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  • Ver can't understand the motivations of others, the softness that kept them from going easy on certain members of enemy forces, why apologize to Angelkisses or offer her any sympathy when none of them had done a thing to stop her from maiming her. Why bother feeling bad now when the shit was already done, the complete consequences hadn't been felt but she knew it was harsher on her enemy than it was on herself.

    Unifying groups, keeping peace and relations are important to her but as Will speaks welcoming the Exiles in she can't help but crinkle her muzzle in distaste at her sentiment. At this faulty game of companionship and wrongful peace, they would be friendly here and who was to say they wouldn't be going at each others throats right after or selling secrets and skills to preserve their strength. If the Exiles caught a disease than it was a blessing from whichever god they all worshiped, which wasn't to say they weren't ill in the mind as it was. Sick bastards with one hell of a inferiority complex despite getting barraged by practically half of Delos and Orcadia. She doesn't speak her opinions, not yet anyway.

    Her eyes blink towards Kalina as she feels the woman's gaze against her face, she lazily scratches behind her ear as she ushers the child away as if she's ever harmed someone innocent. She's curious if Ryad ever told the younger or newer generation of Veilers exactly why she was the "enemy" or what they'd done to her kid. She doubts it, most things like that were ancient history tortures were nothing more than passing notes in time. A sad fact she couldn't stand them or do them without good reason. Willhemina speaks before her but it doesn't stop her from barking her own words ”If anyone even thinks of laying a paw on this kid i'll gut them myself and i'm sure a good majority of everyone here would do the same” the only peace she could extend was to children, the real victims of war and strife regardless of their alignment or upbringing. They deserved better.

    ”But to the topic of this meeting, why exactly would we share information and our clans well-being to enemies. We may be healers and under an "oath" right now but what's stopping us from using this information for our own benefit to hit an enemy while they're down?” she was careful with her words not wanting to spin thing precisely on the Exiles, which could be read as such. She was more than willing to use information and power to make a statement or to X out an enemy before they stood mighty over her groups. It was impossible to the think in the lens of peace when lately, the dynamics and conflicts were anything but.


  • Wilhelmina casts a glance at Ver, then focuses on the horned canindae entirely. She can't help but to prevent a frown from furrowing way onto her features, even deeper than it had been before. She stares at the Ruins' deputy feeling a bit betrayed; she'd brought the idea to Nadine and Jace days before, and Ver's presence and concerns would have been welcome in that place, in that time. Her fur ruffles, but just ever so slightly. Is it from agitation, or just the wind? It was anyone's guess, really. "Nobody needs to share more than they're comfortable with," she says calmly. "We needn't weaponize medicine, however. Sharing new discoveries, special herbs, unique cures -- The only thing that will do is keep Agrelos healthier overall. Whether anyone shares clan news, discloses specific information, is up to them." She was welcome to these questions, she reminded herself. It was only fair that questions be asked. Everyone had a right to voice their concerns, and Ver's question was valid, despite the fact that Billie would have welcomed it sooner. She forces a smile onto her features, making effort to wipe away any trace of lingering disapproval and disgruntlement. The first meeting was bound to be a bit bumpy, they'll find their footing soon enough.

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    Why go soft on enemies? Why treat them civilly and kindly when they had done bad things? To most it would only seem right to hate who hated you, to hurt those who hurt you. But vengeance? Vengeance only brought misery. It only brought pain into an already-cruel world. It added fuel to the fire, it ignited hatred in those that had no personal quarrels and brought innocent people needlessly into the midst of the fray, only to further and continue it more. Didn't they see that? Couldn't they see that they had trapped themselves into an endless cycle of injury after injury? ... Didn't they see that the only way to stop it was to end the cycle where it began? To fight cruelty with resilience and grace, and fight hatred with kindness? To fight harshness with softness? Or was he just a fool, still, hoping for something that would never come? Was he wrong for hoping? Was he wrong for daring to question the paws that had dug the hole they all stood in?

    He had stood by Ver's side. He had, and he remembers it clearly. Though he also remembers that their meeting had been by accident and he had little choice but to side with her. But pressures aside, it was his job, regardless, to do so. He was a Knight of her Kingdom; sworn in by oath to protect her and their lands. But just because he stood there that day in order to get Lemonlaw back did not mean that he agreed with what she had done. No, far from it. Seeing the state of Angel that day and hearing her words... everything about that told him it was wrong. It was wrong, no matter how she tried to justify it. There were better ways to do things, there always were. But one thing that was correct was that he was powerless to stop it, powerless to change it. What control did he have over her? None at all. And she could very well do to him what she had done to Angel, couldn't she? She could, if she wanted.. and what could he would be left unable to do anything about it. She wouldn't do that, would she? He wanted to say she wouldn't, but at this point, he wasn't quite sure..

