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    Though Tempest was willing to give up the true life of a wanderer that they had come to know and enjoy, they couldn't go cold turkey. The benefits of a group were undeniable, but the constant same, the same food, the same surroundings, the same people... It was all so damn boring. Not that the people sucked. Not too much anyways. But Temp had developed a routine. Wandering. And they hated that joining a group, no matter how many benefits they reap, had fucked up their routine. So the only plausible solution in their mind was to join another group.

    A group not too far as to cause issue, to create permanent leaves of absence in one or the other, but far enough to feel like how Tempest's life had always been. Walking, traveling, exploring. They decided each time they traverse between groups they'd take a new route. Even more authentic to the way things were before. Before they realized they couldn't survive alone (despite desperately wishing they could). And thus, the feline arrived.

    Tempest had gone through a joining once before, so they expected to deal with it in ease. The questions that were asked were simple. An introduction and reason for appearance. So Temp would repeat it in their head. Tempest, Joining creating an endless loop until someone would finally arrive to break them out of their trance. The only issue was the other group. This was similar to the last joining, but perhaps there was a different protocol for a dual-alliance? Some codes they never knew? Were they supposed to get permission? What if these groups were enemies and the people here immediately attacked?

    They were getting too overwhelmed. A white paw lifted from the ground to shake out this sudden energy, unbeknownst to Temp themself....Tempest, Joining. Tempest, Joining. Tempest, Joining."speech"



  • wandering was what made cherrybomb... well, herself. it was an essential part of her identity, one that, try as she might, she couldn't change whatsoever. her "dad" had tried to shake the wanderlust from her at a young age, quick friends had attempted time and time again to make her see the benefits of staying at one place, and even she herself had tried at some point to just settle down, to have a normal life. yet that very concept was what boosted her urges of exploring in the very first place. normalcy never suited her and she knew that very well. normal was living in one place for the rest of your life. normal was getting together with a partner and creating a family. normal was dying of old age, surrounded by the very people that had clung to you throughout your normal life and have learned to love you. normal was fucking lame. cherry wanted to explore the world that she lived in, find every nook and cranny in nature that may have never been seen by another's eyes. she wanted to meet new people and learn of their stories, of their own life experiences, then leave the day after with no strings of friendship, romance, or anything else tied between her and anyone. she didn't want little gremlins clamoring all over her. cherrybomb just... wanted to live life to the fullest, and she intended to do just that.

    she could very much relate to the feelings and ideas that swarmed around tempest's mind. although wandering was what she absolutely loved to do, she knew that the advantages of living in a safe and secure group far outweighed the disadvantages of being a person with little to no survival skills. she could put up a good fight against someone who proved a threat, sure, but did she know how to hunt down food? what flora was safe to eat? how to patch herself up after doing some dumb shit? how to create a shelter? of course fucking not, because she was fucking dumb.were it not for her ability to settle down for periods of a time, her bones would have been chewed on by some critter ages ago. so she was here, in the blackheart rogues, doing her best to live life as it was- and try not to leave the very next day.

    though the camp of the group and the people within said-group was cool and all, she still did prefer to stick near the borders put down by the rogues. there was far more to discover in the (admittedly spooky) wooded area, and for her, it was good enough material to spice up her life. however, another bonus was, of course, meeting people that had wanted to join their ranks. in the first places she stayed in, she found that greeting joiners was a really fucking boring thing. you'd ask them their name, why they were at the border, then wait until they gave the answers, accept them, and then let a few awkward moments pass before everyone went back to camp. that was it. though things do change as time goes on, and her opinion on it certainly did change for the better. the onyx pitbull was another one of her daily trips around the borders when she picked up an unfamiliar scent nearby. picking up the pace, the canine's mix-matched eyes fell upon the form of a tempest. cherrybomb let their gaze wander upon them for a few seconds, before sticking to their paw who seemed to be moving a bit too frantically. "'ey, kiddo, you 'aight? your, uh your paw there is doing a lil' tango." she paused, cleared her voice and finally looking up to hopefully meet tempest's gaze. "the name's cherrybomb. uh, ya got a name or sum'? maybe even a reason why your ass is here?"



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    Deep in thought, Temp almost didn't register the presence of the other, only being broken out of it by the stranger firing off question after question. Ears twitching forward to capture the voice, blue eyes locked onto the Savannah in front of them. And then they lurched to the paw, still being shook as if to rid it of water. For a fraction of a second, Tempest just stared, before willing themself to stop the repeating movement, no matter how much discomfort ceasing brought. The tango as the other- Cherrybomb?- had put it, was probably not the first impression they wanted to give off.

    Unfortunately, the practice of their response left the minute someone spoke. And asked questions. Questions they had not prepared for. "M'fine," was the first phrase out of their mouth, a sharpness to their tone, though not rude, "and 'course I gotta name. Most people do, m'pretty sure." There was a laced snark within Tempest's tone, and though perhaps mostly intentional, it seemed to be subconscious as well. Did she want to know it? She probably wanted to know it. Asking simply if would be weird.

    "Uh. Tempest, and 'my ass'" the cat then spoke, emphasis on the phrase they took from Cherry's questioning, "also has a reason to be here, believe it er not. I-" The worry slowly crept back through their response. That there was some unknown custom they were meant to go through in order to join another group, that perhaps the minute they spoke they'd be chased away. But they already claimed to have reason. Backing out now would be a new level of stupidity, make them look even more sketchy than they may already. "Joining. I'm joining. Dual... joining. I'm also staying at Volary Flights."




