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  • Ver would come not long after the disappearance of Marigold was discovered, hackles raised as she led her way through the swamp paws sinking into the mud which itched at her healing nails. It hurt horrible, she was in pain but that didn't stop her or make her hesitate for even a moment her clanmates life was on the line and no longer was she going to plan and wait for things to get better or rely on others to do what had to be done. But there was so much more to this, something that incited a deep concern in the Queen more so than captures before (which wasn't to discredit Thea or Lemonlaw she had actively done all she could for them) it was the scent of a would-be apprentice that sent her reeling that curled trepidation and a burning curiosity in her veins.

    She would find this out, she would get him back and maybe she could get Twisty back as well. There had to be a lie somewhere, had to be some sick joke playing in her ears or deceit wrapped around the dead child's eyes. She assumed many things but didn't even consider Twistedpaw serving here by her own decision and wills.

    She would come to the border before letting out her ghastly howl into the marshes, a sound that resonated hugh into the night sky lonesome and unjoined. It was just her for now, just the Queen unless any of her companions came to her beck and call (she couldn't expect them to) they had a camp to protect and she would prefer they keep an eye on Sangria, Carmenere and the rest of the children before running hastily into enemy territory like she did. She would say nothing make no wild or violent words for now, she would save them until someone worth note arrived.


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    Like a beast from the night, the marsh monster slipped from a mixture of the shadows, water, and grass, glowing purple and pink eyes penetrating the foggy land with rage and a sick curiosity. His figure dripped with the water, falling from his sable pelt in thick rivulets as he strode forward confidently through his land. His hackles were calm, smile twisting menacingly at the edges but subdued by pure willpower as he stared at his nemesis, still sporting the scars she had gifted upon him in exchange to be left be. Such a shame it had been forgotten so quickly.

    His large paws stepped silently through wet peat moss as he came to face her, voice a seductive, charming hum, Ah. Ver Million, the queen who never holds a candle to a damned agreement and can't control her members. What do I owe the pleasure of you coming to my humble lands, vile creature? No fear in those mismatched eyes, one marred by a long scar to reveal dark tissue beneath his long pelt down to his neck. He was more unsettling now and he owed it all to her. He now looked like the rabid beast that lived in the marshes with his pack of demons behind him just as many said he was. His posture was relaxed, confident here in his home as he looked at a pissed off queen straight in the eye.

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    The scent made her face contort in a mixture of disgust and rage. The lioness would stalk her way to the boarder and stop before Ver with eyes burning with rage. Ice cracked as it crept up her legs and across the earth around her. Tail lashing and claws sinking into the earth, Venus would stair down at the woman before her. Her desire to attack on sight was overwhelming her. But, as she was not willing to start a fight just yet, she held back. Scanning the woman before her with clear malice. Well, if it isn't the woman that condones the separation of nursing pups and their mother.

    The woman would let the words linger in the air between them before carrying on. But acts as though she is better then that. You could have let my pups die, but they don't matter to you. Only you little runts do. Right, Ver?

    She snarled as her body shook with rage and desire to kill. Speak fast before I rip your fucking tongue out you lying wretch! She snaps as her eyes flick to her mate. Anger was flowing and she found her gaze on Ver again. Crouching and ready to launch herself at Ver with intent to kill.


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  • Oh, ho! There she was, there she was! The person that Twistedpup had become so obsessed with as a child and idolized, now Twistedtongue was just obsessed with the thought of slaughtering Ver and her children. She'd kill the entire family line if she had to, to make sure that her bloodline never came into power again. She couldn't help but feel butterflies in her stomach, her lips curl into a grin, she was so excited that she had angered Ver so much that she took it upon herself to come! What an absolute delight!

    Twisted came after her guides, her leaders, the ones that had truly given her a home and sense of being. She felt . . worth between Luca and Venus. The wolfdog came to a stop, her unmistakable icy eyes fixating on Ver. She could stare at Ver, into her soul for hours. "Someone's angry." Barks the wolfdog in a sing-song voice, chuckling afterward. "What's got you so uptight my love?" Jokes the Grave Knight, her tail wagging back and forth. Despite the clear anger, and understanding what she had done, she is bubbling with excitement like a child on the night before an amusement park.

