Agrelos: Leadership Positions Will Be Restricted to 1 Leader and 1 Second in Command

An announcement concerning sensitive clan-wide plots has been released! You can view it HERE!
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  • Hello FeralFronters!

    We're going to institute a per roleplayer leadership limit in Agrelos. Starting October 1st, each roleplayer will be restricted to having 1 leader and 1 second in command. Note this limit is based on the roleplayer themselves, not each character. This limit applies across boarded and unboarded groups.

    This means that you, as a roleplayer, can have 1 character leading 1 group, and 1 character that's second in command of 1 group. Any other positions will remain as they've always been.

    This limit is being added to address some concerns that have been brought to staff, as well as some concerning things staff have noticed. These reasons primarily revolve around Agrelos being fun for fewer people than it could be.

    The crux of the issue is individual roleplayers gaining control of multiple groups, and (probably unintentionally) creating cliques that span large swathes of the Agrelos boards, closing those boards off from many roleplayers who aren't part of the clique. Cliques aside, it also creates a similar "feel" to much of Agrelos, which doesn't really match with the diverse group of people that make up FeralFront.

    While distributing leadership among a greater number of roleplayers isn't a silver bullet, it'll provide opportunity for more types of people to have more influence over the Agrelos boards. At the very least, everyone will have more choice and a higher probability to find an area where they feel comfortable.

    Staff may not see every occurrence of a roleplayer having multiple leaders; we'll (as always) depend on members anonymously reporting issues to staff so we can handle them appropriately. ;D

    This is only one step in staff's efforts to help FeralFront be as welcoming as possible to the greatest number of people, and we'll forever continue working on it.