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  • it is impossible for you not to know . information runs through lei lines that impale your body at every turn , spirits whisper and hum tales of her passing to you as they do of others . everyone else is insignificant , however . everyone else does not bleed as you do , and the stardust within their veins is only a fraction of that which your family line carries within it . the sky was black when she passed away ; she was returning to your home , to your dimension . she would be safe there , as all were . it was quiet . peaceful . it would offer her shelter until she chose to come back until you m͈͎̗͙̭a̦͔͔̲̘̺͎ḱ͕̫̝̯e͈̖ her come back .

    so why are you here ? why do your eyes seek something you know you will not find ? why does your heart ache and expand , why do voices murmur within your head , urging you to mourn ? she is not gone nothing is gone - you are gone ; t͍͚ͅh̫e͓̝̤y̺̹̺̺̲͙ a̱͔̟̼͔͔͟l̴l̞̩̞̀ ̢̱̩̯̦̯̦̲a̻̳̜r҉̫͔̱̗̖͎͖e̥ . she did not die you will not l̷̙̞͕̦e̞̠͉̹͜t̳͕̼͇͈ her die . the shadows still murmur her name , the universe still holds her memories . they live within you , within these individuals , within all those who she loved and loved her in turn . she is not dead .

    the silence as they approach is almost deafening , but they do not mind as mortals do . they have no ears to listen , have no need for the irritating white noise that grates at the back of their mind like a fever . it is better this way . the quiet lets them think , lets them observe , lets them see what they wish to see , not that which is thrown against them . their head twists , shadows writhing around them as their limbs twitch in a constant state of athetosis , carrying them through lands they already know . they do not care if they will be welcomed ; they are not here for pleasantries , nor are they here to listen to the screams or haunted wails of those who can't see what they see . they are here to see for themselves if what the ghosts say is true . they need to see her body , need to see the empty shell it has left behind , need to see the lifeless eyes before they will accept the knowledge that she has returned to them .

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  • "Cuz you are a pirate"

    "Pirates Life Fo Meee" — Annalysia

    "Yer tresspassing" came a voice, the owner of the voice sliding out of the shadows, her gaze lifting upon the stranger with tensed muscles, her tail swished with caution gaze dancing upon the stranger. Her glaws unseathed-she was clearly posing a threat towards them-clearly distrusting the stranger, which by all means was understandble considering Lirim WAS tresspassing and not only that they could of been from an enemy group-so she really couldn't be all to calm around someone who she didnt recognize or carried a strange scent. They also were quite....strange themselves making her even more tense, her hackle rising as much as she could. Her whipped tail lashing icily-and if she were to speak even more her tone would dripped with poison, but for now she would just bare her fangs at them.

    "Capt. Annalysia at your service matie"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"


    a mass of gods rolled into the lands, and the boy had kept his paws implanted in the soil. as if he could become a mere bloom and fade away from the scene. behind the uniquely accented veiler had hid the child, eyeing what had come upon the hills and trees. perhaps beebalm had fallen into the wrong place, the tension (albeit onesided at best) was enough to suffocate the child. "let's...not get hasty..." quiet, warm and soft. like a pie made upon a wondrous summer eve, deliciously coated with melted sugar and icings. no harshness could be found in the voice, but more interest in this...thing. bee did not understand what it was, if it had a heart or could even hear them. but it was never the brightest idea to poke around things you hadn't known. let sleeping dogs lie, and you will continue to hold your limbs intact.

  • gods liars ? the gods were dead destroyed , eaten alive by their hubris , murdered by both their devoted believers and the faithless . they have seen gods at each other's throats , the mess of pride and wrath and immortality ( it tasted so bittersweet upon their tongue ) that led to battles delivered in the name of salvation . salvation would not come . the only ending that awaited them all would be when time and the universe imploded , leaving behind nothing ( not even them . ) they were all too blind to see it , no matter how all knowing they all claimed to be , how all powerful they presented themselves to be .

    what would they rule over when nothing but the empty void stared back at them , thousands of eyes peering judgmentally into souls that believed they had reached omniscience but were nothing but specs of dust comparingly to that which had created them ? they would continue to wage wars until eternity met it's end , when infinity succumbed to the final ending , and the universe finally concluded it's chapter and begun anew as it was always intended to . ouroboros is what they called it . the eternal serpent . the neverending end .

