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    Here is ScarletClan's and TorrentClan's linked chatting and plotting thread, feel free to plot with your characters here and share any future plot ideas that you may have for the clan threads; regardless on if they are minor or major.

    My cats for ScarletClan: Pantherstar, Barleytail, Cedarwish, Tinywing, Hollypaw, and Shrewpaw are all available for whatever plots you may wish to involve them in.

    My cats for TorrentClan: Littlestep, Hawksight, and Robinswoop are also available for any/all plots.

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  • Super track



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  • I might just put up the roleplay thread later on today, hopefully people will join gradually after that. I'll also go ahead and assign mentors/apprentices.

    But for now, does anyone have any ideas for any events that can happen that could affect the whole clan?

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  • Sounds pretty good to me!

    A prophecy would be pretty nice too, though it could be a premonition about the rogue/loner group coming in, or it could center around something else too.

    Also before I put up the roleplay thread, I'll just make a cat to temporarily fill up the medicine cat position. I did want at least that position filled before we start off, however since no one has taken it yet I'll just make a temporary cat to take up the position for now to be killed off later if someone wants to have their character become a medicine cat.

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  • track! Doeskip, Gorsepaw, Silverthorn and Stormrunner are open for plotting

    I like the idea of a rogue group! and I don’t think it’d be a loner group because they wouldn’t be loners unless they’re alone


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  • That idea sounds pretty good! So a prophecy or omen about the rogue group coming in?

    Perhaps the tension could get so bad between ScarletClan and this rogue group that it could cause a second war as bad as the first one that caused ScarletClan to form in the first place? This could cause Pantherstar to lose a few lives with the constant fighting too.

    If so, maybe toward the end of the fighting perhaps a truce could be made temporarily to cease, and with this cause ScarletClan to give up some territory because of it. Perhaps this rogue group could take up residence near the one lake that ScarletClan uses for their main source of water and adopts clan ways as their own as well, but with tensions still running high between ScarletClan and them and considering it being greenleaf currently, the rogue group and ScarletClan could start fighting again but this time over access to the lake? It could possibly make the situation worse with a drought perhaps?

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  • Also I think I'll kill off Willowfang perhaps during the fighting to free up the medicine cat position; maybe have her death occur when the fighting during the lake happens.

    Sounds good then! I'll go ahead and start working on the rogue clan's sign up page. I think I'll call them TorrentClan, it could reflect their nature of a fighting style or lifestyle... something like that. Plus they'll be settled near the lake so I guess it'll make sense for them to have a water based name.

    I'll also edit this thread and make it a linked ScarletClan/TorrentClan plotting and chatting thread just to make it easier so you don't have to track another thread.

    Also if anyone wants me to reserve any prefixes ahead of time now, I'll go ahead and do so!

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