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  • To leave them be, she hadn’t been planning on it but she had no need to focus anymore on an enemy that was already at her mercy, bent beneath her paw. She would remind them of their place, make them remember just what she was capable of. What she had done and what she’d continue to do. He must have lost a few brain cells when she battered him, his statements make entirely no sense. Solaris nor the Rogues hadn’t bothered the Hellraisers in recent history and they were the ones under her full jurisdiction, the Ruins was Nadine’s and Jaces. She curls her lip at him resisting the urge to spit in his face again, dirty fucking hound. She should’ve burnt his face off to save the world from his ugliness. Rabid stupid beast indeed, that was hardly a good thing in her eyes.

    ”Oh save me that shit. I wouldn’t grace this disgusting place if you hadn’t decided to take my members” she snorts, being in the marshes was truly revolting, she hadn’t visited when it was Valhalla and the fact a circlejerk of child torturers lived here only steered her more away from this mucky place.

    Then came the girl, another form now dawning her body. Shame, she was much more pretty with her bent leg and torn tails, maybe she would’ve actually been worth fucking with just for the sake of salting the wound of a permanently scarred body. But this lion wasn’t that; large and plain she just look up at her with agitated boredom glimmering in her red hues as she speaks. Funny how she didn’t bring up that she was nursing until now, was she just some sort of masochist? She might’ve gone easier on her then, in case she ruined something that couldn’t be fixed. Obviously that hadn’t happened, and she found she didn’t feel all to bad in hindsight. ”I hope you’re not expecting a sorry” she remarks dully, teeth clicking wryly.

    ”I wasn’t aware you had children. I sure as hell hope they aren’t his. Best to get them “out of the nest” before he decides he wants more child nails to line his bed at night” she sneers hostility trickling in her voice. She would make a comment about taking them away to give them a better life than here in a territory of creatures who cared little for those their age but she decided not to. Child kidnapping if done for the rightful reasons wasn’t what she came here to discuss. ”Shut up, better women have gotten my tongue and I’m sure as hell am not going to give it to you” she adds in slyly with a snarl of a grin. If she wanted to play games and make orders than she was just inviting more conflict forgetting exactly why Ver gloated to her and spat in the cartels face in the first place.

    Then came a face that took the anger from her veins that replaced it once again with that look of shock and the distinct softness in her eyes, that of recognition and illicit relief. She was right, it was her. But she’s older now, likely already a woman. There was misplaced pride to see her now, to see the lines of power in her body to see that she was alive that she was thriving but it faded when reality comes back when she sees they stand on different sides. Twistedpaw? why are you here? Why didn’t you come back? Do you even know your siblings are back at home?

    She swallows hard trying to find her words trying to say something but she pushes through after a minute of stunned silence. Anger relighting at her as she takes a step forward wings raising outwards and teeth completely showing glimmering in the moonlight that shines in the reads and through the tree tops. It’s not to her, her eyes are on Lucantine again ”What did you do?” she starts ”Either you fix this and hand back Marigold and Twisty back to me or your clan will have hell to pay. You know damn well I don’t play Lucantine so don’t try and do anything funny. I don’t know what you are trying to do but I assure you it isn’t going to work” he’d been the one to submit in the first place, he’d been the one to proclaim his words not her.

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    A wing, unbroken by Ver's attempts to break him, stretched nimbly out to lay across Venus' back, looking at Ver calmly as a smile spread softly on his lips, faux confusion in his eyes, I didn't take neither. In fact, I believe you may be confused on where Twistedtongue's loyalty lies? He turned to his Grave Knight, humming like a smug little child with a new toy dangled over his bully's eyes, Twisted, do you want to go back to this hypocritical woman? His tail wagged, sickening excitement in the young leader's eyes as his smile became intoxicating. Knowing he had the upperhand for once, that he was in control here and that he could fucking hurt her! Oh it was like a drug, better than sex, better than any alcohol or high he'd ever had as the euphoria threatened to burst at the seams. He never bowed, he didn't even stop fucking leading just because of a few cuts and scrapes and all that strength, hard work, everything was for this moment now. The moment he could rub something in her ugly ass face worse than ever. You see, Ver, nobody who enters my land willingly enjoys your company. They don't like your leadership, since-well-we all know the only way to become queen when there's a royal family already in power is quite...underhanded, right? And...Twisted was a princess, huh? She used to be of the Solaris' royal family? I say used to since your children-by the way, Arya has been very bad and I'd like a word with her personally-are the princes and princesses of Solaris now, huh? Oh! Usurption breeds enemies faster than climbing normally, His sick grinning face, lips twisted up into an evil smirk with glowing, knowing eyes, turned to the female before him, resisting the urge to cackle, laugh maniacally. He hadn't even done much but express hatred for the female before him and slowly, he was gaining tactics, allies. Oh, the sweet smell of victory on the horizon.

