crawling up your skin [​❖] firstkit


    "a night out on the town"


    ○ "first" being for his competitive nature. "step" for his determination in his ambitions.

    - cis male + heterosexual | catches feelings quick and acts on them

    - 6 moons | ages with siblings | created: 8/16/19

    - strong build | attack in bold underline

    - minor injury: allowed | major injury: ask | capture: closed

    - notable friends: tbd | best friends: tbd | mentor: tbd

    - trusts: tbd | dislikes: tbd | enemies: tbd

    - crushes: tbd | s/o: tbd | ½ of _____

    - easy physically | medium mentally | health: 100%

    - will start fights. will end fights | won't run. will show mercy

    - will later develop into a much better combatant

    - faceclaim: Dallon Weekes | voiceclaim: Dallon Weekes

    "say that you're pretty so you" ref


    ○ smells of lemon grass & rain | feels like fleece and petals

    - First has long legs built for running and adventuring. However not just his limbs have such grand length, his claws do as well. Often times they are poking out without his knowledge, often appearing a bit too intimidating for his own good. This coupled with his early developed trimmed muscles accustomed from climbing, he looks like a fierce combatant. His frame is striped subtly, fur appearing almost blonde with only barely darker markings painting his fur. It is only interrupted by white reaching up to his chin from his belly, paws and tail dipped in it as well, barely noticeable with his lightly colored fur. His eyes are wide and almost always narrowed with challenge, a dull green appearing nearly grey reflecting pure fiery determination. Strangely gets leaves occasionally stuck behind his left ear. He secretly does it but would never admit this to anyone.

    "stand up, stand up"


    ○ competitive, sensitive, hot-headed, argumentative, stubborn | determined, loyal, loving, flirty, adventurous

    - chaotic good | griffindor primary & slytherin secondary | extrovert

    - First desires what his name suggests, to be number one in all he dares. He finds a competition in anything, whether it be the first to catch prey, the first to fall asleep, or even the first in taking lead in patrols. Like this, he also is easy to anger, finding conflict in small things and quick to argue. He is incredibly defensive, finding offense when there is none, and is incredibly stubborn in his intent. Despite this, even at the slightest critique to his character, he will promptly take this to heart, whether he admits it or not. He is prone to yelling then and crying later. He is very prone to getting his feelings hurt and has no idea how to handle it.

    On the flipped side of the coin, he is determined in his intent, fierce in anything he sets his mind to. This making his goals arguably reachable by having reasonable desire, putting in the hard work to do all he possibly can. This also goes hand in hand with his loving front to his close ones, determined to do right by them, and protect them with his life. He is a family man that is loyal to both his clan and his kin, trusting them as equally as his admiration is. His love extends further really, being surprisingly optimistic, and finding things to dote about others, coming across flirty and affectionate to really anyone. Really his words rarely hold true romantic intent, though he would not be opposed to the idea of romance perhaps later in his life. At the moment his is certainly more interested at the prospect of becoming the best warrior Skyclan has certainly ever seen. Until perhaps mates and litters could wait.

    "before i drag you down"


    ○ 100% skyclan | gen 3 | loyal to skyclan

    - offspring of: Lavenderstar (SkyClan leader) and Butterflydawn (SkyClan nursery-helper).

    - grandchild to: Blackbird (SkyClan elder) and Wheat (NPC).

    - nephew of: Basilwisp & Cloudspots (missing)

    - sibling to: Cherrykit, Wheatkit, Mothkit, Stormkit, Mantisflower, Wheatbell (deceased, former BloodClan guard), Fireflywatcher (deceased), Lynxflight (SkyClan senior warrior), Sagetooth, Juniperthorn, Astral (deceased), Dream (deceased), Wish (deceased), Suntalon (adopted), Badgerspring (adopted), Berylbreeze (adopted), Lambpaw (adopted), Puppaw (adopted).

    - uncle to Victoria (BloodClan,) Jamison (BloodClan), & Juniper (BloodClan). [They are Wheatbell (former BloodClan guard) x Fern (BloodClan guard) kits]

    - adoptive uncle to Charcoalpaw, Kestrelpaw, and Minnowkit (deceased). [They are Berylbreeze x Heronswoop (SkyClan deputy) kits]

    future plots

    - dates a girl, realizes he is homosexual, feels horrible for hurting the girl and devotes himself to make it up to her

    - possibly becomes mediator apprentice?

    - gets heart broke

    - gets tail broke

    - meets Mr Obama

    thread title ideas

    - potions pills and medicines/potion pleasing medicine

    - bleed your magic out

    - don't want to scare you off

    - snappy guitar solos

    - social climber

    - absence makes the heart grow fonder

    - burn all the witches

    - what mama says

    if i were you i'd stop talking. cause soon you'll be a dead man walking !

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