items allowed in extended/Agrelos game

Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos
  • i know a lot of changes have been made with the new lore so i am confused on some stuff.

    basically what types of human items are still allowed?

    weapons? swords, knifves, etc.

    miscellaneous things like pillows/blankets, glasses/cups, pencils/pens, books, flashlight, etc.

    medical items like bandages?

    are fireworks allowed out of curiosity? (obviously still non offensively :? not sure how even could do that)

    thanks! and sorry if this has already been asked 800 billion+ times!



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  • Weapons yes, though they'd probably require some work to be in their best condition.

    Flashlight no, pencils and pens probably also no, books yes (several groups have libraries).

    Bandages yes since they're mostly just strips of cloth, other medical things probably no.

    Fireworks no.

    As a general guide, anything that would require complex chemical processes (such as hard drugs or something like cough syrup), anything that requires electricity, anything that's distinctly modern, anything that would eventually rot or rust away, etc. is not allowed.

    Anything you can make through telekinesis or raccoon/primate hands (which can be NPCs), yes, or which could've been left behind by humans can exist: bandages, blankets, weaponry (but no armor), wines/simple fermented drinks, flower crowns, etc., etc.

    I hope this helps :)

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