    but they do not condemn those who believe in such fickle divination . mortals always needed something to cling to , something to normalize situations they could not comprehend otherwise . they pity , but they do not prosecute those unable or unwilling to see beyond that which they have been taught . too many a breath , too countless a time had been wasted trying to teach the blind something they could never achieve , with only one in a million succumbing to views outside of the ordinary . but even that had it's consequences , for while most were blind , some were deaf too , and they had heard of many sprouting up to worship their mangled body as something to revere .

    pitiful .

    they do not stop their path once voices break through the silence , grating on their nerves , simple in their singularity . she reminds him too much of their son , and while lirim screams within them to turn around , to address her , they have a goal far more important than some brat . this is their land . this is their home . they did not have time to address creatures who hadn't been around to witness their rule existence . at least the softer voice is better , and it intrigues them in it's youth . the mind is a powerful tool , malleable at such a young age to twist into beliefs so vast only the universe could hold . it is not theirs everything is theirs to mold , however . it does not feel strong enough it will die if you try so they do not spare it attention either .

    with another writhing step they plummet into the shadows , letting them embrace their shifting form , hiding them from the onlookers in their pursuit of their daughter . time is not on their side ; they might consider burying her before they can get to it . they cannot have that your need to make sure .

    " where is she ? " thousands of voices seem to reverberated out of the darkness , echoing the question a hundred times over , soft and screaming , whispering and wailing all at once , cutting through like sharp blades grating against ear drums , seeking the answer to their question with no mercy .

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  • The molly's tail dragged lifelessly in the dirt as she roamed the forest. Her whole body seemed to sag, and her shadowy eyes were downcast, fixed on the springy ground. She'd come out to collect herbs in the hopes that getting back to work would provide a distraction from her grief, but ultimately she'd grown distracted from that, numbly passing by fresh blossoms without so much as a second glance. Haunting memories of Twilightzone's suicide drove away any train of thought she tried to maintain; the belated tears streaming down her face, the grin as she collapsed, the final "I love you" whispered telepathically into her mind like a fading echo. Mercy gritted her teeth, frustratedly blinking back tears.

    The sounds of her clanmates' voices suddenly jerked her back to reality. Their words were wrought with tension. For a few moments, she simply stood there, staring off in the direction the voices were coming from. She drew in a deep breath, expression blank. Then she steeled herself and padded onward at a lethargic pace, figuring it would be best to investigate.

    She was met with a multitude of uncanny voices, all speaking in unison, when she emerged from the undergrowth. The sudden assault to her ears left the molly bristling in shock, glancing around warily with taught muscles. There was desperation in the grating tones, clawing at her eardrums and her heart, sending waves of unease and something close to fear through her. "Who are you?" Mercy managed to get out, shooting her clanmates a wide-eyed look. "And who is 'she'?"

  • It was hard to tell what exactly the wildcat was feeling in this current moment, confusion? curiosity? distain? it was all a jumbled mess along his rugged features as his copper gaze finally met the large, shifting beast of amalgamating eyes and teeth. Alastor had never seen anything like Lirim before..wherever they were. He wasn't sure if any of the people here have seen this kind of thing before. Alastor managed to catch Mercy's bewildered gaze before the thing spoke, its guttural tone that was both shrilling and deep sent shivers down the alabaster serval's spine, his fur spiking upward in reaction to the vibrations. They were dealing with something otherworldly, and by the look of Mercy's face they all had a reason to be very, very afraid.

    Alastor managed to keep his composure straight, his copper gaze narrowing slightly at the mysterious figure that appeared suddenly on their border. Its words felt muddied, incomprehensible, and yet somehow he could hear it clear as day -- so could everyone else apparently. The servals gaze traveled over to Annalysia and then down to beebalm, she was too young to be out here. Instinct took over and the older serval found himself moving over the child in a protective stance, his gaze refusing to leave the abominations form. Words were exchanged, questions were asked, and the conflict seemed to be resolving itself, he had no reason to chime in. His stance alone communicated his words; if things were to go awry he'd be here to help, to get the child back to safety and fight with every ounce of his being.

