• Aww, she was sure she would. However her face had one scar, and one scar too many, she had full intentions of not gaining a few more today- especially ones that might make her look like shes smiling. The fact that these BloodClanner's even thought of such horrendous shit just went to prove that their minds were simply corrupt, she wondered if they even ever tried one day to change they could. She didn't understand... why did clans ally with them? Why were clans even neutrals with these cats? Panting she looks up at the molly before her, "Don't exactly got anything to smile about." The molly breathes with a shrug, "I have to disagree though, scars and alterations to the body make nasty looks for cats... You're a prime example." The insult was quick to roll off of her tongue, and as she spoke her tail gave an irritated lash to the side. Despite her bold words she couldn't help but feel... that the cheery tone to her voice was eerie.

    Emerald daggers would quickly follow each and everyone of the felines jerks, her whole entire body began to prepare itself for the next attack- but there had always been a downside to her broad figure. She was a powerful hitter, a skilled fighter, but one thing she lacked was speed. Most hits would end up hitting then missing her unfortunately... and it continued to be true as Creature lunged upward, jaws clamping upon her own, fangs ripping into skin. With force she found herself getting forced onto her back legs, a loud hiss would escape her throat and while she was in the feline's strong grasp she would attempt to violently rake her claws down the shoulders of the cat, if successful it had most likely not had been not effective enough to break free from her grasp. as she was thrown onto the ground once more with a thump. The aches in her chest, her face, her limbs... damn she hadn't fought a good fight like this in moons...

    Though she felt tired- the molly wouldn't stop. She would not stop fighting, there was no future Lav foreseen for herself where this fucking battle wasn't won. SkyClan would win, SkyClan would be victorious! No pleadings of surrender would escape from her lips. Not to BloodClan.

    With wobbly limbs, she slowly begins to stand up, letting out a grunt of pain as she does so. She hates that its so obvious how weakened she has become between her past opponent and now the cat before her... But she'd go on. Blood meanwhile would continue to drip from her wounds, continuing to bloody the floor below her. Her chin where fangs had torn into had stained her white fur almost a pinkish color... and meanwhile? Everyone else? The scent of blood within the building BloodClan called home began to grow thick.

    Weakly she looks at Creature with a smirk, "You're right, BloodClan's ridiculous ways will continue even if I were to do something about Bune... which means the least I could do was potentially give him a nasty reminder that SkyClan is strong. That we won't just stand idle as his cats harm ours."




  • Revolution clung on to her like a flea, letting his spine contort and flow with the rough movements. A cat's body was built for flexibility, their freer bones and joints allowing for a vast skillset based around agility. The seal point grinned when he felt blood on his claws. He allowed himself to draw back quickly as to not get crushed by Bullet. Oh, no no no, that would be bad news. Unlike Bullet, Revolution lacked in mass. He was a rather average tom, muscularly built, but his thinner structure lacked in defense. A cat couldn't be perfect, but Revolution, as a narcissist, believed that he was the closest being to perfection.

    Like in his fight with Gladestar, he put himself into a defensive stance to see what Bullet would do instead of taking another offensive action. "Shame we have to meet again like this." He commented with a sigh for dramatic effect, "You shouldn't have broke my Clanmate's legs. Crippling a cat of his pride goes real low, and I don't appreciate that." His eye challenged her, muscles tensed and ready to react at the slightest bit of movement.

    // Phoenixheart

    "speaking in #dc143c"

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    [ storage ex-bloodclanner, ex-skyclanner male / 22 moons played by melo-crisis ]

    (c) vespertine

  • a hiss erupted from the woman's mouth as the bloodclan leader swung around, scoring his claws down her chest, and she moved backwards with a growl, prowling around the man again. though blood welled from scratches near her throat, she shook her head, lowering it just in time to escape the snapping jaws, teeth closing just at the tip of her ear, cutting a deep hole within the soft skin of the body part. on her travels, suntalon had learned some more... vicious fighting moves, and as darkness shadowed her emerald gaze, she charged once more. a snarl contorting her maw, the muscular feline moved forward, clutching at bune's scruff with her claws in an attempt to grapple him with strong paws. should she make contact, her back legs would kick wildly, scoring bloody marks down the underbelly of the lilac male as she clung with her front paws. as she began to slip from her position, sun would twist, aiming to slid beneath the male, daggers slicing through skin on his stomach, churning her paws to reach the other side of the tom.

