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  • — Ugh, what was he doing here. Reluctant paws would sloppily drag along the scattered sand as the fiend made his way across the pyramid floor. He was tired and sick, a dangerous concoction to top with his already foul temperament. "Billie?" He'd groan with annoyance, poking his head into the medic chamber. A small sniffle would follow his inquiry, ebony claws flexing with impatience. He'd originally planned on leaving his pathetic sister out of his life completely, keeping her absent from his accomplishments and equation for success. Unfortunately, illness was unavoidable and seemed to always strike at the worst of times. So, here he was, prancing through the camp like some idiot and hoping the three-legged silver tabby would make an appearance. Viper tongue of sandpaper raking along his ivory fangs, the demonic beast would wait with looming frustration. How humorous was this? Him actually needing the very sibling he hated the most.

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  • Wilhelmina is not impressed by the call, even less enthused by his sickly state. She'd thought he'd been looking a bit under the weather at the last meeting. A frown furrowed way onto her features, tight and disapproving. "Well, what have you come down with this time?" She'd snip, not eager to treat him. He'd no problems scorning her, but came running whenever he needed help; scraped paws, internal infection, now whatever illness he'd caught in doing his roguish deeds. Once upon a time, she would have leaped at the opportunity to help him, not wanting him to suffer and eager to prove her worth. Staring at him now, she felt nothing. No longer was she afraid of him (but she sure didn't trust him), and she definitely didn't love him. All that left her now was indifference.

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  • "Isn't it your job to tell me?" He'd ask bitterly, a phlegm-filled growl parting his maw. Obviously he wasn't enthused about this whole ironic situation either. Settling down in the herb-filled room, the brute would eye his silver sibling closely. This was the first private interaction the two had carried since they both returned to the Ruins and that looming tension was certainly clearer than day. "I'm assuming just some weird cold." He'd add with a stiffened shrug, sniffling a bit. He'd wait for several more moments, curious to what the physician planned on doing. There was a secondary reason for his visit, although he wasn't sure how to address it quite yet. Maybe after she accepted her fate as his current doctor.

  • Delicately-structured features seem awfully stony as she stares at him, thinking he was rather presumptuous for settling down and expecting she treat him. "Nothing in the world is free," she says, uncharacteristically cold as she turns and grabs some feverfew and honey for some good measure. It was probably just a cold of some sort, she doubted Elian's immune system was really up to par from his many sleepless nights.When she turns to his side, her olive eyes are seeking something in his own amber orbs. She would treat him, if only out of obligation and because Ezra was out at the moment. "You owe me one," she says coolly, moving to touch noses with him - not a gesture of affection, but to simply see if he's running a fever. "Have you had chills? Sore throat? Sneezing?"

    when you see my face, i hope you don't laugh

    i'm not a film-star beauty, i'll send a photograph

  • — His dilute venomous stare would narrow with suspicion, brown and black tail tip lashing out once more. Her comment about everything having a cost would result in nothing more than tightly grit teeth and uncurled claws scraping against the pyramid floor. It was silly to speak of price and link them as a consequence. Surely nothing was free, but that applied to both directions and Billie was still in debt from her last mistake. How did betraying the clan possibly compete with requesting a check up? Still, he'd remain completely silent, instead simply glaring at the other with his typical expression of disapproval. The anger was fuming, bubbling through his veins like injected morphine. "I'm not asking for a favor, I'm asking you to do your job." The words were on the the edge of his viper tongue, swirling around his maw with great temptation. He wished to scold his silvery sibling, beat her down and remind her that their rivalry was not to be pushed or toyed with. That regardless of the hearts she carried around in her pocket, she would never get ahead of him.

    Ugh, if only.

    Yet the newly assigned warlord would force those violent thoughts of intrusion away, swallowing back his looming anger with remembrance that she'd once pushed for a promotion of his. It still didn't settle well with him, it wasn't like he needed her support, yet it spoke a lot if even she disagreed with the outcome. Snapping back to reality, the large maine coon would instantly pull away from the physicians test with a small growl. Affectionate or not, the only true physical interaction Elian was used to were those from his various battles. Like an abused dog, he had grown skeptical and distrusting of being within reach of being touched. "No fever." He'd grunt with a small sniffle, scooting away to add a bit more distance between them. Couldn't she just give him some drugs and send him on his merry way? "Mostly just.. congestion, I guess. Sore joints, headaches, all that bullshit. I guess some chills too." He'd wait for some sort of response, shifting the weight on his paws.

    "Also... is Lola one of yours?" He'd inquire this flatly, faint traces of hesitance lurking in his words. He failed to understand why the lioness was so determined to fix his broken personality. Surely she understood that such task was impossible at this point, right? Unless there was an ulterior motive behind her kindness and persistence. While he'd originally crossed the ridiculous possibility from his list, he was once again questioning the chances of Lola being some sort of information gathering spy for his sister. Was this all some intricate plan to bring him down? Or maybe the paranoia from lack of sleep was acting up again. Regardless, the two were clearly close, something that irked him greatly, but how close. "She's digging herself in the same hole you did. Surely you agree its dangerous to test my limitations. She's not going to get as close to me as she thinks."

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  • Dewey eyes would take in his agitation, unflinching at his growl as she took his temperature. There's a touch of amusement that lingers in the mossy depths of her gaze. But only an ounce; there's some sick humor to be found in the scenario, that's for certain, but more than anything Billie is guarded around him. Careful and reluctant, yet equally as analytical as him (though in a different way). She sees her doesn't like her comment about favors, quid pro quo and all, but didn't he realize how ballsy it was of him to expect she heal him when she had almost been slain at his paws? The physician doesn't trust him, doesn't like him, and surely doesn't want to see him in good health. They had two fully trained healers now, after all (and a duo of fresh nurses), he needed add fuel to the flames by coming to her.

    "Take the feverfew, it will help with the chills. I can give you some lavender that Lola found, you can line your bedding with it and it may help some of with the aches," she gestures to the plant, flippantly speaking to him - though the bit about Lola was a carefully added bit of information, thrown in as she processed his question, just to further encourage that seed of suspicion. "You'll be fine. Take a break from your duties for a day or two and get plenty of rest." Her tone is crisp, though she can't stop herself from adding, "I'm sure Nadine will appreciate you taking the time to... Rest your brain, as she put it." The jab is less venomous, more wry, ivory whiskers twitching as she considers the Red Queen's dislike for her twin. The more animals against Elian, the better for her. She had noticed his unpopularity in the clan, and it helped her be so bold now. How could he do anything when those on top would throw him to the dogs the second they had a reason to?

    With a laugh, bitter and cold, she says, "You owe me two favors, I suppose. After all, I stepped out of the way and let you get to where you are now." Could she have risen there first, had she not resigned from her duties as a third tier? It's a fun thought, if nothing else; rising to a full healer, officially, was all she had dreamed of, she was willing to sacrifice the alternative career path in an instant if that meant serving the clan better in her dream job. But she wouldn't let Elian forget that she had been in the line of succession first- even if it was an injustice to him.

    Finally, she allows herself to consider his concerns about Lola. Her haughtiness breaks away and is replaced with a sad smile, she goes onto say, "People don't belong to anyone, Elian." She wished it was all a scheme on her behalf, she longed for her friend not to pad down that dangerous path. "You're right. She cares for you. But you've spent time with her alone, you must feel... Something for her, to even do that much." The word feel is a tricky one when it comes to her twin, she knows he can't feel much- anything? She's not sure. Verdant gaze searches his Hazel one, seeking answers. "You must care to feel the need to confide me in all this."

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