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  • Lavenderstar had kept quiet as she led her clan back to SkyClan's territory, she made sure to steer well away from the area of their old camp in which twolegs were still building and making a mess of things... but luckily for SkyClan a camp had been found and they could now return home. It was a bit away from their old camp, and SkyClan had to slightly expand their territory to receive access to it but not by much, all in the end is this would mean border patrols would get a little bit more exercise... and could any of the other clans even complain? Expanding their territory and claiming the territory was the only thing they could do, unless they were going to leave the whole entire area which meant they would no longer be apart of the clans anymore. Did they want that? She wasn't sure if she would be shocked or not if some would- or even if some didn't really care at the end of the day.

    No matter that, she was just... glad SkyClan was doing okay. They still hadn't found Breezepaw or Finchpaw but once they were settled in Lav would be sure to heavily search for the girls again, she hadn't given up on them.

    Eventually they would finally approach the clearing and a big smile grew on Lavenderstar's face, "Prepare to be amazed! I think its actually really nice!" She purrs, she just hoped the others thought the same. If they didn't, she didn't know what to tell them. Really as of now this was their only option and she had looked over the place thoroughly, it would make for a good camp.

    With that she slips through the camps entrance, before padding off to the side to give room for everyone else to walk in. "We're home." 

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  • Paws hardened with acquainted travel followed behind his leader, a bit sick of the taste of fish, though admittedly missing the expansive population of frogs hopping about Riverclan. It was like a paradise of all water-accustomed creatures, Hoppaw surely took a grand liking to the scenery. Strangely the frog decided to continue traveling with his giant companion, riding on the top of his head as the Ragamuffin pushed himself into the new camp.

    It was as lavish as any camp could dream to be. Towering trees supporting abandoned twoleg dens with hugging branches whispered fortune among the gathered Skyclanners, promising a prompt delightful future in their wake. Though Littlepaw was not too accustomed to climbing, more opting for the scenic strolls to his destinations, he found he enjoyed the new camp in it's appearance and setup a bit more then the previous. He silently willed for the new dens to be home to a collection of squirrels or raccoons nestled in harmony. Perhaps they'd chatter in the ear of Littlepaw and speak of stories only their kind knew. At the height of the moon, insects may crawl onto the creases of the wood and find safety in sepia tabby fur, acquainting with Hoppaw and the giant respectively before taking their leave.

    Little took a moment to tear his forest colored optics from the newly dubbed home and find Lavenderstar off to the side to await the gathered opinions of her clan. A soft smile graced his square maw, lumbering towards her with a respectful dip of his head and a excited glint in his eyes. "It's beautiful Lavenderstar."

    After voicing such, he silently scolded himself, willing his features not to deny such and show it. She likely was not searching for his opinion; he was merely an apprentice. She was likely searching the familiar faces of her deputy or senior warriors; she possibly could not care for the child addressing her with such obvious observations.


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  • by the time skyclan drew near to their new home, kestrelswoop was practically tripping over his own paws. weariness had seeped into his bones, making the journey seem much more longer than it actually was. it wouldn't have been nearly as taxing if kes had gotten proper sleep last night, but ever since they had taken shelter with riverclan, he found sleep even harder to come by. as they kept walking, the forest blurred around him, until the only thing that he was focusing on was the cats in front of him. he'd fallen behind the others to take a position in the rear at some point. he couldn't remember when that happened.

    finally, lavenderstar announced that they were getting close. with a rush of excitement and adrenalin restoring his energy momentarily, kestrelswoop had picked up the pace. he emerged into the camp not too far behind lavenderstar and littlepaw, and stopped short in his tracks to take it in. large trees grew to the left of where kestrelswoop stood, and supported by these trees were two wooden structures that looked similar to twoleg nests, except with seasons upon seasons of wear and tear. the structures were connected with more pieces of wood held up by tendrils. at the edge of the camp sat a hollowed out log, surely to be one of the dens thanks to it's convenience.

    kestrelswoop had a few misgivings about incorporating twoleg dens into their camp. the dens looked abandoned, but.. what if the twolegs decided to come back? what if they lost their home to those bastards again? he was sure that lavenderstar wouldn't choose a new camp that was likely to bring harm to them, she would never do that. but it still brought worry to his mind when thinking about those things.

    he didn't say anything, instead opting to walk over to a spot where he wouldn't be in everyone's way and sit down. the adrenalin had worn off by now, leaving him feeling more exhausted than ever.

