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    Moons of warring cats had stained the earth red with blood, the scent of death heavy upon the air; prey had long since left in waves due to the incessant fighting, and the death toll was rising in leaps and bounds. This was the cruel reality that had at one time been the origins of the clan now known as ScarletClan; a clan named after the moons of blood that had been shed upon ancient battlefields due to unyielding sides desiring nothing more than to survive. However, the path that lead to the nonstop fighting is one that is a long one; started simply by the desire for territory and protection.

    The fighting had originated within territory that had been unclaimed by majority of the cats whom resided within; and considering at first there was not many cats in the area and chances of cats interacting with each other was very slim. As such, the fights that occasionally broke out did not last long and certainly didn't have any dire consequences. Yet, soon more cats would stumble in upon the rather secluded territory, laying claim to it. The cats whom had invaded held diseases, and which such diseases it had spread easily to the uninfected cats whom had called the territory their home. Not only were the cats diseased, they were also very much aggressive, chasing cats whom had settled down from their homes and laying claim to more of the territory under a tyranical rule. Of course, through the moons of having to deal with the constant running and barely managing to defend themselves, the cats who had been there first had gotten quite fed up and desperate due to being chased out close to where there was twoleg territory; and with the Thunderpath that lay between the edge of the protection of what had been their forest, and poisoned water due to the all the chemicals the twolegs commonly poured out, it was clear what their last resort was: it was to fight for their home or die trying for they had no other option; nothing else that could be going for them and living with twolegs certainly was not an option.

    So, the fighting had soon started with the dead of night; with the moon high in the sky and the invaders that had been sleeping peacefully in their stolen dens, the desperate cats had attacked with all of their might. The first fight had been a confused, sloppy mess with startled and angry cats fighting desperately for their lives, yowls filling the air and blood being shed in waves. The fight however resulted in the desperate cat's defeat, once more being chased out to the Thunderpath and past it into twoleg territory. Soon the second fight came, and then the third... Eventually, the days went by with nonstop battles, neither side wanting to give up. However, as it stretched on into two years of fighting, both sides had been thoroughly decimated.

    The cat population had tanked due to not a lot of cats being able to fight anymore, the prey had scattered, herbs were picked clean, and the area was left barren. In the last fight to occur prior to ScarletClan's formation, the two sides had once again picked up the last of their fighting spirits and were prepared to kill each other in the last ditch efforts; and just as the two sides had raised claw against each other on the ruined battlefield, a piercing flash of light had suddenly filled the barren field in both side's confusion and horror. Soon, spirits of the deceased had filled the barren field, dead cats from both sides had plead for the fighting to cease, unwilling to see their loved ones fight each other anymore. Instead they had demanded a union of both sides to mend and heal, no longer could they fight each other for both sides would be destroyed.

    Many cats had objected after the deceased cats had faded, unwilling to see the truth of their words and unable to allow themselves to trust the other side, however it was inevitable that both sides would give in to the demands when faced with the truth of their reality. No one desired to fight anymore; the fighting had gone on for far too long and neither side had the resources to spare. So, with both sides having to compromise, they had joined together in the beginnings of ScarletClan, and soon with the guidance of the deceased had formed the clan's hierarchy and the rules that would be put into place to maintain order amongst themselves to not cause the horrors of the past to happen again.

    Now, facing their future moons after their formation, ScarletClan is striding forward toward their new destiny with stories yet to be told; and legends yet to be formed. It is now time to unravel their legacy into the future onward with you apart of it.


    ScarletClan's territory resides within with a forest nesteled behind massive mountains to the north, forming a natural barrier between themselves and whatever lies beyond the mountain range. Within the forest; it has plentiful prey with lush forestry and dense, clustered trees which provide ample coverage. In such territory, ScarletClan's camp had settled upon the base of a large oak tree whose roots had formed arches spreading out from it. Dens had been dug out in identical fashion aside from the leader's den of which rests within the base of the oak tree that had been hollowed out. For protection, the camp's walls had been reinforced with thorns and thick mud walls to keep most if not all unwanted threats out.

    To the west of the territory lies the Thunderpath and twolegplace; it forms a farmland that leads out to an open meadow with more mountains out toward that area. Many are warned not to venture out into twolegplace as a precautionary measure against the twolegs themselves and their monsters that commonly ride back and forth upon the Thunderpath. Nearby the farm and a bit into the forest lies an abandoned lumberyard, it is here that herbs are stored and picked for the medicine cats to retrieve them; however medicine cats are always adviced to have a patrol of warriors with them due to the threat of rats whom had recently taken residence within.

    To the south, there lies a river that leads into a small lake. Sunning Rocks rest nearby of which any cat is free to rest and relax upon the rocks or have the option to fish if they so feel inclined to do so; however adders tend to take up residence within the rocks so precautionary measures are recommended.

    In the center of the forest lies the Great Battlefield of which medicine cats can visit to commune with StarClan; it is here where the ground still remains red from the blood that is spilled and on no circumstances other than the occasions that the medicine cat and the new leader are to gain lives is this place to be disturbed.

    prey: thrush, dove, sparrow, vole, mole, rabbit, squirrel, shrew, adders (rarely), various fish, wild hare (rarely), turtle (rarely)

    beware: fox, badger, bear, owl, twolegs, beavers (rarely)



    ¤Clan Relationships


    ¤the clan || allegiances

    14 || 11 || 1

    Leader- Pantherstar | 7 lives | 58 moons | NEBBY.

    Deputy- Russetthorn | 23 moons | apprentice: Hollypaw Adrian Park

    Medicine Cat- Willowfang | 89 moons | NEBBY.

    Medicine Cat Apprentice- Gorsepaw | 8 moons | tubig .

    Warriors (13/unlimited)

    Barleytail | 75 moons | apprentice: Beetlepaw NEBBY.

    Stormrunner | 58 moons | tubig .

    Tawnysky | 54 moons | apprentice: Shrewpaw Adrian Park

    Grassfall | 36 moons | Bunnie

    Cedarwish | 36 moons | apprentice: Graypaw NEBBY.

    Silverthorn | 30 moons | tubig .

    Pastelstorm | 29 moons | CherryBerry

    Blueflame | 25 moons | Sesshomaru

    Foxcry | 23 moons | Adrian Park

    Wolfflame | 18 moons | Sesshomaru

    Poolstorm | 16 moons | apprentice: Rabbitpaw Paleflame

    Lionleap | 15 moons | Synonymous

    Doeskip | 15 moons | tubig .

    Apprentices (5/unlimited)

    Hollypaw | 10 moons | NEBBY.

    Shrewpaw | 10 moons | NEBBY.

    Beetlepaw | 10 moons | Adrian Park

    Graypaw | 9 moons | Synonymous

    Rabbitpaw | 8 moons | Bunnie

    Queens (1/unlimited)

    Tinywing | 54 moons | NEBBY.

    Kits (3/unlimited)

    Beastkit | 5 moons | Three Brothers Prophesy

    Swiftkit | 5 moons | Three Brothers Prophesy

    Pinekit | 5 moons | Three Brothers Prophesy

    Elders (0/unlimited)

    Others (0/unlimited)





    ¤Neighboring Clans


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