I DON'T SPEAK DUMBASS [ wheat's storage ]

  • GENERAL INFO — *+:☽

    ( wheatkit— paw— moth/dawn/skies/tba / named after her deceased older sister )

    — angry child of skyclan / cisgender female / she/her

    — 5 months / august 22, 2019 / leo / ages every fifty posts

    — skyclan, kit / no past ranks / no mentor or apprentice


    ( lavenderstar x butterflydawn / littermate to firstkit, mothkit, cherrykit and stormkit / fifth litter overall, fourth biologically / family tree )

    — younger sister mantisflower, wheatbell, fireflywatcher, lynxflight, sagetooth, juniperthorn, bigfoot, astral, dream, wish / adoptive sister to suntalon, badgerspring, berylbreeze, lambpaw, puppaw

    — aunt to victoria, jamison, juniper / adoptive aunt to charcoalpaw, kestralpaw, minnowkit

    — bisexual, biromantic, polyamorous / single / not looking

    — maybe crushing on none / crushing on none / dating none / mates with none

    — acquainted with bearpaw, skyclan / trusts pretty much all of skyclan / friends with none / close to her family

    — distrusts none / dislikes none / enemies with none

    — ½ shiphere / other?

    AESTHETIC — *+:☽

    ( physical health: 100% / mental health: 100% )

    — cinnamon silver classic tabby with low white and pale olive eyes / reference

    — wheatkit was blessed with both a beautiful and unique body. her slightly dusty-shaded silver fur is swirled with graceful stripes of cinnamon, creating a look that both contrasts and compliments itself. her build, while overall quite small when compared not only to her other siblings but to the average feline, is surprisingly bulky, making the fiery molly into a mini wrecking ball of a cat. more times than not, her soft, silky fur is puffed up in fits of childish rage, making her look not only bigger but stupider. her eyes reflect that of a muddied forest, shining a curious pale olive green. her face, while slightly squished, is well-defined and isn't too odd compared to average. she has a short, feathery tell that makes her body look even bulkier. striking off from the rest of her otherwise coordinated pelt, she has one white left forepaw and the tip of her tail alongside her underbelly, chest and chin are also is painted in alabaster.

    PERSONALITY — *+:☽

    ( esfp / slytherdor, pukwudgie / chaotic neutral )

    — rough-and-tough; puts on a harsh persona because she actually is

    — short-tempered, forever ready to cut a bitch

    — adores, adores, adores her family and is overly protective of them

    — a leader through and through; wants to make her mom proud in that sense

    — unfortunately uncomfortable with climbing considering her birthplace and natural talent for going up; scared of heights after her first time climbing
    — stubborn and has issues letting go

    — optimistic and very happy despite what she may display, very social

    — fight-happy, takes every opportunity to kick some ass

    — desires to be in charge 24/7 unless lavender is there to take control

    — surprisingly smart, just doesn't utilize it

    — if she could speak human swears it would be her entire vocabulary

    — troublemaker out of boredom, rebellious for the adrenaline

    — actually quite sensitive and experiences natural moodswings

    — a little angry at her mother rn due to feeling like her size and age are making her be treated unfairly

    INTERACTION — *+:☽

    ( physically easy / mentally medium )

    — won't run away / will provoke others / may intervene

    — attack in underline or @ account

    — powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed

    — wheatkit is currently a child with no battle experience, but she is highly stubborn and doesn't back down easy.

    OTHER — *+:☽

    ( penned by menarva )

    — @ this account of needed / pm this account for plots



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  • HISTORY — *+:☽

    ( written history / links within / created 8/22/19 )


    kithood. Wheatkit was born towards the end of summer alongside four other siblings: Firstkit, Mothkit, Cherrykit and Stormkit, born in that order save for her coming in second. Untrue to her character, the girl came in quiet and still, uninterested in food and overall inanimate. While many would be concerned, the truth was this was just how she came out. She was just tired, cold and disorientated. The first thing she did was take a nap, but not before entering the world with a powerful sneeze. One of the most notable moments in her childhood was the time she climbed into a low-hanging tree and purposefully knocked down an old bird's nest onto the head of her sister Cherrykit, a result of pent-up energy and boredom. Unfortunately, this was also the point in time where her fear of heights was revealed, as once she was up, she was unwilling to come down without help. It was safe to say that Wheatkit never wanted to climb again, and watching others do so was nerve-wracking for her.

    This was a fleeting thought for her, as soon after SkyClan set out on a raid against BloodClan, one in which Wheatkit was of course banned from participating in due to her age. She was annoyed, but also happy that no one was seriously injured, and this event ultimately didn't leave an impact on the girl. It wasn't long after, though, that Heronswoop announced that she was indeed pregnant, meaning that Wheatkit and her siblings were no longer the youngest in the nursery, but it also gave Wheatkit the chance to potentially do a few smaller duties around camp while Heronswoop was out of commission.

    Wheatkit's want to explore the world outside the camp was solidified after Copperpaw told a ghost story about the Skeleton Gorge within DarkClan territory. She made a promise to herself after this to explore the gorge one day, whether her mother liked it or not. Not long after this, however, a SkyClan apprentice named Bluepaw disappeared, leaving the whole clan puzzled and Wheatkit silently and quite mildly distressed that one of her beloved clanmates, though not a close one, slipped away under her nose. This was hardly the end of her stressers however; many cats came back upset from the gathering, two being her mother's former leader Minnowstar (now Minnownose) and the other being Wheatkit's own brother, Juniperthorn, alongside the death of one of their medicine cats, Brookfur. While she wasn't affected by the last event personally, she did watch as her mother struggled with it at Brookfur's burial.

    In an attempt to help alleviate the stress, Wheatkit volunteered to help with patrols, only to be told to just help Heronswoop around camp. While she was frustrated with the simple thought that she was to young to help out with the bigger cats, she was even more upset when her attempts to help clear out the elders' den of old moss beds were met with amusement. Being paired with the small apprentice Cloudedpaw instead of her mother in a sparring activity was the last straw for Wheatkit. In an outrage and a streak of rebelliousness, the young girl snuck out of camp in an attempt to find the Skeleton Gorge she had heard about from Copperpaw, only to inevitably get lost and end up on WindClan territory, where she met Bearpaw, son of Lizardstar and Stormfeather. After a little deliberation, Bearpaw got Wheatkit to agree to letting him go with her to the Skeleton Gorge, and together they went to DarkClan territory almost without a hitch, save for a few wrong turns along the way. Wheatkit found Bearpaw to be an overall tolerable companion, and his presence got her interested in seeking out cats from other clans.



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