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  • He'd never been prepared for the socially-contrived expiration date on grieving. Birdie had never known of it, or even considered such a thing could exist until a year and a half passed and they asked why he still wasn't participating in the community. Wasn't it obvious? They'd attended his funeral, had left flowers at his grave and gave Birdie their condolences, said he was a good man gone too soon. And missed for too long, apparently, going off of the way they'd looked at him with a mixture of pity and frustrated concern.

    Right. Because the grave of the lifetime they couldn't have together was easily abandoned.

    Not that Birdie was sure what constituted a lifetime anymore, especially since he was half-convinced the desert might be the end of him, and that he probably wouldn't mind it as much as he should. As far as this place and whoever might live here were concerned, the lion was just another washed up wanderer dragging around a cart's worth of baggage.

    No one special. The one person who'd thought otherwise couldn't correct him on that now.

    Exhaling, he sat himself outside of what he assumed was their border. Smelled strong enough for it, but he wasn't especially thrilled about the heat. Was he thrilled about anything, though? "I'm going north next time," he muttered, shaking out a bit of sand.




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    Charlotte was out, planning a day of adventure, probably walking about till noon thin going back to sleep, a good adventure. As she was 'adventuring' she came across a giant cat. A lion perhaps? She wasn't too sure but none the less it was at least clearly a giant cat. She heard them mumble something, something about 'going north next time.' I guess they can't handle the heat. She thought. Personally the heat never bothered her, even though she did have thicker fur. It was just something she toned out and would put to the back of her head.

    Charlotte headed towards them, her face stoic has usual, a bit bitchy looking but what can ya do about your own face, nothing. As she walked up she spoke to the giant cat, "Its pretty cold up north you know," she spoke jokingly with her sweet tone. Before quickly then introducing herself, "Hello, I'm Charlotte from Solaris Kingdom. Was there something you needed?" she asked as well. Her voice still sweet as honey and smooth as silk.


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    Charlotte - Female - 38 Months - XXX - Solaris Kingdom - tags

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    Grief, along with loneliness, were probably the most piercing feelings that one could feel. Grief was filled with regret and and guilt combined in a dreadful combination that never truly left. No, grief was something that lingered for times long past due. Sorrow, regret, frustration, and guilt were hard enough to move past on their own, but when wrapped in to one it was something that stuck around for a longer time than society seemed to allot. It was a new caliber of pain; a new knowing that nothing, after that, nothing would ever be quite the same. Not even in the test of time nor the strength and resilience the path to full recovery seemed to promise.

    But despite the struggles of grief, it could bring some things beautiful, no matter how hard it was to find it. The growth that came from something that required so much strength to get through was one that proved, no matter the circumstance, that they were strong enough to continue. To get through one of the hardest, most grueling lessons life had to offer was a grueling, self-proving test in itself. It was hard, yes, and it wasn't fun, not in the slightest. But it proved a strength that no one, really, could take away.

    Despite being injured, Claes was trying to keep to his regular schedules of both patrolling and taking care of others alike. The exercise from the walks, although thoroughly tiring and painful in his still-recovering state, were ones that were necessary for getting his strength back. It was working, certainly. Each day he found himself less winded than the last, but it wasn't easy. But nevertheless that's why he was limping along, despite the pain. Because he knew that despite the aching and sharp pains that it would benefit him in the end. So, much unlike Charlotte, Claes was out more because he knew he needed to be, rather than just exploring and finding adventures to go on. Though, he did wish that he could go back to doing all of that soon.

    His tan paws carried him in an uneven, pained gait across the sand, head lowered and ears flattened as he walked in silence with his thoughts. However, as he was walking, the scent of someone unknown, followed by the sight of them in the distance, caught his attention. Head lifting and ears perking, the vulpine would quicken his pace just a bit to approach the duo. Upon arriving, Claes's gaze would look to Charlotte, first, offering her a gentle and warm smile, before his gaze swiftly shifted to the stranger at their border, who was tugging along a rather large cart full of belongings. Head tilting in subtle curiosity, Claes would mentally note to help the stranger -- if he could -- tug the thing across if his was joining, or even just traveling (it must be hard to move through the sand). Though, for now.. "Hello," Claes would begin, "Do you need any water? I could go get some for you," the tan-hued fox would offer kindly. The elements of the Expanse were often harsh, especially to those not used to it. So, offering a drink would be the least he could do for any creatures trying to make their way across the harsh environment. With that being said, Claes's ears would swivel forwards, listening for the answer the other might give.

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    It wasn't a matter of strength, at least not for Birdie. Life went on whether or not he wanted it to, and there wasn't much of a choice whether he went along with it. Not much of one, anyway; maybe some part of him was still holding out on a small hope that he might- that he would come back, somehow, the way so many other people had. He didn't know how long it would last, or if it was really there at all, but he knew that if he died now, his memory would go with it. There could come a day when Birdie's teeth no longer closed in a mockery of the white picket fences around the home they'd built. A day when he could speak of him again with sounds that didn't die in his throat.

    Probably the same day the ache became such an old friend he could sit down with it for dinner. He deserved to be remembered. It was the least Birdie could do.

    "I had no idea," he answered dryly to the woman who approached, his own features equally bereft of warmth. He figured this place had enough of it that friendliness would feel stifling, and he wasn't much good at that sort of thing anymore.

    He exhaled, glancing to another arriving stranger, smaller, with kind eyes and hurts of his own. "Just looking for a place to stay. It's not all desert, is it?" It had to be at least a little hospitable, though as overheated as he felt, he didn't want someone else walking around in the sand to get him some water. "Think I'll be okay for now, but thanks." A pause. "Right, I'm Birdsong. Birdie if you want. I don't care."




  • It didn't take long for Sangria to appear behind her healing mentor, ears drawn back at Birdie's somewhat curt words. She tried not to judge, knowing that everyone came from a different past, and that perhaps likely he was hit with something less than savory lately. Still, she tried to coax some positive emotion about him, giving him something he wanted with ease, "We do have an Oasis, among other things. I can show you there, first, so that you can cool off?"

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