    // sorry this is super messy, i wrote it at 3:00 am because i couldn't sleep.


    suntalon ——– skyclan warrior, tags , penned by lavendes

  • She was a prime example? Did the molly think that she had mutilated herself on purpose? That she had allowed herself to become this horrid thing that had a mind so twisted she could barely think? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Jabs at her appearance no longer bothered her, she enjoyed the thing she had become. Her scars made her who she was, the tale of a beast, a nightmare that had come from hell itself. Designed to survive and to strip the flesh from others that got in her way. To fight till her last breath was nothing more than a wheezing gasp or a gurgling cry. Maybe she was like this because she was already wounded once before. Pushing back against the world that had not wanted anything to do with her. But that was a story for another time, if there was another time. If time slowed down for just a moment to whisper gentle words. But that wasn't the case here where the smell of sanguine filled the air, iron and intense. The sound of snarls and yowls the only sounds that were heard on this day.

    Pain erupted in her shoulders once more, blood pooling now down her legs, slipping in streams. The smell pungent and giving clarity to the severity of the situation. Though she fought hard and she always would an end to the battle must arrive. The horror felt the pain more now, felt it rippling down her legs even as she had managed to throw the other down to the ground once more. There would be new scars upon her already stained and torn skin, black fur taking on a deep red sheen from the blood being spilled this day.

    A part of her thought about it, thought about letting the forestclanner get her wish. However much she despised them. That perhaps letting this one go and find Bune would be an entertaining sight to watch. Would the Bloodclan leader fall to her? The idea played in her head for a long moment a smile slowly pulling at her already degraded muzzle but then slowly it fell. No, she couldn't allow for such a thing to happen. It just wouldn't be possible. Bloodclan would survive on if Bune fell but they needed him during this moment. Slowly her tongue slipped from between cracked lips, wetting dried gums. "I admire that kitty. You stand up for yours." She wished that they would have stood up for her back then, but it was too late for wishes. It was too late to go back to the past where things had been a horrid mistake. Though now the nightmare's mind was made up, the shadow took a step forward spilling blood upon the ground, a narrowed expression of pain at having to stand on her terribly wounded shoulders. "I truly....truly admire that. Admire it." She breathed out even as she pushed off with her back legs, aiming to slam her figure into that of Lavenderstar's muscular frame. If that worked she would twist herself as they would most likely fall to the ground, claws digging into her should as she then aimed to press her hind claws against the back of Skyclan leaving herself on top of the other. If that worked her teeth would snap down aiming to sink deeply into the throat of the other and not let go, adding pressure to strangle her, suffocate the life out of her.


    i am the voice of your hunger and pain



  • OUT OF CHARACTER: do not attack victoria, kitten.

    she heard a lot of movement, a lot of cries and the copper scent wash over her scents. she heard a loud voice echoing through the wallways of the church. an attack happened within moments of lavenderstar's call. then shortly after bune's call to defend our home. how? she watched the other members of her clan rush in to attack skyclan. a pain in her chest echoed loudly, her heart pumping loudly wanting to get out. her entire body just perked up with bristles. she wanted to make herself look bigger. for one, she did not know how to interact. she was trapped, scared and not sure what to do.

    victoria did move slowly down the hallway towards the main room. her olive eyes flickered around to see her mother. "Mom?" she called out, unsure if FERNONIA. was around to help her. she dunked out of the way of older npc cats fighting, but she did see creature fighting lavenderstar. her grandmother. why was she attacking us? the young kit was so confused, did she not love her?

    a lump swelled in her throat, on the edge of tears, the young kitten raced towards the back of the church's mass room. she ended up crawling underneath a broken chair, but she did only wanted to be somewhere safe. where she would not been attacked. she wrapped her bristled tail around her body. she could only hiss when an npc body came close to her, telling them to go away.