  • part of him wished he could join another clan. to be both here and somewhere else but he was devoted to making this place better. some could say he was doing better thsn his ma, and fallen, but he wasn't in a contest. he just wanted his home to have people in it, like it used to. as the skinny sphynx cat moved over to the small gathering, well more like the duo as it was just tempest and cherry, but the blackguard really wasn't discussing the technicalities of what to call certain amounts of groups of animals. the young apprentice, because yeah despite his title he was still learning a lot, moved to stand near cherry, off closer to the side because as much as he had to interact with others, he still hated the eyes looking at his cold naked body. his ears flattened at the curse words, words he had heard in his terrible nightmares but words he never spoke. they were so disgusting to him and maybe that had something to do with his youth. nonetheless, again, it wasn't about him. it was about the joiner. they were here to join, and he needed to ensure it. seal it, he could of said. cherry may of been a little rough to be the first one to great someone such as tempest but cosmospaw hoped the other would not hold that against him. "tempest is a really nice name. uh, i'm cosmospaw, and sorry for my look, i.. seemed to have a shapeshifting accident and well.. can't change back. but its.. anyways. welcome to the blackheart rogues. I hope the travel wasn't horrible. " he was totally rambling but he kind of did that when he was nervous, and then of course when being looked at because it messed with his nerves, and so it was easy to say he was very chatty.

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    Tempest's gaze traveled to the next to arrive, a sphinx seemingly leading himself on an endless loop of talking. Once the sentiments for travel were given, blue eyes just looked. Silence fell between them in the moment, and eyes slightly narrowed. The intention in this stare was difficult to perceive. Even to themself, it was hard to tell if Tempest was processing what they had heard, unsure how to respond, or brought on the silence with purpose.

    After the moment passed, and gears visibly turned in their head, they opened their mouth to speak. "Thanks," Temp said first, "...'nd you look fine." The tabby truly couldn't find a fault in the other's appearance. Or if there was one, they couldn't discern why it would matter. Maybe on a personal level, it mattered, some identity issue, but Temp had not thought a single thing about the look of the sphinx until he mentioned it himself. The apology, in Tempest's mind, was hardly necessary.

    "So I'm in?" they spoke again, releaved at the ease of this joining, "groups aren't even a lil cautious with who they let in, I guess. That could be pretty dangerous." The response wasn't meant to sound snarky and suggestive to danger but it revealed itself that way anyways, an involuntary smirk placing itself on their face. "'N thanks for the sentiment, but no travel is bad travel," was the final phrase they would speak. Without the context of their love for the act of wandering, it may seem out of place, but Temp left it at that.



  • "I see it more as indicative of strength." Foxpaw's voice was thoughtful but not combative as the Heartkeeper strolled over, lingering close to the hairless form of his brother instead of Cherrybomb (while he was grateful for the woman's presence in the Clan, he had yet to form an especially positive opinion of her; she seemed like a live wire). "Makes you think, doesn't it? What sort of strength must we have if we aren't afraid of what a stranger could bring? We must know for a fact that we can weather any storm." blue-gray eyes glittered with pride as he sat down, winding his dark ginger tail around his body. "Anyways, welcome to the Rogues, Tempest! We're happy to have you. I used to dual in Volary Flights, myself, so it's not a problem. Our alliance is steady and there should be no conflicts for you."

    It was good to have Tempest as a new Rogue, especially one close to his own age: Saturnstar's son appraised them with a grin on his face. "I'm Foxpaw Sacarver-Andromeda. I'm basically the head of ally Clan relations, so trust me when I say you're fine to be in both groups at once. I'm also, uh, a medic trainee here! So if you get hurt or anything, let me know, and I can fix you up." he didn't linger on the thoughts that inevitably came up: why did he know how to heal? Why was healing second nature to him? "Speaking of - can we help you with anything? Err, food, water? I've got, I've got herbs and stuff here, strengthening ones, if you need 'em after your trip over." with one white paw he patted the battered satchel he wore slung around his shoulder. It, as well as the apprentice who wore it, smelled strongly of herbs.

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    At this, Tempest paused. This guy talked a lot. Had a lot to say, perhaps. Not that that was a bad thing, it just was a thing. "That was quite the introduction," they vocalized the thought, "Foxpaw Sacarver-Andromeda." The tabby started by voicing their thoughts, but continued the next few seconds by going over all that Fox had said in their head. "Good point," they finally spoke, allowing a smile to curl on their face, "I like that." The statement was simple, no elaboration, but they assumed it was enough. Foxpaw was right. It was indicative of strength. The assumption Temp took away was that should anyone betray them, do something irredeemable, the group was loyal enough to each other to rid themselves of such a person. That showed strength. And pride. They liked that.

    Replying to the next statement was simple, only a sigh of relief and a nod in understanding. It was as if this guy knew exactly what their concerns with dual joining were, that they'd be run off for being with another group, but Foxpaw brushed that away with ease, establishing the alliance. More things to learn and adapt to, unfortunately. Alliances, enemies... Rules.

    Next was the concept of healing. Tempest smiled at the statements, not necessarily for the kindness these folks were showing, but rather the concept of traveling herbs. Temp would not consider themself the strongest of healers, but they'd learned a thing or two in past groups they belonged to, and living on their own. The concept of others here having more insight to such skills was a good one. Sharing and trading information. "I had some sorrel before I came," they nodded, "but that was a while ago, so... Food would be nice. Where do y'all stay 'nd keep that sorta stuff?"