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  • "Twistedtongue, my dear." The wolfdog corrects her former leader, the smile growing on her face. She gazed at Ver, studying her face, such despair, such confusion and it was all so thrilling! Alas, Twisted shook her head. Did she truly think that after kidnapping Marigold, she would return to the Kingdom? Did Ver just think it was a sick game to get her attention?

    Hearing Lucatine, the wolfdog's tail wagged from side to side. Now instead of idolizing Ver, the young woman had begun to idolize Lucatine and Venus instead who fed and blossomed her anger and passion for it. She shook her head at Luca's question, "No. The Kingdom means nothing to me. You, and the Hellraisers are all I've ever needed." She responds, grinning from ear to ear. Her gaze returns to Ver quickly, "This is my home now. I'm a Grave Knight and all, and at least I don't feel like an outcast here. I feel at peace, finally. Don't you know Ver? That's all I ever wanted." She responds, her tail wagging with excitement at the tension building. "I took Marigold for one reason only: to begin my rampage against the Kingdom. You took everything from me." She growls, the hairs upon her neck and spine raising as she grew in intensity. "I swear before I die Ver, you and your family will be buried six feet under and the Kingdom will be in ruins. I promise you." She barks before cackling into a fit of laughter. What had she become since her death, she didn't know, but she certainly wasn't kindhearted anymore.

    "What did you do with my body Ver? Did you walk away from it? Did you bury me? Were you sad, or relieved that the bastard princess had died?" She snarls, snapping back into a vicious state. Oh, she must have been thankful that the wrongful princess, the one that never was to be, the one who's father had been exiled had died! What a troublesome thing Twisted was.

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  • Battles weren’t won in events like these, he may hold this one thing but in the end this war was a downward slope for him. A tiny clan who thought they were tough shit enough to rile the anger of the largest clans in Agrelos was doomed to fail from the start. He hadn’t learned a fucking thing from the Cartel and he wouldn’t until he was dead and gone. She glares hotly back a low ripple of anger seething from her jaws, she should kill him right here tear out his innards and rub them in the face of his “beloved” he was just a disgusting man, not worth even a tear or even the agitation running through her.

    She would hold onto her words. He was nothing.

    Her ears twitch as he speaks saying nothing until his prattle is done. He understands nothing about her, believes in the words of creatures to young to understand what had happened. He knew nothing of Fourthwall or her loyalty and staunch dedication to the Kingdom before her crowning ceremony. Her brief friendship with the man serving as the only real consistent connection she had, they’d worked together and she’d been naive and defended him from the words of enemies. To wild accusations that damned them. The Kingdom was dead with him for so long, rather for reasons of his morality or his botchy stagnation of activity.

    She kept the main thing hidden, he had disappeared yes and that hadn’t been a lie leaving her the last high position to take his place or let the castle crumble. But the reason for his exile had always remained under her tongue, hidden for his children. ”You know nothing about me or the Kingdom” she begins darkly, eyes flicking to Twisty a pang of guilt shining in them, she’d failed the girl if she came here that she could even bare to be around this man or his people was a disgrace. But she was young, naive and she hadn’t been the best. This could’ve been prevented.

    ”Your father abandoned the Kingdom when we were just beginning to thrive. He left behind everything, I’m not him and frankly I’m glad I’m not. I didn’t usurp him, this fucking twit is feeding you lies.... Do you want to know the real reason why I exiled your him? Why I exiled Fourthwall?” there’s fierce tenacity trickled in her words, tone once hoarse with physical pain now wet and enunciated with some sort of emotion. It’s not tearful but it isn’t angry either. It sounds something distinct, something unusual.

    She doesn’t respond to her question, not yet just takes a paw step in Lucantine’s direction spitting just shy of his paws not caring if it hit or not You keep my children out of this she warns bluntly.