    As the Pomeranian waves towards him, Claes's eyes would widen in surprise. Almost pleasant surprise, but not quite. Though Claes tried to expect the best, he was not expecting a friendly gesture after what had happened, even if he had come over with good intentions. He expected a cold stare, perhaps a warning snarl.. but she waved at him. His mouth parting in surprise, he would give a tiny smile towards her as he talked, and it seemed she would brighten. Though suddenly, there was a shift in dynamics, and just as he was getting just a tad more comfortable despite the guilt that riddled him, fear came off of her in waves. Confused, as she had been fine a couple seconds ago, Claes's gaze followed her's to Ver, just in time to look at her as she spoke. Normally, he would comforted to know that his leader was here, but with recent events comfort was not what came to mind. "Wonder what happened?" The statement causes Claes's ears to flatten against his head and he flinches at just how casually it is said. Claes knows she's not sorry for what she had done, even if he is.. but that.. was that necessary? A sorrowful glance finding Angelkisses as she shuffled between the two other Exilers, Claes would give a small apologetic look towards the girl. Why does she keep doing this? We're here to make things better, are we not? Not make things worse.. The thought crosses him mind briefly and he grits his teeth.

    All of this.. it was so complicated, complex. One wrong word or move and he could be labeled by his own Queen as a traitor to the crown, or perhaps even by the other clans of Agrelos he could be labeled as well. But act too harshly and he could further damage what was already broken. And so, Claes would fall silent and sit by himself, tail flicking nervously and mind racing behind the scenes as he cast small glances to the Exilers beside him, every now and then. But soon enough Billie casts glances to each of the, and as her gaze would land on him he would offer her a small smile, before watching as she turned to everyone else and then began to announce that their meeting would be starting. At her quick introduction, Claes would blink in understanding, though he realized quite quickly that he hadn't even introduced himself. Though, that could wait. There was far more important things to do right now than worry about who he was. As Billie continued on, Claes would listen intently, finding focusing on her was a good way to distract from his uncharacteristically anxious thoughts. A semi-alliance of healers in Agrelos; sharing knowledge that could be helpful despite where their loyalties lay. A step towards some peace, even if it was only between them. Naturally, Claes finds this to be a good idea, though before he could announce his approval a sharp call for Benjamin rose through the clearing.

    Flinching at the sudden call and the tension that followed soon after, Claes would scoot a little closer to the Exilers out of instinct to sticking to groups when conflicts arose, and though he realize quite quickly he was sitting closer than before he made no efforts to move away. No, there was too much going on, and even though he feared them, slightly, they would not hurt him, right? Helios, he hoped not.. Though soon enough Billie was quick to let the other know that this place was safe, and Ver let out.. a threat. Claes felt a pang in his chest; he wasn't quite sure whether it was fear or whether it was something akin to disappointment, though he did his best to keep the look off of his face and stay on track of what was being discussed, and needed to be discussed.

    "I think the meetings will do us well," Claes spoke quietly, eyes shifting between Billie and Ver as the latter gave her spiel on how these meetings could potentially cause harm and their ailments could send out information to their enemies. A soft sigh left his lips, though he kept his expression oddly neutral in regards to emotions as he tried to push them away for the time being. "I think we can all agree that we just want what's best for our groups, and I don't believe sharing breakthroughs or ways to help someone could be used in war or be deemed harmful. If anything sharing some of that would benefit all of us so we can save members of our own respective groups." the Healinghand would add carefully. Just as Billie had said, the information shared could be determined by whoever was speaking, nothing was entirely mandatory. So, casting the Ruiner a gentle and encouraging glance to show his support, he would give a small dip of his head to her.

    Honey-hued gaze wandering to those around him -- who happened to mainly be Exilers -- Claes would try and read what their thoughts were on the subject, standing firm in his neutrality for now as he then turned his gaze to look to those scattered across the clearing, ears swiveling and perking to see what they had to say about these meetings. Though he personally supported it, he was interested in knowing whether or not others would support it as well. Don't worry about everything else, Claes.. just focus on now. It'll all be okay. Just get through this, and then you can go home and tell Lemonlaw about it. The good parts, at least. At the thought Claes let a quiet breath escape him and the tension littering his body loosened, just a little bit. That was enough motivation in itself to push the negativity aside and just.. focus.