  • [ ehehe >:3c did u think I wouldn't write something angsty ? ]

    more arrive to watch . more arrive to question them , when it is they who have inquiries that matter so much more than what these mortal tongues could utter to them . it disgusts them , body twitching , sliding out of the shadows not out of curiosity but out of discontent . too many voices . too many lights . too many eyes peering up at them , forcing them to shift and change and keep up with all the pairs with two of their own settled neatly among their shifting body . they stare back , daring , challenging , offering themselves up for righteous damnation even though they know none will come to them . the fear and uncertainty is so palpable on their tongue it is a wonder they do not lunge to consume them all right now you will not find her if you kill them now . "

    " we do not matter in this equation , " this is not about you , now . it is above you . their eyes shift and twitch , pupils dancing individually among all who had gathered before them , all who would eventually succumb ... all who would eventually p͍̱̳͇̜̻͝a͕̪y̨̩̳̗̞̠ . you know they will . you will make them , for what they had not done . " but you . " they pause , and all eyes snap towards mercy , piercing and judgmental , cold and malicious , prying deep into the very corners and recesses of her mind with a trill laugh . she carried her scent . she carried her last words . is it wrong for you to assume it was her fault , then ?

    " y̫̭̬̕o͕̱̮̜͚u̟̗ , " the silence was unnerving , but the mantra of whispers that repeated the word without end was even more haunting , soft , ephemeral , yet somehow digging deep into the skull and grating against fragile , worn nerves . they were all tired , weren't they ? tired of death . tired of suffering . tired of living among plague and death and destruction where is the peace you wanted ? but they do not try to stop it . they revel in this , they taste the blood upon their tongues and they wish for more , they teach their young to kill , they travel to new lands to appease new gods to appease their self - righteousness when they cannot even take care of those who need it .

    you you y o u . . . ḩ̢̨͇̩̝̩̟̰̤͍͘e͡҉̤̯͔͎̖̱̰̝͎̙̘͎ŕ̜̖̬̠͚̱̞̣̞̮̕͟ . " you didn't stop it , " it is a whisper , but it sounds like an accusation , jeering and cold , bitter upon their shadowed tongue . a sharp laugh reverberates through their core , body writhing along with the sound , static and cosmic white noise enveloping the very air around them until it felt thick enough to inhale let them inhale your sorrows . it stops as fast as it had arrived , plunging them all into thick silence as well , and with a low , sharp growl they break through it like butter , teeth twisting into sharp , cunning smiles ; they are daggers in their own right . " none of you did . "

    they lunge forward , jaws snapping shut with an audible clap among the eerie silence , looming and stopping just short of mercy's form , ivory fangs bared , black saliva dripping down onto the already darkened ground . " I will not ask again . where . is . ş̯͇̼͓̘ḥ̟͖̼̩͎̩e̝̭͇͕͎̹̼ ̰̮? " their head swings back around , towards the others , voice booming as they speak again , amplified by anger , by power , by thinly veiled distress not even they understand it is not you who screams this , is it ? " WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HER ? " 

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  • She’s met this beast a handful of times, each in a different way in a writhing indescribable form that screamed danger and fear; even if she had grown resistance to most horrors there was still that trickling doubt in her chest. The fear of the unknown of the hulking shadow of mystery, surely they could’ve already hurt them all if they wanted. It’s jaws inches from her lovers face, but even in the sorry state she’s in she still feels her blood boil as she runs as if ever stride of her legs and wings doesn’t bring shooting pain. As if the memory of suicides, of captures and returns doesn’t swirl like a toxic cocktail in her head. Mercy shouldn’t go through anymore should’ve have any fucking thing look at her like that. She should be mourning should be taking it easy, she offered to help took on more duties to keep an eye on her.

    She doesn’t stop running, her head pointed downwards as she crashes through the pines, nettles lodged in her thick fur and horns pointed; an aggressive red at Lirim. She attempts to ram into them wanting to push them away from her. She only heard inklings of words from where she was, talk of an unsaid her. A her that’s not to hard to think of when using the context of their words, though she assumed like Sourjorn they came to dispose of the flesh rather than to mourn. This thing didn’t strike her as sentimental or capable of those emotions. She assumes it’s Twilightzone, why would it not be? when her death is still recent as dew on the morning leaves.

