PAINTED ON THE SKY [ introduction, fireflies ]

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  • The soft hum of summer was what kept Chase awake this particular night. For some, it would do the opposite, but with the canine's desire to experience what they could, it just made their legs want to move. They wanted to look for the source of the sound. They sought to find the origin and just enjoy whatever sight came with it. As a result, as the sun fell at the far end of the east whispering pines, Chasingatlantis, at home in the pines of his birthplace, headed out into the world, their ears thrown up in an attempt to gather as much information as he could about the noise.

    Where they ended up wasn't where they intended to. While trying to follow the sound--and also walking in circles--they instead stumbled upon a group of fireflies, floating gracefully between the shady pine trees in a way that mimicked the light of day. His search for the soft hum that he would later conclude was a mix of crickets and cicadas, Atlas turned his attention to the flickering balls of light. Sure, he'd seen fireflies before, but that didn't take away from the magic feeling of the moment. Sitting themself down slowly into the springy grass below, the bernese mountain dog sat in silence as they gazed on in awe at the uncoordinated display by the lightning bugs.

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  • •°ˎˊ˗ one week.

    that's how long cherrybomb had been in the blackheart rogues, her newest resting spot, her hangout spot, her not-yet-home-and-probably-won't-ever-be place. in the last clans she used to stay in, a whole week was wasted on exploring the territory (or explodingit), greeting and meeting both her clanmates and people awaiting a presence at the border, and, if lucky enough, scoring it with a cute babe or two. she never could sit still for too long, her brain firing away at a million miles with brand new ideas on legitimately anything and everything she could be doing. the only times she'd actually stop and take a breather would be when she slept (if she ever did that in the first place) or when she was waiting for the familiar "boom" of her newest experiment. yet this time, none of that was happening. nearly an entire half year of not being in a clan and all cherry did was sit and observe. it was fucking driving her crazy. she should be out there socializing, being her stunning herself, showing off her combined smarts and dumbassery, and most importantly: finding someone to warm her new bed. but she just couldn't bring herself to do it, and honestly, that making her both crazy and sad- and she was never sad. what the fuck. yet in classic cherry nature, she didn't bother to dig in and understand as to why it was all happening.

    cherrybomb poked her tongue out of her lips as she focused at the glimmering stars above, trying to find her favorite constellations. it was a nightly routine for her at this time, no longer the past time she had picked up during her teenage days. sleep was hard for her to come by and always has been, insomnia plaguing her consistently restless mind and making her become one with the night and everything it brought with it. sometimes she'd be lucky enough to catch the z's late into the night or at the brink of dawn... though that hasn't happened in awhile. yet it didn't bug her as much as she'd complain about it. tiredness surprisingly didn't reach her during these sleepless nights most of the time, which let her shuffle through her thoughts or simply relax after an eventful day. and it seemed that this night would be just like the countless others before it (without the eventful day before, sadly.) as the onxy pitbull's mix-matched eyes kept peering upwards, she nearly missed the small movement of somebody that appeared at the corner of her peripheral. quickly was her attention pulled from the luminous show above and placed on the disappearing form. with a great show of impulsivity, cherrybomb picked herself up and followed atlantis, curiosity bubbling up within her on the person's destination rather than the growing noises surrounding them. after some twists and turns and inaudible curses of nearly losing them, cherry abruptly stopped when the other canine slowed down. she... didn't expect this... at all.

