Upon stepping up, Lavenderstar feared that she would no longer have the time to bare kits and help raise with the new amount of responsibility placed upon her shoulders. Not only that, but anxiousness of trying again for another litter and them resulting the same way Butterfly and Lav's last litter, stillborns, consumed them for awhile. Though as Lavenderstar adjusts into leadership she and Butterflydawn discuss the possibility of taking the leap and having another litter, and with SkyClan beginning to grow peaceful and calm once more the couple decide to take the dive.

    Basically, in conclusion they are old and just want another litter.


    Family tree for all relations.

    These kits will be the offspring of Lavenderstar (SkyClan leader) and Butterflydawn (SkyClan nursery-helper).

    These kits will be the grandchildren to Blackbird (SkyClan elder) and Wheat (NPC).

    These kits will be the nieces/nephews of Basilwisp & Cloudspots (missing)

    These kits will be the younger siblings to; Mantisflower, Wheatbell (deceased, former BloodClan guard), Fireflywatcher (deceased), Lynxflight (SkyClan senior warrior), Sagetooth, Juniperthorn, Astral (deceased), Dream (deceased), Wish (deceased), Suntalon (adopted), Badgerspring (adopted), Berylbreeze (adopted), Lambpaw (adopted), Puppaw (adopted).

    These kits will be the aunts/uncles to Victoria (BloodClan,) Jamison (BloodClan), & Juniper (BloodClan). [They are Wheatbell (former BloodClan guard) x Fern (BloodClan guard) kits]

    These kits will be the adoptive aunts/uncles to Charcoalpaw, Kestrelpaw, and Minnowkit (deceased). [They are Berylbreeze x Heronswoop (SkyClan deputy) kits]


    cinnamon-silver classic tabby LH x blue SH

    black, blue, cinnamon, fawn, brown tabby, blue tabby, cinnamon tabby, fawn tabby, black smoke, blue smoke, cinnamon smoke, fawn smoke, silver tabby, blue-silver tabby, cinnamon-silver tabby, fawn-silver tabby

    - kits will have the classic tabby pattern.

    - kits may have long or short hair.

    - kits may have any realistic eye color except blue.

    Genetics do not have to strictly be followed, but its preferred that they are at least semi-realistic.

    RULES --

    - Please stay active with your slot! If you go inactive without notice for 2+ weeks without a word we have the right to rehome your kits, but we'll give you notice.

    - These babies will be dearly loved, no sad names, and no plots that involve the family not liking/hating them. The butterflylav family is tight knit and loves everyone. c:

    - The kits will start off at 4 moons, they may then age however the roleplayers would like. Just please try to keep them close together, they must all become apprentices at the same time and must all become warriors at the same time. Please avoid making them older then their older siblings too. <3<3

    - The naming theme is after cats Lav and Butterfly love and respected whether that be current cats within the clans or cats they knew in the past. A list of names are down below, you do not have to follow the naming theme but big bonus points if you do.

    - Kits must stay within SkyClan until they are apprentices. Please let us know before you decide to move them.

    - If you decide to kill your kit off before the age of 20 moons please let us know first.

    - If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tallow_Cat or myth !
    - Choosing date is tbd.

    - Have fun c:

    SLOTS --

    - slot 1 | played by; tbd

    - slot 2 | played by; tbd

    - slot 3 | played by; tbd

    - slot 4 | played by; tbd

    Slots can increase or decrease.



  • - Firstkit - Firstpaw - Firststep

    cis male + currently heterosexual (will later realize he is homosexual)

    - appearance: photo ref

    short haired fawn tabby w/ olive green eyes

    First has long legs built for running and adventuring. However not just his limbs have such grand length, his claws do as well. Often times they are poking out without his knowledge, often appearing a bit too intimidating for his own good. This coupled with his early developed trimmed muscles accustomed from climbing, he looks like a fierce combatant. His frame is striped subtly, fur appearing almost blonde with only barely darker markings painting his fur. It is only interrupted by white reaching up to his chin from his belly, paws and tail dipped in it as well, barely noticeable with his lightly colored fur. His eyes are wide and almost always narrowed with challenge, a dull green appearing nearly grey reflecting pure fiery determination. Strangely gets leaves occasionally stuck behind his left ear. He secretly does it but would never admit this to anyone.