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    This made her nervous. Very, very nervous. The serval arrived to the scene, taking a spot next to Ver. The Volarian shaman looked around, listening and looking at everyone. It seemed a little too late to introduce herself, but she would probably pitch in some things as well. "Healing shouldn't have borders or alliances, so I do agree that these meetings would be very good. Oh, I'm Kola from Volary," Kola pitched in, a little sparkle in her eyes.




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  • His sharp, entirely molten gold gaze fell on Claes as he began apologizing to Angelkisses, though he quickly relaxed, the storm in his eyes fading slowly into serenity. This was the one that had been fried, wasn't it? A shame. He looked over the older male, eyes landing on the place of the wound and then the paw that had been bitten, resulting in the male's near death. And yet here he stood, proving to be far stronger than anyone else. Whom else had been injected with such a vicious venom and survived here? Oh, was that a 'nobody'? Well then, he had every right to hold this Knight to a higher regard than the rest. He'd open his mouth to speak, eyes following the little pink fox that had dashed up to Billie with such childish innocence that he wished he still had. He lost that at the ripe old age of four months, though, hadn't he? When he'd found Ivorybones' torn, bloodied body laying around and then watched him rise up as if completely unaffected by the sword that had been speared straight through him.

    And then he tensed as the voice of the witch from Solaris met his ears, fur ruffling as she spoke words so casual despite it being known that she had ripped the voice out of the only Exiles member that could not defend themselves. She had torn the Exiles' Princess apart at her feet and shown no remorse for it. Had tortured the defenseless Pomeranian to the point of a presumed eternally mute life under the safety of the Ruins, forever disgracing the name of the eternal place, and then used her victim in the name of Solaris. Did that not mean that she had disgraced her own Pro-Clan? That she was a traitor to the very clan she lead? He was understandably annoyed, and yet frustrated with himself, for his complete lack of being able to get angry was becoming a nuisance. What kind of sin couldn't feel anger of all things?

    And then a sharp call rang out, presumably the name of the little pink fox from before, the one that Caesar oh so wished to be in his place. Evidently nobody hated him, did they? Nobody had put up a fight at him being there. Benjamin had probably never hurt a fly in his life and he was praised for it, and yet the most Caesar had ever done to an enemy was scratch their nose after one had attacked his mother and everyone despised him because of the clan he had been forced to join at the young age of three months old. Everyone in the world besides other Exiles despised him because of a choice he himself had not made.

    He quickly snapped back to the present as Claes budged towards him slowly, his completely gold, whiteless, pupilless eyes falling to the Knight. Scared, was he? And yet while scared of the loud voice of what was probably a worried mother, he'd moved towards a group of Exiles. Did that not say something? This Solarian had sought protection from a group of what everyone else assumed to be murderers and kit killers. Caesar could attest to say that nobody, besides Iceshattered- though he doubted the foul beast had a mind of his own- had killed a child in his ten months of life. His expression fell to an emotionless facade, lips pursed and eyes empty, the only sign of emotion being the gentle placement of his tail over Claes' shoulders.


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    There was too much going on, too many voices, too many subtle conflicts. She couldn't think, couldn't find the images to show Caesar. She couldn't do anything. Everything in her head felt white, and it didn't feel like she was sitting on anything anymore. She didn't know when she stopped hearing people's voices. Or when she placed herself closer to Caesar.

    This meeting was supposed to be peaceful. She wanted to come so she could possibly learn more about her wounds, and more about different types of medicine in other lands. She'd never harmed, captured, tortured or killed anyone. She was a mom, who'd left to protect herself and her children. Maybe, if she could still speak she could stand up for the idea of a meeting like this better. She really did want them to continue.

    Medics were supposed to stand outside of it all, politics, feuds, you name it. They were supposed to heal those big and small, regardless of where they came from. That included the Exiles, even that pesky mind controlled monster of Messalina's.

  • Wilhelmina is eager to let the discomfort settle, and find good tidings rather than bad. The tension in the air is unmistakable; the Exiles' unanticipated presence causing a stir, the Cartelian fox kit followed by an older member trying to take him home, Ver's thinly veiled (if veiled at all) threads, and the spark of uncertainty threatening to catch fire. She didn't want it to be like this, this was not what she had hoped for, but she had anticipated problems. It would not be smooth sailing, not at first, but she truly believed they all had something they could learn from one another. As Claes speaks up in support of all of this, she flashes him a grateful and appreciative glance; wandering onto the scene came another fem, smelling of the jungle. The Heights, and her sentiment is much the same.

