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  • ◞➳ in all of chicagocrimes' planning and preparation, wanting to do all and everything in her power to make this festival something memorable and exciteable, never had the thought of how it might take heavy toll on her came to fruition until all was said and done. to make the trek from territory to territory of those allies the sanctuary tries to hold near and dear was too tiring for the dead girl who had just given the events itself her all; they were trips she could not make.

    so in her stead, forth had been sent darling ball of vivid blood moons, dubbed wine. little odd creature of light carries an envelope all lacy and golden trimmed to the borders of the dark dynasty. the first to approach will be subject to the red flushed orb circling around their skull once, then twice, then three times in little happy dance before dropping the letter at their feet and heading off, onto the next group. a peek inside, reveals a nice scribble of letters sewn in ink, written out across the line in clear words;

    " hello there, dark dynasty!

    the sanctuary is having a fire festival and your clan has been invited! many activities are being hosted like barbecues and pool parties and cake walks, a badge event among them. you know, fun! hope to see you and your lot there!


    chicagocrimes. "

    MARBLE — fire festival


    ◜ . burning but still cold┊ information . ◞

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  • Fairytaletowns had yet to have any sort of formal interaction with any of the Dark Dynasty's "allies." He was very much aware that most clans were involved with each other in some sort of way though, if he were to be honest, he rarely ever kept track of them ( for what he understood of them, politics shift as quickly as the tide of the ocean - utterly unpredictable ). All of what he had been taught about at an younger age was that the clans were a marvelous source of income and none much else. "One must do what one must do," and all of that.

    Faye comes across the odd floating thing on his lonesome. He pauses as he lays eyes on it, half-lidded amber eyes growing a fraction wide as the thing bobs over to him, jovial and all, and encircles his head a few times before dropping an prettied little letter at his paws. However, the wisp itself was far more interesting than the letter. As soon as he looked up to get a closer look at it though, it was gone. He blinks slowly in surprise, a soft "Huh," pushing past leathery lips.

    Finally, his gaze falls upon the letter and he sits as he removes it from its golden trimmed confines. And he opens it, finding words scrawled onto it and, boy, is the deliverer of this letter lucky that he could read. The Dark Dynasty had been invited to some sort of event held by what he assumed was an ally of theirs. How nice. The mercenary quirks a brow, a hum of interest rising in the back of his throat as he tucks the letter back into the envelope just as he'd found it. "It seems we've been invited to an fireworks festival hosted by, ah, The Sanctuary? Are they an friend of ours?" There was no harm in asking to make sure, especially if he were to plan an ally event himself sometime soon.

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    The Sanctuary. Even to the likes of Glitteringgold, who had roamed the Agrelos for over five years and had witnessed history being written before his golden hued eyes, they were one of the few Clans that had managed to evade his radar. Despite their allied status with the Dark Dynasty, a discussion that was had and a bond that formed long before to his ascension to leadership, he knew insultingly little of them beyond the name. He had travelled to their borders for the first time a few weeks ago to deliver news of the end of Softvelvet's reign and the beginning of his, but that was the extent of his history with them. Now that things had settled, he hoped to change that, and this event could provide the perfect opportunity the foundations for future discussions.

    "A fireworks festival? How lovely." The velvety smooth words of the Dark Dynasty leader would introduce his arrival, slender frame slipping through the dense bamboo with a premeditated expertise. His bright golden gaze would settle upon Fairytaletowns, the first on the scene, and he would offer a nod of his pale head in confirmation to his query. "Yes, indeed. The Sanctuary is one of our allies."


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