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    *:・゚✧every storm

    runs out of rain

    three moons

    named for bella-

    donna flower

    grayish-white fur

    pale green eyes

    chipped left ear

    excited & adventurous

    Bellakit can't help the huge yawn that escapes her.

    She hasn't been awake for very long, and she feels like she's still asleep. The kitten pads out of the nursery, eyes bright and seeking adventure, as always. She's been pretty bored lately. She's trying to be good, cause Tempestwing said she could never be an apprentice if she's not good, so that means... no more sneaking out of camp. Bellakit pouts at the thought of being confined, but...

    Well, she really wants to be an apprentice. So she'd better just suck it up.

    The reasoning behind the rule escapes her completely; she has been a lucky child, not yet seeing what hungry animals do to children, nor what horrors BloodClanners will inflict given the opportunity. Even in the couple of weeks she spent on her own before RiverClan found her, she encountered nothing terrible but starvation.

    Lost in thought, the kitten stumbles into the stream and gets her paws all wet. Bellakit glances from the stream over to the nursery, then back again.

    An idea strikes her.

    She backs up, then charges full speed at the stream, taking a running leap. She flies into the middle of the stream and submerges, falling deeper till she can't bear it any longer and has to come up for air. There are a few areas of the stream that go pretty deep-- Bellakit clambers out of the water and bounds over to the nursery, then scrambles up the side of the den, little claws scrabbling for purchase in the reeds. She gets up maybe halfway, holds her breath, and jumps.

    The kit lets out a tiny squeal as she falls. Her splash is WAY bigger this time, and the water is barely deep enough to catch her; she hits the bottom with a thud that is hard but not painful. Thrilled by the rush of it and buzzing with fresh energy, Bella races back to the den and climbs significantly higher this time, then prepares to jump again. This one's gonna make a HUGE splash.


    b e l l a k i t

    you've got a big heart

    & the way you see the world,

    it got you this far

    bellakit. 2 moons. riverclan.

    looks for magic everywhere.

    energetic ; adventurous ; glowing

    reckless & what are "rules" again?

    named for belladonna flower

  • The gentle buzz of the nursery had created a quiet place of refuge for the introverted Warrior, calmed by the reassuring Mothers tending to their kits. Hearing splashing from around the corner makes him frown. Surely, the water is too shallow to hold fish in this season? Padding around the reed covered nursery, he watches a wet pale kitten (not a fish) scramble up the nursery side, looking excitedly down into the water. "Kit's curiosity really has no bounds ..." He huffs, his heavy paws sliding down to keep an eye on the kit, not sure who or where if their guardians were around.



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