken." He murmurs as he begins to pad closer to Lavenderstar, once he stood in front of her he placed a nose upon her forehead. "Tell Kestrelswoop, Honeywillow, Cobrastrike, Boaskies, and Berylbreeze I love them all dearly. Tell my children sorry for me. Tell them I'll make it up to them one day- but I'm so very proud of them all..."

    God... he had matured so much... A small smile slips on her features, "Don't you worry Buckwheat. I will, and I'll do my best to watch over them for you..." She would tell him reassuringly, and in return the tom pulls away and gives her a thankful look. "Thank you. Now get back out there. Go. They need you."

    And at his words, everything begins to fade away. Buckwheat. The starry clearing. Her vision fades to black.

    She wakes up immediately with a bolt, a loud gasp escapes her- followed by a few coughs... Air... air... oh thank the stars she could breathe again...

    Looking around wildly, the first two cats she laid eyes on were her daughter and Kestrelswoop, both of them saying something about helping her out or carrying her... She is quick to shake her head, "No- no I'm fine- I'm back." She says hoarsely, before continuing to gasp for air in order to catch her breath. It only would take a few moments for her to finally calm down, and with that she addresses the two again. "I'm... alright now... thank you both though."

    On wobbly legs, she slowly begins to stand up with a small groan in pain- which is when she realize BloodClanner's running.

    BloodClan was running.


    They surrendered?


    A big toothy smile forms on the felines face- and for a cat who had yet another chunk out of her throat ripped out and probably in critical condition- she was damn happy. Laughter even begins to escape from her, and if she wasn't riddled with pain she'd probably start dancing about or some shit. "Remember this night BloodClan- remember this night when any of you dare think to harm SkyClan again! Cause we'll come back... we'll send you running with your tails between your legs from you're own camp again if so needed!" She yowls after them, it was the bold words of an extremely happy woman.

    Her happiness however dies down- and her expression grows serious.

    She begins to limp around, looking for injured cats or worse... dead SkyClanners.

    "Who- whose all hurt? Is everyone okay?"




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    his breath caught in his throat when lavenderstar's familiar voice spoke up, relieved to see that she was back from the dead. he wasn't any less angry, though. that damned bloodclanner.. would she have continued to strip lavenderstar of every single life she had if bune had not called for them to retreat? kestrelswoop didn't have a doubt in his mind that she would've. the city-dwelling clan was filled with ruthless, bloodthirsty brutes like her. and he would've been powerless to stop her, taken down so easily by another one of their members before he could even reach his leader. he'd almost died himself. that realization was scary, his mind flashing back to opened jaws closing in on his neck, razor-sharp teeth ready to tear into flesh and muscle.

    movement in front of him drew his attention back to the present, making kestrelswoop shake himself, as if that would clear his rattled mind. stop that. you're not the one who lost a life here, you pathetic lump of fur! "lavenderstar, i don't think-" he went to warn the older she-cat not to get up, but lavenderstar had already risen to her paws. and then she stared at the tails of the fleeing bloodclanners, and laughed. this woman had been faced with her own death mere minutes ago, and she'd found it within herself to laugh whilst a chunk of her throat was missing, yowling after the bloodclanners with threats and mocking words. her courage was unfathomable to him. he hadn't even been killed, yet he was still shaken up by his experience. perhaps that went to show how pitiful he truly was.

    the happiness didn't last very long. after a minute, lavenderstar was walking around with a grim expression, looking around. for injured skyclan cats? for dead ones? he wasn't sure. but he did take a moment to glance around himself, holding his breath as he looked for any lifeless bodies. the floor was stained with blood, tufts of fur scattered across the clearing. skyclan cats stood, ruffled and injured, but all of them were standing. no one was dead. thank the stars. with a sigh of relief, kestrelswoop drew himself up next to lavenderstar. "i've just got a couple of scratches. but you should sit down, lavenderstar. teddy still needs to check your wounds." that first half was partly a lie. the 'scratches' on his flank were pretty deep, and still bleeding, but he just gritted his teeth and ignored it. it wasn't bad, it could be worse, there's nothing for you to complain about, he told himself.


    ethical contradictions between my actions and what i've said — information

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  • Her words, it appeared somewhere down this line of fire, they saw eye to eye. He respected that, and offered it his respectful silence. His breathing came hard, but something about eating nothing but scrawny rats and potentially starving had a weird way of injecting some sort of adrenaline. Tricking his mind to think he was battling over a meal perhaps, it had to come natural. It made little sense but he was running out of energy. This molly was a good fighter, and he, stubborn when it came to Bloodclan soils. His long slender legs quivered with each breath as he retracted his hind legs back to solid ground. He was surprised that his move had been successful, but his muscles threatened him with their slumber. Twisting on his heels, the calico deputy was already on her hind feet like powerful springs. Hoisted in the air, despite the obvious exhaustion pressed to her features.