    "I understand that everyone is bound to have some concerns, and be a bit skeptical. Working together like this, all of us, isn't something typical for us. It's new, and anything could go wrong." She starts, her voice holding its own breed of quiet confidence, she speaks gently but with self assurance as her olive eyes scan those gathered faces. "Nobody is required to be here, and if anyone decides they're too uncomfortable to remain, then I understand. My hope is though, that if we continue meeting a few times, most of these worries will become background noise-- Not the focus."

    She notes to herself that thus far, the Exilers were the least quarrelsome members of the bunch. They were the source of discourse, but mostly quiet. They wanted to stay, Billie thought, and she would be damned if she would send them away with this realization in mind; she hadn't wanted them there originally, but she knew in her heart they had as much right as anyone. "Again, this isn't to be a political gathering. I beg of you all to forget about the state of allies and enemies for the night; oh, sure, not entirely, but just enough to let this night be one of peace and productivity. Be mindful of what you say, certainly, but understand that I've gathered you all here with the best interests of everyone at heart."

    And she means it. Despite the fact that she'd done things she hadn't felt pride in during her weeks back at the Ruins, there was no room for true wickedness in her heart. She'd gotten them all together thinking they could do good together, in a roundabout way. Clearing her throat she says, "For example, and this is just one way that a union in this could help, not long after I started my training, my mentor decided to step down from her role -" It was more complex than this, but she doesn't let her usual bitterness show now. "- Another animal, who had no genuine interest in healing but was knowledgeable about the subject, stepped down from his own position to become the clan's healer and train me. If we had a coalition such as this, I could have obtained full medical knowledge quicker, and the inconvenience to my clan would not have been so great. When we work together, even just a little bit, we'll stand stronger."

    She is quiet for only a moment before offering, "So, with that said, does anyone have anything they would like to share?"

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    Juba, who may have been quiet, was paying close attention to everything that was happening. He agreed that these meeting should be of peace, especially since even if they don't like each other it could be a great help to their clans. Especially if there was a major disease spreading. However, he also agreed about not spreading important clan information that could in-danger the clan.

    He thought about it for a moment before speaking. "It would be quite helpful for us to do these meetings, especially if some of us are not be trained properly, or even at all. For me, I currently am not being trained, I only know small amounts from what I have read and common sense," he said. He didn't want to draw any attention to himself but decided to speak anyways. Not everyone was going to agree but he honestly didn't expect them too either.  

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    Oh they were late, they were oh so terribly late. They of course could say it wasn't their fault, they didn't know where the hell the Isle of Silver Sands were, and their somewhat terrible sense of direction didn't help much at all. Well.. to be more precise, it wasn't that their sense of direction was bad, it was just that this 'Agrelos' place was all so new, all so different to them, from that previous place that they had inhabited before being forcibly placed here that they had lost their bearings. They knew where Darkclan- well, sorry, Dark Dynasty was and that was about it. They had started to recognise the scents of other clans, seeing as so many of them had changed, either abolished or newly formed, confusing the poor creature, but most of the politics still remained out of their grasp. Even from before when they had resided in Darkclan, the politics of the groups and clans confused them to no end, and they didn't really get why there was something against such groups, and such animosity towards their group from certain, other groups. Of course they got it when members of these group did things to their own members, but they couldn't help but wonder why the action was attributed to the group as a whole. What if that creature had simply being acting on their own? What was it that made whatever one member of a group did, the fault of the whole? Shouldn't it be just that particular member? Whatever it was, these group politics remained far over their head. The point was that they had gotten confused and lost, and had absolutely no idea where they were supposed to go.

    It was purely by dumb luck that they had managed to find their way to the Isle of Silver Sands, after some time of fluttering about aimlessly, looking very lost. And of course they couldn't go and ask for help, that would mean that they would actually need to talk to a creature, which was intimidating in itself. ...One would wonder why they were going to such a meeting if they found even talking to someone intimidating. It was a mystery- or was it? They were the only medic in the Dark Dynasty at this point in time, so they figured that they should go. And there was that small thing that they definitely needed to be more social and maybe, just maybe learn to talk to new creatures better. Black wings aching as they landed on the isle, they folded the appendages, hardly taking notice as several dark feathers fell loose, falling to the ground around them. They could smell a myriad of scents ahead, and several voices, telling them that the meeting was in fact here and that they had made it. Thank the gods (if they even existed- your faith tended to waver when you went through certain events in life). But they were late and now they had to face the mortifying ordeal of coming into the area late. Terribly late. It was too late to turn back now however.

