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  • It had taken him a few days to get back to this point shortly after he had taken up residence in the Dark Dynasty. It was something he needed quite badly, the rest, and after a few days of such he was feeling reinvigorated and ready to finish what he'd started. It had taken him a month to find the trident Harbordepths had tasked him to find but, in the end, the wait would have been worth it he hoped as he'd found it held by a den of no-good, dirty thieves. Who in their right mind would steal from a pirate anyhow? How ridiculous is that? Faye would muse to himself as he arrived after crossing the bridge that connected the islands to the mainland.

    The tanuki's fluffy tail would twitch slightly as he found a good place to settle and wait to be approached. The trident he'd been sent to find was upon his back and seemed to be in good condition. He had been careful not to let it get harmed in his brief tussle with the thieves - they had been quite adamant about keeping the thing, probably figuring it would fetch a pretty penny at the trading center. Honey amber eyes shifted across the islands, his head inclined towards the sky to watch the clouds pass overhead in the meanwhile.


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