    Her weaponry dived for his flank, and his fatigue allowed him nothing. He flinched sideways but his hock gave in just enough for her blow to land in all its glory. Tracing his rib with a blinding agony, he hissed out of pain and recoiled from the molly. He pressed a callused paw to the laceration and lowered his haunches to the ground. Watching Heronswoop limp away, Keaton squeezed his eyes shut to let the throbbing subside. Pulling his paw away, he groaned in pain before wiping his blood against the concrete to clean his paw.

    ‘BLOODCLAN’ Bune’s roar split the heated air, the copper scented battle grounds. The rest of Bune’s words, a blur to the pain coming from his side. Every inhale he felt stuck like a pig for bleeding out. She got me good, he chuckled in disbelief before heaving himself back on his paws. ‘Kitten’ the word, so soothing and familiar. He locked eyes with the beauty, his own tired optics working to register her battered frame. ‘to the canal’ the bloodied white wraith stumbled but followed her as quickly as he could. Glancing sideways in his retreat to see a silvery coat silhouetted against the ground, Lavenderstar was dead. Brushing Creature's obsidian flank as they made for the water’s edge. "you’re alive, little angel" he rasped with a heavy cough towards the barbed neck abyss. His limbs screaming for an end.



    ( former BC healer ) lipless albino penned by stiner.aesthetic


    Skyclan - Senior Warrior - Female - 12 moons

    How was it that it felt like this had gone on for ages? An entire lifetime has come and gone since they arrived here, she was sure of it. Yet in the same breath it was all over. She nearly missed it. It was nearly impossible to make any sense amid all of the yowls and screeches. Who was after who? This felt so different than the badgers had. The badgers didn’t talk back, they didn’t internally cause harm into their clans youth. They didn’t thieve and torture. It had been frustrating to deal with, that was certain. But this felt so much more real. So many more lives were at stake here. So many more people were evenly matched. It was a disaster and yet one they had gone into willingly. Out of simple necessity. Her own ruthlessness on the battle field cane from a need to defend. To prove herself. To show once and for all that Skyclan was not to be messed with. Not under a false alliance, not as enemies, not ever. They’d prove that tonight. They’d send them all back with their tails between their legs. Her chest heaved, her whiskers quivered, and she observed the battlefield with a wild focus. It was only upon looking over her shoulder that she a sight she was sure she’d never forget. She had heard Lavenderstar had lost a life during kitting. That alone was reason enough to be concerned. But hearing and seeing were two different things. Watching her body fall limp, between the jaws of a monster. Watching your former mentor and dear friend’s life be drained right before you eyes. Now, more than ever before, they could not afford to lose. Stars helps whoever laid their claws on her to get this result. A fury ignited with her clanmates, a roar so deafening. Rallying behind a leader they all knew and loved. This was precisely why they needed to keep fighting. And then—

    He called it. Bune’s voice hardly more than a ghost amid all the screeching. Mothshine nearly did s double take when she was sprinting desperately towards Lavenderstar. “Better make it fast! Before we change our minds and start to follow you!” She hissed it with venom, spitting and full of a rage she usually kept under wraps. This had been different. These circumstances had brought this out in her. She watched as her friend returned from the brink of death. How she came back to them, like she always trusted she would, after losing nearly everything. How strange it was to witness that sort of power. She watched in the direction that the city dwellers began to flee. It was over. It was over. Tonight had been a victory. And yet, with their leader fresh of food of losing her second life, she wasn’t sure if she felt much like celebrating. And yet, she was smiling anyways. Their constant beacon. She couldn’t help but to grin back. “I don’t think they’ll be to keen on another lesson anytime soon.” She snorted. Oh, They’d give it them if they decided to push their luck. Then came her question. Looking out for them, above all else. How incredibly lucky they all were. “Oh, Lav,” A sigh that was wracked in emotion. Nearly a tremble. “We’re alright. We won...we won.” It wasn’t quite disbelief. She had felt so sure they had this when they arrived. And yet, that feeling of victory was still so astonishing.

    It washed over her. She basked in it. She moved to stand beside Lavenderstar, a silent offer of support should she need it. She glanced away only to scan Bloodclan’s home once more. It was eerie somehow, to see their ranks dimish while they all still stood. Bloodied and bruise perhaps. But victorious. Crimson was splattered against her own coat. She wasn’t sure where her own ended and her enemy’s began. She was sure the adrenaline would wear eventually, and then would come the stoning. Now, this was a story to tell for ages. She and Juniperthorn will be elders, talking of this and of the bravery it took. Probably just as prideful then as they were now. She glanced at Kestrelswoop, her fellow senior warrior. So we’re they all downplaying their injuries to busy themselves with worrying for Lavenderstar? Mothshine was no better. Her pride didn’t only reach Lavenderstar. It was for all of her clanmates. She tossed a look in their mediators direction. Even him. He hasn’t put his life down as everyone else had. What a group they were. “Let’s get you home, Lav. I don’t think they’ll be sending any reinforcements.” And despite the exhaustion that clung to her features, her eyes conveyed that excitement—nearly playful. That little something that said we did it. We won.


    Mothshine + Skyclan + Deputy + Tags + penned by avery.