    Pushing their way forward, diluted red eyes remained fixed on the ground as they entered the meeting, feathers of their wings puffing with embarrassment. Slinking forward, they took a seat somewhere a couple paces away from all of the medics there. The combination of all the scents around them made their head spin, and it was rather unpleasant. They could recognise the scent of the Ruins from the one who had come to deliver the invitation. The scent of Exiles was vaguely familiar, the group recognisable, even after the transfer over to Agrelos. Such a bloodthirsty group had medics? The more you know. From what they had heard about the Exiles, they would have almost expected the group to tell its members to fend for themselves. If you couldn't help yourself, then too bad. Obviously it wasn't the case with the presence of medics here. Thunderlands were familiar yes, Wind Haven too. Some of the scents still remained unfamiliar to them and they vaguely hoped that maybe later on some of them would tell what group they had come from. It appeared that the medics were discussing something at the moment they had interrupted and they weren't entirely sure what it was. So they would bite their tongue and keep quiet until they were sure so that they could perhaps input something. Even if was only a little bit. While they sat, their eyes flickered over to the other creatures there, finding a wide variety. From a horse to a cat, to whatever else, it was quite a range. Their eyes would avoid eye contact any time it looked close, and they continued their mute observation for a little while more before their eyes landed on Claes.

    Huh... He seemed? Why did he remind them of that creature? (But were they really someone? Pehaps it had simply being a figment of their imagination- a hopeless wish against the cruel world) I hope, in the future, you'll only dream in colour- How... how curious. What was it about this individual that reminded them of that dream?




  • He doesn't know if this information is at all applicable at the moment, but it feels like something worth mentioning. That was the whole point of Wind Haven, right? Helping those in need or whatever bullshit all their pacifistic leaders had made up? Lemon chews on his tongue for a brief moment, unsure if he's going to mention it at all since it kind of makes him feel stupid. But, he supposes, agreeing to pursue a medical career was inevitably going to make him feel stupid. "Look, I don't know if this would help anyone now or maybe in the future, but Wind Haven is sorta agriculturally based, so like, we got tons of herbs. If anybody - anybody - is in desperate need of supplies or shelter or something, we'll help ya." It seemed like his words were hard to get out. That was mainly because he didn't like the idea of insinuating they would help Exilers or other anticlans, but he felt like that was the whole point of this meeting - and, in a sense, the whole point of Wind Haven. Their views included giving anticlanners a 'Haven' of sorts to escape to, and maybe Lemon didn't fully believe in that but he had chosen to stay in Wind Haven and he wouldn't be a hypocrite. At least, verbally.




  • She was late, likely because of her mangled paw. Despite the scarring being oh-so-minimal, and the injury had been taken care of as well as it could, the young girl still shown visibly the physical distress a former Cartellian placed on her. Her pink paw pads extended upwards, scarring and hiding the former spots where her claws would've sat in on her right paw. The paw itself seemed almost immaculate, however it appeared thinner and slightly turned due to both misuse and overuse while it was healing. She couldn't seem to catch a break, but the young daughter of Ver didn't want to miss this - a coalition of healers from all Clans - for the world. She equated it to that of the Hyperia-Allies meeting. She wanted to get places, she needed to be there to get there.

    The young princess nudged her mother as she passed by, moving to sit beside Claes in silence, hoping to catch up in the meeting.

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  • Canoris padded in, a bit late but happy to have made it. She took a few moments to catch herself up with everything, not liking the tense atmosphere. She made sure to keep Aphrodite close by whenever she arrived. "Hyperia should have three others coming." She said. It was a far travel for them especially and now they'd be able to plan it better time wise - having finally traveled it before. Traveling alone was much faster than traveling in a group.

    "If we're going to have these meetings, we should set up rules. Namely, any aggressor, be it verbally or physically, should not be allowed back. I think that should include threats. If we're to be helpful, we can't be at each other's throats. If you feel the need to be at each other's throats, you shouldn't be here." She looked to Billie, as if looking to get confirmation that what she said was true.

    "I think these could be very helpful, but so long as there's tension between groups, I'm sure not all information will be shared." If the world was at peace, it'd be better, but alas.

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  • He hated it when he began to feel pity for an enemy. He had felt it when he found Bellona's soft spot and now he felt it as he listened to Caesar's explanation and introduction of the pomeranian beside him. That was frankly disgusting and though he wanted to stamp out the Exiles like a pesky bug, he did not like to see them tortured and left to live with a permanent disability. Especially this tiny dog that looked like she couldn't hurt a fly. Why was she in the Exiles? The elder German shepherd's gaze lingered on the two Exiles until his ears pricked up at Ver's remark. It was difficult to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Ver didn't seem sadistic when she made the remark, but he somehow just couldn't let it go. Had she been the Pomeranian's torturer? His eyes hardened, but he quickly averted his stare to look intensely at his paws.