    - personality

    competitive, sensitive, hot-headed, argumentative, stubborn | determined, loyal, loving, flirty, adventurous

    First desires what his name suggests, to be number one in all he dares. He finds a competition in anything, whether it be the first to catch prey, the first to fall asleep, or even the first in taking lead in patrols. Like this, he also is easy to anger, finding conflict in small things and quick to argue. He is incredibly defensive, finding offense when there is none, and is incredibly stubborn in his intent. Despite this, even at the slightest critique to his character, he will promptly take this to heart, whether he admits it or not. He is prone to yelling then and crying later. He is very prone to getting his feelings hurt and has no idea how to handle it.

    On the flipped side of the coin, he is determined in his intent, fierce in anything he sets his mind to. This making his goals arguably reachable by having reasonable desire, putting in the hard work to do all he possibly can. This also goes hand in hand with his loving front to his close ones, determined to do right by them, and protect them with his life. He is a family man that is loyal to both his clan and his kin, trusting them as equally as his admiration is. His love extends further really, being surprisingly optimistic, and finding things to dote about others, coming across flirty and affectionate to really anyone. Really his words rarely hold true romantic intent, though he would not be opposed to the idea of romance perhaps later in his life. At the moment his is certainly more interested at the prospect of becoming the best warrior Skyclan has certainly ever seen. Until perhaps mates and litters could wait.

    - other

    don't be afraid to tell me to add anything if you have any questions or if i forgot anything <33

    also i'm writing this at 6:30 am without going to sleep im sorry for the quality ^^'

    ✦★✦ site married to lazerity ✦★✦

    my squads | art storage | characters |she/her

  • god i dont need more characters but also y e s

    GENERAL INFO — *+:☽

    ( wheatkit— paw— moth/dawn/skies/tba / named after her deceased older sister )

    — info / cisgender female / she/her

    — 4 months / birthday tba / horoscope tba / ages every fifty posts

    — skyclan / kit / no mentor or apprentice


    ( lavenderstar x butterflydawn / littermate to tba )

    — younger sister mantisflower, wheatbell, fireflywatcher, lynxflight, sagetooth, juniperthorn, bigfoot, astral, dream, wish / adoptive sister to suntalon, badgerspring, berylbreeze, lambpaw, puppaw

    — aunt to victoria, jamison, juniper / adoptive aunt to charcoalpaw, kestralpaw, minnowkit

    — homosexual, homoromantic, polyamorous / single / not looking

    — maybe crushing on none / crushing on none / dating none / mates with none

    — trusts none / friends with none / close to none

    — distrusts none / dislikes none / enemies with none

    — ½ shiphere / other?

    AESTHETIC — *+:☽

    ( physical health: 100% / mental health: 100% )

    — cinnamon silver classic tabby with low white and pale olive eyes / reference

    — wheatkit was blessed with both a beautiful and unique body. her slightly dusty-shaded silver fur is swirled with graceful stripes of cinnamon, creating a look that both contrasts and compliments itself. her build, while overall quite small when compared not only to her other siblings but to the average feline, is surprisingly bulky, making the fiery molly into a mini wrecking ball of a cat. more times than not, her soft, silky fur is puffed up in fits of childish rage, making her look not only bigger but stupider. her eyes reflect that of a muddied forest, shining a curious pale olive green. her face, while slightly squished, is well-defined and isn't too odd compared to average. she has a short, feathery tell that makes her body look even bulkier. striking off from the rest of her otherwise coordinated pelt, she has one white left forepaw and the tip of her tail also is painted in alabaster.

    PERSONALITY — *+:☽

    ( mbti / hogwarts primary, hogwarts secondary / alignment < gonna do this part later! )

    — rough-and-tough; puts on a harsh persona because she actually is

    — short-tempered, forever ready to cut a bitch

    — adores, adores, adores her family and is overly protective of them

    — a leader through and through; wants to make her mom proud in that sense

    — unfortunately bad at climbing considering her birthplace
    — stubborn and has issues letting go

    — optimistic and very happy despite what she may display

    — fight-happy, takes every opportunity to kick some ass

    — desires to be in charge 24/7 unless lavender is there to take control

    INTERACTION — *+:☽

    ( physically easy / mentally medium )

    — won't run away / will provoke others / may intervene

    — attack in underline or @ account

    — powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed

    — wheatkit is currently a child with no battle experience, but she is highly stubborn and doesn't back down easy.