  • "Shut up!" Snaps back the wolfdog, anger glimmering in her icy eyes. She is fueled by rage, anger, and yet excited at all the same time. Butterflies are rising in her stomach, she can feel them. Quite frankly, she didn't care what Ver had to say. She was blinded by rage and she knew that her heart wanted one thing: the downfall of the Million family.

    "You are the only one feeding me lies! You and your Kingdom have only fed me lies! You ripped a child away from its father! I had nothing Ver, and that is your fault!" She growls back, uncaring for what he was Exiled for. At this point, she didn't want to know. She is unsure if it would change her heart. "All the Hellraisers have done for me is helped me. They see my pain, and they bring on my desire for vengeance. At least here, I won't have to be ridiculed as the one-that-wasn't-meant-to-be."

    She stares at Ver, her gaze unwavering. "Your family destroyed mine. You destroyed my future, everything that was meant to be mine!" She adds, putting Ver at blame for her father, and her children at blame for her loss in a royal family. It was what she wanted, wasn't it? Twisted could have been a spoiled little brat like Sangria, but no! She had everything ripped away from her without even knowing it, and Ver was always there to pat her back and tell her she was doing a good job; but she would never earn the amount of love and adoration that Ver had for her princesses!

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    Maybe joining her mother on this journey wasn't the best for her, as not only was this land ruled by the man who tormented her every waking moment, but now loyalties and royalties were being tested. The young Lightbringer had lingered far behind her mother, the stench of Lucantine stilling her in her steps. Her breath was caught in her throat, her ears turned backwards and her wings raising. It was as if the passive actions would stop the memories, stop the pain that ghosted over her paw. Mismatched eyes would flick down to her paw, now healed but twisted slightly. Her pawpads extended far further than they should - all due to this man. This man who spoke lies, who hurt her brother, who tormented her family.

    Her wings offered a distinct flap, her mangled paw pressing against her throat. She swallowed the lump and took to the air, unstable at first before soaring forward. Flight was never something she practiced, so she used it sparingly. It was much better than a calculated step, a worrying trot. It was a shove by her own paws, a promise that she could get over this. She could face him and see him as the coward he was. The coward he had to be. Sangria landed gracefully beside her mother, her wings remaining in the air and her eyes training on the passive Lucantine. Hardly anything changed about her, unfortunately, other than the pained - yet fierce - glint in her eye, as well as the flower that sat behind her ear.

    "We're here for Marigold. Give him back, give me back my friend," the demand was unlike her, her voice shaking. These words, these claims of being traitorous grated against her ears. Her gaze skimmed over Venus, uncaring of the sharp woman, and to Twistedpaw - Twistedtongue. She thought the wolfdog was a friend, but it was becoming evident that no amount of begging or pleading would return the other to sanity. Still, her eyes lingered on Twisty, wondering where it all went wrong. Wanting to help, wanting to hold her and remind her of the warmth that the sun derived Clan held. She swallowed the lump in her throat again and shook her head, continuing to stand as tall as she could, "Marigold has done nothing. Bringing innocents into messes like this only show how much of... of a coward each of you can be," choice words tickled her tongue, cuss words her mother had voiced before, but it didn't feel right. Not yet, anyways, "Apples don't fall far from the tree, I guess," her gaze trickled back to Lucantine, her remaining claws pricking into the ground.

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    His other wing gingerly came to rest on Twisted's shoulders, fondly like a fathers would to calm her. He had gotten excited, legs quivering and adrenaline pumping so hard in his veins he hadn't even noticed as the Million spit upon his paws. He exhaled, gaze on Twisted proudly as he stood there before he turned back to Ver, unflinching as he wiped his paw upon the ground. He had forced his body to calm down, still riding off his mini-high as he clicked his tongue, I believe you should leave. Twisted has made her decision known and as the deputy of the Ruins, I do blame you for my members being captured, therefore I will allow my members to capture whoever of either, focus upon Ruins, of course. But, atleast Nadine knows better than to cry to her allies like a little bitch and can stand her own. Strange he held more respect for the whore of the vile wench on his border, but she didn't hide behind all her. Then the child approached and Luke bent down, growling, Bringing innocents into war is what your whore of a mother did when she captured my wife who did nothing and ripped her to near death then allowed her filthy slut to continue to take my members after I said I'd let her get her revenge on me. His words were biting, enjoyment filled with venom and biting words as his hackles rose and teeth bared at the child. Turning blame away from your own and being hypocritical pieces of shit must run in yours then, He snorted in response before flicking his wings back closed, standing straight.