    He did not care too much for the Cartellians. The Thunderlands had always been relatively on good terms with them. He had nothing to say as Wilhelmina prompted them to stay. He didn't mind them here. However, he did share concerns about disclosing medical information to people he was at war with. He hadn't wanted to with the Sanguine Ruins, but they weren't an active target of Thunderlands'. Besides, he was still on good terms with them as well. Albeit a bit shaky, but he tolerated them thanks to Wil.

    He wholeheartedly agreed that these meetings could prove to be fruitful. Although, with such a large number, things might not be very efficient in these large groupings but at least people could pick out people of interest and follow up with them on a later date. The others could use the old tales of the kinship of medics, but Deutschland had been brought up as a warrior before this. His duty was foremost to his Clan. If he had to choose between a dying Exiler and a dying Thunderlander, he'd heal the dying Thunderlander. However, it didn't mean that he wouldn't be open to the ideal of an international peaceful co-existence with the rest of medic-kind, learning together to find cures and new plants. However, when it compromised his own Clan or Clanmates, he'd have to distance himself from it. For now, it seemed relatively harmless.

    "I agree with Canoris' proposed rule of dealing with aggression." He had saved himself by refusing to comment something nasty at the Exiles and he was glad he didn't, because he had judged them too hastily. "Furthermore, perhaps in the near future, as I think especially with all these tensions here would hinder this idea, we could work on allowing medics free respectable passage along the borders of other Clans." It had been a tale he had grown up with, along with StarClan. If medics were allowed free passage, ideas and herbs could travel more quickly. Of course, any medic who misused that privilege should be dealt with accordingly, but Deutschland figured it was common sense.



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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ She was so happy that Canoris had invited her. She so desired to be like the rest of these Clan members one day, healing and making all their patients better. Aphrodite sat close to Canoris, finding comfort in being near her leader. She listened in silence to those around her speaking, nodding nonchalantly to everything being said.


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  • ☯ ☯ ☯ Shit, he was late.

    Cory ushered over beside his clanmates, wounds wrapped tightly in bandaging from his recent times in captivity. The former medic smiled towards everybody, attempting to show his kindness despite any clan politics. "Corrupttimelines. Most call me Cory, I'm a former high medic of The Exiles," introduced he as he seated himself nearby, making sure to get close to Angelkisses, even hovering over her, so she felt safe.


  • Skittish.. he knew he shouldn't be so. He trusted everyone to a lengthy extent, and he didn't expect them to harm him out of ill intent. And yet, he couldn't stop his natural reaction of flinching at sudden appearances and loud noises anymore. Nor could he really control the way his heart ached and beat inside his chest when reminded of everything that had happened in the past. He had never been this way before, not until the whole Ruins incident, at least.. But now, things were piling up; slowly but steadily. The anxious nerves that ran through his stomach were becoming more frequent, and he was far, far more stressed than before. He didn't want to be afraid.. No, no, he wanted to stop the constant worrying inside his mind and his first instincts to run. He wanted to, but how could he control it? Fear was only a natural reaction, and though he kept calm most of the time his internal worries were amplified ten fold because of what he did for Aether. Or at least, it seemed that way. But nevertheless, he just wanted things to calm down, wanted his heart to calm down..

    Heart racing and eyes flicking to and fro around the clearing, Claes had hardly any time to register that anyone else had taken note that he'd move closer to the trio of Exilers. Though, it seemed that one of the group -- Caesar -- had noticed it enough. As a tail was draped across his shoulders, the vulpine felt himself shudder at the sudden feeling, body tense as he turned to look to the male who had done it. Wide eyes looked to the other's pupiless ones, and Claes stared, for a moment, blinking. Breath catching in his throat with surprise, Claes's lips would come up to a warm, gentle smile, as the uncertainty in his gaze faded to what could be seen as trust. A small dip of his head to show his thanks to the other's comfort, and Claes would slowly turn his head back to focus ahead of him, though he dared to move just a little closer. Out of all things.. Claes though. He had expected being ignored, at best, shoved away, at worst.. though now? This? He hadn't been expecting this.. but he would not complain.

    As Kola arrived -- stating she was from Volary -- Claes was reminded once again that he hadn't quite introduced himself, and while she had seamlessly spun it into the conversation, Claes found himself at a loss for doing that. Though, he did figure that the conversation at hand was more important. Though, catching Wilhelmina's grateful smile, Claes would give her a small dip of his head in extra support, before focusing to her words. Claes agreed that there were worries, he wasn't blind to them.. but at the same time if they were all here gathered to help each other, there was a mutual understanding of what was to be said, correct? Nevertheless, the tan-hued fox remained quiet as Billie explained further that they could help teach each other, instead of having to learn on their own -- like he had to -- or take time away from someone else. With that, Claes would nod his agreement.