  • When the female went for him again, Mushroom had already regained his posture; as she tried to bite him, he would attempt to kick out wildly, hopefully catching her in the jaw. Before he could do more, however, he heard deafening cries that made his ears flatten instinctively against his head. When he turned to look, he saw it: Lavenderstar, limp, dead ... he felt grief sour his throat. He wanted to throw up. She can't be dead, he had thought, wanting to move closer but being frozen in place, his body aching from the fresh wounds littering his form. "Please don't attack me." he would tell Echo, eyes wide and pleading; he was scared, but he looked back at Victoria and all of that was gone in an instant. He didn't know her. For all he knew, the small kitten could be the spawn of some big-wig residing in BloodClan, and he could get reprimanded just by associating with her. In a split second, the apprentice aimed to rush forward and seize victoria- in his jaws by her scruff, before shoving her form in the direction of Echo.

    The BloodClanners were suddenly retreating around him, and he felt one push him a little to the side. "Take her to her mom. Her name is Fernonia. I'm Mushroompaw, if she asks," he said, handing Victoria off to Echo (if the female hadn't tried to attack him again, that is).

    With that, he would turn tail and begin to walk his way up to where the others were gathering around Lavenderstar. He stopped short, though, because the stinging in his cheek began to bother him again. The tears (tears that he'd forgotten were there, he was so distracted) had irritated his injury, it seemed. Mushroompaw shook his head as if to rid of them to no avail.


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  • Fall back, my leader roared. I didn't understand. Why were we falling back? Turning back to attention, I swung my burning embers upon my opponent's words. "Traitors don't know anything about protecting a city clan. A pity you weren't born here", I snapped. I wasn't leaving Tila, and I was staying put. However, I knew that if Bloodclan fell back, there would be more warriors coming at me, and I would be outnumbered. "Tila, can you run? You are going to have to run!" I growled, not taking my eyes off -stagstride! .

    Tila stayed frozen to her spot under the church, however. Unable to stop watching the scene play out in front of her.

    I ripped my claws through the dirt to throw into revolution's eyes, weather or not the dust lands, I would dash into the deep floorboards of the church to grab Tila.

  • Heronswoop had not seen her leader fall until it was too late. Already away from the main area of battle, by the time she turned to look around for her clanmates amongst the masses - and by extension to see Lavernderstar limp on the ground - she was too far away to rush over. She did consider it though, the thought of her leader and friend falling in a battle like this frightened her...she had heard stories of leaders in the past losing several of their lives in bouts such as these.

    Before she could think of moving she heard the call from Bune ordering his clan to retreat. Relief and pride washed over the deputy at the sound of his words; relief that the battle was over, and pride that they had gone against BloodClan and won. They won.

    Heronswoop would hobble over to the rest of the SkyClan cats. She brush up against Mothshine when she drew near, giving the younger warrior a friendly nod. "We won...I can't believe it," Heron mewed softly, amber eyes glancing around. Most of the BloodClan cats had retreated or retreated by now, leaving only the battered,yet victorious, SkyClan to remain. At Lavenderstar's question about who was injured, Heronswoop made a little cough. "I might need to see Teddy soon," She responded, gesturing with her head to deep wound Keaton had left her with running from her neck to her chest.



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    He'd been too eager to let Kestrelswoop slip away, all too ready to let the fight die before one of them. But as his gaze swung to focus on the same point as the other tom's, he felt an iron weight settle coldly in his stomach. Creature's merciless grasp was locked around Lavenderstar, and even from a distance he could see the lilac leader's life leaching out of her body to mingle with the grime of the city. It wasn't -- couldn't -- be his place to interfere, but he felt sick all the same. How hollow his clanmate's actions seemed. The kinetic energy of his scrap with the SkyClanner was gone now, to be replaced with an icy inertia. What were they doing? Why was so much blood being spilled?

    Retreat. Thank the stars. No cutting snarls or threatening remarks would drop from his lips -- he simply turned tail in silence, slinking away with the subtlety of a ghost. Shame and guilt welled up in his throat, threatening to spill out in the form of vomit. He found himself alongside Keaton and Creature, but couldn't find many words for either. Blood streamed steadily from his shoulder, dripping onto the concrete with the rhythm of a metronome. "You two okay?" He asked the pair, voice clipped and edged with nerves. How he just wanted it all to end.

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  • Revolution scoffed. He was a city cat, born in the Blood House. He learned to fight when he was only a few days old, as any BloodClanner should've. But BloodClan was no longer his home. The cats were were no longer the ones he knew. They had too much honor for a bunch of strays, too many expectations to uphold. But Bullet didn't need to know him. His history was a secret held by him, never told by tongue. No one ever asked anyways.

    Too close. He was too close to the church. Flinched as Bullet's distraction flew into his eyes, blinding him for a moment. Ah, well the battle was over. It was no use chasing a single enemy in her territory. He moved away from the flow of bloodied strays, careful to slip away from them. SkyClan won. He felt victory, a sweet victory earned from years of suffering. He felt like a SkyClanner, not a BloodClanner who betrayed his own. He rushed to join the cats he could call Clanmates without a feeling of shame now, voice coming out in a renewed breath, "We did it."

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