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  • ☆☆☆ oh, dear, he felt a little bit late to the show, huh? marigold approached slowly, trying his best to not really be noticed by the hellraisers. he was a bit bruised up, but not actually all that hurt, oddly enough. he slowed when he ended up beside twisted, looking up at ver and sangria with big eyes (which were so equally because of fear, surprise, and hope). of course, as they spoke, he looked to twisted; she was that poor puppy? he almost didn't want to believe it, nor believe her traitoristic words. sure, he was one to give others the benefit of the doubt, but... it wasn't all that hard to side with his fellow solarians on this issue. besides, sangria even called him a friend, and to think that those in the kingdom even considered his sorry ass to be a friend? even aside from that, with as objective a mind as he could muster, the hellraisers seemed almost petty in the matter, though he was sure it didn't feel that way to them.

    ☆☆☆ after a few more moments of thought, he took a step away from twisted and her cohorts, and towards his clanmates. the most insecure parts of his mind was nearly confused that they'd come to save him—as if he deserved saving. he... did, though, clearly. "i'm sorry, for all of this," he spoke, though he wasn't exactly sure what he meant by it. he didn't cause any of this, not really; yeah, he got captured, but it wasn't his fault. he didn't do anything wrong, and he knew that, even if it really did feel like he messed up somewhere along the line.

    ☆☆☆ deciding not to dwell on his stupid, apologetic self for too much longer, marigold scrambled to ver and sangria before any hellraisers could grab at him; though, frankly, he was fully expecting one to cross the invisible line and attack him. "thanks," he muttered regardless of any impending battle, thankful that they'd be there to keep him safe if something did happen.


  • Naive fucking kid, this wasn’t the girl she knew clearly. Wasn’t the same body she had buried close to the gardens in her rightful resting place. For a brief moment the lingering sentimentality fades and she wishes the wolf was still buried in the sands. Still innocent, still good not tainted by such drivel as hate directed at allies.

    ”Say what you want Twistedpaw but it’s not going to bring him back. He left you, he abandoned us. No amount of vengeance will bring him back to you, killing me or any Solarian, killing fathers, mothers would just make more orphans in the world” she snaps back not caring to soften her words for her sake, if she wanted to talk like an adult to curl her lip at everything she’d done to make this easier than so be it. She still had her titles her claims; late princess, late queen, late whatever the fuck, she had only ripped away Fourth’s. The throne wasn’t hereditary, wasn’t bequeathed by blood or genetic coding. Sangria was just their lightbringer only a princess through relation.

    She would move to cover Sangria from sight when her daughter spoke wings curling to hide her from the gazed of them. A warning on her lips, even hurt even if she was on the verge of death she would protect her daughter with her life and take them all down to do so even at the cost of her life. A roar of a snarl comes from her towards Lucantine as he speaks. Again deciding to ignore his inadequacies and lack of knowledge claiming her cowardly for a fight she wanted to be overkill the one fight Solaris had sought assistance with and the one constantly misconstrued. They whines about it until three clans came slamming on top of them. Solaris was a clan of allies, a clan who offered their sword and shield to all those who needed them no matter where they stood.

    ”You’ll get to tell her that yourself when it’s her knife plunging into your throat” she growls back, Nadine deserved the praise deserved to put an end to this. They would together, she promised she’d tear the world apart and rip apart all who harmed their family. She would hold to her word, almost always had. She rolls her eyes at his next words, the woman was hardly innocent. Fucking him was a crime in itself. ”Oh now we are pretending you didn’t torture a fucking child now, that you didn’t do it twice. Don’t you dare try to call your cunt over there innocent, she’s anything but” the word is vile coming from her, she hates the way it resonates but says it boldly even so, even with Sangria beneath her. She’s reminded vaguely of the former Exiles leader, and despised her brain for the connection. She isn’t that bad.

    She would attempt to press Sangria underneath her jaws hanging just above her scruff if they had to make a get away. ”Don’t look at him Sangy, his filth is infectious” she tells her lowly waiting patiently not dare budging, her stubborn will keeping her planted until Marigold came to her. She would lower herself for a moment towards him ”No need to apologize they are the ones at fault. Climb onto me, we’re getting out of here” she orders before looking to the trio with one last disgusted look.

    pathetic she stated frigidly ”The next time we meet it won’t be under any peaceful pretenses, I advise you to prepare yourselves” she warns curtly before finally attempting to pick Sangria up by the scruff after (if she did) spoke. In preparations to leave.


