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  • He was confused. One second, his mother had told him to stay hidden and out of sight, but that been... Days ago. He had gone looking for her, clumsily making his way through unfamiliar territory and trying to stay hidden to the best of his ability. Mum said there were things that could eat him, people that would want to hurt him. Why would she leave him alone for so long? Did something happen to her? Did one of the monsters get her?

    It's the second day before the white sniffling kitten makes his way across Skyclan territory. Instead of laying low, the kitten calls for his mother. His voice is shaky and his eyes are blurred with tears as he searches desperately. She has to be here, there's no way that she'll of gone missing. Valerian is her only child, he has no brothers or sisters and as far as he knows, he's the only thing his mother has.

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    what was that? charcoalpaw lifted his head. that was unfamiliar, a name that he had never heard. the apprentice pulled himself from the river, the dripping water flattening his fur to his body. he gave himself a quick shake and carried on in the direction of that voice. it was sad, filled with emotion and new. “hello...?”, he called softly. the breeze carried no scent of bloodclan, no scent of blood. but it carried with it a scent he didn’t know and if charcoalpaw had let his mind wander much further, he would have tripped all over the small white kitten. “oh!”, he exclaimed when he looked down and saw the tear stained face of a small kitten. instantly charcoalpaw softened his tone and crouched down next to it. kittens had a soft spot in his heart. “hello little one”, charcoalpaw murmured, “youre in skyclan territory. are you alone?” there was no other scent clinging to the kitten and he assumed he was alone.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ The deputy was not far behind Charcoalpaw. The soft cries of the unknown kit tugging at her heart. When she came across Charcoalpaw and the young kit, she was struck for a moment. He was a pure white kitten, and seeing him stood by Charcoal, she thought it was her other son for a moment. Minnow? No...Minnow's dead. "Hello little one," Heronswoop cooed in the soft, motherly voice she tended to reserve for kits. "Are you lost?"



  • "Who let their kid out?" Juniperthorn asked, walking up to stop amongst Heronswoop and Charcoalpaw. Cold eyes laid upon the kid, calling desperately out for his mother, and something... something stung. Man, he wasn't supposed to like kids! He was meant to find them insufferable, annoying. It wasn't in his nature to look down at this child and feel a sting in his chest, an urge to keep the kid. Maybe he'd gotten a little bit more from his mom than he initially had thought.

    The kits wails had vicious claws that ripped through Juniper's cold exterior, and all he could do at that moment, registered largely useless, was wait for the child to answer. Though some part of him thought whatever came out of this kid's mouth was gonna break his heart and make him want to cry. Because what kind of shit mother let their child play a far away from home as that!





  • Patch was only ten moons old, but gee, it felt like such a long time since he'd been that small. He remembered being just as confused when he'd randomly showed up in Twig's care -- shivering and afraid, head tilted upwards to receive that all too familiar stern stare in return. It sucked to say that he had gotten used to that eerie lack of affection, but he had, even after trying his hardest to get some semblance of love out of the elder with no luck. Bounding after the others, the tabby-cat would suck in a deep breath, eyes wide. "Why's it just sittin' there, all alone? That ain't right."

    All them seemed apt to dote on the kit, and he wondered if they'd seen such a thing happen before, with mothers just dumping their babies on any border and walking away. Perhaps the intent was to give them a better home, but did they actually know what kinds of folk rested on the territory beyond? Patch supposed this one was lucky to be received by SkyClan. It could've been a wild animal or a wicked rouge instead. Even so, it left a bitter taste in his mouth, and his fur bristled slightly. He kept his maw shut, though, because even if he did have questions he didn't want to overwhelm the poor thing and push it into having a fit.

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  • He's not paying enough attention that he's tripped over a Skyclanner. Valerian lets out a high-pitch speak, stumbling backwards with a quick slew of tearful apologies escaping his mouth. "I'm so so so sorry Mister, I'm so sorry, please, I'm sorry." He says it so fast that the words blur into a single stream, barely pausing for a breath so much that he gets hiccups.

    There are a lot of adults surrounding him but not a single soul is the adult that he dearly wishes to see. He looks for white amongst the crowd and finds two cats, but none of them are his mother. He sniffles, trying to compose in front of the strangers with at least some amount of grace like his mother would have expected him. Now, remember Val, if people are talking to you, you must always be polite with them. Use your manners. Be good to them and they will be kind to you.

    He hardly thinks that a sniffling kitten is being polite. "Sk-Skyclan?" He asks, blinking rapidly to try and get the tears out of his eyes. He's never heard of such a place before. Did they live in the clouds? Valerian doesn't want to live in the clouds, what if he fell? Wouldn't that kill him? His ears flatten against his skull at the thought of plummeting through the air like a dead weight.

    All alone, he catches that from many of the statements."Mum told me to hide and she'd be back! But that was before the sunset and she's still not come back!" He has to correct them, come out in more of a petulant tone that he'd intended but they thought she'd abandoned him. She wouldn't do such a thing, not to him. Not to her baby boy.

    "She has to be nearby... She can't have gone..."

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Her heart broke for the young kit, when he revealed his mother was lost. It became clear quite quickly that he was not from a clan originally - especially not SkyClan anyway - judging by his confusion at the term.

    "Maybe she is nearby," Heronswoop mewed softly. She wanted to sound hopeful for the kit, to not make him even more distressed. She could not recall seeing any new faces around that could have been this kit's mother, and that alone seemed to tell her that the fate of this unknown cat was not likely going to be good. "Would you like to come back with us to our camp and look for your mother there?" Heronswoop would suggest. "I know you may not want to leave in case your mother comes back, but it wouldn't be right to leave you out here all alone."



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