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    not to spam this place with my ugly mug even tho u can't see my face, bare with me okay, but mayhaps,,, marsala could be the one that gives his brother, bacardi, vampirism for whatever possibly-angsty reason (maybe for supporting chica throughout her period of grief despite the possible neglect going on? idk), and it could spark up some more drama ?? only if you're up for it of course !!

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  • :oo awesome!! my excitement has boosted up by x1000 bc we stan some angsty drama

    mayhaps we could have a smol chat thread somewhere for the chica spawn fam bc bih she got too many in the first place

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    USERNAME:  mullet

    LITTER: chicagocrimes x annabelle

    NAME: irishcoffee (his name will be changed to whiskeyshots) fazbear xerses

    GENDER: male

    APPEARANCE: (ref.) whiskeyshots is a smokey black domestic feline with fluffy black fur covering his face, back, and legs. smokey gray covers the back of his head, his neck, chest, and underbelly, along with his tail. his eyes are a deep wine red, almost hypnotizing and satisfying to look at. his facial structure is quite handsome (and gets him all the girls), with pearly white teeth and a pure black nose.

    OTHER (PLOTS, DUAL-ALLIANCES, ETC): dual alliance with volary flights, and i wanna think of plots but ideas who?


    LITTER: 02

    NAME: Candycocktails

    GENDER: female

    APPEARANCE: a small, two foot tall dragon with a rather striking appearance. Her body-shape is very long and slender, with tall, thin legs, large 'paws' or 'hands' with sharp nails and claws, a long neck, a tail almost the length of her body, and an elongated and rather rounded muzzle. A dainty pair of antlers protrudes from between rather canine-like ears, and her body is smooth and leathery. Large, flight-capable, white feathered wings protrude from behind her shoulder-blades, while her whip-like tail is prehensile. Her cheeks, knees, and elbows are also adorned with white feathers, as is the tip of her tail. Her body has a very simple pattern, a soft pearlescent cream with a rosy-pink overlay, and thin stripes and spots of a soft turquoise hue. Her eyes, forked-tongue, and her claws are all a vivid yet pastel lime-green. Her feathers and face after painted with natural paints and dyes, her antlers and wings are adorned with various plants, and she wears a large fang necklace around her neck and a brawn satchel at her shoulders. She has a constant companion in a small white mouse which she has named 'Squeakers' who rides around in her bag of on her head.

    OTHER (PLOTS, DUAL-ALLIANCES, ECT): Candy is very interested in medicine and healing, will probably try and find plots/paths based around this

  • ◞➳ oh,,,, she sounds really soft,,, or at least!! her aesthetic / appearance is really soft ahhh i'm in love. accepted! i'm excited to see both her and you around, kitten!! also the harbinger of healing rank is currently open atm so you could probably try and gun for that?? ;0 as well as have her show an interest in the spirits / religion, kind of like a priestess and whatnot.


    LITTER: chicago x annabelle x luci

    NAME: Chianti Fazbear Xerses Mallister (kee-on-tee)

    GENDER: female

    - Crystalline floral dragoness body(birth): ?? not sure what the mutations looked like
    - Hellhound body: Licorice black fur with strawberry red accents on the tip of her 'feathered' tail, inside of her ears, paw pads, tongue, eyes, blood, tears and spit. Eyes are seemingly pupil-less but she can still see fine, her pupils are just close in color to her irises. sclera is black.

    OTHER (PLOTS, DUAL-ALLIANCES, ECT): going to the sanctuary, still figuring out plots...probably going to be an extreme heartbreaker


    ( of candy, and jam, and ice cream... )

    ( ✧ ) sugary ( ✧ ) 17, she/her ( ) characters ( ✧ ) groups ( ✧ )

  • ok I know I don’t need any more chars but “floral mutations” and “dragon” is giving me ideas send help



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