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    Normally Lynxflight, given both her stamina and determination to reach the end goal, was well-equipped for long travels that would require a lot of muscle activity, though even she was noticeably tired out as they neared their new home, a limp rabbit swinging gently from clenched jaws. Yet her energy seemingly picked up the closer they got, perhaps due to desperation to finally see it for what it was, lithe paws breaking into a paced trotting gait, voluminous tail now lifting from the dirt and standing upwards towards the canopy that shielded the sky they named themselves after.

    It was indeed a sight to behold, beautifully laid out, almost perfect. Plentiful of trees to climb, Lynxflight noted mentally, vibrant visionaries scanning the branches and the trunks that she would soon find herself scaling, rather than using the stairs. For once, she found herself thanking the twolegs, for building such a creation that SkyClan could find a home in, even if that wasn't the original purpose. As she looked around out of curiosity, she spotted Kestrelswoop evidently exhausted, deciding to approach him and drop her rabbit by his paws. "Want to eat?"


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    trekking through the woods had worn charcoalpaw’s weakened frame even more. his paws, unused to such strenuous activity, aches by the time they reached their new camp. but he hadn’t complained because he was happy that they even had a home and also because he didn’t want to be that cat.

    the apprentice was amazed when he finally laid eyes upon their new home. it was covered with trees, giving plenty of shade and even better was that everything was seemingly connected. first glance had made weary as to how the treehouses were situated but when he saw the steps, his paws itched to go to them. “how did you find this, lavenderstar!”, char breathed with a happy excitement.

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  • kestrelswoop had nearly tuned out of everything around him when a nearby voice drifted into his ears, followed by something dropping at his paws. lynxflight had placed a rabbit at his paws, and he knew she had told him something, yet he couldn't recall what exactly it was that she had said. it took a minute, but he put two and two together and guessed that she had asked him if he wanted to eat or something of the like. almost as if on cue, his stomach growled, reminding him of his hunger. he'd been too caught up within his weariness and the journey itself to really notice the emptiness in his belly. now that he was looking down at the piece of prey, he could feel the sharp pangs of hunger stabbing at him.

    but the elders, queens, and kits needed it more than him. kestrelswoop forced away any tempting thoughts of accepting her offer, and shook his head. "nah, i'm not that hungry." a blatant lie. he just hoped that lynxflight didn't hear his stomach rumbling earlier. "besides, the elders and kits would probably enjoy it more than i would right now. no sense in wasting a perfectly good rabbit on me."

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    Mothshine had felt a surge or hope she hadn't felt in days when they came across this new camp. Their new home. A new place for the clan to grow and live together. Even now, it felt a bit unreal. Even now she missed the old camp. There was a bitterness left in her mouth, stinging and unpleasant, knowing that twolegs were crawling over their once safe grounds. Making ruin of the dens they slept in and bathing the forest in their putrid scent. What use could they have for that space? Were their expansive nests not enough? Maybe she'd never understand the selfishness of humans. How could she? She scarcely understood even an ounce of their behavior. They were entirely unpredictable and that may be the worst of it all. It all made her head spin if she thought on it too much. Perhaps she'd ask Blackbird about it someday. He could enlighten her, surely. At the very least, he'd know more than she did. She didn't think they'd ever find the answers as to why they took over their old camp. Not even their ancestors seemed to give any closure on that front. But maybe...maybe they didn't need it. Maybe with this new beginning there was no need for searching or wondering. That wouldn't serve any of them now.