    His eyes then shifted to the maned wolf as he spoke, honey-hued gaze blinking and an inaudible hum ringing within him as he tilted his head in thought. "I'm sure someone would be willing to teach you," Claes began softly, a small smile coming to his face, "I'd be willing to give you some lessons, if you'd like," the fox would offer hopefully. Though he had an apprentice already, and he was also still inexperienced, he could probably teach more than just the basics, to get the male started more. He hoped that would be helpful to him. With a small nod at his words, Claes would remain quiet, for a moment, and instead he looked around at others if they had anything else to say, before he'd add something else. Though, as he was doing so, a new arrival caught his eye -- a black and white feline -- and Claes, when he made eye contact, would offer a slight smile in greeting. Not quite awkward, but not quite comfortable, either. Completely unaware of the dream walking his brother had done with them, Claes's gaze shifted on to the next.

    Next was the one from Wind Haven, who spoke up and added that the Haven was agricultural and that there was lots of herbs -- and space -- that could be shared if absolutely need be, and Claes would note that mentally and with a soft nod. Though, what the other said sparked a reminder within him. "There's also two plants in the Expanse that I've found useful. There's a plant called JoJoba which is good for burns, and then there's something called Globe Mallow, that is good for sore throats and upset stomachs. The poultice can be used for swollen joints and broken bones, too." the fox would add on to the topic of herbs and whatnot. "I'm not sure if it grows naturally elsewhere, though if anyone would like to sample some I'm sure I can bring it next time," the fox concluded with a small smile. Thankfully, those were both useful and were things that had been out of reach when the garden was burned. So, that supply was safe. As for the other plants, though.. Hmm.

    Next to speak was Canoris -- he recognized her from the Isles -- though as she was speaking about the rules of aggression and what not, the sound of movement to his left would cause him to look over his shoulder, and seeing that Sangria had made it, Claes would give his student a bright smile, and would give her a soft nudge in greeting as she began listening in. "I'm glad you made it," the Healinghand would whisper as to not disrupt the conversation over rules, "Is your paw feeling okay?" he would add quietly to her. He was glad she could make it, but he was hoping that the travel with her paw wasn't too bad.. He knew it had hurt for him, he couldn't imagine what it felt like for her. Though in the brief moment of silence, Deutschland's words caught his attention. "free respectable passage along the borders of other clans." The canid's ears perked at that statement, intrigue lining his gaze. Allowing medics to travel freely? That was.. That sounded really cool, really nice.. and thinking of it, it could be really helpful in ensuring that most medics were kept out of the crossfire of politics.. Though how would they do that? Would a bigger discussion among the clans be needed? It was likely.

    "I think that's a good idea," the male would speak up once more, eyes falling onto the Thunderlander, "But how would we... get our clans to agree to this?" Would they even agree? He hoped they would.. instilling that would mean a great deal for all the medics here. Being able to travel freely would make it not only much easier, but if they were allowed to see each other more often without the threats of ally or enemy, that would be able to cut down on violence, wouldn't it? With a quiet hum and his question asked, Claes would continue thinking, though his ears were perked and attentive to any answers that came.

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  • Neptunianpaw would have preferred to avoid conflict entirely, but he didn't have much of a choice. He had chosen to come to this meeting, and it should have been obvious that there would be some aggression between groups. The feline took a seat on his own, avoiding being too close to anyone for the time being.

  • "In some groups it may be hard to ensure all members follow the rule, but I think it would be a good one to pass. Hyperia would support it, so long as when the healers came on our land, they are there for something related to healing." Canoris said, voicing support for the idea. She also didn't know how to make it a reality across all groups, and would never trust the Exiles to uphold it, but it'd be a step in the right direction.

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  • Wilhelmina would first nod to Juba as he spoke up, the queen offering the Havener a kindly, appreciative smile as he added his own input. Ver's criticism had not been unfounded, but it was nice to hear some support of the idea as well. His explanation struck her as incredibly compelling, and was precisely one of the reasons why she had sought to establish such meetings in the first place. "I'm so glad to hear that you could gain something from these meetings. I know many of us would be more than happy to assist you in your training. I, for one, would certainly be able to assist you in any way, shape, or form." Despite the formal air in which she conducted this meeting, her expression was warm, familiar, and sincere.

