Aritificial Intelligence Comes to FeralFront to Assist Mods

  • Hello FeralFronters!

    I'm excited to announce that FeralFront has been given some spiffy new "artificial intelligence" features to help the staff team combat art theft and better monitor for inappropriate posts. Within the staff team, we call it Auto Mod. It won't, and can't, make automatic decisions, or catch every bad thing. It'll simply flag public things that it finds a bit suspect for review by a member of the staff team.

    Art Theft

    The Auto Mod will look at all the images that are uploaded and compare them against a list of images artists have given us that should not be used on FeralFront. If you're an artist who's had your art used without permission, contact a member of the staff team and we'll get the image taken down. While you're at it, feel free to provide us with URLs to other artwork you don't want used on FeralFront and we'll get them all loaded into the Auto Mod to help us prevent their future use.

    Inappropriate Posts

    The Auto Mod will check every new post made to help find overly sexual or rude and aggressive posts. Just like with the images, it won't make any decisions on its own. It'll simply flag any potentially inappropriate posts for review by a member of the staff team.

    While the Auto Mod isn't fool proof, staff are excited to have it's help in keeping FeralFront a place where everyone can feel happy and welcome. :D