edge of the earth || lily of the valley conference... oh, & also the world is ending

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  • Each one looks the same, speaks the same, battles just the same. If you can take one out, you can take out all the others. The masses of cloned Team Galactic grunts were easy to wipe out, and with a mostly clean conscience: they weren't human so much as pathetic echoes of humans.

    The bosses were harder, but you'd taken them down in the end, hadn't you? The evil was defeated. Sinnoh-- the entire country-- the entire world was safe at long last. "We can sleep easy now," Professor Rowan had said, smiling, and you had all agreed, relief like you'd never felt calming your mind.

    So why are you still waking up with nightmares?

    Because-- and you don't know this yet, none of you do-- it isn't over yet.

    "The world isn't ending anymore," everyone says when you wake up in a cold sweat, tense and ready, Poke Ball in hand. You blink yourself aware and nod, but no one knows that they've got it all wrong: what they should be saying is, "The world isn't ending yet."

    Because it's coming.

    Oh, it's sure as hell coming.

    And you and your friends-- five of the world's most skilled and renowned young trainers-- will need to step up again to save it.

    Of course it shouldn't be you. You're not even seventeen, still really just a kid. You've won a few conferences, maybe, or perhaps shown your skills in contests and performances-- you're pretty damn good at what you do-- but world-saving? You did that once. Halfway by accident.

    It shouldn't be you, but it is.

    And this time, you can't afford to mess up. With every move you make, the stakes are higher than before. The four other kids on your side are trainers whom you trust with your life. You know how to battle and you're pretty solid at teamwork, but will it be enough?

    We can only hope.

    Here's the plot:

    Five highly skilled trainers from various regions, all younger than 17, were involved in taking down Team Galactic and saving the world in an adventure that essentially amounted to the plot of DPPt. During the course of this adventure, they became best friends and have since kept contact. All five of these trainers are set to participate in the Lily of the Valley conference in late February. However, the preliminaries have only just begun when something occurs: trainers start collapsing, sometimes even mid-battle, and screaming horrible prophecies in their sleep. Usually it's only snatches of sentences-- "they'll come and the world will end," "only the chosen," "nothing we can do," "you have to stop it," "save us," et cetera. It's terrifying, and it's clear that something is happening-- something centered around the trainers at the conference. Some trainers forfeit the competition and leave. When one of the trainers who was "nightmared" (as people start calling it) disappears completely, people freak out. When the trainer is found dead two days later, the conference is called off.

    The five trainers-- and maybe some people they meet along the way-- are determined to figure out what's going on. When they discover a stash of Poke Balls bearing the insignia of Team Galactic, they realize they've got their work cut out for them.

    Playable characters include good guys, bad guys, trainers, Pokemon, competitors, gym leaders, maybe even Elite Four or Champions if the applications are good-- whatever you guys want!

    Here's the rundown:

    This thread is public and will remain so for its entirety. Sign-ups can be found here (link to be added). As soon as I like your post, your application is accepted and you may immediately insert yourself into the roleplay however you see fit.

    Site rules apply-- other than that, just don't be a dick OOC. (Your character, on the other hand, is perfectly allowed to be a dick. Go wild.) If I determine that someone is acting in a way that somehow destroys the roleplay or hurts other roleplayers, you'll be kicked.

    Be team players, guys. Support others' characters and the directions in which they try to push the story-- as in improv, support your ensemble and always say "yes, and."

    Feel free to track this thread/like this post so I can gauge interest!

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