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    You are right. The next time we meet will be over your pretty daughters blood on my paws you worthless whore. She snarled before moving to press her side to Twisted's own and a wicked gleam entered her eyes. Twisty, my darling. Care to join me for a little fun? I am thinking we should.. Prepare. She mused with a soft laugh.


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  • His crouch down was startling, her own reddish eyes getting locked into his. Fear festered in her chest, an almost physical pain gripping her as she stood her ground. She was scared - so obviously scared, trembling as he spoke. His words were wrong. He didn't know that (or he didn't like the truth,) but she knew. Like Ver said, in Sangria's few moments of terror, of being lost in her tormentor's eyes, he started this war. The Million family would just have to finish it.

    Sangria's mouth was agape for only a few moments longer, tears pricking her eyes. It was mere moments where her stance strengthened, her paws swerving from out behind her mother's protection and shoving her nose straight into the man's face. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, and for a few moments she wondered if this was how Arya felt. Her sister's name was on her mind from a previous comment of Lucantine's, however it only caused her to flare up further, "Bringing innocents into a war is what you did, Lucantine. You disabled me, you tore me apart and laughed at your former Clanmates as they tried to stop you. It was all you," her voice continued to come out shaky, frightened that he may strike as she stood close. But, she remained strong, remained still. Her wings raised as high as they could, creating a leathery halo above her.

    "My mothers are queens. Ver and Nadine are no objects of possession, therefore one cannot allow the other to do things. Nadine captured a woman of war and was well within her right as an anti-Clan leader to do so," she huffed, having breathed in his disgusting breath and wondered if he laced it with his makeshift drugs (them being seven-parts fox crap.) "You don't scare me, Lucantine," she hissed, "You don't scare me. You don't scare me. You don't scare me," the words were spoken like a mantra, as if she said it enough and it would come true. She wondered if her words would get to him at all, or if he would remain this passive beast he was. The rotten ones always seemed without emotion.

    "Those of your blood are cursed to live unhappy lives, so long as you live as the head of their family. I hope you're secure in knowing that, you ugly ass-rat," she finally finished, her nose right upon his, her words falling like water out of her mouth. Her mother's words reigned her in slightly, her paws stepping back to avoid any swiped of the man. Her ears flicked over to Marigold, walking him back over to the right side of the border (namely, the side where it stunk a lot less,) and nudging her nose into his fur to look him over. His apology was already received by Ver, however in her heated state Sangria couldn't so much but muster a, "S'okay," towards him.

    Venus' words touched her ears like embers falling on wood, readily starting a fire. Her eyes turned to the woman, still flared with simmering anger, before she clicked her tongue, "The lot of you need to work on your insults. They lose weight when you call every moving thing a whore or slut," her eyes flickered over to Twisty, who had yet to say much since her official arrival on the scene. She had hope for the late-princess, not knowing that the other saw her as spoiled. She let out a shaky sigh and turned back to Marigold and Ver, prepared to take their leave. She ducked away from Ver's attempts, her eyes still sharp and rimmed with fear and sorrow, "I can walk," she didn't mean to take this tone with her mother, but she wanted to prove a point to Lucantine. He may have broken her once, but she sprung back and would show that she was stronger than ever.

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    Next time, rip out her tongue love. Her voice grates on my nerves. Oh and Ver. She paused and then smirked wickedly. If you want to fuck me sooo bad, you don't have to act like a child. Just ask. I am always down. And, well, you clearly want my attention. She replied with a soft chuckle before looking to the child again. This started when your mother betrayed the Cartel when we were allies. She attacked with the Ruins all because of her mate. She betrayed loyalties like a coward and then dared to find offense when war brought harm to you. Yet, you ac like she did nothing wrong. She will always stab others in the back to get her way. You are to stupid to see that. I hope you wake up, or you may find out to late. Like my poor Twisty did. Once a traitor always a traitor. With that, she turned to trot away. Leaving the scene behind her.