    Regardless if she hit or not she would back up to hover protectively above Mercy if she allowed. Wings raised and teeth showing protectively. ”We have no idea who you are talking about so either clarify or get the fuck out of here” it isn’t her right to tell them, if the Veil wants to keep Twilightzone’s death under wraps to not disgrace her or out the way in which she dies then she will respect that. ”Stay away from her or you will never get your answer” she warns, words enunciated by gritted teeth and a stubborn will.


  • The sight of those piercing eyes staring down at her was unnerving, and Mercy felt raw under their harsh gaze. She clenched her teeth behind closed lips, resisting the urge to flee despite the itch in her paws to do so. Stand your ground. Protect your clanmates. But how was she, this sorry wretch, supposed to protect anyone? All she ever did was hurt people. Barghest, Sango, Nadine, and now Twilightzone. There were probably so many more that she'd inadvertedly damaged as well, and the thought tore her up inside.

    She looked miserably to the ground — just as the cacophony of voices addressed her directly, tearing her gaze back up to look at them. Mercy knew they were talking specifically to her; all of the eyes were trained on her, like nefarious fireflies cutting through the gloom of the forest. Again she felt naked in their presence, and now paralyzed by their stare. All she could do was return the thousands of gazes with her own petrified one, the shadows clinging to her face pulsing and churning furiously. What does this... thing want with me? She would've asked, but the painful silence that followed their words left her throat dry, any words she might've wanted to utter dying on her lips.

    "You didn't stop it."

    Her eyes widened, her heart nearly leaping out of her throat. I didn't stop it, she echoed internally. I should've. But I couldn't. Of course she knew what they were referencing. Who they were referencing. Twilightzone. Who else could it be? She stared straight ahead as they laughed icily, jaws parted and expression a mask of horror. Of guilt. She wished she could've done more to save her lover, but fear and shock and guilt had left her paralyzed as she embraced her fate and sank the axe deep into her chest. Inky black tears began to leak from the shadowy pits on her face. This is all my fault.

    A gasp escaped her as fearsome jaws snapped shut right before her. She could hardly move as it happened, simply stared foolishly at the jagged fangs mere inches away from her face. Her legs began to shake, and she sank into a crouch as Ver suddenly burst forth and came to defend her, offering no reaction to her girlfriend standing over her. She hardly registered it, to be completely honest. "I'm sorry," she whispered wretchedly through her tears, unable to look at Lirim, though it was obvious what she meant by it. "I should've done more. I— I'm so sorry..."

  • the anger does not subside , but it softens , murmurs sweetly at the back of their mind , hushed voices of bitter truth under a sea of chaos . they growl , but it has no more fire underneath it , just an eternal , endless exhaustion . they were all tired of it , weren't they ? the death . the pain . the inability to do a̮̭̪͙͎̞͢ny̯̙̺̳͎̮ţ̥̮͍ẖ̼i͕͖̘̹n̠̖̪̰̺g to stop things that should not have happened . ver's presence does little to deter them even as the impact hits and causes them to step back minutely ; they stare right through her , underneath her limbs , eyes still trained solely on mercy , awaiting her answer .

    it is a more pitiful answer than they had expected , and yet it is enough . no excuses . no lies . just pure , unadulterated truth that there was nothing they tried to do , that they had all failed , but at least she was willing to admit it . there was little more they could expect from things so small and fragile ; how could mortals compete with the daughter of the void , how could they understand her ? the chaotic static ends , replaced by a low , humming silence , and after a second they speak again , softer this time . words tumble out of their mouth , almost a gentle coo compared to what they had spoke in before .

    " where is she , " it is not a question anymore so more as it is a statement , a thinly veiled command as they ignore all around them but her , who knew their daughter well . their lips pull back , but it not a snarl , and their body undulates not in anger but in distress . there is no more hiding it . they are here for the entire world to see , and they are too tired to hide that her death is the closest thing to destruction they can feel . it hurts . it a̸c͎he̳̞̕s̨̱̝̠̹͓̠ . it is not hunger that controls them , now . it is pain . " did you bury her yet ? " 

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