    OTHER — *+:☽

    ( penned by menarva )

    — @ this account of needed / pm this account for plots

  • zJBpcOG.gif L8fnVsM.gif uymPrcB.gif


    skyclan kit - male - lavenderstar x butterflydawn - unborn - "chubby sweetheart"


    A silver tabby with dark swirls all around his pelt. He has light green eyes with a little brown shading in them. Moth is average size for a tom, with short fur, and on the heavier side. He will probably gain enough weight to be chubby but still within the range of healthy.

    • Silver tabby, short fur
    • Light green eyes
    • Chubby
    • No scars or markings


    80% curious 10% air headed 5% plants 100% sweetheart :) moth, as soon as he leaves the nursery, will want to see and do everything a cat can do. he will for sure sneak out of camp at some point. the boy also just wants to sit around and eat everything some days. he also wants a bunch of friends in skyclan but also outside of skyclan (once he is an apprentice, as i don't want him adventuring to far as a kit). he can be a little slow but just wants to do whats best. the little guy will 100% loves herbs and honey, he might even be interested in becoming a medicine cat

    • Brave, air-headed, playful, ambitious, and creative
    • Sweetheart, independent, personal, kind, and brotherly
    • Delusional, careless, passive, thoughtful, and apologetic


    • To become the number one sweetheart
    • Leaning towards medicine cat but he would be pretty good warrior
    • Wants to keep his friends and family safe
    • Also wants friends in other clans
    • Could see him trying to bring peace between Bloodclan and Skyclan

    Hi everyone! I’m taking a small break because of the holidays and finals. I probably won’t be active till some time in January. Please assume all characters of mine are sick at the moment but will return! If you wish to contact me plz message me on here or ask for my discord :)

    happy holidays!

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  • heronspeck



    heronspeck is a brown tabby with white. dark yellow eyes.

    ambition, accepting, empty, authority issues, and loyal

    [x] Accepting is a synonym one could use for this trait. But accepting sounds a little too much like actively caring. heronspeck could not care less what you do, think, or believe in, so long as you aren't bothering him. Not exactly anyone's hero, but growing up hearing the nasty talk surrounding his clan-mates, heronspeck has a strong preference for staying out of other cat's business and keeping his nose where it belongs. He finds it more annoying that other cats insist on holding so firmly to their own values. Who cares what goes on in any other cat's life? If they aren't bothering him he could care less.

    [x] By no means an unimpressive to-be, heronspeck has clear issues following directions and seems to be ready to switch gears at the drop of a hat. The orders have to make more sense of course, and probably be a little more fun. A bit fidgety under pressure, especially pressure by authority, heronspeck seems almost content not reaching his full potential.

    [x] heronspeck is mixed with ambition and aggression. He tends to work impulse or go with his gut rather than just sitting and wait around for things to be done. He always speaks his mind and doesn't care a flying mouse who gets upset or offended. As tom with a great sense of pride and duty. He greatly argues against anything that seems morally wrong. The tom is known to be cold and bitter for the most part but that steams from his hard past and really underneath is tom who means-well and has to live on with regret.

    [x] No matter if the situation is grim or what type of scenario one is at, heronspeck always manages to laugh to at least something. From the lightest to the worse situations, he never loses an opportunity to make a joke, since it is his coping mechanism. While heronspeck is capable to feel strong emotions such as anger, pride, humiliation, sadness (and such), he prefers to discard them. Living with the SkyClan has taught him that giving up your own dignity and your own desires means you get to live another day. And live well. He is more than willing to be someone else’s emotional punching bag for the sake of being wanted. If you are wanted, you have a place among the gang and allies grow.

    [x] Though still growing, heronspeck is on the larger side for a feline. He had always been a bit spindly and lankier than most other cats, his long limbs balanced by a slightly long face. While long limbed, heronspeck is not thin or without muscle, certainly not a scrawny cat. His jaw also appears to jut out sharply, nearly menacing when combined with his demeanor. The yellow-green of his eyes stand out sharply from his brown and white velvet like pelt. With his deep set eyes and long face, heronspeck can seem unapproachable and immensely serious. That is, when his face isn’t contorted in amusement, wide spread ears flicking humorously.

    [x] OTHER: Requesting first born in the litter.

    What of your life will sink under the waves,

    and what will be like the lighthouse, calling you home?