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    Sangria had her ears turned back to better hear Venus, her eyes rolling as her paw came up to brush a few tears away. She didn't know how her voice got on the nerves of other's when it was nothing but soft - maybe a tad bit shaky but that was all. Maybe it was the general undertones of modesty and humility that made the Hellraisers burn. She turned her head slightly, nose tucked into her mother's fur as she stared over at the others again. She wanted this to be over, but Venus never seemed to shut up. Thankfully, neither did she, "My mother wouldn't risk getting crabs from lowlifes like yourself," she muttered to the woman, seemingly attracting her attention back to her. Her limbs tensed as Venus tried to speak down to her, almost pitying. Sangria wouldn't fall for it. No, she was done trusting the dirty paws that tainted this once beautiful place, "Maybe your bed-mate lied to you - I wouldn't put it past him, as he seems to lie to himself fairly often," her eyes flickered to him then back, "But he tore my claws out and started the war. He is the one that broke the neutrality. The raid was to avenge my new disability. To love a horrid man like that makes you no better than the dirt you walk upon. Don't speak to me again; I don't like talking to peasants like yourself," she hissed. Venus seemed to have gotten the message or completely ignored her; either way, the woman left (probably to go nurse her imaginary kids) and Sangria turned her gaze back to Lucantine, "Since you seem to think significant others can control one another, why don't you get your skank educated in the rightful history you've brought upon yourself. I can write you one, if you want? Since she wishes to be buddy-buddy with my mom, maybe I can drop you guys an in depth history of your mistakes, as well as a dictionary to help you guys become more creative. How does that sound?" whereas before she had her nose to his face, spitting her insults as they came, she was more sheltered. More settled in the protection of her mother, despite demanding independance moments before.

  • Twisted had her own personal battles with the Kingdom, but she would not be a part of Luc and Venus's battles. She didn't know their whole story anyway, she didn't reside for that long in the Hellraisers to begin with, so she was unfamiliar with the topic. "My father loved me." She snapped back at Ver angrily. How dare she judge their relationship! Fourthwall didn't abandon her, he had no choice! "Good. I hope everyone is orphaned." She responds with a roll of her eyes. She doesn't care about anyone else. Good for them if they had parents, and if they didn't, it sucked to be them. At least she was doing something about it.

    "I'd love to, darling," She responds to Venus, feeling a small smile on her face as she brushes her tail by Venus. She would truly love to plot against them, two beautiful, sadistic minds! However when Sangria came, the wolfdog cackled with laughter. She stared, her icy eyes fixating on Sangria. "Queens. What a rotten word for an unfit woman. Just like you, little princess. I always hated you the most, you stuck-up bitch." She growled under her breath, her eyes narrowing. She couldn't wait to destroy Ver's family, but today wasn't that day. So instead, the wolfdog smiles brightly, a change of attitude for just a moment.

    "You have what you came for. Till we meet again." She barks, her tail beginning to wag once more. She winks at Marigold before turning away, bouncing off to follow after Venus. Mari served their purpose well.

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  • ☆☆☆ well, what a way to be made a million times more uneasy than he previously was. watching the hellraisers argue and insult ver and sangria, and watching the two millions retaliate... it didn't seem like it'd have that great of an outcome. no matter—venus and twisted each left without him speaking a word, and with the latter gone especially, he managed to get himself to breathe. that poor girl, what a shame she died and ended up becoming such a cruel person. at least, mari figured, it was good that he didn't get to know her better before everything seemed to go sour for her.

    ☆☆☆ despite his uneasiness (and his formulating plans at begging ver to not raid them in the future, if only because he really wouldn't like the conflict), marigold forced himself to take a deep breath. "well, we'd best be heading off, now, hm?" he said, feeling his levelheadedness finally return to him. watching how sangria seemed to refuse her mother's grasp, though he figured ver's intention was to fly them back to solarian territory, he found himself the slightest bit inspired by it. "i s'pose it isn't that long of a walk back, innit?" it certainly wasn't "not that long," but if the princess could do it with a paw declawed, then the bruised-up tabby certainly could do it.

    ☆☆☆ if he'd been more bold, perhaps he would've thrown an insult towards the hellraisers: call them traitorous, mention that they had far more bark than they had bite, or any other plethora of things. but he wasn't exactly in the mood for that, unsurprisingly, so whenever the pair of millions left, he'd follow close behind them without even a mention of the situation he'd gotten them into.

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