plot with the dark dynasty ambassador

Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos
  • TAGS. — so! vanillamacchiato here is the dark dynasty's ambassador for solaris kingdom. she's sweet but scatterbrained, often persisting with a conversation topic long after everyone else has moved on from it, going off on tangents of her own, and missing social cues that aren't spelled out for her. icly (though not necessarily oocly) she arrives at solaris kingdom every sunday afternoon and leaves the next day at the same time, so all threads with her should take place during one of these visits.

    open to:

    — learning about solaris kingdom (its customs, history, recent events, politics, etc.)

    — telling y/c about the dark dynasty (though she's pretty new to it herself)

    — going on a tour

    — taking visitors back to the dark dynasty for a tour

    — rambling on and on about one of her current interests (anything having to do with puzzles, strategy, or games, as well as the uses and applications of bamboo)

    — discussing event or policy ideas

    — discussing/debating pro-clan ethics/anti-clan conversion or something like that

    — friendships!

    — offending y/c without realizing

    — pen pals??

    — exchanging little souvenirs from their respective clans

    — learning a skill from y/c (anything goes, but i would especially love if someone taught her stealth or self-defense)

    — teaching a skill (reading/writing or anything having to do with her current interests somehow)

    — complicated plots because i live for those

    — anything that isn't the usual capture/litters/etc., just shoot me ideas

  • slides in here!! i haven't posted in her visit yet, but i would love for sangria to learn/collaborate with her, maybe! i also adore the idea of pen pals for some reason

    maybe? sangria asks to visit dd with vanilla and learn a bit more about their culture, and they become relatively comfortable with each other?

    i believe that you will see a better day


    princess sangria tormenta million, lightbringer of the commune guild and healinghand of the solaris kingdom

    broken & battered