PASSING TIMES || Private Astrid

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  • apollo n. Astrid Nightshade

    "Im a bastard child"

    "No one will truly notice if Im gone" — Nyria

    She hadnt been feeling herself as of late and had been carrying a small pup in her maw, the pup would be too young to remember her-or being a part of the exiles. She was-in her opinion giving the kid a better chance. Her icy gaze was sad but motherly like as she set the pup down and awaited for Astrid to come hoping that her old friend had gotten her letter. "Everything is going to be okay little one, I promise" she said softly leaning diwn to press her muzzle upon Apollo gently-she hadn't pick a name for him and decided it was best for Astrid to decide. Her heart ached to see the young child go but she knew that he'll have a better life in the cartel.

    "Please let me die"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

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