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  • It had taken a few days to manage, to understand, to comprehend - anything and everything about her new position. It was leadership, and in that word alone it sounded like it should be nothing. However as her paws paced in front of the Shepard's Stone, her eye occasionally capturing what it truly meant, fear would rattle her bones once more. One should never corner a scared animal, but here she was. Terrified and prepared to lash out. She let out a low growl as she looked up at the clouds, her hawk circling around the sky as if nothing happened, nothing changed. Cassiopeia knew better, knew that she had to step up. She could pass it on, truthfully, but she didn't want to. There was no point in shoving the curse to someone else without trying to abolish it.

    "Wind Haven!" she called sharply, still below the stone. She looked out for a moment, ears turned back as she took a well-measured leap up onto the Shepard's stone and sat where oh-so-many had sat before, "Gather for a short meeting," she finished, though her words were punctuated by a well-timed call from Aquila, the hawk descending from the sky to sit in front of her, tucking her chin beneath her companion's head. The protection was physical, but the comfort was enough for Cass to continue.

    "I'm sure we're all tired of the change. Fucking - Wind Haven has only ever been change ever since I got here. It's disgusting, it's cursed. I'm waiting for the day that the dirt beneath our paws shifts into lava and we all burn," she began, gritting her teeth some more, "But we may as well make up for lost time and try and change that. We as the people nestled into the base of Mountain Kodiak. We as Haveners, old and new. I refuse to hold the weight of this Clan on my shoulders alone, and I expect each of you to take a piece and help out."

    She looked out into the crowd, ears drawn back slightly, "I'm promoting an Advisor immediately. Lemon and Ninja, you're both very apparent to the Haven on the border, in its little events, and even in the battles. I would like to ensure that, when my time comes, Wind Haven is in safe hands and that the both of you step up in my place," she paused, "I'm aiming to have some pretty big boots to fill," she tacked on at the end. She wouldn't promise to be around forever, as that was obviously never true.

    "Other than that, I would like Lemon or Balthazar to step up as a full Abbot, and for Juba to step up as a Canon. I will not be touching any of the other ranks, but activity is pretty shitty lately and we all need to step it up. Ninja, hand out weekly tasks for this week. Lemon, hold a wind-chime making party, or something, and get out the whole... wind-chime thing. It's supposed to be held pretty often, so why not start now?" she rolled her shoulders back.

    "Any questions, speak up now, otherwise, everyone is dismissed. I want everyone to be doing something - garden, teach herbs, start a farm. Work on your disciplines and get asses in gear. I will be visiting each of our allies in place of the ambassadors this week, but I expect you guys to go out in the coming weeks on your own. No one wants to hold your hands."

    [ hey everyone! this is very late, and i'm sorry for that, but i'm currently moving and settling into my first apartment, so it's a bit hectic for me irl! but!! i hope to have more time in the coming days, weeks, months - however long you guys will have me for. cass is very rough around the edges and not very pro-clan oriented, but i do hope everyone enjoys her reign as well as my own. any questions can be shoved towards me! i'll try to answer them to the best of my ability <3 ]

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  • The air is thick. It’s not calm by any means. Ninja can almost see the energy crackling from Cass as she took a new position on top of the Shepherd’s Stone. But it’s not necessarily uncomfortable. This is what Wind Haven was waiting for, he thinks, someone to shift everything into overdrive. And if anyone could do that, it was Cass, as proven near immediately with this meeting. She was fiery and fierce and an oddly good change of pace from the usual passive leaders that had stood before her. For the first time in a while he’s hopeful for their future.

    The unicorn listens quietly and attentively and breaks his composure when the femme promotes him. Advisor. It’s a lot of responsibility but he’s glad to have Lemon working with him. His gaze searches the crowd, hoping to find Lemon and congratulate him. He’d listen and nod to the rest. “Thank you, and congratulations to the others. I’ll get on those tasks asap.”






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  • It was a startling abrupt change from Jericho and the leaders before him to Cass. Lemon really hadn't been ready for it, though he supposed he should have been given the current pattern of leaders suddenly deciding to pass on their rank and disappear. But Jericho had seemed different, more invested in the clan.. Lemon thought he would have lasted longer. Still, maybe this isn't so bad. He suspects Cassiopeia will be an entirely new force pushing the Haven, but he believes it will be better. This is not a time for being passive, this is a time to take action and that's what she does. He trusts that her loyalty combined with her stubbornness will keep her from departing as quickly as her successors and he hopes that maybe this change will be a lasting one. The leopard listens to her words in silence, round ears flickering as he moves over to seat himself beside Ninja. He feels slightly awkward about it, but he can't deny the equine's presence is comforting. She offers both him and Nin the position of Advisor and Lemon is inwardly grateful that he has someone to share the responsibility with, and specifically that is Ninja. Damn, is he getting soft? Maybe.. Or maybe he'll be back to normal once he's over his recent torture. "Yeah, yeah, got it." He murmurs in response to her orders, before hesitating over the prospect of becoming an Abbot. "I'll do it. I have all the basics, but Jeri didn't do a whole lot of training. So, uh, I'm asking Wilhelmina to teach me the rest of what I need to know, if that's alright with ya." It felt weird asking Cassiopeia for permission to do something, considering he hadn't really ever done that, despite her always having been ranked above him. But he's aware the other healer is from the Ruins and while he currently despises them for taking Caliban, he knows Wilhelmina from when she was Billie Jean and he can easily say she would have no part in that.




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    Juba quietly listened to the announcement, and dipped his head in respect towards their new leader as he was mentioned. He was quite excited to be an official canon now. He knew his placed lied in healing, not battle or honestly hunting. He was much better at helping others and being caring. Juba knew he would have to find someone to start teaching him healing, learning from books would only do so much for him but he figured he should get on to reading books as well. Jeri never really got to teach him anything with medicine since he had retired soon after Juba arrived and never got a chance to learn. He figured he should probably ask about that eventually, but books should do for now.

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  • — It was weird not seeing her father up there. However, she had confidence in Cass. The white feline arrived, taking a seat next to Juba, listening to the new leader. "Congrats everyone, and I'll come to The Thunderlands with youm" Zinnia spoke.




  • She nodded slightly to her apprentice as the young girl offered to come with her to one of the allies. Everything seemed to go smoothly enough, though Cass couldn't help but want something more of a turnout. She huffed out her chest, ears twisting towards Lemon as the man took up the torch of healing. She hoped that Balthazar would do so, as well, but she didn't want to put that much hope in the lion. His suggestion to learn from the Ruins medic had her fur ruffled, though she understood the want of someone close, "I'll allow it if Caliban is back in our territory. And only then," she huffed, "I'll ask allies if you can't find such an arrangement."

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