    must be strong and you feel like an ocean

    long-furred blue smoke | healer apprentice of bloodclan | information | tags

  • FANGS 」» Ruddypaw wasn't supposed to come to the raid, and he knows that full well. He wasn't supposed to sneak off while nobody was paying attention, he wasn't supposed to follow the still-potent scent trail of Skyclan and find himself knee-deep in the acrid stench of Bloodclan, he wasn't supposed to join the fray and fight for the pride of his clan, and yet here he is. Small paws equipped with sharp, overgrown claws stand silently on cool pavement, so different from the soft, natural ground that he's used to. The roar of deadly monsters on rumbling thunderpaths and busy, bustling twoleg life echoes clearly all around him—and yet what sticks out to the young apprentice is not the twolegs or the monsters that he's never experienced before. Instead what piques his attention is the violent screeches of angry fighting cats echoing in the church; what interests him are his clanmates, battling for their pride, their honor, and for all the times that Bloodclan has wronged them and everyone else. They're brave for doing this—amazing, really. And Ruddypaw, with no battle experience, having just started his apprentice training... He's going to join them. And so, knowing he's bound to be punished later, here he is.

    He's ready to fight.

    Like a shadow, the apprentice slips into the church in silence, excited yellow eyes flicking from each ferocious pair of cats to the next. He's searching for a cat in particular, that cat being his very own leader, Lavenderstar; see, he isn't going to hide the fact that he's here from her, because nothing is kept secret from his leader, not even if telling her something turns out to be detrimental to himself in the end. And as soon as he spots her, he doesn't even hesitate; off he bolts, a streak of chestnut brown heading straight for the more experienced molly. And he's glad he does, because Bloodclan cats seem to be surrounding her. His eyes widen, and a snarl twists over his face. Three of these foxhearts dare to team up on one cat and expect to get away with it? He'll rip out their throats, he'll tear out their eyes—he'll make them wish they were never born! He may not have much experience in battle, but the boy has a spirit, and it won't be broken—not while the fire in him is still burning bright.

    Without so much as a hint of warning, into the unfair fight the young cat barrels, launching himself at the one who currently poses most of the threat to the beloved she-cat—Creature, a feline with a disgusting look to her, perfect for the general aesthetic of the shithole known as Bloodclan. He can feel his heartbeat roaring in his ears, feel the drum of battle in his pawpads, the fierce readiness to protect his clanmates pushing him onward. Out of practically nowhere, the young tom springs upward in a mighty leap—he's attacking a stupid stick no longer. He now faces a real, live Bloodclanner, and he's going to make sure that her disgusting, marred face receives a few more scars today, just like that branch did back in Skyclan. He yowls a ferocious battle cry to hopefully pull her attention away from her attack, and he then attempts to land onto Creature's back to tear her away from Lavenderstar, using his claws and teeth as angry, ripping anchors. He's small and doesn't have much training, but what he lacks in skill, he makes up in power and speed. He knows he can do this.

    He may be young, and he may be inexperienced, but damn it, he can help.

    / CREATURE. && mobile


    ——— ⋆ OH, WE ALL STILL DIE

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  • Well this is a surprise.

    The huge silver tom gave a love growl as he observe the fight between Bloodclan and Skyclan, irritation for once in his tone. The usually calm Bloodclanner had a fierce look in his copper eyes as he made his way through the fight, knocking down anyone who got in his way with his huge paws. What kind of clan leader would risk a raid on Bloodclan?! He got his answer in the form of Creature battling a gray she-cat, Lavandersky, well Lavanderstar by now. A low grown came to him as an apprentice leaped at Creature, and Gorge pounced, large paws out to smack the apprentice away. If he wanted to fight, he would teach the apprentice what a fight was against a Bloodclanner.

