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    Rain droplets fell from the sky as the cats finally reunited with the rest of the clan. He wasn’t sure if they were ever going to escape, let alone survive. His legs were still weak from swimming, and he was exhausted after loosing a life from too much water inhalation, but at least he had saved his kits and clanmates.

    Shakily, the leader padded towards the old meeting rock. They had nowhere else to go. They would return to their home above ground. Where Windclan was supposed to be. “Windclan! Gather below for a meeting.” those were hardly even close to the normal words, but he didn’t care. Speaking to the clan was more important right now than those words.


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  • ❝ THE CROWN ❞ The deputy was there, exhausted and running out a hope but certainly happier now that they were back above ground. Hollow eye sockets very obviously half-lidded as he allowed his grizzled face to look towards Lizardstar. This clan really was exhausting to live in. He hadn't expected so much trouble to come from joining the moor dwelling clan when he first showed up at the border but nevertheless he had survived and was still here.

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    IC; Sparrowpaw was exhausted. Each breath was an effort, as if there was still water in her lungs that she couldn't expel. At her leaders call, despite every cell in her body screaming at her to rest, she rose shakingly to her paws and she walked forward. Her normally lively gray blue eyes were dim as they remained glued to the ground, her fur still hanging from her bones with water. Sparrowpaw would half sit and half lay down near the front and fought to remain focused on whatever Lizardstar had to say.

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  • The tunnel collasping had been a nervewrecking event, and Grizzly still got chills thinking back to when he and his other clanmates were trapped down there. Having to swim out, with a kit clinging to his fur, as the tunnels were collasping. If it wasn't for that silver cat in the tunnels, the bobtail wondered if he would have ever been able to escape the tunnels. Hopefully I never have to go through anything like that again in my life. Shaking his pelt as water started to trickle from the sky, Grizzly stood with his clanmates beneath the meeting rock. It wasn't his first meeting since joining the clan, but it was his first time in their old camp- their actual camp, he reminded himself.

  • XAVyxoV.gif She was tired. But the molly made her way to her father, aiming to gently brush against Rulindil's side. Letting him know that she had made it out and was okay. To let him know that she hadn't gone any where. Velvet looked around, wondering if that one kit she saw in the tunnels had made it out. She had tried to help them but maybe they had been too slow. "" .

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    windclan apprentice 9 moons girl luna x rulindil

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  • Track because Patch stayed with his dad when the tunnel collapsed))

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