    She was close on Lavenderstar's tail as they made their journey. Stars, she was surprised her paws didn't ache from their travels. The back and forth even sapped up some of her excessive energy--and that was truly saying something. But despite her dragging feet and sleepy mind she couldn't help the bounce that found its way into her step. A new beginning, indeed. Amber eyes stared like excited moons around them, drinking it all in. Wondering. She had seen it once before but this felt different--new and exciting with all of her clanmates filing in around them. Before, with no warm bodies, it was hard to picture as a camp. Now she could really see it. Their future here, together. The dens reminded her of the place she had once stayed, for six moons. The place she had grown and made friends. It was all rather amazing, wasn't it? Some faint memories of their past camp. And plenty of room for new ones. A grin fractured her face, all bright and eager and welcoming. "We really lucked out, hm?" She chirped, eyes never settling on one place for too long. There was still so much to take it. "A new camp for our new leader. How fitting!" She purred, turning towards her former mentor and giving her a gentle nudge with her shoulder.


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  • Fallenkit followed lavender very closely, she looked excited, hearing her clanmates talk happily, if her clanmates were happy she was happy too.

    Fallenkit- short-haired dusty gray tabby she-cat, is blind by birth, black spot on right eye, three unknown scars on each eye, lives in Skyclan. Is 3 moons old.

    Pearlkit- short-haired dapple silver she-cat with dark silver stripes, gray paws, lives in riverclan. Is 2 months old.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Paws ached from the journey from the new camp. The night before they were set to leave, Heron had attempted to head to bed early and rest, but found sleep was elusive at best. She walked the journey between her mate and children, amber gaze occasionally shifting to Charcoalpaw to make sure he was handling it well.

    Although tired, the young deputy was surprisingly hopeful as well. True, they had to expand their territory a little bit, but from what little she knew Lavenderstar seemed to think it was a good camp. When they finally appeared at the new camp, Heron would join her clanmates in coming forward to get her first look at it. In some ways, it reminded her of the old camp, but in other ways it did not. A new leader. A new camp. It seemed SkyClan was full of fresh starts recently. "This is great," Heronswoop said, a purr forming in her throat. She would give Lavenderstar a nod of approval. "You found a good camp for us, Lav."



  • She watches as the clan begins to pool into their new camp, a smile on her face. They liked it? It seemed so for the most part at least! Ugh, thank the stars, she had been worried she'd be given weird looks like "where the hell did you actually just take us all to?" or "you want us to live in this hellhole?", which she would have been heavily confused... if that was the response they did get. It was similar in their old camp in ways, the tree houses for example, and the fact that all of their dens for the most part were still in trees- or fallen trees that is. She was pretty sure she had a good idea which dens would be which... but she supposed she needed to show the camp around huh?

    Before doing so she would respond to her dear clan-mates.

    "Don't know if I'd call it beautiful, but I like it! I think it suits SkyClan perfectly, we are still living within the trees and honestly I couldn't ask for a better replacement of our old camp. As... sad as I am that we had to replace it." She practically chirps despite her more... sad finish to the comment. She was hopeful of SkyClan's future, hopeful that they'd continue to survive.

    She was going to make sure SkyClan's reputation as the underdogs of the forest was changed, she'd make sure they were no longer the smallest, and perhaps... their neutral standing under her leadership would change.

    The gray molly's evergreen eyes would trail to Charcoalpaw and well... she shrugs. "To be honest? I have no idea... I was walking, walking a little more... and then in front of me I seen a clearing and I thought maybe this could be something? Sure enough it was, and I called the rest of the patrol over to check it out with me." She purrs, really she hoped cats weren't actually... giving her credit for this. Sure whatever, she found it but... everyone was looking. Everyone was searching, in the end if you asked her all the warriors who helped out found it truly. Thanks to them she knew where not to look.

    She glances at Mothpaw and lets out a small laugh, attempting to nudge her playfully right back. "Suppose thats one way to look at it, just hope when I die though you all don't have to go looking for another camp for Heronswoop. Sounds like a lot of work." She says with an amused snort, and unless a new camp managed to literally grow itself from the ground then... err SkyClan didn't have much of a chance finding yet another new camp.