    The Poor Swimming Fool

  • Mushroompaw hadn't planned on joining the raid -- he really, really lacked the proper skill to fight efficiently, and knew he'd just make a fool out of himself by joining. But after helping Ruddypaw up from where he'd been trapped under the branch, and seeing the apprentice go after the others after they'd already left, he felt the strongest urge to follow him. It was dumb, crazy, and dangerous, but Mushroom couldn't exactly complain when he'd made his own journey with no prior experience to SkyClan days before. As they followed the trail and passed over thunderpaths, a rush fell over him; and, despite having just met Ruddy, he began to understand why he had been so eager in the first place to participate in the raid. Mushroom was made for this, to fight, and it was either he do it now or later. Well... he chose now.

    He found himself hoping that the others were okay as they arrived at the church. It was an ugly thing: an obnoxious orange color, with strong, formidable walls taller and more intimidating than anything he'd seen before. Mush was glad that Twig had never brought him to the city. It didn't seem the most inviting place to grow up in. He could hear faint thuds and yowls from the outside, so he took a deep breath as he slipped into the building, long tail lashing behind him.

    Inside it was chaos. The putrid scent of blood stung the inside of his nose, and he wrinkled it. It's so gross, he thought, trying his best to stick close to the walls as he inspected the chaos around him. He could see Ruddypaw already bee-lining towards Lavenderstar, and other familiar SkyClan warriors tussling with their BloodClan counterparts. The excitement that had previously washed over him was replaced by fear and anxiety. The BloodClanners looked scary compared to the wiry forms of the SkyClanners, all big and muscled, with their sharp collars; he resisted a shiver, moving on, looking for something to drive him into the fray. It wasn't long before he found it: a small form huddled underneath some two-leg contraption, lashing out at whomever came too close. It was a kit. Why on earth was she here? It was far too dangerous, and he mentally cursed BloodClan for allowing such a thing. Perhaps they were as savage as the others had been saying, if they were leaving their young ones out in the open like this. Nobody had even come close to helping it yet!

    Carefully, Mushroom would duck and dive through the crowd, falling into a crawl as he got closer to Victoria! , eyes a mix of warmth and concern. "Hey," he began, voice soft. "It ain't safe for you here, honey. Where's your mom? Dad?"

    / he's open to attack, just no capture/maiming/killing :^)

    ⋆ more than fun, you're the sanctuary ⋆

    roleplayed by cudii; biography

  • Echo was quick to join the fight. She had tucked Jadekit and Specterkit into a safe place, even though the stolen kits were still screaming to be saved. Echo looked around for an opponent, before finding one. With a growl, she ducked down and sank her teeth into his scruff, attempting to pull him out and take her claws across his face.


    Do whatever you want!

    Don't act like I'm not here.

    I know what you're doing.

    Don't leave me in the cold.

    Zoo Escape// Small cat Rp

    Spirit Animal?


  • Hearing Keaton's words, Heronswoop couldn't help but find herself agreeing with him again somewhat. Perhaps it was too idealistic of her to think that things might have gone different had there been more reasonable cats in BloodClan. She didn't doubt there were good, honourable cats among their numbers, those who would be ammenable to neutrality with the forest clans. But even when more tolerable cats had ruled, still BloodClan continued to torment them, flouncing the alliances as if they meant nothing.. Perhaps they would neutral to each other again in the future, but even then it was just a matter of when not if they would break it again.

    "I suppose we have," The deputy mewed in response, a sigh parting her lips[. Her attempt at hitting in the jaw proved to be successful, and she was gearing up for another swipe, when his tail flicked over her muzzle stunning her momentarily. She inched backwards ever so slightly in the moment she was dazed, so avoided getting the full brunt of his kick, but was not far enough away to avoid it entirely. The kick was sharp and painful, and Heronswoop cold taste the metallic tang of blood on her tongue. That attack would prove to be her limit. Already tired from the rest of their battle, and in pain from the deep wound he left across her neck and chest, she knew she could not go in their little bout without potentially getting fatally wounded. She knew their medicine cat, Teddy was around somewhere so would hope to find him among the cats. Knowing she needed to retreat, Heron knew she would need to deliver a stronger blow to aid her escaped. The lilac calico would rear up, and would aim to rake claws along the tom's flank, striving to leave a deep wound to hold him off. Regardless of if her attack was successful or not, the deputy would make her retreat soon after that last attempt, hobbling away in search of the SkyClan medicine cat.