    "oh shit." she muttered with surprise, watching the glowing insects pass by her and fly through the air at ease. it'd been awhile since she had seen a firefly up, close to the point that her eyes had to cross to view it properly. suddenly all curiosity and lack of self control had vanished and instead a faint sense of wonder replaced them. "this... this shit's pretty cool. did ya know these lil' things were gonna be 'ere? fuck, i dunno the last time time i saw any of 'em this near me. actually, wait- fuck, i 'member this time that ma' dumbass was like, wha', 4 months ol'? 5? i dunno, 'm dumb- but anyways. i was cacklin' like crazy when one of these lil' bugs landed on ma' nose, and i inhaled lots of fuckin' air, and i fuckin' inhaled it through ma' nostrils. ha, shit burned like hell, and ma' dad and pa were laughin' at me. shit's funny as fuck, but i didn' think so back then. ah... good times." throughout her rambling, the pitbull didn't realize her unconscious movement forwards to the bernese mountain dog, eyes too focused on every new firefly that entered and left her line of sight. it wasn't until she felt extra heat next to her that cherry spared a glance at atlantis. within her silence, her eyebrows furrowed, and she tried to meet atlantis' eyes, "yo, i haven' seen you 'round 'ere before. 'm name's cherrybomb, call me whatever ya feel like rings nicely if ya want, i don't give a shit. 'm new here... ya new too or nah?"

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    HEY, TURN IT UP UNTIL THE DAWN IS GONE —————————— •°ˎˊ˗

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  • cherrybomb's rambling brought forth the overseer, her red pelt glistening in the light the fireflies made as her slowly swelling belly swung. her pregnancy would go unnoticed to many, and without questions she would not bring it up. the guilt inside her both for the purpose of the children and for the world she was bringing them into was eating her alive, alongside the depression that ran rampant within her. blue eyes latched onto the bugs, a soft smile creasing her sad features as she watched them flutter.

    and then her gaze turned to the two after a moment of peaceful silence, cheerybomb's voice having faded into the background. her eyebrows scrunch together for a moment as she focuses on the dog, a face she's never seen before. and again, she is consumed with guilt for not knowing her few clanmates. "i'm saturnstar." her voice is gentle and calm, successfully masking her seemingly endless inner turmoil, putting forth her introduction as she awaited for the man to speak.





  • And then there were three - three dogs, three 'long' time rogues, three coming to see the fireflies that one discovered. Many things came in threes, the Enforcer mused silently as he pulled himself forward. Not necessarily always good, but not necessarily always bad. He was silent at first, eyes flitting around to follow the fireflies, memories flicking back to when Archangels had hung lanterns around the pines and filled them with both his own light. He remembered the day that the lights flickered out, death instead consuming the empty void, little bodies of fireflies accenting the lack of glowing magic; the lack of Archangel.

    He breathed in deeply, letting out a shuddering breath before leaning slightly closer to Saturnstar. He learned over to touch his nose to her ear, unsure if she remembered his former Enforcer. He brought his eyes to Cherrybomb, the rambler, and Chase, someone who looked eerily familiar to him, "Where do you guys think fireflies go in the winter?" it was a throwaway question, something to pull him into the conversation.

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  • When she was little she always liked to watch the fireflies filter around in the sky, so free so aimless and pristine yet so soft and dainty easy to crush, easy to kill. She reckoned she to was a firefly. Mean't to die young, to light up and blaze through life in a pale ghastly spectacle before being nothing more than a stain in the earth by the end of her days. It was a morbid thought for a young girl, but Ver had always been knowledgeable on things she shouldn't be aware of, always was ahead of her game not through choice or want but out of necessity and a will to survive.

    These days fireflies are just pretty, just simple little bugs going about their business not these things that are born to die, everyone is born to die but that definition of life is threadbare and not worth buying into. She remembers the last time she watched them, back when everything was right when Saturnstar was still Saturnrings and Narcissus and Saoirse were still around. Before her children, before even her lovers when things were simple and easy. The memories are bittersweet, she doesn't want to go back but there's still hanging nostalgia to returning to this activity.

    She comes up besides Saturnstar laying down besides the younger woman as she watches the bugs buzz around, looking to Chasing who she hasn't seen to much around other than in passing. ”I don't think i've ever introduced myself to you, names Ver” she tells him lowly keeping her voice little more than a whisper to not intrude on the atmosphere. She'es half tempted to go on to play into Cherrybomb's words and tell her own stories but she knows most of them aren't funny there is no bar stories or tales of her kids or of her one night lovers to tell. It's all sad so best left away from this moment. Her ear twitches as she hears Fallen speak and she would respond ”Maybe they go up south for vacation or something” she says with a shrug and a chuckle.