    -- thread hub --

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  • As a kitten As an adult/apprentice (keep the blue eyes from the first image)

  • Ooooh I gotta try out y e s

    Florakit - Florapaw - Floraharvest/florafawn/floradawn/florasky

    cis female + currently heterosexual

    - appearance: photo ref

    short haired cinnamon silver tabby w/ bright grass green eyes

    Everything about Flora is dainty and soft. Her slender frame is petite, with fawn-like thin limbs and angular, feminine face, it’s clear since her coming that she’s going to make quite the looker.


    - personality

    Soft spoken, thoughtful, spacey, kind, generous, sensitive, curious, cry-baby


    - other


  • interested track !! might apply later but if not i just wanna see all the lovely kits....

  • Name: Milkkit - Milkpaw - Milkbelly
    Gender: ♂

    currently heterosexual

    Appearance: {ref.} Milkkit was never out of the ordinary in stature; he hits every size milestone you watch out for. He was always chubbier than his siblings, but this weight never stood in the way of his movement, so his larger build was excused. His coat being that of the silver tabby variety, a notable flow of white going from his muzzle to his stomach. His short-haired fur possessed black markings against the rest of his grey fur. Calm, green eyes rest in his square head. His extra digits cause for his white-dipped paws to be wider than an average cat’s.

    Personality: INFJ-T // Lawful Neutral
    Strengths: Creative / Insightful / Inspiring and Convincing / Decisive / Determined and Passionate / Altruistic
    Weaknesses: Sensitive / Extremely Private / Perfectionistic / Always Need to Have a Cause / Can Burn Out Easily
    Milk is a dreamer above all else; he adores to contemplate what role he and his siblings will fill once their time comes. He’s very soft spoken and keeps to himself when he can, disliking being around too many strangers. Mik also enjoys to make friends, and once he has opened up to someone, will talk their ear off with questions and ideas. He adores his family with all his heart and opens up a dorkier side around them. He takes offense to things easily and believes often that his peers are making fun of him behind his back. He is apprehensive in all of actions and self conscious over many aspects of himself.

    Notable features: Polydactyl - 6 toes on each foot, and a slight lisp.

    The link to the photo ref is fixed now lol

    plays Wolfpaw & Gracekit (SHC) Virgo & Milkpaw (SKC) Whitelightning & Larkpaw (WC) Hickoryspring (RC) Peachpaw (TC)


    ✦ Cometkit — Cometpaw — Cometwish/night/etc | Cisfemale [she/her]

    ✦ 4 moons | creation / birth date

    ✦ Has an eidetic memory.

    ✦ Interested in medicine.

    ✦ SkyClan — kit

    ✦ DOMESTIC CAT [BIRTH] | HEALTH: 100% — blue classic tabbyHeadshot reference by teasieFullbody reference by Socially awkward omelet

    — Cometkit is a petite girl - she has a lean build, made for running and climbing trees. One can see the muscles underneath her fur, though they are not broad or huge. They are simply large enough to do her job. Her fur itself is of an extremely light gray, silvery-looking color. They are reminiscent of comets stretching across the black night sky with ice streaks. There are two bits of white that breaks this up - a small patch of white on her chest, and a white front right paw. The rest of her body, the tabby markings, are a darker blue-gray, like the actual rock going through space itself. Cometkit’s eye color seems to be green, a sort of light green with tinges of blue near the center.

    — INJURIES text






    — Cometkit is an… enigmatic character, to say the least. She always appears to know, and can seem to guess a cat’s emotion with accuracy. She is also very introverted - preferring to spend time by herself, but not disliking social time. She has a keen intellect - something that she gains from having a sharp mind that is eager to learn, and her memory. Despite this, she is also quite temperamental, as the smallest of things can set her off, even a small insult.


    — too many siblings to list

    — misc relations

    ✦ best friend(s): person person

    ✦ single | demisexual demiromantic | [ 0 ] "maybe" crushes

    — ½ of shiphere

    ✦ misc

    — trusts person person person


    — mentoring / mentored by


    — powers here

    ✦ Powerplay of peaceful actions allowed

  • l





    charcoalpaw (trad. skyclan) + breadcrumbs (wind haven) + walnutseed (solaris kingdom) + almondblossom (sanguine ruins) + discord: machi#9729

    message to plot or roleplay!


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  • Wheat works after Wheatbell since the prefix "Sunflower" was who it was referencing to! <33 So no worries. c:

    I changed up some of the names so they wouldn't be exactly the prefixes the cats they are getting named after had, mostly for those still alive.

    + the forms look splendid so far!