    DIESEL   Amourvelle in case you wanted Teddy there in some capacity!




    if she could attack someone, she might have. she might be able to tel skyclan to go home. however, she was weak, she was tiny. she wasn't even a full bloodclanner yet. she never took her oath yet, but it was coming. to be trained to be a devil's apprentice and be able to fight these felines who came into her home. made a mess of everything. of course, she never personally understood why skyclan was attacking bloodclan.

    her eyes locked upon mushroompaw. a red and white tabby's face peered in her view. it wasn't she intended to be in the mist of the fighting. it's more that she did not know where to go. she thought she could be safe in the safety of her own home. however, the copper scent of blood just drove her insane. she hated it, tori wanted to leave. she wanted her mother to comfort her. it was hard for her to swallow with the lump in her thoart. why were they attacking? they never did anything wrong.

    of course, victoria was naive. she never followed the clan's politics. she did not know about the apprentice torturing or the kittens that were kidnapped. she was innocent upon the bloodclan. she wouldn't know if she could harm any of the skyclans. per say, she was a mix bag of emotions. at first, she was anger with skyclan for coming to their home. interrupting her sense of safety. all she could feel is the sense of fear. the uncomfortable feeling of wanting them to leave. so, she could cry. however, she knew that she couldn't just leave. she wanted to help, but she couldn't. damn her being a kitten! so useless! tori's eyes just looked at mushroompaw. she hissed at the unknown tom. she unsheathed her tiny claws, her entire body fur was bristled.

    the only thing she could do was press herself against the wall, pushing herself away from the unknown tom. at first, her eyes darted around. there wasn't much spaces that she could go. the windows were a little high for herself. and, the back door was closed to her. the front doors were open, but it would mean that she had to dart around from the felines who were fighting inside the church and outside.

    "My mom is Fernonia, she is somewhere, but not here... " She mumbled, her ears flickered back at an npc's howl of pain.

    must be strong and you feel like an ocean

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  • 67931045_2624315854265642_4887046623860883456_n.png?_nc_cat=102&_nc_oc=AQk2ajQFC0dWOyxx-JihbndGDq9ATQxkBlJTwd9jDxRS_CzZPnEaZplLf71kbdE0qhE&_nc_ht=scontent.fdsm1-1.fna&oh=63a43bc7b0ba8cf0ed3bff5828d43a6b&oe=5DD0E94B

    Ravenpaw || Female || 8 moons || Apprentice of Skyclan

    What the hell did Rave get herself into by joining these psychos?

    She had only been with Skyclan for a couple of days at most. She was given Suntalon as a 'mentor', something the apprentice had figured out was some form of a teacher. And after training anf finding her strength to be fighting, she now found herself beside her mentor, about to attack another group of cats that lived not to far away. Lavenderstar had given some heated and emotional speech about how this Bloodclan had tortured them for moons, had tormented them and harmed some younger cats in the past few years. So tonight they would be fighting back, and Ravenpaw was honestly terrified. She wanted to prove her worth to Skyclan, to prove that she could by trusted to be loyal to her new home. But the last fight she had gotten into was with her abuser.

    As they awaited the order to attack, Ravenpaw was sure that Suntalon could hear her heart beating within her chest. The noises of the forest and the breathing of her fellow clanmates were soon drowned out by the pounding in her ears.

    She could do this

    She could do this

    And then they were moving. Ravenpaw forced her paws to move, to surge forward, to try and keep up with her mentor. But once Bloodclan cats were mixed in, Suntalon was gone, and the sounds of yowls and screeches made her halt in her tracks. She would whip her head around, trying to find a cat that she was suppose to attack. Her entire body was shaking, her mind flickering with memories of teeth and the pain in her shoulder. She dug her claws into the dirt beneath her paws as an attempt to keep herself grounded in reality and she would tense herself for something..anything to attack her.

    //Raven is open to be attacked!