    If she hadn't found this she wouldn't know what to do. Really she wouldn't. "But truly, we did luck out. I'm glad we managed to find ourselves a new home."

    Lav spots Fallenkit trailing behind her, though she doesn't say anything she glances back at the kit and gives her a big smile. It must have been a hard past week for the child huh? All this walking... probably scary too. She just hoped the child took a liking to the new camp.

    She would then turn to her deputy, "It is... I really like it here. We've got a lot of work to do to get ourselves settled in but I have no doubt we'll continue to thrive. We're strong, we're family. Nothing will divide us." Ahh, a bit sappy but Lav loved her clan. She'd get sappy over them every day. "Enough of my... sentimental comments though, cause if I carry on I might cry. Let me show you all around!" She exclaims, before the older molly would childishly race over to on of the trees in the middle of camp, immediately beginning to clamber up it. "Come on slowpokes! What are you all waiting for? These are nearly exactly like the warriors den back in our old camp! But a little bigger, there is even like... a another room up above one!"

    Damn she was really excited.

    Quickly she would pull herself up onto the porch, before beginning to walk off to the side to give others some room. "Welcome to the warriors and the apprentice dens! This right here is the warriors den, one across the bridge is the apprentices den. Oh- and the upstairs room in the warriors den? Mine, I call dibs on it." She jokes around with a laugh.




  • ✦ ✧ ✦ It certainly wasn't an understatement when Lavenderstar said they had some work to do. It would take a while until the camp truly began to feel like home, And it would definitely take a while until the camp looked presentable. But what had been found was a promising start, and Heron looked forward to seeing it grow as the camp resettled.

    The lilac calico would follow behind silently as Lavenderstar gave a small tour. Once again the dens were mostly up in the treetop, which made sense given SkyClan's skillset. Heronswoop would follow the leader in clambering up to get a better look at the new dens. Heronswoop made a small 'hmmph' noise at the mention of the leader's den. "What, no deputy's den?" She teased with a laugh.



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    For such a brightly hued feline she blended in seamlessly into the crowd. Her expression was neutral, reserved. She tried to think mature, focus on appreciation that they found a camp at all and plan for chores and how she might go about interspersing training and fixing things up to show Lavenderstar just how great a warrior she would be. But within all that lied a childish anger towards the new place. She didn't like that it was new. She wanted her old home, where she grew up and was raised. Fury boiled behind her mask of placidity as she thought about how the twolegs took away a place that harbored so many of her memories.

    "Deputies have always slept in the warriors den" Bluepaw says helpfully, not understanding the joke as she looks around the new treehouse. But despite her anger, she had to admit it wasn't a bad change.

  • When Fallenkit saw lavender smile she giggled and raced after her, but stopping at the tree that the leader had climbed, she looked a bit hesitant since she hadn’t any ‘real’ climbing before, especially climbing a tree. She dug her front claws into the bark, but made no further progress, she looked scared and nervous, she didn’t move an inch.

    Fallenkit- short-haired dusty gray tabby she-cat, is blind by birth, black spot on right eye, three unknown scars on each eye, lives in Skyclan. Is 3 moons old.

    Pearlkit- short-haired dapple silver she-cat with dark silver stripes, gray paws, lives in riverclan. Is 2 months old.

  • stagbelly made his way into the new camp. he wasnt very active during the whole event with riverclan. he couldn't be bothered to get his paws dirtied. the daylight warrior marched his way through the crowd. his eyes flickered up on bluepaw for a moment, before having a huff of tiredness. the seal point didn't want to interact with the sourpuss very much. the seal point settled in the sidelines of the camp.

    hoping to watch the warriors to check out the new dens. not that he was fond of the treehouse get up. stag yawned slightly. this would have been a perfect day to leave and come back a few days later. "Lavenderstar, do you want me to do anything before I head out?" Stagbelly called out, hoping she would answer him. Catching a few prey or what not wouldnt be much to him, as his travel to the city was going to be long.


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