    As the tell-tale scent of the Velu Forest touched her nose, her attention would turn briefly to 1004 -- A medic who she had met at the border of the bamboo-laden clan. Ducking her head in acknowledgement of the other's arrival, she briefly examines the way in which they take in the many sights, scents, and sounds. It was all rather overwhelming in a way, the large group of healers of varying cultures "trapped" on this island together, peaceful but still with tension crackling. She lamented having begun before everyone had arrived, and hoped deeply that nobody would feel compelled into silence. Everyone's opinion mattered, and she hoped whoever wanted to would speak up, regardless of when they arrived.

    Lemon's input next is highly appreciated, the physician is happy that the Mt. Kodiak dwelling group was still as she remembered it being: agriculturally inclined and peaceful towards others. For his presence, Wilhelmina is happy, glad to have a familiar person among the sea of strangers, somebody who was from one of the most tranquil groups of Agrelos too. His role as a medic was a surprising one, but she would not question it (publicly, at least); she wonders if he had been inspired by Sugarbaby, at some point or another. "Thank you, Lemon. That is a kind offer and it won't be forgotten. Although the Harrow Desert that the Ruiners make their homes in is often barren of vegetation, I make sure to keep my herb stores well stocked and would always be willing to share in times of dire need."

    Another whiff of the Derelict Expanse caught her nose and she turned her attention to Sangria as she settled in, the savannah cat a mildly familiar form; technically, she had only seen the princess once when she visited the Ruins in search of her family, but the form of Ver and Nadine's children were distinct ones. Nodding her hello in greeting, she would watch as she settled before turning her attention elsewhere.

    Canoris is next to arrive, the Blizzardclan-turned-Hyperian-Isles leader one with a certain amount of poise in her presence. Wilhelmina nods first at the woman's initial greeting, clarifying the headcount expected of members yet to arrive. The wolf has a thing or two to say about aggression, and Billie was swift to agree with her. "You're absolutely correct, Canoris. Anyone here who shows aggression will be asked to take their leave, and excluded from future meetings." Aphrodite, also smelling of the North, arrives in tow and settled down but is silent-- Wilhelmina still offers her a small wave of her tail.

    Olive eyes flicker to the familiar form of Deutschland and she nods. "I do think that is a good idea, but maybe something some clans are more reluctant to do than others. Perhaps after another few meetings, we can slowly begin to broach the idea to our leaders. For that matter-- Some people here are leaders. What do you think Ver? Canoris?" Though Canoris was swiftly confirming that Hyperia would pass it, and she accepts this with a nod; Nadine and Jace would not be so easy to appease, she thought.

    When another Exiler came in, peaceful in nature but out of place, she would frown subtly. "I have the highest respect for former medicine cats as well as current ones, but it is my belief that this meeting need be limited to those currently in the profession. If medicine is behind you, then I have to ask that you not attend this meeting again. Please feel welcome to stay for the duration of this one and escort your clanmates home, however." Wilhelmina thinks it to be an important distinction to make. Those not pursuing medicine anymore needn't apply unless given special invitation -- Angelbeats, her former mentor, had forsaken her position as physician in order to pursue a darker path. She couldn't help but mistrust Cory's odd presence here, however polite he seemed; although, she's unsure if Canoris is an official medic either, or officially pursuing the "trade" at least. She supposes that this rule wouldn't be enforced too heavily during the first meeting, but she needed to make it clear that there were certain expectations and rules about who could and couldn't come.

    Claes has information of his own to bring to the table, and Billie perks her ears and looks over to the Kingdomer. His insight is helpful and he makes an effort to address different topics that had come up, something she appreciates. He also has information about herbs native to the expanse and listens in eagerness. Jojoba and Globe Mallow. They sound incredibly beneficial, and she wonders if there's a chance that they could grow somewhere in the Harrow Desert. She doubted it, despite the groups being set in deserts, the climate and temperature managed to be quite different in the north and south. "I would certainly enjoy seeing a sample," she meowed, then listened as he raised concerns about the border issue. "I have similar concerns. While I think it's a good idea, some groups will be less eager to agree. After all, not all medics are strictly medics -- Some of us are certainly climbing the ranks independently of healing, it can be difficult for some to discern whether we're spying or there on genuine medical business in that case."

    She looked to Neptunianpaw as another Hyperian advanced, nodding her hello before considering Canoris' insight. "Perhaps it is something that could be brought up at a gathering in the future. Most leaders do attend those, correct?" She muses. "As a group, you all could work out the specific details and us medics could weigh in as necessary. It would help to all talk freely about it together, that way we all know where we stand."

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