  • FANGS 」» Before he can reach his leader to save her from the killing blow that she's about to receive, a pair of thick paws slam suddenly into his chest, and with his initial momentum lost, Ruddypaw tumbles rather abruptly to the ground. Within mere seconds he's already scrambling to his feet, hardly injured other than being a bit winded, and with his teeth bared and his ears pinned backward, the apprentice snarls at Gorge, who now stands between he and his leader. "Go fight someone your own size! Or are you so incredibly weak and pathetic that you'd rather fight a measly apprentice?" he spits vehemently, his fur bristling and his thin tail, with its fur bushed up as much as it can be, lashing from side to side. He doesn't have time for this. Every second that passes while he's focused on this clown leaves Lavenderstar open for that killing bite. He can't spend all his time on this dimwitted dungwad—his bulk makes it nearly impossible to swerve around him and rip the ugly she-cat off of his leader, so what does he do? He fights, that's what. "Hang in there, Lavenderstar," he calls briefly, pacing around Gorge's left, his body low to the ground as he looks for an opening to attack. He needs to get him away from Lavenderstar. If he can do that, he can attack Creature again. So, wrinkling his nose into a sneer, he begins taunting the Bloodclanner. "Are you gonna fight me, fatso? Gonna attack me? What're you gonna do, huh, kill me? You're all going to the Dark Forest—Starclan knows you're all filth. Someone else should've been born instead of you."



    ——— ⋆ OH, WE ALL STILL DIE

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  • While it wasn't an entirely unexpected reaction, Mushroom still reeled back slightly once he saw that the kit was ready to whack at him. Hesitantly, he would try to approach her again; they were on two different sides, but he didn't want to let her run free when she could potentially get hurt. "Fernonia? I don't know her, but I'm sure I can help you find out where she is. You just -- you can't be out here, you'll get hurt, or worse." he told the child, trying to remain friendly despite his own worries. He could get attacked at any second now, so he was understandably antsy to get up and moving to avoid that entirely.

    It was just his luck that as soon as he opened his mouth again (to introduce himself, because he was polite, and he forgot to in the beginning) that he did end up getting attacked. A jolt rushed through him as he was grabbed from behind, teeth sinking into the fatty part of his neck, and he instinctively cried out in pain. He'd never felt anything like this. The tom had been hit before, but that had been by Twig, whose paws were skinless and soft and had never hurt him long enough for him to be too upset ... before he was able to react further, he was suddenly being clawed at, too. Tears brimmed at the corners of his eyes and the apprentice didn't think as he tried to lash out blindly at Echo with his right paw in a vain attempt to shoo her away.


    ⋆ more than fun, you're the sanctuary ⋆

    roleplayed by cudii; biography

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  • Admired it, huh? Good, she guessed, but Lavenderstar didn't really care. Admiration was not something she wished for from any BloodClanner, not something she wanted neither. With narrowed eyes she braces herself for the next attack- the next blows she would receive and as hard as she truly had tried to bounce to the side, to duck down and miraculously avoid her, but she failed once more. She was tired, and she failed. Every single attack hit her, the weight of the feline once again knocked her straight to the ground, a loud yowl of fury would escape her as she attempted to thrash around to free herself- but she was too tired, too weak. Sharp claws dug into her shoulders, creating even more wounds and more pain to flood through her. And well- one thing led to another and powerful jaws clamped down and dug into the skin of her throat. Instantly the older gray molly's bright green eyes grew wide in terror and she began to try and gasp for air while she weakly thrashed around. But she would not break free.

    Everything that began to happen around her became a blur, the cries, the yowls, the screams of agony... they all became muffled to her. Slowly her vision began to grow fuzzy, but she watches with an expression of horror still on her face when Ruddy throws himself onto creature- too focused on not being able to breathe the leader didn't even question why he was here. Didn't question it at all. But it would not take long for another BloodClanner to come and successfully rip the apprentice away from her opponent. She couldn't even do anything to help- she was just stuck in a suffocating gasp.

    Hang on there Lavenderstar.

    Hang on. Hang on.

    Another gasp for air escapes her, but she receives nothing.

    Hang on. Hang on.

    She couldn't. She couldn't, she was going to die again tonight.

    But that was okay... she had told her clan-mates she'd die for them, told them she'd die for them in order to be free from BloodClan's torment. Just because she'd die tonight, did not mean they would not receive it. Hope was not lost. She'd die, and she'd come back stronger.

    SkyClan would still take the victory.

    And with one last weak gasp, the light in her emerald gaze fades... and she goes limp in Creature's grasp.




  • The next part of Cane fighting went by in a blur, though he was a 100% sure that he caught flashes of a certain lilac tabby in his side eye for the time being. He had landed a few good hits, some that would definitely leave scars and others that would hurt for a bit. But the moment he saw his former mentor battling Creature, he noticed something off. And went she went limp, he knew. “TEDDY!” He roared, backing off of the man he’d been fighting to rush to Lavenderstar’s side. He would let the battle medic take care of that, but for now, Creature was the problem. Taking off in a sprint, he lunged at the female from behind. If he was successful in his surprise attack, he would latch on with his claws.

    // CREATURE.   Zinfandel T.M



    mediator — senior warrior — roleplayed by zhar!

  • WwR8mqE.png


    kestrelswoop had lost track of time, everything blurring around him as he wrestled with the bloodclanner in front of him. he was almost detached from reality, focused solely on the younger tom in front of him, until he heard someone yowling for teddy with urgency edging their cry. his head shot around, looking with wide eyes at where hurricanegaze was pelting towards another bloodclan cat. the female was hideous, with scars littering her pitch black body and her ears completely missing. and in between her jaws... no. the brutish she-cat held lavenderstar by the throat, as if his leader was a piece of prey. without a second thought, kestrelswoop would make an attempt to dash towards creature, hoping that SABOTAGE wouldn't try to stop him. and if he were successful in reaching the monstrous molly, he'd aim to sink his teeth as deep as he could into CREATURE. 's tail and yank, trying to divert her attention away from lavenderstar with hurricanegaze. he would not let a clanmate die tonight. lavenderstar still had a long life to live, her kits and mate were waiting back in the camp for her, he refused to let this bastard strip her of every life she has.


    ethical contradictions between my actions and what i've said — information

  • Inkcloud’s eyes flashed open as two different cats tried to attack CREATURE. The black she-cat shot forward ahead all of them and lunged towards the one in the lead, attempting to knock them down before they could get to Creature. If that was successful, she would pin them to the floor and raise an unsheathed claw to their face, if not, she’d lunge again and again until she hit them. This was a battle. A battle she would win for her clan.


    Inkcloud | Bloodclan | She-cat | Played by Dianemu

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  • "An apprentice with a mouth. Do all youngsters have such an additude now," said Gorge calmly, not phrased by Ruddypaw's words. In truth, the apprentice reminded him of the malnourished kit named Hound- big mouth, quick to insults, and bit off more than he could chew. It's too bad you aren't a kit- maybe I would have listened to the warrior code and spared you then. "On the battlefield, it doesn't matter if you're an apprentice or warrior- you're still an enemy that has attacked my home. Don't think your age is going to give you any mercy kid." With that, Gorge lashed out with unsheathed paws, his weight in the swing. Standing tall, a gleam in his copper eyes told that he did not take the apprentice seriously, as he flicked his only ear as he observed what the apprentice would do next.

    But the apprentice wasn't the bigger threat, as another Skyclanner bolted towards Creature shouting 'TEDDY', and a second one followed. Inkcloud went for the fool that had yowled, and Gorge aimed for the second tom, claws glistening in the light as he aimed to bat hit away like he did with the apprentice- only with claws instead of soft paw pads.

    The Poor Swimming Fool

  • Echo felt a paw catch her face, and it enraged her. She let go of the apprentice for a split second, before attempting to bite down on his leg and twist, so as to fracture the bone.

    Don't act like I'm not here.

    I know what you're doing.

    Don't leave me in the cold.

    Zoo Escape// Small cat Rp

    Spirit Animal?